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In the 1960's I corresponded with and was acquaited with Flem Daniel Smith of Georgetown, KY. Mr. Smith was very knowledgeable about the history, operations, motive power, schedules, and personnel of the Southern Railway. In some letters I have found that he mailed to me he has related a lot of that information about the Southern. Let me assure anyone he had forgotten more about the Southern than most people ever learned. That goes for scholars, railfans, or employees. I lost contact with him when I went in the army and I do not believe Mr. Smith is living, as his health was declining in the late 1960's. I would like to donate these letters to a reputable archive or repository of Southern history. If anyone out there is interested, or knows a likely archive, please respond to the e-mail address or contact me at home at 812-951-2282. You can send a letter to 8510 Davis Court, Georgetown, IN 47122. Please note I live in Indiana, not Georgetown, KY. I don't want any bogus archives, or persons posing as archives. I will check you out.

-- Chip Hicks (, December 10, 1998


Chip - The last person that I knew of who was in contact with Flem Smith was Shelby Lowe. His address is P.O. Box 584, Douglasville GA 30133.

Jim McGhee

-- Jim McGhee (, December 13, 1998.

Chip - My father was the agent at Georgetown, Ky from 1960 to 1970 and was also a very close friend to Flem Smith. I knew him, of course, as "Mr. Smith." He always encouraged me in my many interests, including the Southern Railway. Mr. Smith would meet the passenger trains (No 3 in the morning (10:10 AM) and No 4 (7:14 PM) every day. During the summers and after school I would stay at "my Dad's depot" and would always enjoy his visits. He always drove that large, black Buick which he inexplicably traded in for a VW Bug in the late 60's. Dad told me that Mike Gillispie is Mr. Smith's estate executor (sp.). You can reach him at 3030 Revere Court, Columbus IN 47203 ((812) 375-9425), he is the minister at East Columbus Christian Church ((812) 372-3789). Dad moved to his father's depot in Oneida, Tennessee in 1970 where he retired in 1993. He and mom are involved with a railroad retirement club and Upper Cumberland Railroad Historical Society (UCRHS) in Oneida. They are also connected with the national organization NARVE. He would be interested in obtaining copies of these letters if they are not too personal in nature for both the UCRHS and for personal memories. If this is possible then please contact me at my e-mail.

-- Glenn Allen Storey (, December 26, 1998.

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