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This question is similar to the is it fair after 8 years, the twist being that the lender has put this matter direct to a recoveries agency. I don't really know which way to turn. I have written to the recoveries agency asking for validation. As far as I was concerned this debt was settled but it seems that there was an amount left after the sale and they have accrued interest on this amount over six years. Will this affect the purchase of our new home, how do we find out if we are on any sort of mortgage blacklist.If we buy our present home which is a council house can this old debt be claimed from our new home, could we lose this house.

-- martin hilyer (, November 29, 1998


You raised a lot of points. To a certain extent the answers depend on who the lender was and you may feel it would be worth saying who they were here to get a clearer picture.

You must, absolutely must, require the agency to account for the shortfall. You want to know *exactly* what they did.

As for whether or not it affects the purchase of your new home, that depends on the lender you've gone to. High Street lenders are wary of this sort of thing; specialist lenders much less so but it depends on factors such as how big your deposit is.

AS for the blacklist: in as much as we can tell at the moment, you need to write to the credit reference agencies. All this is detailed in the Blacklisted section of the site.

You could theoretically lose the new house if it goes to court and you lose (which depends in turn on how valid the lender's claim actually is) and if you have plenty of income. You may however have a valid reason to resist the lender's demands. And in reality people don't usually lose a second house because that messes up the second lender and lender's don't like to do that to each other.

Hope this helps


-- Lee Kimber (, November 29, 1998.

Do not think about buying your present home untill this matter is cleared up, as you rent at present from the Local Authority they cannot touch your home,buy it and they will try As a researcher on this field i would like to know who the Lender is some are so nasty you would not believe the tricks and threats they will try on you and your Family! Please do not be afraid just give the details and then we will will know there tactics and what to use in return also please go and make your local Mp aware and let us know what he or she says!!

best of luck and start the fight do not be put off by threats and all there usual dirty tactics


-- Charles Twford (, November 29, 1998.

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