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What is the purpose and scope of this forum

-- martin tai (, December 18, 1998


This forum covers all aspect of Minox photography, from 8x11mm format, 35mm format to APS cameras, acessories, how to choose and use a Minox camera, development of B&W and color film, darkroom, macro photography with Minox, telephotograhy, micrography etc. Hope this forum to become a depository of technique, knowhow, tips about Minox photography, with Q&A forum as model

-- martin tai (, December 18, 1998.

Many frequently asked questions about Minox cameras form the foundation of this forum.

-- martin tai (, December 20, 1998.

"Ask a question" here may not be a question at all, you may put forward a new discussion thread.

-- martin tai (, December 22, 1998.

New Minox Photography

Some techniques and methods I presented here in Q&A format are result of my own research and experiments, and never appeared an any Minox books or literature, AFAIK. Some of these techniques and methods, tables, formuulas have being posted by the author on various internet photography forums, BBS and lists, ( some were archived by these sites, can be retrieved ) but first time assembled in one place. Some are posted here exclusively.

-- martin tai (, January 03, 1999.

Some of research results were not Minox specific but related to 35mm photography, posted to USENET, and various BBS by the author. (USENET is always the most authentic source, as it cannot be tempered with AFAIK ). These have being adapted for Minox photography. These include combination of the near far distances seen in a viewfinder with theory of depth of field, and martin tai's one third rule of thumb for setting aperture on cameras for travel photography.

-- martin tai (, January 03, 1999.

Phillip Greenspun's data base backed bbooard combine the best features of bulletin board and email base listserver. Unlike user group list, where every posting is sent to everyone ont the list, when you post a question, only the direct answers are sent to you by email to notify you about new answer to your posted question, so your mail box will not be overflowed with emails. Or you may choose to browse through the threads, or new answers, and respond to the question which you are interested. Hopefully , over time this forum becomes an extensive data base covering all aspect of Minox Photography, reflecting the experiences, ideas and tips of Minox fans.

-- martin tai (, January 15, 1999.

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