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Focusing Minox 8x11 Camera

-- martin tai (, December 21, 1998


Minox A/B/C/LX/TLX/CLX is focused by turning the focusing scale. Object distance is determined by estimate, like many viewfinder 35mm cameras, such as Minox 35 series or Rollei 35 series. With some practice, you can get reasonable good estimate of distances. For object in 1 to 5 meter range, it helps to visuallize how many steps seprate the camera from the object, practice your step such that each step is about 1 meter or 3 feet. For object beyond 5 meter, you may visually divide the distance in half, then estimate the steps to that mid point. For close up object, you may use the measuring chain, or use your own natural lengths, for instance distance between tip of thumb and small finger when you stretch, is about 20 cm or 8", corresponding to the position of first bead on measuring chain etc. For midrange object between 2 meter to infinity, you may set focus dial at its hyperfocal distance, a dot between 2m and infinty, the depth of field will render object from 2m to infinity sharp up to 5x7". For landscape or street scene, general travel photography, I simply focus the camera at infinity and shoot, according to Harold Merklinger's method detailed in his interesting book "The INs and OUTS of FOCUS"-- An Alternative Way to Estimate Depth-of-Field and Sharpness in the Photographic Image.

-- martin tai (, January 09, 1999.

A tip on how to put a rangefinder on your Minox

How to Make a rangefinder for Minox

-- martin tai (, February 09, 1999.

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