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Welcome to Black & White World's URL Review discussion forum.

Here you may post your URL for review and comments by your fellow photographers. URLs posted should be limited to web sites that contain black and white photography. Subject matter is wide open, but if your site contains nudity, please indicate this clearly in your post. No porn, please!

To the critics: please remember that anyone who posts here is looking for constructive criticism, so please do not flame! The goal here is to help each other improve the quality of photography on the web, as well as its presentation.

To all: if there's an exceptionally good web site posted in this forum that you think should be in B&W World's top ten, please let me know about it. (For those of you who stumbled across this forum, it is part of Black & White World. The URL is http://www.photogs.com/bwworld.) Popular support can definitely help!

Good luck to all!

-- Mason Resnick (bwworld@mindspring.com), December 21, 1998


Yes please! I would surely like some comments on my site. Be honest! http://home.sol.no/~loveit

-- Eirik Harstad (hildrik@online.no), October 09, 1999.

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