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Has anyone read the fan fiction story of Absolution that is the net? I've read as much as she has posted but and it seems to be a good story but I'm not sure Rose has been kept in character. I know that sounds odd because she changed by the end of the movie but in this story she does things that just seem a little off for Rose. What does everyone else think? Could it be btter or do you love it the way it is?

-- Miranda Swearingen (, December 16, 1998


Response to The story Absolution

I've been reading this story for several months now and it could be better, it rambled for a while there. Having said that, I can't actually say how it could be better, but she did drop out of character a few times, but it is a great story.

-- Emma (, December 17, 1998.

Response to The story Absolution

The last chapter will be up on December 19th. That's it people. Last chapter.

-- Rose (, December 18, 1998.

The link to the epilogue.

-- Thomas M. Terashima (, January 06, 1999.

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