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I heared rumour about that FlashPix standard will be dropped. Because community don't seem to adhere to it ? Is it through?

-- Marcel Chevrier (, December 15, 1998


The nationwide photofinisher In Canada, Qualex, recently dropped Flashpix. Qualex had appeared to be recommended even by Kodak as a source for Flashpix scanning!

I too am thinking twice about continuing with Flashpix!

-- Michael Taylor-Noonan (, January 12, 1999.

I don't think Flashpix photofinishing is a big deal as many graphics programs will create FPX from other formats.

What might kill FPX is the high barrier to entry (server software costs)...unless I missed something, we are looking at $3K to start -- hardly a consumer-level price range.

-- Oleg Volk (, February 03, 2000.

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