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Does anybody use this script to process online orders using a credit card not cybercash just straight CC by the order form? If so how do you keep the CC number "secure" i.e not mailed out to the site running the script in my case the store holder. It's not much use unless the CC number can be made "secure". Is there anyway the order instead of being sent by mail to the store holder can be written to file maybe in the orders directory, as this is on my "secure" site and have it now that the storeholder gains access to the admin of his/her store via a password protected dir for admin/DB maintenance this would solve this problem. Anybody help? Desperate.... see for site

thanks Paul Deppeler

-- Paul Deppeler (, December 05, 1998


Make a link in the script order form to a secure order form. It worked for me.

-- Dwayne Perry (, December 14, 1998.

The other thing you can do is in the code for the credit card number field include the following exclude="1". When this value is set to 1 the script does not send the field in the email.

"input name="cardnumber" size="20" exclude="1" (<> were left off each end to be able to display properly)

-- Kevin (, August 02, 1999.

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