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I produce multi-camera tape shoots of concert events primarily for smaller independent labels in the Blues, Jazz and Gospel fields. Usually we hire mid sized video trucks with broadcast chip cameras with Beta SP as our acquisition format. Editing is via Avid AVR 77, Beta SP to DigiBeta.

I have followed the development of the DV Pro format with great interest. I recently saw some footage and was impressed with the quality and the ability to render time code in a useable fashion.

I am looking for anyone who has a package or fly pack consisting of DV cameras (three or four) with small switcher, monitors, scopes, etc. That would be fashioned for multi camera use. I would like to eventually use such a system for some of my shoots.

Thanks for any comments or referrals.....Paul..... ----- Paul A. Christensen, President, Omega Productions P. O. Box 822643, Dallas, TX 75382 USA [01] 214.891.9585 [01] 214.827.0880(fax)

-- Paul A. Christensen (, December 02, 1998


Hi there! I'm a freelance cameraman in Dublin Ireland and have shot many multi camera shoots for music television. Recently a producer asked me to shoot a rock concert with 7 cameras and he wanted to do it on a mixture of Canon XL1s and Sony VX1000s without an OB unit and basically putting a tape in each camera. This was all new to me but said yes anyway. I figured why not see what happens. So I was the No.1 camera from FOH on the lead singer, there were 4 other operators in the auditorium and one remote locked off behind the drum riser. I recently saw the finished product and to be honest, it looked fantastic. All of this new digital stuff, as ever, depends on the quality of the lighting and the camerawork. It was cut on Media 100 in one day and is now available on sell-through and will possibly be broadcast in spring2000. The OB truck seems to be out the window!

-- Mark Waldron (, December 15, 1999.

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