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Are there any Seaboard Air Line steam engines still in existence and if so where are they located?

-- Richard H Kearns (, December 09, 1998


SAL 0-4-0T 1003 is in Andalusia, AL in poor condition. It also used to run in the streets of Columbus, GA.

-- Andrew Waldo (, August 21, 1999.

SAL 0-4-0 tank engine #1001 is located at Holiday Park, Ft. Lauderdale.From what I have read, this engine was used around Columbus, GA. A picture of it can be found at , Florida Steam section. It is part of the playground and in good condition.

-- Michael Mulligan (, December 15, 1998.

Ex SAL Decapods are preserved and displayed in Gainesville and Winder, GA, as Gainesville Midland locomotives. GM 209 (ex SAL 533) is in Gainesville and GM 208 (ex SAL 530) is in Winder.

An ex-SAL Russian Decapod is located at the NC state RR museum in Spencer, NC. It is SAL 544, to MD&S 544 to GM 206. All three of these locomotives were in use on the Gainesville Midland until 1959.

Bob Hanson

-- Robert H. Hanson (, December 11, 1998.

I think Spencer Museum has an old decapod (ex-Russian). I will check in my Spencer Book (TLC) and reply.

-- Ted Strickland (, December 09, 1998.

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