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Like so many other people, I have been giving a lot of thought to the Y2K problem. With this post, I'm just asking an opinion of the people involved with this message board who are a lot more "up to snuff" on the situation than I am. Last year I moved to near the Ft. Lauderdale area. I still own a very rural home in Indiana that is on a river, has it's own well, about an acre of land, and several out buildings. In other words, lots of storage space. I am really torn right now. I'm renting out my Indiana home, but do any of you, who have any idea of how severe the Y2K disruption might be, think it would be wise to be in an already crime ridden area of South Florida, if all hell breaks lose on 1/1/2000? In your opinion, would you think it would be a better idea to go back to my paid for home in Indiana and stock up?? I mean, how bad do you think things will become in the major cities? Any opinion or response is welcome. Thanks for reading this.


-- Robin Shaw (, December 11, 1998


Hi Robin,

First, the basic "how bad's it going to be?" question you have is the 64 zillion dollar question that's been driving everyone crazy for a long time. Not having a clear answer to it makes decisions like the one you're trying to make difficult.

If you haven't, you ought to read the posting posting here in this forum called "How Bad's Y2K going to be: We're about to have an adventure." It has a recent observation by Harlan Smith in it, and a copy of an article called "If Ed Yardeni's scared..." They're both good summaries of some highly respected people's points of view. The long and short is that things don't look good. In general, it's tough to find anyone who's been looking into this mess for more than a few months who thinks things aren't going to be pretty rough. Almost impossible to find anyone credible in that category who says there won't be problems.

The sentence that really caught my eye in your note said, "I still own a very rural home in Indiana that is on a river, has it's own well, about an acre of land, and several out buildings." I suppose that would catch anyone's eye, but it seemed like there was something else in your note that made me think it sounds like you sort of miss the place. Sounds beautiful, y2k or no y2k.

There are probably thousands and thousands of people in this country right now who'd give their left arm for a paid for home in Indiana, way out in the country, on a river, with its own well. Personally, I can't think of a better sort of place to be for what may be coming up. And although I have no idea what your situation in Florida is (what kinds of opportunities, obligations, etc., are associated), I guess when it comes to your question, it occurs to me that if it turns out y2k's not such a big deal after all, you could always go back to there 2 years from now. On the other hand, if it turns out that it is a big deal, it might turn out to be all but impossible to go back to that little place on the river. (And wouldn't that be a tough thing to be thinking about day after day in a difficult Florida situation).

So as long as we agree this is only one person's opinion, I'd say, by all means - give those renters a call and tell them you'll be moving back in. Then, after that's taken care of, start making your list...

Good luck,

-- Bill (, December 11, 1998.

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