Optimising Sql Server (Is it Possible ???)

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Hi , Am First time working on Microsoft Products I found them so pathetic as far as speed is concern compare to Borland and Sybase Products Am using VB /SQL SERVER for my c/s app. To retrieve 40,000 rows (my machine is p200 ,64 Mb Ram and 5.2 GB HDD) it takes around 3 minutes !!!!!!! I have created index for the searching values but no improvements Same thing with PB/SQL Anywhere takes 45 sec. to load !!!!

Any sugggestion on optimising SQL/VB Performance would be highly appriciated !!! (As Am force to work with Microsoft Tech.)

-- Anonymous, December 02, 1998


Re: Optimising Sql Server (Is it Possible ???)


Here are a couple of Microsoft Knowledge Base articles on SQL performance optimization.

http://support.microsoft.com/support/sql/content/faq/faq1903.asp http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/ARTICLES/Q110/3/52.asp

(You may have to register to access these articles.)

You may also want to consider taking the Microsoft course, Performance Tuning and Optimization of Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 (or at least looking over the course notes).

That said, I must admit that SQL doesn't always do as well as I expect. To deal with SQL Server's lack of understanding of my data, I often have to write a query in multiple steps.

Good Luck with whatever database product you choose,


-- Anonymous, December 07, 1998

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