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Hi, I have been browsing the web and I have come to the conclusion (based on my limited knowlege) that it would be impossible for ordinary users to make use of flashpix UNLESS

They Pay for a web server storage and access to CGI-BIN services

I came to this sad conclusion because I noted all the HTML code in all the flashpix demo that the .FPX files cannot be loaded correctly into a web page without the help of a viewer program located in CGI-BIN. Otherwise, all the data would be transferred to the client's screen

I guess the only logical solution to this problem is a JAVA program which does NOT require the use of CGI-BIN

Can someone help me?

Regds Allan

-- Allan Teo (, December 18, 1998


Hi, I wrote the original flashpix image server for my former employer Live Picture. The main problem is extracting the tile data from the flashpix image. (The way all flashpix servers that I know of do it is by calling a flashpix toolkit written in C++ and turning an iip command into a request for tile data.)

If I have time, I'm considering writing a java freeware flashpix image server. I'm a big proponent of flashpix (because I know a lot about it and if it takes off I can make $$$ contracting). Also, I think that flashpix still has a lot of potential for image panos and internet images.

If I can get some funding, I'd definitely be into writing a server. Otherwise, I'll have to get a job pretty soon and won't have a lot of extra time.

-- Adam Freeman (, December 18, 1998.

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