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I know S-Mart can use either HTML pages are computer-generated pages based on a database. Can S-Mart use both methods? For instance, if using the database method, you can have a field containing a link to an html page with more info. Can that html page also have a "Buy Me" option?

-- Jonathan Griffin (, December 08, 1998


Jonathan - You can make the s-mart script have a link to another page. It goes in the demo.db file in the url section (look in the documentation and it will tell you right where to put it).

Also, on the html page you refered the link to, you can have a simple html page with a "Buy Me" option. I've done this on one of the sites I run. Just go to http://www.OrangesToGo.Com. Then go to either the "commercial" or "economy" page and you'll see an html page I've created that shows a product w/ a "Buy Me" button. View the source code with your browser and you'll see how I made the form field properties work and what info needs to be sent to the s-mart script with "hidden" fields.

Hope this helps!


-- BP (, December 08, 1998.

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