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I have found a good deal on 100ft. rolls of Arista B&W film, but I have not heard much about this brand. What quality is the film and what kind of grain does it produce? Also, there is an Arista D-Max that is supposed to be equivalent to Kodak TMax--what is the comparison? Finally, is there a particular developer that would be best for this kind of film? Thanks.

-- Preetha Mani (, December 21, 1998


Arista film (from Freestyle Sales Co.) is made in England by a major producer of B&W materials. Their paper is excellent, too. Very similar to Ilford MG IV. Artista D-Max is very similar to Delta 100. Very similar indeed!

-- Michael D Fraser (, December 23, 1998.

I've been using the Arista 125 sheet film for quite a while now, at EI 100 or so. It is either very similar to FP4 or it is FP4. My suspicion is the latter.

-- Erik Ryberg (, January 27, 1999.

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