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When I was a director in SRHA someone in the group had a two vol. set of Maint of Way diagram books. One book was reprinted. I need to know if the other volume listed a diagram of a depot fire hose reel or cart. One of these devices has been beautifully restored by a small local historical society.Since the town had no water system I am wondering if it did not originally belong to the Southern depot which had access to water under pressure in its locomotive water tanks. Thanks, Jim McGhee

-- J.A.McGhee (, December 07, 1998


The recently released Standards volume II has the following plans:

Fire Hose Nozzle, p. 22 Hose Coupling, p. 28 Hose House, P. 29 Hose Reel, p. 30 House for Portable Hose Reel, p. 31 Fire Hose, p. 92

This should cover what you were interested in identifying.

-- Dave Bott (, December 13, 1998.

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