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Does anyone on the SAL / ACL / SCL net have any copies of the company approved watches for use by those employees required to carry one? I have the 1978 L & N regulations available.

-- C. N. Lloyd (, December 19, 1998


Not to stray from the question, most wrist watches allowed by the RR before the rule of annual inspections was cancelled were usually marked on the face ""Railroad Approved". They were 17 or more jewelled movenment and as in the previous answer were to be accurate as not to lose more than 30 seconds a month. Examples are Bulova Accutron (still have mine from 1973 when I hired out), Sekio, Pulsar, Ball, Hamilton.

-- Walt Rogers (, July 03, 2001.

When I hired out on SCL in 1977, there was a superintendent' bulletin that listed "approved" watches by style (wrist/pocket) and maker. I remember that a new bulletin was issued when the Seiko was added to it. NS lists theirs in each new timetable, although they, like CSX, now require only a "reliable timepiece that loses no more than 30 seconds a month."

-- Doug Riddell (, February 05, 1999.

The Operators on the Seaboard and to my knowledge, other employees used Hamilton 17 jewel(min.) Pocket Watches. I know of several Operators who had and still have them, and they still work. As to copies of company approved watches, are you asking for the actual regulations or a list of approved watches?

-- Larry Denton (, December 23, 1998.

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