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I rcv'd a 220V Briel Model CG espresso grinder with hopper and doser, but I live in a 110v world. It is rated at 150 watts and the 110 to 220 v converter I tried just couldn't hack it. The grinder bogged down and was unable to grind. However, it does appear to produce a grind adequate for espresso as it came as a part of a briel epresso 'bar'. Now the espresso machine that it was with was 'crema enhanced' (a 'feature' I have removed) so its possible that the grinder isn't able to grind well enough for a regular pump espresso maker. I think it will, but w/o 220 I can't verify this. it is a heavy unit and appears well made. Made in Portugal.

I will be happy to give this used grinder to you if you live in a 220v world, but you'll probably have to pre-pay the shipping and insurance; it may be fairly expensive?

Let me know if you want this- Ted

-- Ted Simpson (, December 10, 1998


Well, it's a done deal. This grinder has found a new home and will be shipped out soon. To any who wrote who didn't rcv the grinder, I wish there were more of them... sorry that it didn't work this time... Take care- T

-- Ted Simpson (, December 11, 1998.

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