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I have begun to build my shop with S-mart but there is no way to get 3 or 4 cells with different articles displayed on the same line(row).

When you start to build the pages from database you always get one column of items even if your images are very small;so you get very thin column at the middle of the page.

Each item is closed by send from the script and next article is displayed on the next line only in the table.

I'm not expert in Perl but the solution would be maybe to put another variable each time instead

$ITEM{'itemurl'} something like $NEXTITEM... in view to call simply next item from database each time for the next cell in the table.

the same for: $ITEM{'image'} $ITEM{'descrip'}

If you put in your table (s-mart.cgi-sub print item) 3 times $ITEM variable you get effectively 3 articles on the same line but all 3 articles are the SAME ! so the script is changing ITEM from database ONLY when changing the line(row) with

If you have any ideas,please help;I have worked already many hours on it and I would not like to abandon now.

Greetings from France for all.


NB/I know that this is easy to obtain any page layout when working only with HTML pages but build pages on the fly is really more convenient specially if you have more small items in database changing very often.

-- Adam Gortych (, December 10, 1998

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