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I am trying to bring the existing SQL server 6.0 on NT3.51 to another better new Compaq Proliant 5000 machine intitally on 3.51 and then to NT4.00.

Any preferred method with regard to 1. Old machine being PDC. 2. Restore from DLT tapes. 3. Recreating the Master DB. 4. The use of Transfer manger on SQL6.5 on a third server.

Bearing in mind I use Backup exec. 6.11 with a module for SQL support.

Your help is highly appreciated.


-- Anonymous, December 20, 1998



Sorry for the delay in getting back. I was on vacation.

Well... if you can evade the view of the SQL police while you're doing it, you can install SQL server 6.0 on the new server and copy all of the SQL device files (*.DAT files) from the old server on top of the device files on the new server and you are pretty much good to go. I have done this to create a backup server. It provides tremendous availability. (If you don't have the install CD for SQL 6.0, upgrade to SQL 6.5 on the old server and install SQL 6.5 on the new server before copying the device files.)

It will help if you can name the new server the same as the old server, otherwise you will have to modify the sysservers table in the master database before doing replication.

Good Luck,


-- Anonymous, January 06, 1999

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