Existing Seaboard Cabeese?

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A co-worker and ACL/SAL HS member Jim Harris has been put in charge of locating a Seaboard Caboose for his town of Franklinton, NC north of Raleigh. He works with the NCDOT Rail Division, so was asked to locate one. Does anyone know where there is an SAL caboose rotting away? At least it would go to a good home and be preserved in an old Seaboard town. I am sure the town is willing to pay for one, but it should be SAL. Many thanks, Marc


-- Marc L. Hamel (gigsup@aol.com), December 13, 1998


Ex-SAL 5739 or 5742 is at Fruit Growers in Jacksonville. Saw it the other day but don't remember the number. William Billy

-- William Billy (crrgator@juno.com), March 29, 2001.

Spotted Sal wood cab in Rocky Mt #5322 in march of last year, along with an Sal box car letter for the Orange Blossom Special, and an ACL REA box. Is part of a private collection is off the beaten path.

-- Kevin R. Hunt (theel@yadtel.net), March 13, 2001.

Probably quite a challenge to finding an original SAL caboose. Nevertheless, thought I would share this information. Years ago I photographed, SCL 05715, at Peck Recycling, now known as Simsmetal America, located on Deepwater Terminal Rd in Richmond, Va. I do not know if the caboose is still there. Good Luck

-- Herman J Wilkins (Railrdn@aol.com), October 31, 1999.

Norfolk Souther has one up for auction at the present. e-mail nsbible@nscorp.com

-- Morris Smith (pm9414@surfsouth.com), September 06, 1999.

CMT& Star Iron and Metal Corporation in Atlanta, GA has a SCL/L&N Caboose for sale: Tel: 1-404-876-7410////Point of Contact is: Al Hammer

-- Morris Smith (pm9414@surfsouth.com), February 01, 1999.

There are two of unknown origin in the Kill Devil Hills area of the Outer Banks of N.C.(on the bypass).

-- Randall Bass (Randall_Bass@odedodea.edu), January 19, 1999.

He could try the Fruit Growers Express Co in Jacksonville Florida. They had some SAL wide vision cabooses they were going to scrap.

-- Gary Riccio (g.riccio@worldnet.att.net), January 04, 1999.

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