cgi script doesn't react to order form : LUSENET : S-Mart Shopping Cart : One Thread

When you get to the order form:

The cgi command=buy2 is not working. An e-mail should be sent to the address "" with the full contents of the order. Nothing happens. I think that after completing the purchase, a page should be posted to the site confirming the deal to the buyer. But the browser returns to the shopping cart, instead.

The database "demo.db", which I tried to setup according to instructions in the ReadMe file, seems not to be working at all.

In the 'smart.cfg' file, I've tried to set the pathname to the sendmail program in two ways:

/bin/sendmail /usr/home/USERID/bin/sendmail

The server admin told me that both were correct. But I'm still not receiving any e-mail from 'command=buy2'.

-- Luiz Oliveira (, December 07, 1998

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