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i know this has been asked before, but maybe somebody has come up with an answer...

i keep getting error messages from the 'track order' link on my generated pages. i can do all the stuff in smartadmin.cgi fine, orderwise, but even then, i update an order's status, it sends an email to the customer with the smartrack.cgi url in it, and wham! another error...

there's even an error when you try it on the demo site...

any ideas?

-- Fred Huska (, December 10, 1998



I am having the same problem with the smartrack.cgi file, I think it has something to do with the cookie.lib file that wasn't included in the package. See the smartrack.cgi file requires this file in order to run and It is also disabled in the CFG file. I believe once we get this file everything should run correctly. I think the reason it doesn't run on the demo site is because he (the administrator) forgot to put the file into the directory or disabled it because of some other problems.. DOES ANYBODY HAVE THE "COOKIE.LIB" FILE THEY CAN CONTRIBUTE. If so please email the file to:


Jeremy Fuller

-- Jeremy Fuller (, January 06, 1999.

You can find the cookie.lib file at Matt's Script Archive:

-- Leonard Foster (, June 29, 1999.

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