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The clock is ticking! Let's start preparing for this community opportunity to work together. I am interested in starting a study circle/discussion group. Let me hear from you if you want to be part of the solution!

-- Lisa B Cassidy (LBCassidy@aol.com), December 01, 1998


Hello Lisa!

Tell us what you suggest! I've been to dozens of meetings in Eugene on Y2k and am curious about what you would do at a meeting.

I am very interested in the responses you've received from your City councillor, your County Commissioner, your neighborhood organization chair, and the County disaster management coordinator, Ike Jensen.

If you didn't read the thread in the Salons entitled "Lane County...", please do.

If you haven't volunteered your services to Bobby Lee, Eugene's Year 2000 Coordinator, please do. If you haven't signed up for the LCC class, you may want to - we get 50-90 people at them, and lots of groups are working the issue on their own.

I'm very interested in seeing your suggestions, and learning more about what you've done so far. What would be great is if you could post that information here.

Glad to see you!

Cynthia Beal

-- cynthia (cabeal@efn.org), December 03, 1998.

I have contacted my county commissioner, city councilor, and Bobby Lee,Year 2000 Coordinator, to request their continued attention to y2k, and offering my help. Sent in my registration today to LCC for their class starting in Jan - Meltdown 2000.

Let us know what you are doing !

-- Lisa Cassidy (LBCassidy@aol.com), December 05, 1998.

OK - so it is going to be bigger than a discussion group! How about Haris Hall around the first of February. We need speakers for a community forum, and a few volunteers before then to help with publicity and emailing. Respond through this thread for greater visability, or to me personally.

-- Lisa (LBCassidy@aol.com), December 08, 1998.

Lisa, Please count me in.

I just asked my local community group chair person, " what steps, plans etc., towards y2k preparednes, is our community group taking?" A.NONE Q."How many citizens in our group have asked about y2k?" A. NONE Q."How amny people have asked you personally about y2k?" A. NONE

I then had a phone conversation with him lasting about 45 minutes. I asked him many questions, too many to list here. He is taking no personal step towards preparation. There are no plans to bring up or discuss y2k at our next, Jan 4th, or any community group's meetings. The next meeting agenda is full.

I want to light a fire under these people. There are only 12 monthly meetings remaining. A large number of our citizens are on fixed, many gov supported, incomes. They have no idea what could be coming.

I filled out volunteer forms at the Petersen Barn Community Center and had a long conversation with the director. Very good person. I am willing to help anyone in any way to learn for themselves, about y2k. I am willing to give any of my experience to anyone, 1 on 1 or in a group setting anytime I am free, in person or over the phone. Kids, parents, seniors, it doesn't matter.

I know I and my family will only be able to survive what is coming, through an active and supportive LOCAL community. If we can't activate our communities then the only remaining choice may be to head for the hills.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know about your study circle/discussion group by email.

Thank You, God Bless.

-- Richard Bloom (rfbloom@uswest.net), December 22, 1998.

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