I would like to know what I need to do to help organize/setup a rave.

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My name is Shaggie and I have been partying for a while now and have lots and lost a kids who go to parties. I am interested in helping a local crew or group in organizing or supporting some of the local parties. I know a bunch of guys in some of the crews but, not sure how to approach this. I am talented in web site design, art, music, and a very much a people person. I can help with the areas of Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point and all points in between. If anyone knows how to point me to the right direction please e-mail me. thanx

- Shaggie D

-- Anonymous, November 30, 1998


sorry, don't have any real advice but was wondering if maybe i had met you, do you have kind of a fro(for lack of a better word) also why not come to boone and help us with our scene?

-- Anonymous, December 24, 1998

a random note on the boone area...i am departing to college up that ways, and i am beginning a recording/production studio with lots of great equipment due to a generous grant from some benevolent benefactors...so, in the next several years, i will be trying to make a name for myself and to possibly get some attention drawn to boone... anyone who can help with old equipment, studio furniture, or pretty much anything would be at my eternal gratitude and would receive some free studio playtime/recording for their troubles...and anyone who's just plain interested in the idea, or *fingers crossed* has some old ANYTHING to unload, drop me a line...toodle-loo, ladies and gentlemen...

-- Anonymous, January 08, 1999

Well, here is how i first got started throwong parties: Kinda keep your ideas with you. You may not throw a huge party your first or second times. Find a venue. Make sure that it has alot of room to dance. Talk to the owner or supervisor and ask to rent it out for a weekend and explain to him/her that you could throw a party in his/her building and make him/her money. Tell him what is goin on, chances are, he won't discriminate. Find DJs. They don't have to be big djs, get locals or friends to spin (less money out of your pocket). Get some flyers made up, or keep it "underground". Find some equipment. You could probably rent it from someone. Set up shop. Try not to overcharge kids at the door, and don't charge $5.00 for water (believe it or not, Louisiana does sometimes!) Main Thing:::: Have a great time!! Don't try to stay all professional and stuff. Get out there and dance with the kids. Parties are about fun, not just makin money!.

-- Anonymous, January 09, 1999

Well my best advice for you is to remeber that throwing parties is to promote the love for music you stand behind. My little production crew is on our second party and it is alot of work, but when people come up to you and say thanks it is all worth it. Start small find a venue, local dj's, and keep the cost down. Then you'll see how stuff works and go from there. I am throwing a party on April 24th in Savannah if you want me to send some flyers your way e mail me with your address. Good luck. P.L.U.R. Madrina tOO yOUNG pRODUCTIONS spinderella123@hotmail.com

-- Anonymous, April 11, 1999

You can help me by supplying the needles, it's easier than snorting, if you get the drift!

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2003

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