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I've just learned of something called DPOF (digital print order format) which is a new technology being developed as an electronic "order form". As I understand it, the format marks images taken with a digital camera for output, either at a lab or via your personal digital printer.

There's a consortium behind its development that includes Canon, Fuji, Kodak and Matsushita. It's being supported by HP, Sanyo, Konica, Nikon and a bunch of others.

I don't know enough about this--the release I saw was sketchy--but it would be useful if it will lead to a "set it and forget it" feature where home/small office users can set the printer to automatically print outthe images they want at the size & quantity they need without having to babysit the process.

The full story is here:

(doncha love those short URL's?)

-- Mason Resnick (, December 21, 1998


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