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Anyone know of a source for those knurled rollers Otis uses (used)on certain type A safeties? I've got a job with a mis-matched pair. I need a pair that are 1.45" dia by 1.00" wide. Unitec was no help. (no part number!) I can get them made locally, but would have to shut the car down for several days-- just trying to avoid that. Thanks.

-- Marc Vendetti (mcv@prolift.com), December 22, 1998


Marc, Just take the knurled roller out and let a machinist have it for an hour or so, then put it back in and return the car to service same day. The machinist can make you a couple of new ones in a day or so. No big deal. Just make arrangements in advance with the customer to keep them happy, and pull the one you want copied.

-- Ken Fulkerson (Ken@Elevators4u2.com), March 06, 2001.

Ken, Thanks for your response. The real problem as I understand it is not in turning them or knurling them, but in choosing the right steel and having them heat treated to the correct hardness. No one has been able to say what kind of steel they should be made from and how hard they should be made to be. Any thoughts?

-- Marc Vendetti (mcv@prolift.com), March 06, 2001.

Hey marc are you related to the Famous Walter Vendetti owner of american elevator san francisco...inventor of teak wonder?

-- Dan wiegands (danotis@aol.com), March 04, 2003.

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