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I was recommended by a colleague to put in /t342 in the server configurations parameter. Basically, it makes most of his queries work 3 times faster. But I can't find any documentation on it. He had heard it somewhere else...blah, balh, blah...and you know the story. I have searched Microsoft Technet and almost ever other sources looking for this, trying to figure out exactly what its purpose is and what it really does....but to no avail.

Know of this? Thanx in advance!

-- Anonymous, December 04, 1998


Re: server parameter /t342


I looked for /t342 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base and in the microsoft.public.sql* newsgroups and drew a blank.

Please contact your colleague again to get more details (such as which configuration parameter) and maybe we can track it down.


-- Anonymous, December 07, 1998

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