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Hi,I was wondering if anyone who has a fair knowledge on hair would know if I could get my hair JUST like Kate Winslet's was? My hair is very thick and quite coarse.At the moment it's at the bottom of my neck and I'm growing it out to bust lengh.How would I go about having my hair loosely permed with the thickness layered out?? My hair is already dyed with Henna which is what Kate most likely used...Thanx guys!!

-- Jo Duggan (, December 06, 1998


Dear Jo,

Please read my long winded answer on Kate's Hairdo, just above this topic on the prior page.(dated 6-21-99) I must have written a book, but read through and you will know how to get that exact look, or close enough to it, depending on how your hair texture and length works out. Usually hair below chin length or rather shoulder length and longer is the best length to have for this style. You can reach me at my website if you are still interested in the hairstyle or have any questions, and I am modeling what Rose wore in the dinner scene, what I refer to as the Rhinestone Haircage. I make them and will be coming up with more different styles in the future. If you read my instructions on Kate's Hairdo, it will tell you exactly how to get that look. Lastly, you did right by using a henna, which is better for your hair than the dyes. If you check out my site which is the email address, scroll to the bottom and you can see what the cage looks like, applied on myself. I hope this helps a bit ! Here is my website address:

Granny Groza :-)

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-- Granny Groza (, June 21, 1999.

Dear Jo, It is Granny again. On my website address when I signed off it all ran together. Leave out the Granny Groza at the end to get to my site.

My website address is just plain:

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-- Granny Groza (, June 21, 1999.

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