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The script is running fine on our NT server. However we use "blat" as command line mailer and looks like the command used in our smart config file is incorrect ?

Any hints ?

There is one more issue with the "mv" command, I asume it should be "move" for NT based systems (in the smart.cgi). If changing to "move" the command seams to be incorrect too. Is there anyone who actually got the tracking feature running on an NT system ?

See is in action at (as simple as possible since we are just evaluating it).

Regards, Chris.

-- Chris Listl (, December 13, 1998


I'd do an independent test with a feedback form first of all.

Blat.exe needs to be placed in your executable cgi-bin. You can then say, set up a test feedback form to send you mail using blat.

In smart.cfg, $mailprog should be then assigned to cgi-bin/blat.exe

The move command is not valid for NT. The way around it is actually coding a separate routine similar to the cart creation routine. I used the following get-around: $orderfile = "$storename-$orderid"; open (ORDFILE,">$orderfile") || die "Could not open $orderfile $! \n"; ... # read the cart contents into ORDFILE close ORDFILE

unlink $shoppingcart; # deletes the cart

Regards, Ruby.

-- Ruby Power (, March 21, 1999.

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