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My complaint: On October 27, 1998 I Sent letter to J. Halpin, Pres./CEO CompUSA, Inc. saying, "Just thought I would let you know about a lousing experience I had at your new downtown San Francisco store. I tried to return a mouse that I bought which did not work. No luck. The store said that I would have to deal with the manufacture because it was over 10 days since I bought it. The Kensington mouse never worked right. Now I am out $20, which is not worth the hassle of trying to deal with the manufacture over." [the letter] No reply yet. Perhaps others have had similar experiences.

-- rp (, November 28, 1998


I bought a printer last month and the salesman pulled the extra ink cartridges for me. Last night, I find that they are for a different printer. After seeing the complaints posted here, I expected the worst. I went in, explained my story, and walked out 5 minutes later with the proper cartridges. No problems at all.

-- asdf (, April 25, 2003.

got a call from the SF store manager and a new mouse. the letter worked, but it was still a hassle. Think that CompUSA should adopt the practice of other stores like Office Dept and provide 30 day no hassle returns.

-- richard (, December 11, 1998.

To be fair, what is CompUSA supposed to do with a broken mouse? They can't return it to the manufacturer, only you can. It is the manufacturer's fault that the device is broken, and so they should be who you contact. CompUSA probably should have offered to help you contact Kensington while you were in their store, though.

-- ?? (??@??.??), December 27, 1998.

I buy a laptop there, which cost me a few grand, and it was supposed to be delivered to me in 5 bussiness days. Well, it 34! It was also supposed to come with the Windows98 O/S It didn't! So I complained and they gave me the CD i get home and there was a huge GASH in the CD! So to make up for it they gave me some freen anti-virus software I install it and it crashed my computer!!!! So I had to format my HD and re-install Windows95 then redo the Windows98 upgrade!!! My opinion: COMPUSA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Jim (, January 20, 1999.

we purchased from compusa overland kansas store, 64 meg of ram for our computer. i asked clerk to be sure and look up in their book the model of our computer to see that we were getting correct ram since we live 300 miles away. to make story short, we got sdram and needed edo ram. i have e-mailed compusa several times on THEIR own web site and gotten no answer. i have called their 800 numbers and never gotten a return call. i have called the store we purchased from and evertime i tell someone what i want i get transferred to a line that never stops ringing ( you can listen to it ring for 20 minutes) or to a line that is dead. this happens every single time. this has gone on for almost 2 months now. all i want to do is exchange this ram without getting screwed or driving 300 miles each way. i will complain to the credit card company and our attorney general next. i have had it. this is the secong time. i also have ram we bought for our other computer that slows it down so much that it almost stops that i bought from their st louis store and could never exchange or return it and it has been over a year. i just thought that was just one crappy store. i guess they are all that way.

-- david seabaugh (, February 10, 1999.

CompUSA is nothing but a buisness that has a lot of cheep greedy bastards there that are goinig to try and fuck you when ever the ass fucking bitching fuckers can.

-- Jay Herold (, March 04, 1999.

To be fair, CompUSA and ever other stores can and do return defective merchandise. I know I have worked for a retailer and my job was to send them back.

-- the same (, March 07, 1999.

I wish I had something supportive to say to you... Unfortunately, nothing comes to mind.

But I do have a question for you -- If you had a problem with Microsoft, their customer support, or products.. who would you complain to? Of course not. The day you receive a personal letter from Bill Gates is the day your each person of your family wins each lottery in the states they live in. So why complain that you don't recieve a reply from the CEO of the largest computer superstore in the country?

I apologize that you seemed to have a problem getting a return for a mouse, however, what would you have us do with it? 10 days for a hardware item is not that short of time. If you buy a piece of hardware for your computer, and don't use it until 2 weeks later, you were probably too busy to buy the thing in the first place. :) (Our return policy has recently been revamp'ed to include 14 days, just for the sake of saying..) -- Besides, we have return policies to counter the thousands of illegitimate claims from hardware, as well as to keep our prices down. Do you realize how many people around the country try to buy items from us, use it for a couple of days, and then return it? We are not a Rent-A-Computer/Peripheral/Accessory. How would you like it if I bought something from you, then demanded you give me my money back and take the item back, just because I felt like it, or I was done using it. You wouldn't be very happy, I assure you. But this is getting off-topic. Basically, we can't afford to spend the thousands, or even millions, of dollars it takes to maintain an open RMA procedure with numerous hardware manufacturers. Its just not something we can do. We have a set limit of time before we can send products back to where they came from.

So basically, instead of taking it out on us at CompUSA, and making websites dedicated to bashing 270 CompUSA stores and 250,000+ employees because of one experience that didn't quite go your way, please take the time to understand our standpoint, and the things we have to go through to provide a level of service and support that you DO like. And please read and understand applicable return policies, with both CompUSA and hardware manufacturer.. ask questions (calmly) if you need help. You'll reduce the headaches, I guarantee.

--Current - (and happily employed) - CompUSA associate.

-- Jason Young (, March 08, 1999.

Im gathering information, complaints (including my own ), and names of those who would like to join a class action lawsuit being prepared against CompUsa so far I have a commitment of 2,578 people all over the U.S. please respond to this email if at all interested thank you for your time!

-- Shireda Howard (, March 09, 1999.

You guys are all going overboard. I've worked at CompUSA for like 5 months now and have indeed seen some of the problems you mention happen..although very rarely, and every time it is taken care of. You love to say how you get the "run around" this and that, but you don't realize how busy everyone is..let alone the managers. Customer service is very important to everyone in my store, and we don't lie to people. I admit that some misinformed people give the wrong information, but it still gets taken care of. Rebates suck, everyone knows it. You better read the fine print, check expiration dates, qualifications, etc., and cross your fingers. Rebates are almost always handled by a third party fulfillment company, and they get completly swamped with offers. I myself am waiting for about 3 rebates from stuff I bought from work, big deal, you just have to be patient. You have to think "can I live with this if the rebate doesn't come." I really can't believe the story about the guy with the Kensington mouse, we never give people trouble about that, I have seen so many questionable returns that we have accepted no problem. We can send stuff back to manufacturers, but I don't know the restrictions on it. It's called RTV, return to vendor. There is absolutly no use at getting upset at the person at the register, they have no control, unless it's a head cashier. I'd recommend that you stay calm, and ask for a manager, and you will have much better luck. Also, the guy with the notebook..(I am thinking of things from linked pages, oops)..You should not have been promised 5 days in the first place..we are supposed to say orders are going to be 2-3 weeks..sometimes more, sometimes depends on what it is. I can understand you being pissed about that, and obviously the store was concerned too..I don't know why they gave you a scratched cd though, that's weird. Some stuff really amazes the guy expecting mail from James Halpin. You would have been much better off calling the general manager on the phone, and calmly explaining what happened. I really think some people are over-reacting cause of one bad experience. Like the guy with the memory..that got SDRAM instead of EDO. I bet you anything he came in not totally knowing what he needed, it's very hard for sales people to figure out what you need when you don't know. I don't like to tell people a guess, and if I do, I tell them not to open it until they verify it's what they need, so they have NO problems returning it. Well, I hope some of you people consider what I am saying, and the other CompUSA guy. You just need to be reasonable. -Mike

-- Mike (, March 09, 1999.

I bought 20mb of 30pin ram from compusa about 1 year ago, at the time I knew nothing about computers, so I did not know it, but everything they told me was a lye. First, they said I could only hold 20mb of ram, I could hold 32mb. Second, they sold me 4mb of the ram already in there! But the worst problem is that they sold my parents 16mb of ram for $600!!!!!!!! I did not find out about this untill it was already installed and home, and they have not replied to any of my complaints. I can not believe that they did this to us, but now I am afraid that they may have done it to others. I now only buy PC stuff online, and get my PC stuff for dirt cheap.

-- Zack Kummer (, March 11, 1999.

Okay --

16MB RAM for $600..?? BULL. Show me this receipt and I'll attempt to believe it. But unless it was a 16MB of flash memory when they first came out (Which wasn't even NEAR that price), There is absolutely no way your parents have been charged $600.

Please do not place false statements for the sake of seeing your name on a forum page. That's horribly childish.

-- Jason Young (, March 12, 1999.

My problem is their return policy; it is not geared towards maintaining repeat customers. They remind me how BlockBuster treated there customers when they were pretty much the only big video rental store. Now BlockBuster in a very competitive environment and they bends over backwards to keep there customers. I think CompUSA knows it has a retail monopoly as the Wal-Mart of retail computer sales, thus the nonconsumer sided 10-day return policy. Basically they are stating they don't stand behind their products. And don't tell me CompUSA takes a lose on returns. I was a Wal-Mart store manager, and a chain in their position has immense leverage over returning merchandise to manufacturers. Competition would put their return policy attitude in check real quick, but unfortunately there is non except online computer sales.

See attachmented letter that still has not received a response. Any suggestions on getting restitution would be appreciated.


February 28, 1999

RE: Company's Refund Policy

(Complaint Regarding: Jacksonville Superstore, 9244A Arlington Expressway, Regency Court Shopping Center, Jacksonville, FL 32225 & CompUSA Inc.

Recently my wife engaged the store stated in RE: for the purpose of purchasing a gift for me consisting of Easy Cat Touchpad. On the 27 day of February, 1999, with original receipt in hand I attempted to return the item in the exact marketable condition with all included content and the packaging that my wife received the item in to obtain a full refund of $42.59; however, the customer service provided was completely unsatisfactory, because I was told that the item should have been returned within ten days from the date of purchase from both the return desk employee and the store manager. Nevertheless, the aforementioned business charged $42.59 for merchandise that is not suitable for the purpose intended. Specifically as an Applications Developer I must be able to easily control the cursor to write code, and Easy Cat Touchpad simply does not give me that capability. The Easy Cat Touchpad does not do what your companys web page states that is"makes it easier than ever to control your PC."

A timely demand for a refund has been made to the Jacksonville Superstore; however, this action has been to no avail. The aforementioned store has failed to rectify the problem and has failed to refund the sum received for the payment made. Please intervene on my behalf for the purpose of rectifying the problem that has arisen with the said store. Should your office need additional information, documentation, etc., in regard to this matter, please advise and same will be provided. Please do not hesitate to contact me at (904) 218- 8204 or 936 Aries Road West, Jacksonville, FL 32216-8102.

If your response is to restate the companys 10-day return policy, please provide the following:

An explanation of the return policy that your company maintains relative to the sale and distribution of its merchandise; Any written parameters under which the merchandising of your companys merchandise are presented to the marketplace, copies of those policies are hereby requested; How your companys marketing policies are established; Identify any specific state and/or federal standards your company follows in establishing its marketing policies, especially its return policies; The parameters under which your companys marketing and return policies are established, please describe those parameters and indicate what particular practices you follow to comply with the marketing practices of your company; and Identify the individual who is responsible for these marketing and return policies and who would address any issues that may arise relative to said policies. Please forward a copy of this letter to Jim Murphy. I was told by the Jacksonville Superstore Manager that he is the District Manager. Thank you for your immediate attention and assistance.

Very Sincerely, Steve Henley,

cc: Jacksonville Better Business Bureau

-- Steve Henley (, March 21, 1999.

In response to the above complaint -

CompUSA does not have a retail monopoly whatsoever. Stores such as Best Buy, Circuit City, and in some cases Office Depot, Office Max, and the occasional Radio Shack store seem to produce some great computer deals, which produces sales for them.

We are people too, we are consumers as well. We know what it is like to have certain policies imposed on us as a customer. But we live. Also, 10 days is plenty of time for one to evaluate a product, don't you think? It is not the individual store who sets these return policies, it's not even the district manager or even the regional director who sets these. This is done by our corporate office, in Dallas, Texas.

As for your opinion on the mouse, I believe that may be something you might want to consider taking up with the manufacturer, Cirque Corporation (, especially if you feel it has provided false advertising on one of its products. Descriptions of our products on our webpages, in most cases, have been provided by the manufacturer, and the only things actually written by us may be system requirements, included software, etc.

However, back to the Jacksonville store, you mentioned that they quoted a 10-day return policy. As of the 15th of February, most, if not all stores began a 14-day policy (at least, I believe so). So you may want to ask when they began the new policy. Also, the regional manager's phone number should be posted as you walk into the store. If not, Customer Service, (or Manager), will be able to provide you with that information.

-- Jason Young (, March 22, 1999.

My heart bleeds for COMPUSA, and how busy their employees are, and how they just have too many vendors to be able to afford to accommodate returns ! Funny, they seem to have enough resources to afford to buy a national football bowl game !

Here's a flash for you COMPUSA employees--you're a RETAILER. YOUR VENDORS don't and WON'T deal directly with consumers, mainly to protect YOUR (the retailers' interests) If customers wanted to maintain a long-distance mailbox relationship, they could damn well do it with internet retailers and mailorder houses, rather than you. You think you can cherry-pick--put a box on a shelf, take in the money, and slam the door on the customer as he leaves. That doesn't work for retailers. Along with the bricks and mortar, comes pesky stuff like customers who mistakenly buy the wrong item (for increasingly technical products), making exchanges for customers who got ended up with YOUR VENDORS' merchandise that was DOA, and people who live a long distance from your stores, 10 days, even 14 days is not reasonable return window. Imagine the gall of a customer daring to bother you darlings over a crummy $20 mouse that was DOA. You're here just to collect the money, right--screw the rest of it.

Hey, any of you CUSA employees ever get a gift from someone who did their shopping a little early? If they bought from you, they're screwed if the merchandise is not the correct item, or you got two of them, etc., aren't they? But, hell, they're just "computer renters." How does that explain my situation where I was refused an EXCHANGE for a sealed item still in the shrink-wrap?

I'm amazed at the attitudes expressed by you little pinheads. NO, your customers don't HAVE to see it from your standpoint. YOU, in fact, have to see it from the customers' standpoint. You need us--you have no alternative. We don't need you--we have lots and lots of alternatives to you. Blanket policies like your 10 or14 day return policy "to prevent people from cheating you" are the inventions of punks like you who are too stupid to evaluate each case on its own merits, and don't have the guts to do so.

You are getting a reputation, one that I, and apparently a very rapidly increasing number of FORMER customers are dedicated to spreading. I sincerely hope to see COMPUSA go bankrupt, and all of you arrogant punks out of work. After reading some of your defenses of your theiving employer, its no wonder customers get such shabby treatment. Fortunately, my lesson only cost me $160, but I'm dedicated to costing you at least 10,000 times my loss.


-- Rick Speir (, March 24, 1999.

Sorry to hog more than my share of space,but I went ballistic when I saw the lame answers offered by apparently a couple of compusa employees. I meant just to post my experience for other readers.

I bought a video/accelerator board for my son's birthday on Feb. 18., and gave it to him on the 26th. It was a PCI board, but he needed another type (I don't understand the technicalities here). I was scheduled to do some traveling on business, and not suspecting anthing out of the ordinary, did not read the fine print on the back of my receipt, nor scout around the COMPUSA store for any suspicious signs. My mistake.

When I got back in town, my son informed me that he really needed the right board, the one I got him just wouldn't do him any good. He also gave me an Office Depot ad with a great deal on a CD-ROM burner, and asked if I was going to return the video board anyhow, would I ask if COMPUSA would be willing to match Office Depot's price? (Boy, was I naive) I returned to the store 28 days after the purchase, with the video card in its original shrink-wrapped box, rebate stickers intact, and with my receipt.

Showing the none-too-courteous kid behind the "customer service" desk the Office Depot ad, I learned that CUSA wasn't matching that particular price, and anyway they didn't stock that item. So I said OK, I need a refund/exchange.

The kid asked me if I'd read the back of the rceipt. I said no, I read fine print when I have reason to suspect someone is trying to take advantage of me, but I don't expect that in a normal retail transaction--is that a problem ? He replied they had a 10-day return policy, which was printed on the receipt. I noted that I wouldn't have had a chance to read that until AFTER I'd made the purchase, which would be a bit too late, and besides, they only had one cashier for their 10 or so registers, and customers were lined up 15 deep--did they really want me and everyone else carefully reading, thinking about, etc. all the fine print?

During this exchange I'd also noticed signs on the wall back in the customer service alcove, stating a 14-day return policy. The kid must have seen me looking at the sign, and started mumbling something about me actually having 14 days, but they were using up the old register tape, etc. etc. In any case, he asserted, I was out of luck--I was "way past" my return window.

I asked for the manager, and basically the same process was repeated, with the same results. Frankly, the so-called "manager" looked even younger, and stupider than the "customer service" kid. I left pretty angry.

I found CompUSA's corporate customer service web page, and composed a very polite, orderly, and clear letter, outlining what had happened, and what I wanted. That was 7 days ago. While on the web, I found this site, and a bunch more all from people who had been cheated by CompUSA, so I'm not surprised that I haven't heard from them, even to tell me to go pound sand. Their 10, or 14, or whatever it is today return limit policy is inadequate, and so unusual in the retail trade that they owe it to customers to have large, lighted signs over all their registers, warning customers of this nasty policy. But, of course, that kind of honesty would scare off a bunch of customers. I wouldn't have bought the video card, or any other gift, for that matter, under those conditions, if I'd been aware of them--that's just not enough time, and besides, I don't feel like I need to be inconvenienced, rushing to open and install a computer accessory, just for the priviledge of spending my money at COMPUSA.

The CompUSA people come across as very juvenile, immature and foolish. I am not referring to their chronological ages, but their behavior, and apparent attitudes. They are commiting business suicide, and apparently it comes right from the top. There seems to be an extremely high-level of dissatisfaction, and not only from their customers; a recent class-action lawsuit was filed by stockholders over apparently dishonest statements about profits and stock values. It sounds like the top managers are treating COMPUSA as a cash cow to finance their toys, like the Citrus (Football) Bowl--rather than concentrating on basic business principles, like treating customers right.

In contrast--last fall, about October, my son's boombox CD failed. It wasn't quite a year old, and although it had a 90-day warranty, it was a Koss brand, and I felt like a Koss stereo should represent more value than that. I wrote to their president, who referred me to his assistant, who contacted me via e-mail, was cordial, polite, and very apologetic. He agreed with me that people buying a Koss stereo unit should expect more than a years' service from it, and sent us a new unit--the latest upgrade of our original one ! No crap, no accusations of abuse, nothing but a clear desire to make the situation right in the customers' eyes. While it is true this was a manufacturer, not a retailer, it is also true that their written, stated warranty policy had expired many times over, but they thought enough of their reputation, and of their customers to take care of me.

KOSS didn't have to do this for me--just like CompUSA didn't have to do what they did TO me. The difference is in what I tell my friends and associates about these two entities, and where I'll choose to spend my money in the future. Buy KOSS--they make excellent products, and more than stand behind them. They value your business, and want your repeat business. But stay away from CompUSA--they'll cheat you, and don't care if you come back or not.

-- Rick Speir (, March 25, 1999.

In January 1999 I phone ordered a CompUSA desktop computer that supposedly had on site warrantee service. I've had modem problems from day one (Lucent PCI). CompUSA promised a technician would contact me to schedule onsite replacement within 5 business days. After I initated over ten calls and six weeks later a Warrantech technician appeared at my home (unannounced) but was unable to install a new modem. Called Warrentech that day and they promised another tech within 5 business days.

Today is April 1, 1999 and I, once again, initiated a phone call to CompUSA who gave me the run around about Warrantech again. Now CompUSA wants me to ship the computer to Warrantech. Any of this sound familiar. Any relief? Stuart Rohrbaugh

-- Stuart Rohrbaugh (, April 01, 1999.

After waiting five plus weeks for Compusa or Warrant Tech to replace the CD Rom in my computer, I now find I must take it back so they can correct their goof. When I brought the computer in for repair, I also brought the Recover diskette and the Master CD. Now, when I go to use the Master disk, the new CD-Rom does not recognize it. I am told by the technician I must bring it back. The purpose of bringing the floppy and master in the first place was for them to use them to check my computer out after repairs. I have also found out that writing to Compusa on their Web site or phoning the Store (KIng of Prussia, PA) does not help. They take their own good time doing a half-a**ed job.

-- Henry P. McCullough (, April 05, 1999.

Unfortunately, I must answer these letters as anonymous, as I am employeed at one of the competitors.

This new 14 day return policy is not any different from any of the other major retailers of computer products. OfficeMax and Office Depot have a little more leniancy because they have a lot more margin in other products. Best Buy has adopted a 14 day return policy on computer products as well. On average, CompUSA is probably lucky to pay for the lease of the building and utilities in a month with profits from sales after returns are figured in. When you go to your local bookstore, office supply store, household store, etc., those companies are making from 40% to as much as 80% profit off of your purchase. CompUSA is exstatic to make 15-20% in one day. So you are complaining when they have to restrict their return policy?? A more lenient return policy will drive prices up in the long run. Unfortunately this lack of profit, leads to low payroll levels. So they are understaffed. Then the employees have to listen to you yell at them all day. It is no wonder customer service becomes low. Show some understanding. YES, there are those stores who will abuse the policy and treat customers unfairly. This SHOULD be taken up with corporate. However, bad management in one store does not reflect all stores. Computer retailers are up against very difficult times. Unless you want them all closed where you must get everything mail order, try to be patient. Does anyone remember Egghead?? Well, they are internet only now. They were prided as being the most lenient with return policies and one of the highest in customer service. People took advantage of that. They would get the knowledge from those salespeople and take it to someone who offered the product cheaper. Or they would buy the product knowing they were going to return it. In the end, even they had to strengthen return policies. However, look what it did to them. I find it quite discouraging that all you people do is think only of yourselves, and find it reasonable to flame those who are trying to defend the company that they work for. You nor I will never really understand how difficult it is to try to keep people happy when they are working under the conditions that they are... But I suppose that is what has come of society today .. me me me.... If someone was talking trash about the company you worked for, you would certainly try to defend it. Does anyone want to think about losing their livelihood? I certainly would defend my company the best I could, if it meant I could avoid having to support my family without a job. Just because a few people have made experiences bad for customers does not mean everyone is like that and that you should wish ill-will on them. They are people too, who deserve to make a living the best they know how. Doesn't anyone have any sense of fairness or compassion?? "NO, not if it means I have to abide my a standard return policy and take responsibility for the money I spend" Come on people, act your age

-- Anonymous (, April 15, 1999.

I wouldn't necessarily give up on demanding a refund after a retailer's return period has past. Many if not most states require retailers to honor what's called an implied warranty of merchantability. That means that, unless they specifically and clearly disclaim this warranty by name, they HAVE to accept returns of defective merchandise within a reasonable time - regardless of what their "policy" is. If they don't, keep track of your evidence, take notes noting the date of all your conversations etc., and take them to small claims court. Its fun and easy, and usually will cost them a WHOLE lot more than it will cost you.

-- Eric Jones (, April 19, 1999.

I am a current employee of CompUSA and I must say that the response from the anonymous employee of a competitor is completely accurate. I'm not going to say that there are no problems with CompUSA because that would be a lie. It's true that there is not a lot of profit in the products we sell and payroll hurts because of this. This causes understaffing which then causes poor customer service. I don't completely agree with how the money for payroll is distributed, but that is an internal problem which doesn't need to be discussed in a public forum. Now on to our return policy. The only thing that is required of a retail store by law is that defective merchandise should be returned or exchanged in a reasonable amount of time. Two weeks is plenty of time to figure out if a product doesn't work. There is no law that states that a retail store must return a non defective product. Just keep in mind that we do not have to have a return policy at all, we do have a return policy to provide good customer service. If you do not try to abuse the policy you will not have any problems and you will have a much nice staff to help you. Software returns are the worst. Is it really that hard to read the system requirements that are printed on the box? If a game requires a 3D accelerator and you only have a 2D video card, don't buy it and then complain that it locks your system. Our "exchange for same only" policy for open software is not in effect to be rude to customers or to increase profits, it is there because of anti-piracy laws. It doesn't take that long to buy a game, make a copy with a cd- burner, and return the game to the store. I've got some other things that I would like to say about rebates, but I'm tired so I will save that for another day.

-- David (, April 20, 1999.

I would like to share my experience at Compusa. I had a Toshiba laptop with a bad headphone jack. I took it into Compusa for warranty work and 5 months later I got a call saying that it is finally fixed.

They replaced the motherboard, hard drive, and video cable. When I picked it up I noticed that the case was taken apart with a jackhammer. I said something to the service guy and he said " it would cost too much to replace the case".

I told him that they should replace it because it was a new computer...after about a month I get a call from the service center and he tells me that the hard drive is bad. I said that they were suppose to replace the case??? He then said that they are going to refund my money and to call warrentech.

Two days later, a technician calls me to say that my computer is ready for pick up. I asked him why he was calling me when they already told me that I was getting a refund. He apperently didn't know anything about it.

I've yet to pick up my refund certificate. I really want a new Toshiba laptop without paying anymore. But it looks like I will have to pay the difference, since the new ones coat more.

-- Felix Tamayao (, April 20, 1999.


All of this over a little mouse? A letter to the Pres/CEO? Write to the District Mgr. and you might get a response. A web site no less! Even at minimum wage it sure sounds like a waste of your time vs. money lost. Just shop somewhere else and if it really is as bad as some people say it is at CompUSA eventually enough people will switch and they will go Ch. 11.....

-- Alex Corbishley (, April 21, 1999.

I recently purchased a Video Camera from the CompUSA store in Nashville. After experiencing diffuculty with its operation I decided that the best approach was to return the product to the store in the same condition that I purchased it (less the piece of tape that sealed the box) and exchange it for a better grade (more expensive) camera.

Even though this product was returned with a 10 day time frame, I was informed that I would be required to pay a 15% restocking fee in addition to the additional cost of the more expensive camera. I paid the amount and informed the manager that I would not return to his store.

After rethinking the situation I decided I was much too kind and reafirmed in my mind that this was an unfair consumer policy. I began sending e-mails to explaining my position and informing them of my New Consumer Abuse Policy identifying my demands for a refund of my $12.00 plus an additional $20.00 fine for the inappropriate treatment and customer abuse I experienced. You see, I suspect I have as much right to dictate policy to CompUSA as CompUSA has to dictate policy to me.

My policy states that theft of my hard earned dollars through some ridiculous restocking policy is unacceptable and that efforts by any company to do so will be met with extreme disgust and resistance. I have sent this correspondence 3 times since my original March 21, 1999 e-mail with demand for payment. I have yet to receive a response.

When I purchased the camera, the return policy was stapled to my receipt after I had paid for the product. I do not see how a company can dictate a return policy after payment has been made. Granted, in returning to the store I did find a return policy sign, buried amoung ads for sales items. I must assume that I now have a responsibility as a consumer to read every notice in a retail outlet prior to commiting to a purchase.

I would like to suggest that anyone deciding to purchase any item from CompUSA in the future pay for their purchase with a credit card and attach a consumer policy to the signed receipt prior to returning it to the cashier. I suggest the policy dictate you terms for returning products to CompUSA in return for their priviledge of doing business with you (the consumer). Seems fair doesn't it?

As a last note; my frustration with CompUSA was so high that I inadvertantly spamed an e-mail searching for others that may have had like experiences. I would like to appoligize to all those who were inconvienced by my efforts. I would also like the thank the party responsible for this site and allowing me a much more appropriate method of venting my frustrations.

-- Jim Ramsey (, April 29, 1999.

Ok, first of all, it sounds like some people have had horrible problems with CompUSA, and I think they need to calm down, and contact the apropriate people about that. As has been mentioned, probably a regional manager, or even call the BBB. The other people..especially the Cirque touchpad person. You amaze me. CompUSA is not rent-a-peripheral. And "advertising" if you will, ALWAYS glamorizes even the simplest things. Some people seem to think CompUSA is where they can go buy something, use it for a week, and bring it back and get a full refund. I'm not necessarily accusing the touchpad guy of this, but other people do it, actually I can understand very well how he could not be happy with one, as I own one myself and it sucks. You should have grabbed the demo model, and hooked it up to a system, either on your own, or preferably with the assistence of an employee. I have hooked up things on many occasions for people to try them. Anyhow, you shouldn't buy something if you don't know what you want. Read a review, play with the demo item, ask a friend, anything. You're rather naive to trust the packaging, look at a $10 mouse, and look at a $100 mouse, they both glamorize it. Also, in the store I work at, the return policy is rather clearly stated in numerous locations. It's on a poster, at teh customer service desk, in the small business section, i think there is one on the upgrades desk too. You can take one of those blue pamphlets any time you like, getting it stapled to your receipt is not the only way. If a person I am talking to hesitates about wanting it or not, I make sure they clearly understand the return policy, whether they like it or not. Well, I've got to get going. I guess I ought to say, what I have said here doesn't necessarily represent the company. I am just trying to help explain things if possible. People need to think for just a second..what is going on on the other end of things. By the way, I was recently in a Best Buy, looking at camcorders, and noticed their return policy on such items is **7** days. (others are 14) How's that grab you? -Mike

-- Mike (, April 29, 1999.

I am an employee at CompUSA, and have been for over a year now. Although most of these posts say otherwise, I know exactly how customers feel when they are "screwed over." Some of these posts say that we are "immature" and uncaring "punks." However, I feel sick to my stomach and embarassed whenever store policy forces me to tell a customer what they don't want to hear. The policy at our store is extremely restrictive and occasionally not conducive to good customer service. I know that the majority of the people who walk through our doors would stick by us no matter what, but I don't want that- I want ALL of CompUSA's customers to enjoy their experiences. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way.

I repeatedly see people get "screwed over" by those employees at our store that are less caring than I- primarily certain hardware salesmen and customer service reps. I honestly feel GOOD whenever I can send a customer away with the proper knowledge of their newly-purchased product- and I feel like shit when they lose money to rebate and customer service mishaps.

I'm only posting this to let you know- we aren't all jerks looking to screw you. At least, I'm not.

And, by the way, I'm not in management, hardware, software, or accessories- I'm a front-end representative (read: cashier) who knows how you feel. And, knowing how my store would feel about this post, I am also keeping my name and address anonymous.

-- Anonymous (, April 30, 1999.

The following was submitted to Logitech's website recently.


I recently had a very memorable experience at CompUSA. It will be my last.

I purchased your wireless keyboard/wheel mouse. It worked great. You guys did a very nice job on this one. Too bad the miserable service at CompUSA left such a bad taste.

After returning home with my new $99 keyboard and mouse, I installed and tested them. Again, they both worked fine. After using them for awhile, I realized that a mouse separate from the keyboard was not going to work for me. I really needed a keyboard with a built-in touch pad. Although you don't offer a wireless keyboard/touchpad, I was ready to buy the one you do offer, with a cable.

After returning to CompUSA on the same day, I was informed that before exchanging keyboards I would have to pay a 15% restocking fee. And this for an exchange, not just a refund! Naturally, I was quite upset. Imagine if I had bought a $2000 computer instead. I would be out a whopping $300 for just a few hours of possession.

Needless to say, I did not buy the other keyboard from CompUSA. I took my $15 loss and ran.

Sadly, although your site indicates Logitech keyboards are available from other sources (Office Depot, Office Max, etc.), these outlets did not carry the Logitech keyboard with the touchpad. I actually bought one from another manufacturer, but it was poorly constructed. It was returned no-questions-asked (and no fee). Ultimately, I found a wireless keyboard/touchpad from VersaPoint which I am now using to write this message.

I have purchased and proudly used Logitech products in the past. They have always been of the highest quality and of the most intelligent design. It is a real shame that otherwise great products are peddled by such an uncaring service organization as CompUSA.

CompUSA is surely doing Logitech a great disservice with this absurd return policy. How could anyone (aware of such a policy) who is also uncertain of his own needs (or of the actual usability of a product) ever buy under such conditions? We can't. Not in this century, anyway.

Hopefully I will have better luck in the future finding your products elsewhere.


George Schiro George@

-- George Schiro (, May 07, 1999.

My first bad experience with CompUSA purchases was a year ago when memory I bought on the promise of a rebate that would completely refund what I paid for it never arrived. It was refused based on a technicality--I used a PO Box instead of a street address--and subsequent letters did not remedy the situation. But that's not the big issue here...

On October 28, I bought a Storm Technologies Scanner at CompUSA, again based in part on the incentive of a rebate, in this case $50. Only later did I find out that Storm had filed for bankruptcy a week before I bought it. To add insult to injury, the scanner broke after only three scans, but since it was now after that "14 day return period," CompUSA wouldn't take it back, saying I had to send it to the manufacturer, who, of course, was out of business.

No rebate. No scanner. No money. Sounds like consumer fraud to me.

It's my understanding that others agree and that there is some sort of class-action suit over this according to a local mom-and-pop repair shop, but I have yet to find information on it. Suit or not, it looks like CompUSA deliberately advertised a rebate on a product that it knew would never be delivered. It's sad that they've offered no help taking care of the problem--they don't even fix scanners in their service department here. And despite 14 days being some sort of "industry standard," there's something wrong with retailers or the industry in general when it imposes such a short time on products that cost so much. I can go buy virtually anything at a Target or Wal-Mart and return it essentially no-questions-asked up to 90 days. Why won't computer/peripheral stores and manufacturers do the same?

I'm curious to see thoughts and/or similar experiences on this.


-- Michael Bischoff (, May 12, 1999.

In response to Michael's question about a 90 day return policy.

Gee, maybe because computer technology is developing so rapidly that by the time you get around to returning a product it is obsolete.

-- CompUSA (, May 13, 1999.


I attempted to respond to the comments made by only to find the e-mail address does not exist. I appears that CompUSA's employees have as little respect for their customer as the company.

-- Jim Ramsey (, May 15, 1999.

I bought a printer at compusa and tried to return it. I left the protective tape on the ink cartridges so it wouldn't print. And they still wouldn't let me return it.

They asked me if i read the manuals on how to use the printer. I said, "no, its compusa's job to teach a dumb idiot like myself on how to be a printer expert"

Can you believe the nerve!!!! What a bunch of idiots!!!

-- Raphael Ashland (, May 15, 1999.

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-- pimp c (, May 16, 1999.

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-- pimp c (, May 16, 1999.

i got some pny ram from comp fucking usa and found out best buy is cheaper. try to return it but lost receipt. they wont return my money cause i have no receipt and i used cash and the pny package is not the same as the ones from their store (square pny box). it looks like a best buy package (not so square pny box). i am fucking sure someone got a best buy ram and returned it to comp fucking usa. then comp fucking usa fucking sold it to me. when i try to do the same thing (returning it)comp fucking usa wont allow it because since they got fucked earlier y not fuck somebody like me. i wont go to comp fucking usa again to buy computer stuff maybe just for chinese food.

-- chris chan (, May 27, 1999.

As an employee of a major retail chain (not Compusa), I can understand having return policy's in place. However all of you feel its Compusa's job to inform you of the return policy before you buy the item--by person. Wake-up!! The policy is printed on the back of the reciept as all of you have stated--do you need a neon sign??

Further more, as a savy shopper, one should always find out a return policy before you purchase--some stores don't allow returns period (just try to return unworn shoes to mervyns!). Seems to me like some of you just want a red carpet--you won't get that uless your ready to pay a lot more for your product!! It cost to get good service - ever shop at Nordstroms, excellent customer service - very high prices!!

Simply put - you get what you pay for!

-- mary c (, June 02, 1999.

I had the opportunity to witness first hand unbeleivable behavior by CompUsa Management today. 3 weeks ago I went to CompUsa to purchase a memory upgrade for my computer. The sales associate who helped me sold me memory that was not compatible with my system. (100mhz SDRAM for a 66mhz PII-266). I installed the memory about 10 days later and threw away the box (BIG MISTAKE). Sure enough the computer was having trouble recognizing the memory. Memorial day weekend comes and I put off returning the memory and take off for the weekend. CompUSA's 14 day return window comes and goes (BIG MISTAKE #2). I went in and explained my situation to the customer service/returns desk who then calls for a manager. {Enter toughguy $10/hr Hardware mgr) I explain my situation again as he tries to make me feel like a criminal who stole this memory and is trying to get over on him. Immediately after finishing my explaination, I receive a blunt "You don't have the packaging, I cant take it back".{end of discussion - get lost implied) I explain to him that one of "his" sales people sold me the memory, and I know I don't have the package it came in, but I feel like this wouldn't have happened if I was sold the right product in the first place. "I can't take it back" was his response. I ask to talk to the store manager.... "He won't be in until Monday" (today is Saturday). I then ask to speak to someone else who can help me. He states that he is in charge of the store, and I have to come back on Monday to talk to the store manager to escalate the matter and comments that this is past our return window anyways. By this time I am starting to get irritated, and tell him that I feel like I am wasting my time to make these multiple trips due to the incompetancy of the sales person, and that if CompUsa is entrusting the duties of store mgr to him, he should be able to authorize the return of this $50 memory module. He then comes at me with, "I have told you 3 times I am not taking this back, and now I am asking you to leave the store" I am completely disgusted witht the way he handled the whole situation from the begining and say "this is bad business practice treating customers this way" he responds with "do you want me to call the police to have you removed?" "For what?", I ask. He repsonds with "for being belligerent and tresspassing". "I am upset, not beligerent" I say as he is glaring at me, waving his hands about and getting as close to me as possible with out jumping over the counter. "are you going to assault me now?" I ask as I pick my things up from the counter; him repeating 2-3 times in his fighting growl "leave my store now little man... leave my store now little man"

I will never shop at compusa again... I have cut my credit card and sent letters to the District MGR.

I realize that there are policies to prevent people from "borrowing" product, but I beleive most people arent doing this. I work for a large Distributor/Integrator, and in the rare case when I can't provide a product to one of my customers, (as much as I hate it )I tell them that it would be better to just run out to CompUSA or Frys. CompUSA will no longer be in my vocabulary..

Its not just us having these problems.. Corporate customers of CompUSA tell me the same stories.. A large software co in Sunnyvale told me they will not renew their contract with CompUSA this year and will go out to bid. CompUSA will have to change their practices sooner or later... or fold.

-- blank (, June 06, 1999.

I'm glad I've found you-because COMPUSA shut down all the anti- CompUSA sites!!

I hate CompUSA. I used to work there (at the Newark store, which it's occupants now are a gym), everyone treated me like a slut, then they fired me. They wanted to blame everything wrong on me, even for the smaller things, while the rest of my co-workers got off clean-sweep. My ex-boss was a real bitch; she was friendly to everybody but me. I didn't do anything wrong, and she knew that!!!!! Everyone else did some slacking around, and they didn't get punished, and she knew that!!! And she decided to make a simple complaint to fire me after Christmas last year.


-- LKO (, June 09, 1999.

I don't know if it is just where i live, but it seems CompUSA pulls the old hook line and sinker. What looks to be a good deal turns out to be a bad one when they wave that little red laser over the barcode at the register. So now you are stuck there in a pressure situation with something you want but weren't prepared to spend the price that it is now showing up on that annoying little light screen. I bought a keyboard that turned out to be twice as expensive....when i asked him to show me evidence, it literally took him 7 minutes to locate the little tag below each item that told the CORRECT price. This is absurb and i think next time that i will demand a new 22 gig hard drive because of their lack of intelligence

-- Daniel (, June 17, 1999.

after driving around the sites bashing compusa i am thankful for my experience. went to my local compusa store(melbourne fl 55 miles away) and selected a nice new cpu with all the bells and whistles. little fella comes out of the back of the store with it in a cart, "great i can take it home with me". well i whipped out my trusty check book and dl for id and filled it out. after a ten minuet wait as the line behind me formed, i was told my check was no good. never mind i've never bunced a check, or have been in my own home for 14 years, or that i've had the same employer for 16 years, or been the member of the same bank for 15 years. oh no none of that counted. i had the misfortune to open a new checking account(with the same bank). compusa uses a service(?) called equifax who didn't authorize the check becouse the check NUMBER was too low for THEM. after calling equifax they offered to send me a gold check cashing card. ya right. i bought the next day at office max, same account no problem.

-- rjbrowne (, June 20, 1999.

Buy online from serious sellers. What kind of services do except from a bunch of losers who work in these big stores. Get a real job you corporate peons.

-- jim (, June 21, 1999.

I realize that they are in retail...but why don't they staff the place with people who know computers? Most of the time they are you kids, wondering aimlessly around, or senior citizens standing around talking about the best brand of depends to buy. I now just go in and look at the boxes and magazine, then purchase it somewhere else, like on-line. They have a great concept that will go the way the NASA manned space program did after Apollo, it went away for a very long time, and some people predicted its death...

-- (DIAMONDUDE@AOL.COM), June 24, 1999.

Hey, I had a nightmare with COMP USA..I won't bother you with the details, let's just say, they had my CPU for 85 days.

During this time, I got to meet very many exciting people at my local COMP USA. Although I was treated rudely and indifferently they did entertain me. Like the time I was called and told my computer was ready by accident.....yeah, i took it home it didn't boot up..took it back and was told "Sir, they didn't fix it, why did u come and get it?" Hey, I said, "I think the alternator and starter needs to be checked. And if u can get them to check it out, I need my belts tightened up" I swear to God as my witness, she entered all that into the work order.

Last but not least....every person I met up there, (actually all were kinda nice in their own little way) was a "system or network administrator on my other job"...."hey bud...check the air in my ram to

-- steve dolooker (, July 08, 1999.

Since there doesn't seem to be a way to answer the CompUsa supporters directly, I hope that no one minds if I put it here and posts it.


I congradulate you. Very commendable on your comments about return policies. It does seem to leave me with a couple of questions though. 1. First, how would you go about finding out the return policy. In readin these posts I saw one where the return policy signs were placed at the Technical service desk and the upgrades desk. If you are reading the one at the Tech support desk then apparently you already have made the purchase. Not much help. If you are going in to buy software why would you look at the upgrade desk? Hmm, missed it again. 2. As you were so quick to point out the return policy is printed on the back of the reciept. Are you now going to issuse the reciepts before we purchase anything? After reading the policy I think that most customers are going to bankrupt you just on the cost of trashed reciept paper.


Mike; Just a couple of comments on your defense of CompUsa. Yes, I would agree with you that some customers expect too much. But by the same token some of your stores personel need some straightening out also. I am fairly computer literate, In fact, I build computers for companies here in Phoenix and I will never recommend anything from CompUsa. When you sell someone a product you should stand behind that product. I purchased a printer from the Paradise Valley store here and even let the "sales rep" talk me into an extra $50.00 for the 3- year extended warranty because it would allow me to bring the printer into any store for repair. Within two months with only about a dozen pages printed, the printer chewed up the ribbon and locked in the cartridge so that it would not come out. Taking the printer to the Metrocenter store also here in Phoenix, I was told that I would have to get an RNA to have them service this printer. That seems fair. I can somewhat understand that, althought it shouldn't have to be my responsibility if I purchased YOUR warranty. I took it calmly, walked outside to the payphone right in front of the store and met with complaint #1. I called the number the Tech rep gave me, 1-800-339-9884. I recieved for my trouble over two hours of "please stay on the line and your call will be answered in the order it was recieved". Should I expect to get an answer from Mr. Halpin when I complain? No, but but you can bet I would get a perconal letter from Bill Gates before I actually got to talk to an actual person from your support lines. I can agree with your opinion about customers needing more patience, but having to spend two hours on the phone only to get no- one is more than anyone's patience should be expected to tolerate. Finally, after wearing out my patience I went back into the store and spoke to a different "Tech Rep" and, still being patient, explained the situation. I will give her credit, she was very polite, the whole time that she was telling me that the 3-year extended warranty I had purchased was actually only 2-years and that it started AFTER the one-year warrenty from the manufacturer and that since this was only 2 months later I would have to return it to the manufacturer. This is not only bad salesman ship, it is outright fraud. Maybe your store is different. I can also understand that each store will reflect the people working there. This is true in any business. But I would think that if a store is in the business of selling computers and computer products, the employees should at least have some knowledge of computers. The employees I have met in the 3 count em' 3 CompUsa stores here in Phoenix have a hard time telling the difference between hardware and software. Should you have to ask them about operating systems you are lucky if a blank stare is all you get. 5 different employees together still can't tell you the difference between isa and pci. And on a final note, You said that you could not understand how they happened to give the one guy a gouged CD-ROM. That is the simplest one of all. Unknown to most people is the fact that these stores have their own shrink wrap machines and the software you are buying is not necessarily new. When something new comes out SOME employees open a box make copies for themselves and reseal the box. Credit to several sales reps!!! When the reps can't answer your questions about a product, pop open the box and look at the manual. Bad Side. Someone else comes along and damages the disk. But what the hell re-shrink it and sell it, then when the next customer complains we can just blame him or her. Yes, the customer need to have more patience and understanding. Have patience, It takes time for the upper echolon to think up new ways to rip your hard earned bucks out of your pockets. Have understanding. Understand that if you buy from CompUsa it is not their fault that the entire company is only geared towards screwing its customers

-- Gary Church (, July 10, 1999.

I really can't believe that some people think CompUSA is out to get them. They think that everything is done deliberatly. They think we deliberately advertise products we don't have, and rebates that are expired. The ads are drawn up WAY ahead of time, like at least a month. Sometimes shipments don't come in on time, or products run out. Usually rebates DO get extended if they are printed in the ad and have since expired. Most people in the stores are not very smart, I really don't know how they get hired at all. You have to realize that not everyone is like that, and the people that are stupid don't purposely lie to people, 99% of the time they are misinformed. CompUSA isn't out to screw anyone. Mistakes happen. It's not like this stuff doesn't happen at other stores, there are message boards all over about how this and that sucks.

-- Mike (, July 29, 1999.

I have worked for CompUSA for two years now, and I have sat here for almost two hours reading these letters. You pessimistic people sit there blaming employees, and company policies saying they are wrong, and they should extend them to you. But that is not what a policy is, a policy like returning an item is like a contract almost. On every register there is a very large sign that explains CompUSA's return policy. It specifically says that you are allowed to return your product within 14 days from the date of the receipt. It doesn't say 30-days, it doesn't say 15-days, it says 14. Fourteen days is ample amount of time to realize that something wasn't working at our store. I get upset sometimes when I am not satisfied with something, but I don't go around saying that they are punks and pinheads. We are people, just like you, we have lives, we enjoy our jobs, and most of us like to please customers. We like to think that someone they just helped wants to be a customer for life because of them. I love seeing a customer walk out of the store with a smile on their face. I just have to realize that I can only do so much. I am a human being, just like the other 10,000 CompUSA Team Members. We don't come to work everyday to see whom we can piss off. We do our jobs as we were trained, just like everyone on this forum: you were trained to do your jobs and I am sure people have their complaints, but you just go ahead with your business trying to make others happy.

-- Ryan (, July 30, 1999.

I refuse to go to ComPukeSA anymore. I have been there I think four times now and each time was a bad experience. They are the absolute worst in customer service. I once went there looking for a monitor and found one that I liked at a reasonable price. I asked to buy it and the associate told me that they had none in stock. I asked if I could buy the floor model and he said no. I asked when he was getting more and he said he didn't know. It was obvious when I was asking him this that he couldn't care less about me or what I was saying. My partner told him, "You do realize you're about to lose a sale, right?" And the associate told us, "Sorry." If that were my retail outfit I would have bent over backwards to give the customer at least some attention, but it seems he went out of his way to show his complete apathy. I also bought a new ATX motherboard once and I went to ComPukeSA to get a new case. I admit I was uninformed. I asked the guy to sell me a case and he told me that he didn't have one that would fit my motherboard cause my motherboard had eight slots but the case could only accomodate seven. So I drove to my favorite computer shop which is across town. They sold me the case but as I was paying for it I noticed that it, too, had only seven slots. That's when they informed me that one of the slots could be shared by an ISA or PCI slot. So not only did ComPukeSA lose *another* sale but I ended up driving across town in part due to their bad information. If a ComPukeSA were to get struck by lightning and burn to the ground it would be cause for celebration.

-- Jimmy Stokes (, July 30, 1999.

Wow....i can feel the rage from here. Um I'd just like to say a thing or two. firstly, to all my fellow CUSA employees who defended the Company on this page: "you guys rock". Ive worked there for 10mos. now, and needless to say, Ive seen my share of stuff. Yes, some people have gotten screwed, but no way was it as widespread and rampant as some of these enraged folks would like to imply. I work with some of the finest, most hardworking people ive ever met; people who go the extra mile to ensure the best customer service. But they are just that...people. they screw up sometimes. the thing that gets me is that you never see one of them rushing to put up a web page declaring "All CompUSA Customers Suck!!!", and believe me, we could. The kind of people I see come in day in and day out make it a real possibility. I find it funny that they should fly off the handle and accuse us of some wrongdoing when they were "too busy" to read a warranty, rebate or disclaimer or (This is my favorite) because they know nothing about their machine (the above comment about "I don't understand the technicalities here" comes to mind). this is not the employee's fault, and I can assure you, none of us appreciates being told that it is. It all comes down to this: You do your part, we'll do ours. Read everything. If you dont understand something, dont screw with it. and most of all, dont come into CompUSA looking to take out your frustration over your own ignorance on one of the people who is doing his/her best to help you. like the man said: PLEASE BE REALISTIC!!! Thank You

-- The Shadow (, July 31, 1999.


I am a hardware salesperson at CompUSA, Paramus (store 407), steadfastly approaching manager status. I would like to be an assistant manager at CompUSA Manhattan in the fall during school hours.

Anyway, a lot of what you've been talking about has been addressed from Dallas (CompUSA headquarters). First off, on July 29th, 1999, CompUSA completely took over it's TAP division, which was previously handled by the paltry, 3rd-party WarrenTech. These were the guys you called to assist you with repairs and onsite server.

To put it bluntly WarrenTech sucked -- even WE had issues with WarrenTech. Now CompUSA handles all calls and service in house. If you call the 1-800 number you get a CompUSA technician to service your product. That's what all the trucks are going to be used for outside each CompUSA. Each CompUSA now has upwards of 4 A+/MSCE certified techs. More are coming everyday.

Secondly, if you get 3 complaints from more than one customer -- any employee -- you're fired no questions asked. CompUSA has hired close to 20 new people PER STORE these past few months to address customer service issues. We go through a rigorous one-week training, part of which is to sell goods, most of which is to educate us about CompUSA products.

Thirdly, and this is inside information, CompUSA is steadily *losing* money. We had to close 12+ stores in the past few weeks. In addition, what you guys don't realize is: there is no money in hardware. You buy a mouse for 19.99 -- we paid 17.40 for it. That's a 2.60 profit. Ok, 2.60... sounds good. Now divy that up amongst 30 employees per store, the utilities to run the store, training for the employees. You see where the money goes?

Industry standard: make 25% profit per item. We're not even doing that. Whenever you see a flier for "$100 off a PC", guess what? We probably bought the machine at $499, was meant to sell it at $599 and are now selling it "at cost". We're LOSING money. That's why CompUSA is so reliant on 3-year and 2-year service plans (TAP) -- it's the only place to make any profit (often times we can make about $100 profit on a TAP sale. You get service, we get money to raise our kids).

Bottom line, CompUSA is a business like anyone else, and as a business it has to make a profit of some sort to feed our children. Richard, I'm sorry that store treated you like shit. You get 14 days to return merchandise (sans software, for obvious reasons), and we should have ate that one at cost. For anyone who thinks the plan should be 30 days, you try doing this with technologically-inclined people. I'm a technical person myself (I build my own machines by hand, motherboard, hard drives etc.) If there was a 30-day policy I would be playing "rent-a-Pentium-III". :)

And when you return something, unless it's broken (like Richard's mouse), we often have to try to figure out a way to resell it -- often *below* what we paid for it. So don't abuse this feature. It really isn't fair for you or anyone else.

Thanks for your time. Here's hoping things get better.


-- Christopher Gardner (, August 03, 1999.

I feel bad for all of you that have had problems with Comp USA. A trend thatI have noticed throughout your letters is the inability to read and understand policy. Think about this: If you drive without a drivers license, do they ask if you read a policy and then just forget it if you hadn't? No, they don't, so why should Comp USA have to be responsible because the customer couldn't understand policy? I am an employee of Comp USA and I have seen some customers unhappy but I have also seen customers leave the store with and ear-to-ear grin. I find it unfair that some of you have chosen to call all Comp USA employees names calling us greedy, bastards, pinheads, morons and other assorted generalizations simply because you've had a problem with a store. You probably only dealt with four people tops yet you call all Comp USA employees names. I think it's time that some of you grow up and quit worrying about the little things in life like a $15 dollar loss in some cases. I think that it may be time to grow up a little bit.

Yes, is my real e-mail address, so should you have any questions or comments you may write me. Please try to be friendly as I will be friendly with you.

-- Matt (, August 22, 1999.

First of all, CompUsa has its return policy posted in front of the store, and at all of their registers. So there should be no arguements concerning an unfair return policy. Basically, the moment you step into their store, is the moment you accept their return policy. CompUsa is not trying to take your money illegally, and they are not trying to make enemies. They are basically being pushed into having strict policies by their manufactors. For example, Compaq, HP, and Apple will not take back any products that have been opened. This forces CompUsa to refurbish the system and resale them at a loss. Most computer repairs or returns are due to a first time, un- educated, careless, user error. Why should CompUsa suffer and lose money on an already tight margin system because the customer is too stubborn to pay to learn how to use the system and wants to learn how to use it the hard way. Another topic is the prices of computer products. If anyone here was educated and knew about the computer business they would already know that computers have greatly decreased in prices. 2 years ago, a complete computer system (monitor, computer, printer) could cost nearly 2 or 3 grand. Nowadays, computer systems cost under 1 grand. This means a lot to CompUsa. In order to stay alive they have to sell twice as many computers and tighten up thier losses. CompUsa in general, have to make a stricter return policy, cut employee product training programs and eventually cut jobs in order to keep competitive with the decreasing computer cost, the online competitors, and the consumer that insist on getting old fashion mom and pop store customer service from a computer superstore.

The bottom line is that CompUsa is not trying to make enemies. CompUSA is just trying to salvage their gains. Obviously CompUSA will have customer issues but every major retailer has the same problems. So grow up and get intact with reality of the retail world!

-- Daddy (, September 05, 1999.

first off...i am a 'customer service representative' at a compusa location. it is the 'return' department. so, on a daily basis i deal with irate customers and their stories. i can assume that most of the customers that have posted here are legitimate complaints, so it is understandable that you are frustrated. if the 'salesperson' gave you the wrong item, i apologize for it. but all you 'professionals' aren't expected to know about 50,000 items off the top of your head, are you? and you expect us, at the low end of the wage rung, to just kick out an accurate answer? do you ask the guy at the fast food restaurant all the ingredients in all the food you eat? didn't think so. and hey, guess what? WE, the compusa retail employees, make about as much as the local burger flipper. we get trained in a basic knowledge of products, not in how much memory your indvidual system you bought 2 years ago has in it. i don't understand how people can come in and expect us to know. we don't own the computer, now do we? and as far as 'standing by the products we sell', well...compusa does not manufacture any products ! so, you buy a kensington mouse, in 6 months it breaks, you bring it to the store you bought in from sans packaging and receipt, expecting a new mouse. it doesn't matter what store you go to, the answer is no! let's use an analogy for you logically challenged. let's say you go to the nursery and buy a plant. they have a 14 day return policy against plants that wilt and die, but require that the plant be brought back in the pot it left in. seems fair so far right ? why a plant you ask? because it is non duplicable, dies with user error, and is about as non technical as things get . so you take the plant back dead one month and 14 days later, wanting a new one. the local green thumb gives you hints like maybe water the plant . let's switch it up here. same plant, dies even with proper care and maintenance, is brought back with receipt and pot. exchange? you bet. return? sure why not. but unfortunately, electronic items are not plants. so these circumstances would not apply exactly. that is why industry wide there are policies such as the one set forth at my store. you can't return a rose as a bird of paradise, but you can return a 14.4 isa modem as a 56k isa modem. does that make sense? well anyways, for my actual list for ALL RETAIL STORES, not just my employer. you can visit at or from the very beginning at and we're not all stupid punks, some of actually have real jobs, and are just gluttons for punishment on the weekend. thanks for making my job miserable sometimes. keep thinking your the exception, okay? you'll see how far you get that way, mr/mrs important.


-- does it really matter? (, September 06, 1999.

Wow, it seems like a lot of rational people have appeared all the sudden. I don't have anything much to say, except that recently CompUSA is making a huge effort to educate their employees better, and put more people on the sales floor. In my opinion nearly everyone at MY store is pretty knowledgable, but I know they're not at some others. It's hard to know specific details about every product in the store, people need to think about that. We do carry something like 50,000 products. It's very difficult to know specifics unless you own them all, and believe me I don't get paid enough for that. Well..that's all. -Mike

-- Mike (, September 08, 1999.

You people need a F*cking clue. I've worked at compusa for 3 years now and every day i see you dumb f*cks come in looking for shit they sold out of the day before. on sunday's ten millions people that don't shop at compusa normally(or even own a computer) come to get the free sh*t. making our lifes a headache.

Returns, 14 days PERIOD! we don't lend sh*t out. you need to borrow a system? go to rent a center, they'll be glad to rent you one. Get a Clue before you rant and rave about we suck.

-- Myke (, October 01, 1999.

I am an attorney in Baltimore who has recently been contacted by a man who bought a PC from CompUSA. With it he got the high-end four year warranty service for about $495. He didn't get the service that he was promised. Also, after a year, CompUSA (or WarrenTech) called his address, and ended up speaking to his mother. They told her that the warranty was about up, and sold her another four years of unecessary warranty coverage. I would be very interested in hearing from anyone else who had a similar experience--or other difficulties with the warranty coverage or service at CompUSA

-- Dirk (, October 05, 1999.

I left out the hyphen in my e-mail address--this is the correct one.

-- Dirk (, October 07, 1999.

Forget it!!

I have been in CompUSA about 8 times and everytime it gets more and more entertaining. The first time i was astonished by being looked down upon by a bunch of "Just graduated High Schoolers". Ever since i expect nothing different- And i get it too!

The second visit i bought a few items and turned in a rebate expecting about $75 back in return. Obviously i was wrong. How stupid could i have been to expect a rebate that was published in the newspaper and all throughout their store.

The third time i bought a CD Burner. It didn't work and when i called tech support they said it wasn't covered by "their" tech support, i would have to purchase it as an additional charge. I was then given the 1-800 number to the manufacturer of the product.

Fourth Visit i asked one of those Acne faced geeks there to answer questions. After asking a simple NT question "which they claimed to know" they laughed at me to my face, tried to talking over my head, then DIDN'T ANSWER MY QUESTION!!

5th Visit: a H.S. kid that was trying to explain to me all about his networking experience while i was in the "network section" starts to tell me how he can't wait to retire and been working his whole life!! B.S.!!

all the other visits i just run in and get what i need and prey nobody talks to me or tries to sell me anything. But you still can't help to listen to them talk to others..

Sincerely, -a typical experienced guest.

-- Cocheese (, October 10, 1999.

CompUSA--A trivial question?

CompUSA isn't the best computer store, nor will I say it is. All I can say for sure is that it is a decent store. I shop the store for nearly all of my computer norm needs and find that 95% of the time it is satisfactory. The other 5% generally comes from the staff at CompUSA, under trained staff that can't locate a simple item in the store. The other day I went into Comp and asked where were the Floppy drives at because I needed a new one for my old p200 computer. First they came back with a CD-ROM, I kindly explained that this was not a floppy drive, and kindly pulled out a picture on one of their sales paper and showed them what a floppy drive looked like. At this the staff person looked angry, but I guess they got the idea--for the moment. They went away and returned later with a Super Disk. Again, I explained that this was a form of a floppy drive, but I just needed a regular $20.00 floppy drive, not a $100.00 Super Disk drive. They then seemingly went off to find my drive, but they never returned. I later found the drive I needed at the back of the store. Needless to say, some staff are good (like the one that gave me tips on how to speed up my computer without buying new software or hardware) and some staff are not (like the one that couldn't tell the difference with a CD-ROM and a floppy drive). The products at CompUSA are generally very good, excluding some 3rd party no-namers. One thing that I would enjoy for CompUSA to get is a try before you buy basis, in the store. Have shelve computers with the basics that the customer could try certain products, like test out a dvd ROM, or copy something to a cdrw drive. This would show the people the benefits and disadvantages of certain drives. Also, CompUSA needs to train their staff better. There's nothing worse than a high-school, or even grad-school kid who thinks they know it all but find out that they know basically nothing. Go into comp and ask the normal staff what a HUB is, and they will probably think you to be a fool. Over all and all I give CompUSA stores a 5 out of 5 in hardware and software arrangements, and a 4 out of 5 staff arrangements. Keep it up guys.

-- VeXX Marache (, October 27, 1999.

I am having fun (not!) dealing with these CompUSA clowns. I bought a webtv unit from them in early 1997. Because the technology was new and I was afraid the machine might die I bought an extended warranty (three years) when they offered it.

So, the webtv dies in October of this year. I call the manufacturer and they try to trouble shoot over the phone. Nothing works. When I explain I have a Compusa warranty they tell me to return the unit to Compusa.

My experience from that moment on was a total nightmare. The local store repair manager was a rude and stupid nutcase. The corporate types (or are they contractors to corporate types?) seem totally lost (but at least they are polite).

The bottom line--I have had to purchase a new unit on my own nickel while I wait for these clowns to get a clue.

They will pay though--I have told everyone I know what jerks they are. Next up: Better business bureau, local consumer reporters, local consumer regulators, and anyone else I can think of....

-- cgbg jr (, November 26, 1999.

CompUSA sucks....I purchased a Compaq P1 and have had all kinds of problems with it....

-- dl (, November 30, 1999.

First of all, i take no sides to anyone here. I am a former compusa employee, but i do see the side of the consumers... Here are a few facts that customers and compusa employess need to realize

*First of all, compusa does not make your products.If your product fails, they will only go by the return policy which the high management stresses.

*Compusa has very low customer service ratings which has rung an alarm throughtout the big cheese of the coroporation. They have started standard customer service training and product training. Remember, you can give these kids as much info as you want, but the average wage of a compusa employee is $6.40. Dont expect to find real experts helping you out with products. These highschool "kids" do not make CompUsa a priority in their life like most other employment places do.

*Compusa needs to make their stores more user friendly, someone suggested having more demos and some price readers throughout the stores. I believe that is a good job and will help the employees concentrate on other aspects of customer service.

*Information is not free. Sometimes, a customer will go into the store and ask our technicians for information, get a degree's worth of answers, mumble out a "thanx" and walk out of the store to fix their own computer. Knowledge is a service just like any software title or any book, respect their knowledge and buy something.

*CompUsa should have a disclaimer posted in their ads about rebates. Rebates are offered by the manufactor, so if compusa wants to consider it one of "their" rebates, they should stand behind them and pay the customer if the customer doesnt receive in the time given.

*Being on both sides of the topic, i;ve noticed that computer users are interverted people. They have a more expanded view of a situation then the casual extoverted person. Compusa is taylored towards the exterverted person.

just a few helpful facts for both sides.

-- No sides (, December 19, 1999.

Haha, I figured this would be an amusing forum to post in. My name is , and I work for CompUSA (the computer super store!). I have nothing of intellegence to say, so I'll just ramble a bit. Lets start with how much CompUSA makes in profit on items.. Its been stated that CompUSA makes very little profit on computer and software (if i remember correctly) hardware items such as computers/peripherals are marked up 12 percent, software 15 percent. Very little profit, competitive prices, and CompUSA can price match any retail price within 15 miles of its current location.. Now cables and accessories are another matter. Cables, cases, and any other little things are marked up anywhere from 400 to 600 percent, and that goes for most major retailers in town. The only way around that is to purchases cabling from a small mom'n'pop store or become an employee and purchase at cost :). The second big profit at compusa is services. Mainly, Tap (Technology Assurance Program), CompUSA's extended service plans/warranyties.. CompUSA employees are not payed on a commission basis, but they are payed quite well on service plans, which the employees are mainly hired to sell, the incentive bonuses on these being approximately 5-15 percent of the price of the TAP (a 400 dollar TAP could make an employee 30+ bux, a couple of those a day or a week could turn a tidey pay check). CompUSA sales employees are hired on (in some cases) on a misunderstanding that they are there to sell computers. That is not the case. The main purpose of a CompUSA employee is to sell insurance and warranties. Product knowledge is not necessary, and is not a necessary requirement. In the event that TAP sales should drop in a store, employees are terminated or threatened as a whole, or individually with the prospect of being terminated (depending if the store practices poor management and friendly hiring, such as the one that i work for, and the managers fail to see the proportion of employee moral (sp?) and store theft). Anways, I can't think of anything else along these lines to post, so I'll continue in another post.

-- Anonymous (, December 21, 1999.

Alrighty, lets post a littler inside info at shopping at compusa.. I'm a CompUSA employee, and I despise selling services, but I'll give you some info should you ever shop for services at CompUSA. CompUSA specializes in, or sells 3 forms of services, all of which you should examine or consider as first time computer users. The 3 services being TAP (service plans/warranties), Tech (Technical Services), Training (education). Keep in mind that if you happen to purchase all 3 of these services at one time from a compusa employee, ask 'em to get on his knees and schlobb you, because you just made 'em 25 bux (known as a hat trick, selling all 3 services).

Anyways, first, Tap (Warranties). CompUSA has 3 forms of warranties (most shadey stores won't tell you that). They have 'em divided into 3 Categories (Gold, Silver, Bronze). The corporate peeps had a great idea doing that, but the store management on the lower level despises it and their advertising, simplicity, and a lack of choices is prefered (by store management, and by every customer that I've talked to that has told me they want a packaged deal, and not a choice in what to buy). The Bronze service plan is the real deal, gives you compusa's full warranty for 2 or 3 years (thats another point too, you always have an option of 2 or 3 years. most people are lucky to have theirs for 2). The Silver plans is nothing more than a Bronze Warranty, with a 3 month Software Support (fone support) card thrown in, which the employee usually never gives you in the first place. The Gold Plans is the Bronze warranty, with the 3 month support card, and the choice of having your computer delivered and installed or setup in the store (in many cases, an employee may sell you a Gold plan, and not even tell you its benefits, allowing the store to pocket the profits on the benefits you never used).. The price difference between each of these plans increases by 60 dollars (the price will vary, depending upon the cost of your system).. A final note, TAP is where most the profit is for the CompUSA sales employee, and he may not even attempt to sell you the following 2 services, because of a lack of personal profit..

The next service is Technical Services... Having those in store technicians install your peripherals, software, and anything else for you. In the case of Tech Services, you can almost always negotiate the price of Tech services, because most Tech Departments are thrilled to get any in store business, from the lack of tech sales on the floor. Tech prices are kind of high (30 for memory install, 40 for card installs, 70 for drive installs), but keep in mind that the technicians are at the least a+ certified technicians, they have to get the product installed, no matter what, if it takes longer than 24 hours, its free, and being certified technicians, they won't void your manufacturer warranty upon installation (you will if you try to install anything yourself), and i believe they back their services with a 30 day guarantee, so you gotta month to make sure it works right..

The last of the bunch is Training. The high cost of in store/class training isn't the only option for new users, being as most classes run for 200 bux a piece, and a 3 month membership is 500 bux, one can also take home their own Training CD's (CBT's), which is the equivalant of an instore 6 hour class for half the price (99 bux). The best option being the new online training, which sells for as little as 20 bux for one month of unlimited access to all the cbt's available online.. anyways, now i sound like a slutty sales slut spamming the forum. but it doesn't get enough activity anyway, so flame on. i'm just trying to educate the masses of the workings of compusa, and the people that work there..

-- Anonymous (, December 21, 1999.

Alright, lets cover the return the policy, the thing that started this whole forum.. CompUSA has a 14 day return policy, period, year round, regardly of seasons or holidays (for the past 7 months i've worked there). It sounds kinda shitty, in comparison to many retail chains, but think for a second. Most retail chains are selling everyday items/needs, like walmart/kmart, and all that. CompUSA deals with computers, an ever changing market, that can bring a product out to sell brand new for one week, and then drop it the next never to be seen again. Thats the way of computer technology, and thats why theres a 14 day return policy, because theres a good chance that 14 days from the time you purchase a computer related item, it may already be discontinued and off the shelves, and not exchangable for the same item, in which case, the store does not give you a free upgrade, unless you happend to have purchased the instore replacement plan.

Another insider on the replacement plan, the CompUSA in store replacement plan policy has recently changed. It was formerly sold as extended the manufacturers warranty by one year, allowing you to bring an item back to the store for a free replacement up to a year beyond the manufacturers warranty. now it only states that you can bring an item back to the store for a year from the time of purchase, which is merely a convenience of not having to ship off to manufacturer, yet still maintaining the same time of warranty..

anyways, if its hardware/physical, it can be returned for a refund, but there will be a 15 percent restocking fee, as i figure it, that generally covers the cost of shipping the product back to the manufacturer, simply because you changed your mind.. make sure you know what you want before you buy it, and research products yourself, the sales employees aren't going to know everything about every product in the store, especially if you ask a highschooler what would be the best game for your 4 year old daughter. =P

-- Anonymous (, December 21, 1999.

Oh, yeah, the whole point i wanted to post to this forum was to comment on the entertainment CompUSA has provided for me in the past 7 months. Where should i start, the Management, or the customers? Lets start with Management.

The management at my current store is all based upon freindly hiring, all of which came from a major drug store chain (having little to no computer knowledge, isn't that great for a computer store!). My store in particular has an alcoholic for a store manager (before i was hired would come in on the weekends intoxicated and hang out all day up front at the business desk.. keep in mind this was on his days off). Recently at a store function, where of course no alcohol was served, he must have been drunk off his ass, considering he was giving everyone over 30 a lapdance (cringe). Personalities asides, the same store manager doesn't have alot of sense of store/employee moral, considering he threatens the store staff (on a store level, and a personal level), termination for unsatisfactory sales (the store in our city didn't measure up to stores in other cities, which would seem to have very little comparison, considering the market and customer base may vary quite a bit from city to city).

Okay, time to talk about customers, and how we equally treat each other like idiots, considering they come into the store with no knowledge, and in most cases an unwillingness to research most purchases/investments on their own, and the stores/manaufacturers inabilities to provide the sales staff with adequate knowledge for selling the products on hand. erm.. i really should create my own webpage with all the thoughts on hand, i'm afraid i'm going to write half as much as whats already been written in this forum. :)

-- Anonymous (, December 21, 1999.

I don't see where you knuckle-draggers get off calling CompUSA employees uneducated. It's plainly obvious that many of you have no clue what you're doing. I'm surprised you have electricity, much less a computer. Most of you should probably be back on the farm sodomizing barnyard animals, but somehow manage to pull that jacked up pickup into the parking lot, stagger in, and grunt out a boozy, "It don't work." while sitting a boxless, cigarette burned USB scanner on the counter -- especially when you have an XT with no USB ports.

Let me give you mutants some advice for shopping at CompUSA that all of the 'regulars' follow. Actually, this advice can be applied to any situation.

Rule #1: Shouting at a clerk does nothing except provoke their loathing of you. I hear customer service reps come back all the time. Their words are, "Some asshole wants to return something without a box past the return policy." You don't scare them. Drawing attention to yourself just shows people how much of a butthole you really are.

Rule #2: Read your receipt. Yes, that's right. You have to READ something. The return policy states in obvious terms that items without a box or with a missing UPC symbol may not be returned, that non-defective items will be charged a 15% restocking fee, and that open software/dvd/cartridges can only be exchanged -- for the exact same item. Why should we argue with you over your own inability to read a receipt?

Rule #3: Keep your box and receipt. I don't know how many complaints I've had because people THREW AWAY THEIR BOX and couldn't return an item. Most of these were done after the return policy anyway, but without a box, there is NO WAY to return things to vendors -- they MUST be sent back with everything intact.

Rule #4: Know your system. Intimately. If you have a 486, don't try to run something with system requirements for a 166 MHZ Pentium because you think it 'might work.' It won't.

Rule #5: Market research. Research what you're going to buy before you buy it, so you'll know you're getting the features you expected. If you just don't like it, 15% restocking fee. CompUSA is not a try-before-you-buy rental service. This is why there is a restocking fee. If you don't want an item, don't open it. If it's defective, exchange it. It's simple.

In short, a large majority of CompUSA complaints could be avoided if customers weren't ignorant and oblivious. Please take these suggestions to heart, learn about your system, and the next time you can forestall whatever incestual escapades you're having long enough to come in and shop for 'summa them thar see dee roms' you'll at least know what you're doing. And trust me, I've heard people come in who claim to know everything about computers, because they worked on them 'in the 70s.' If you think you're a computer expert, you probably aren't. Computer EXPERTS have no problem with CompUSA and come in on a regular basis.

CompUSA neither condones, acknowledges, nor is aware of this message being posted.

-- Anonymous #Whatever (, January 06, 2000.

Attached is an email I sent to customer Subject: Poor Customer Service Your "Store Manager" in Lexington KY, "Elliot" knows the phrase "Customer Service" and that's about it! I am was doing something in the $30,000 to $50,000 per year range on corporate account with CompUsa. At that level of business, I mistakenly thought the store manager would be willing to sell me a $40.00 card "before 10:00 a.m." (it was 9:15). I explained to him that I had a critical situation, and believed the card would solve the problem. Instead I got rude treatment and a Manager who by his words and actions expessed he didn't care about his customers problems before 10:00 a.m. I guess it is possible that a CompUSA is only a monkey with keys, and has no ability to help a customer out. If he worked for me I would have expected a different attitude with a customer. See, I look at business this way. "It's a partnership, I am going to do everything I can to make you look good and be successful, and, I expect that you will look out for me, and do what ever you can to make me successful". The manager could care less about helping me solve a problem and be successful. I didn't get the card. To show my displeasure, I am considering seriously curtail my purchasing from CompUSA. Additionally, I would encourage all who seek my advice, not to do business at CompUSA (probabably accounting for an additional $60,000). Best Buy is across the street. I have been a big fan of CompUSA since it opened the store in Lexington Green. I have watched as employee after employee came and went. All complaining that CompUSA is mismanaged. This is my first direct instance that I have to agree with them. What is your policy on "Customer Service"? Do you think a store manager could or should help a customer out? Even, if it is before 10:00 a.m.?

P.S. I haven't gotten a response and don't expect one.

-- Lenny Stoltz (, January 11, 2000.

You bet I have... I myself have tried to work with CompUSA and find that the Organization could care less about the people who attempt to do business with them. I too have complained via email to thier comperate headquarters and never recieved a reply! What do you expect from a company that employs 18-24 year olds to manage your local store? I'am a LAN Administrator working for local government and have 8 years experience in the field. But... I'm sure to be challenged by any and everyone who works there because they are "experts"! Yeah right, my 11 year old son has more than enough skills to be a regular employee! Best of luck to all who have experienced the lack of "Customer Service" and wish to persue getting satisfaction! I myself will continue to take my business both personal and professional elsewhere! Maybe if we all take this approach they'll go out of business!!!

-- PC Modem (, January 14, 2000.

UPDATE!!!! Re: April 29,1999 Complaint

It's a miracle. I received a check for my 15% restocking fee from CompUSA. Don't give up. Be an asshole, just like most of the CompUSA employees that have posted to this site. Continue your emails to coporate protesting the CompUSA return policy. Perhaps they will tire of hearing from you as well and refund you restocking fee.

Remember, its not the money, its the principle.

-- Jim Ramsey (, January 22, 2000.

I've got a great story. I took my computer to a SoCal COMPUSA for servicing two and a half years ago. During diagnostics the motherboard burnt out and was replaced. The tech explained that COMPUSA's policy is to replace any components that malfunction during diagnostics or repair, free of charge. The original problem was also corrected, and despite the fact that service had been painfully slow and fallen behind schedule, I was basically satisfied. A short time later my computer malfunctioned again. I was having trouble booting into Windows. It was clear that the hardrive was malfunctioning. I returned my computer for servicing. The tech reported that I had a problem with my hardrive and a problem with my motherboard. He also made the mistake of revealing that my original motherboard had been replaced by a used motherboard on the previous occasion, a blatant act of fraud. I authorized the replacement of my hardrive, but I complained to the service manager about the fraud. He tried to rationalize, but I made it clear that he hadn't heard the end of it. Rather than force COMPUSA to honor the warranty on my motherboard again, I chose to purchase a new higher quality processor and motherboard from a different location and have COMPUSA install them. It was Friday night, and I picked up the new components, then dropped them off at COMPUSA on my way home. Monday I got a telephone call saying that my computer was ready for pickup. Not only had my motherboard and processor been installed free of charge, but COMPUSA had installed a bigger hardrive than the one I had authorized-- Much bigger. Recall that back then, a 4.3 gigabyte hardrive was still considered to be a very large drive. I had requested a 200 megabyte drive or something like that, but the tech said those weren't in stock, so they would give me a 4.3 gigabyte hardrive for the same price. Basically, they charged me less than $100 for a hardrive that was retailing for more than $500 on their shelf at the time. (Of course prices for hardrives have come down since then.) I figured it was their way of buying me off. It shouldn't have worked-- but it did. I was inclined to complain because of the principle of the thing-- Because the fraud in that department was obviously a matter of routine policy and had to be corrected. But I just couldn't bring myself to complain after they'd essentially handed me hundreds of dollars worth of hardware for free. I'm still using the 4.3 gigabyte hardrive that they installed in my computer today.

-- Brendan Gormley (, January 27, 2000.

Mr. Ramsey,

I hope all that wasted time and effort was worth that little bit of money. The company, after laughing over your complaint, probably did give you the money just to shut you up. I guess you prove that if you cry like a baby, you will get your bottle. It is obvious you do not have a bit of business sense, and I constantly deal with people just like yourself. I am just glad that the majority of the public, including myself, is a little more mature and knows how to properly handle themself.

-- Somebody (, March 27, 2000.


-- I HATE COMP USA (I, March 28, 2000.

I thought that I would offer some insight about my experience with CompUSA on the other side of the counter. I am a 5 year employee with CUSA, and I think I've pretty much seen it all. Some good points were raised on both sides. Let's see if I can help to make things clearer.

1. Although I'm of "middle management", I can and do frequently work the Customer Service counter at my location. I can tell you that as a "mid-level manager", I can and often do bend policy to attempt to satisfy my customer. I've gotten in big trouble for it from senior staffers, but as an employee with some "tenure" (if such a thing is possible in retail, anyway), I do it anyway. Why? So that I can attempt to make the customer feel better about shopping with us. It doesn't always work. Sometimes I can't extend the policy. Sometimes I can't take the item back. When I can't, I'm always - ALWAYS - polite about it, and offer alternatives and/or suggestions. Hell, I'll hold the customer's hand if need be to try and get it resolved. I would estimate that my turndown rate for returns is 2%. If that. It's very rare that I charge the 15% open box charge (which, if truth be told, is now a policy for most Internet retailers as well), it's even rarer that I enforce the 14 days, and I have still taken more than my share of flak. I understand that the customer is upset. I understand that they're angry and that they want to take it out on someone. It's rare that it bothers me, because I can't LET it. If I were to get upset about every customer that took their anger out on me, I'd be out of a job in a week.

2. Which brings me to returning the products to the vendors. Keep in mind that vendors are the ones in control - not retailers, whether it be CUSA or Best Buy or wherever you choose to shop. The vendors are the people in control. If Kensington chose to put a "cap" on returns (i.e., they'll take 30,000 a month and that's IT), there's nothing either you nor I could do about it. (BTW, Kensington is known as a very workable retailer, so there really was not a reason why the rep should have refused to take the mouse back, to use our original example.) In any case, some vendors have gotten so upset at the amount of returns that they've put a limit on retailers - and that includes CUSA. What the customers often don't realize is that the retailers are more or less NOT in control here. It sounds like a lame excuse until you realize what's behind it. Let's take Compaq for example. As a rule, CUSA is NOT allowed to return computers to Compaq. Why? In the past, Compaq received nearly 40% of their entire product lines back because of returns - and they weren't even DEFECTIVE returns. They were perfectly good computers, returned because the customer didn't know how to work them, because they didn't want them anymore, you name it. Therefore, Compaq said to retailers, "Fine. You want to return our stuff? You keep it. We're not taking back anything that's not defective anymore." When a customer returns a Compaq computer and the product works perfectly fine (the technicians are required to test the machines before returning them), CUSA is forced to sell the computer as a "clearance item" because we are not allowed to sell opened computers as new. Fine, you as the customer says. Do just that. But what is not realized is this - because Compaq won't take it back, CUSA is forced to keep the computer and sell it as a clearance item, which often means it's discounted 40 to 50% - losing all of CUSA's profit and some of the funds used to buy it in the FIRST place, to boot. No profit = no new computers. CUSA would be out of business in a week. Compaq is simply an example - there are many good vendors that WILL accept returns above and beyond the call of duty - I just had a vendor call today with an RMA number for an out of date product. You have to understand, from our point of view, that the average customer service rep. isn't going to know these things, nor do they know which vendors are "good" and which aren't. They're following the rules. They're doing what they're told. They're not out there to piss you off. Most of our CS reps tell me that they feel horrible that they have to turn customers away because they feel like they're doing a disservice to the customer. Does this sound like they're out to get you?

3. Management (some mid-level and MOST upper-level) has always been very disorganized and frankly, somewhat retentive. The stores are pretty much always short-handed (and it's no wonder, who wants to work for pretty much minimum wage?), the management is overworked because we're short-staffed, and please don't think that the employees are treated any better by management than by the angriest customer. I would rather have a crowd full of people throwing pens and credit cards at me at the CS desk than my store's management "sitting me down for a little chat". Those are strong words. It doesn't speak much of my employers, and I'm aware of it. I'm on the customer's side, even if it doesn't seem that way to the customer.

I'm not defending CUSA in the least. I'm very displeased with my situation there right now, and I can assure you that I, too, will abandon CUSA all together if things aren't resolved to MY satisfaction. But, for all of the folks out there who might have had a bad experience with CUSA, please be aware of this: I'm not trying to get you to come back. I'm not trying to say that some of the salespeople were not rude or inconsiderate - I've seen plenty of those people and despise them as much as you do. What I am saying is this: some of us who work for CUSA DO care about the customers and their feelings. Some of us do try to help. The problem is that CUSA loses people like me because of their inflexibility, their belief that a "field employee" is worth less than an Extra Value Meal at McDonald's per hour, and their frankly two-faced managerial structure. But...some of us do care.

Thanks for allowing me to speak my piece.

-- 5-Year CompUSA Employee (, March 29, 2000.

I don't know what you all are talking about! I love CompUSA and shop there all the time! Come to CompUSA!

-- Ralph Lingren (, April 04, 2000.

Dear Comp USA employees, You think that we are stupid enough to belive that you are doing your job and we don't know what we are buying. First of all you are selling stuff and you want no matter what to get rid the stock you have. The second thing you claim is that you are bussy. If you are bussy don't let customers come in to your store so you will be able to take care your bussines. I was in a store in NJ trying to find parts to build my computer and i was talking to a "sales" person that he was clueless. The funny thing was the sales guy told me the prices for the parts i wanted and when i said ok i want to buy them you didn't have them at all. However my point for this message is that you are getting paid for Comp USA that's why you say or trying to say that Comp USA is good blah blah blah.

PS This idiot who works for you guys and says that we cause him headache etc. (See message above) is a DickHead and who ever belives the same with him is a DickHead TOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- morpheas (, April 23, 2000.

Today, i and my friends were in a chicago Compusa checking out a digital video camera. I was playing around with it and the manager comes up to us and states that "we MUST leave." I asked why and he responded that we were "Mishandling" the merchandise, and that we werent supposed to play around with items on display. We left, and went to speak with the general manager. He called this asshole in his office and i explained clearly that he had no right whatsoever to kick us out. "well, you looked suspicoius and the security tag was removed from the camera about 2 days ago," he says. Then I said to him, "If i were to reach into my wallet and pull out enough money to purchase this camera right now, you would look like a complete and utter fool and i would then sue for your rudeness and clean you out dry". The asshole turned bright red, right in front of his boss and stormed out of the office. COMP USA SUCKS@!!!!!

-- Mike Damian (, May 12, 2000.

Now I find it interesting all the complaining that I am viewing.

What is the most interesting is the person with the laptop that was missing an O/S. Now it did not come with an o/s, but YOU thought that it did. They then give you the CD, which some how receives a dent from CompUSA, on your way home, then you install that, they GIVE You free software, which when YOU install it crashes the system, interesting... I am almost seeing a trend here.

Hey you do know CompUSA offers MCSE and A+ training... hell even a Win98 intro class might do you some good.... heh

-- Andrew (, May 21, 2000.

Brendan Gormley, that is a joke right??? You are considering that fraud, what that they GAVE you a functioning motherboard in excahnge for the one that had come to the end of its life in their tech shop. Not like you bought the board they were replacing, did they rip you off, by GIVING you a used WORKING motherboard. Oh my gosh. What a joke, obviously the Broken motherboard was used and they replaced it with another used part, out of Charity, talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Some people just cant take a piece of charity and run, always have to whine for more. Furthermore, you are considering them upgrading a hard drive for free buying you off, they probably accidently installed someone else's hard drive in your machine buy mistake, looked up their cost on it, realized it was hundreds of $$$ and said "screw it, just give it to her, anything to get this person out of the store!"

And its people like you the drive me to hate retail.

-- Andrew (, May 21, 2000.

I do not have an answere but I do have a problem with that damn company. I used to be employed by them untill one day , well actually two days in a row i discovered something that i guess employees werent supposed to know . I opened the store as an upgrades counter person . And the one morining i was the first in the store. I used the restroom, and to my eyes I see a pair of mens briefs with a rubber next to them on the floor. I do not say anything untill the next day when it happens again , thwen i start rumors , Is it coincidance that the two nights before all the mannagers slept in the store to put up the new buisness section of the store and then 3 days later i was forced to resign?????? you tell me ... How can this problem be dealt with , Firebombs are out of the question

-- D Ryan Reeb (, June 03, 2000.

I also was employed at CompUSA and also at Best Buy. I want to keep this brief. As far as return policies go, everyone has them. Even internet companies use them. Unfortunatly for people abusing retail stores and copying cds or not really knowing what they want, makes it hard for the people who do have issues (given wrong info or bad products) to get them resolved. Policies should be viewed as a per customer/situation basis. Unfortunately, those who have to deal with managers who think they have all the power and if you look at them the wrong way or disagree with them, they will have you removed. At least I have seen one such manager get fired (too bad it had ntohing to do with his lack of customer service skills).

As for the people that say no one there knows anything. I've had problems with customers thinking I do not know anything because I am female, yet I can do alot more with a computer than some of them can. I also know how to build and program computers and I am only 23. I am always honest and have helped out many people.

Generalizations are hurtful and not always truthful. I was in mid managment and always willing to help those who did not have the knowledge that I had.

Also, try not to come in with an attitude. The nicer you are, the more likely you will receive the help you want. We have bad days too especially being understaffed.

I no longer work there. I work for a much better company now. I'm still in sales, but not in retail or in computers. Overall I have had good experiences with my customers. It is unfortuante that you have had bad experiences, but you will find out that it is not always CompUSA that you will find these people; they are everywhere. I can complain about every place I've ever ate at, but I know it is not the restraunt, just that particular person. Be understanding. You've started new at a job once and didn't know everything at one time, well some people need a break!

thank you! Michelle

-- michelle (, July 11, 2000.

I started shoping at CompUseless after being lured in by rebates. Many items I bought there came with a rebate. When I sent in the rebate, many times I never received the check. My CompUseless has several employees....chatting, playing the Nintendo display etc... Fine with me, I have never been impressed with their technical skills... The way I see it, if you aren't making a profit or can't afford to do it right, get out of the business and leave it to successful companies like Best Buy.

Also, I am totally tired of seeing price tags that say: This awesome computer only $199....only to find out that is with a $400 internet access rebate if I spend $20 a month for 10 years with Mircosoft or Compuserve....I have a cable modem....Please post the REAL price on the sticker so that I don't have to spend time calculating the REAL price.....

-- Paul (, July 12, 2000.

be sure and add your problems with CompUSA at the FTC complaint forum at: laint.htm

-- richard (, July 12, 2000.

After reading many of the posts on this page I ask myself, "Do they really think we are the only ones that enforce a return policy?".

I am the front end manager at CompUSA #378 in Danvers MA. And i can tell you that it is a hell of alot easier to return items in my store than it is at the local Best Buy or Circut city.

At my store, if you want to return an item that is (reasonably) over the 14 day return policy, it's never a problem, unless it's a laptop or desktop computer. I dare any consumer in my area to try to return open software to any other store in this area (except EB) and not have a problem. We'll take it back no questions asked.

My store is commited to doing "Whatever it takes" to please the customer, and if you ever have a problem in my store, please call me at (978)739-7508.

-- Charles Stella (, July 19, 2000.

Ok, now speaking as a current employee, I challenge all you customer who have a problem with the return policy to draw up a reasonable return policy of your own, and the apply it to some of the situations on this page. I bet you'll still und up with the same results. The bottom line is that you are all bottomfeeding leeches that will do all you can to abuse this company as much as you can, nomatter what the return policy. We could have a 1 year return policy, and still we would see complaints from people who are still not satisfied with that. I swear some of you people sicken me. Wel enough ranting for now, I'll be back later. IT

-- Idawan Tewtanow (, July 20, 2000.

Ok, I have another question. Why is it that customers think it's our (compusa) fault when we cant fix a mistake caused by their own stupidy? I had a customer come close to ripping my head off once beacuse I could not find a copy of their recipt for a computer they bought 4 YEARS AGO!!!!!! Pardon my language, but that's compleate bull shit. Ok, now you make a 2-4 thousand dollar investment in a product. Wouldend you make dam shure that you hold on to the paperwork for it?

-- Idawan Tewdanow (, July 21, 2000.

for all those who insult compusa employees: you need to get a life. if you are so worried about the "bad service" and we are such "pinheads", "punks", and "fucking bitching fuckers", then don't shop at our stores. if you are going to bitch about not knowing the return policy that is clearly printed on the receipt than you should get denied the return. we are very much a customer oriented store and whether you like it or not, there are some things that we just cannot do. so suck it up and move on.

-- sabrina (, August 17, 2000.

Hey buddy it's a retail store ok, you sound like one of those guys who likes to go in a just raise hell! WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP! You know us people in retail go out of our way to help nice customers and jerks usually wind up getting shafted. For every one of you guys who complain about the store there are 50 that love it. And for those who bitch about the return policy it's right on the dang receipt!

-- Ivanna Life (, August 17, 2000.

I love this forum. This is problably the best example of human behavior that I've ever seen. I'm not a CompUSA employee and never have been, but I also know about this wonderful thing called reading and I am quite knowledgeable about computers. Just as a background: I am A+, MCSE+I and novell certified. If you don't know what any of those are please visit a search engine and find out. In my area there is a CompUSA, Best Buy, Sears, Circuit City, Staples, Office Depot,Gateway Country and Radio Shack in a half-mile radius so I have a huge amount to choose from. Amazingly, I only use two, CompUSA and Radio Shack. Both places have on staff very knowledgeable people. If I'm in CompUSA and I want to talk about a Palm, then I go to the PDA counter and ask the expert; If I want information about the newest ATI Radeon card then I go to the upgrades counter. I don't expect a business sales expert or a cashier to be able to tell me how many DIMM slots are used on a pre-configured tower. CompUSA has refused to return three items that I bought there. On one occasion a hardware representitive instructed me in the correct usage of the item and I walked out happy. The second was a piece of software that I thought might work in conjunction with a fairly off-the-wall piece of hardware that I had. Since it would have done me no good to get another copy I was directed to call the manufacturer. Amazingly, the manufacturer had a process setup for just this occasion (I keep reading that people have trouble returning software, maybe they just don't realize anti-piracy law and vendor policy, might not hurt to ask). I took me a whole, whopping, 8 days to get a refund check (including tax) after I sent back the software. It also amazes me after reading all the posts here that ths company is still in business since they obviously know nothing and nobody shops there. What amazes me more is how without any satisfied customers they manage to pull enough profit in this extremely low-margin business that investors are anticipating a stock split and win many awards for customer satifaction. You know, the other day I bought a quarter- pounder at McDonalds and they forgot to take off the pickles (my wife doesn't like them) and when I tried to return it without the wrapper or receipt they wouldn't take it back.

A couple more things: If you don't know EXACTLY what you need to buy then take in your computer manual or just tote in the box. If you don't know how to install something DONT TRY. Let them install it for you, it doesn't void your warranty if they do it and the installation is guaranteed. The only reason to not buy their TAP is if you can get service and parts for free and if that's the case you don't need to be buying a computer in the first place. I buy TAP on everything. Some things they just send back to the manufacturer for repair. I have no problem with that since with FEDEX the turn-around time is usually the same. I just don't want to pay for a new motherboard, RAM, processor and who knows what else if something goes wrong. As a reseller I get parts at wholesale, but I really don't save that much over retail so unlimited replacement parts for three years for $300 is a steal.

My point is, it's easy to blame other people, why not just ask for help in fixing your mistakes or for help in finding instruction. It may not always be your fault, but I would bet it's more likely than being the store's fault.

-- Jeremy (, August 22, 2000.

There was a comment on here saying that these people should draft their own return policy. I say that a good return policy would be 30 days. Why, you ask? Well, one of the retailers who I feel is in some cases worse than CompUSA, has this return policy. This place is Fry's Electronics. I used to work for Fry's and while there were requirements on the return policy, at least it was a good one. As was said many times to customers "Thirty days is more than enough time to return an item." I can't say the same about a 14 day return policy. I buy hardware from CompUSA every once in a while and am sure that did I need to return an item I would have nothing but trouble, seeing as how CompUSA is notorious for it's returns. I'm not saying it's any fault of the employees, but that there are problems.

-- Justice London (, October 23, 2000.

i bought an apex 500a dvd player at special sale 99bux and took it home and hooked it up only to find NO POWER BUTTON on the stupid remote cantrol and i have to manually reach high up on the shelf to turn it on(yes bought a 32" rca tv too-no problem)and returned it(guy didnt know the box had been opened(yep i used a secret to sealing up box) and i was never charged a 15% restocking fee heheh)) and found another apex dvd player(model on display was 660a and guy typed up a (grins) 600a !! i kept my mouth shut and say nothing cause im about to get the sought after apex600a ! and took it home and yep it has loophole menu!!! so i can hack and copy it over to vhs :) boy what a sucker for circuit city store but compusa i rarely little shopping there cause their prices are a tad more than microcenter or best buy and it's only compusa that is 15 miles from home!!!(beachwood,oh store)

-- james (, October 23, 2000.

If I had a choice of stores to piss on i would piss on CompUse or DumpUsa would be more like it. I would also like to add that the FAT BASTARDS that sit behind their FAT desks and get FAT cheques for screwing people over are going to get a FAT FUCKING SLAP upside the head. Thank you.



-- Cameron West (, October 24, 2000.

Here are a few ways I've been able to pay Crap USA back for their incompetence. A while ago I was given a Voodoo 3 3500 for my birthday by my wife. The card truly sucked so I took it back only to hear that I couldn't exchange it because it was past the 14 day limit. Needless to say, I was pissed!! I decided to go back the next day and bought another Voodoo 3 3500, went to the car, exchanged boxes and returned the original box without a receipt because the cashier was able to tell the returns desk that I just purchased it that day. Went back the next day with the 2nd 3500 and receipt and got my money back for that one. Since that day I vowed to "repay" crap usa for their idiotic policy. My next "repayment" was with the Geforce 2 that I've been enjoying. I went back to the crap usa that tried to steal my money with the 3500, bought a GEForce 2, went home,removed the Geforce, dropped an old dead modem in its place for weight and took the box to my trusty shrinkwrap machine. Took it back to the store and got my loot back. You gotta be sure to pay with cash and keep it under 300 bux or they'll wanna mail you a check. Of course you'll want to use fake info when filling out your return slip. I'd say the best time to do these "returns" is when their returns line is long but Those lines are always long so pretty much any time'll do.

-- Thomas Mcgil (, October 25, 2000.

People like Thomas McGil are the reason that CompUSA has such strict policies. When theft occurs, the store loses a lot of money. It is sad that people try to get even with a store that just tries to stay fair.

By the way the police are on their way

-- Anonymous (, October 26, 2000.

CompUSA deserves all the bad press they get because they suck. The pimple faced highschoolers they have working there as "techs" are completely clueless. I stopped shopping at ChumpUSA after one those acne freaks argued with me for nearly 20 minutes that the Celeron 300A system he was trying to sell me would run faster then Athlon 800 system I was planning on building.

-- Jimmy Wu (, October 27, 2000.


Don't be an A-hole to Thomas. Man, you don't have to be mean like that. Go get the muderers and rich who steal our share of money in this world.

Thomas, don't be stupid fool. You're just acheing to get yourself in trouble. It's never worth it. So next time, think twice, and do it right.

By the way, shrink-wrapping a product that has been open can be seen in the courts as fraud. This is for anyone who becomes too comfortable in returning products shrink-wrapped. The courts may see it differently and screw you over for it.

-Smart One

-- I'm scared (, October 27, 2000.

Has anyone had problems with CompUsa Credit Cards? I have one that has had the same problem several times -- now I think they do this on purpose. The problem is; they have a due date of the 15th on the statement. Being a savvy MS Money user, I program the due dates so that my bills will not be paid late. I pay them online. So I go along for six or eight months when, to my surprise, I receive a statement with a rather heavy $25 late charge on it. I look at my register and see that my payment cleared on time as usual. I looked closer at the statement and notice that they have gradually moved the due date up a day every other month or so until my pre programed date is late before I ever make the payment.

Anyone else seen this? Also, the rate has gone up slowly to 23.3%. Wow. I think there is a Micro Center near by. Perhaps I'll shop there from now on.


-- Del (, November 01, 2000.

I live in between two different CompUSA stores in NJ. I have been to them both, and I am shocked and appalled at the lack of customer service in both stores. Not only is service LACKING, it's almost as if it's policy to do everything possible to ensure a BAD customer experience.

Having been in sales before moving into the tech industry (as a systems engineer), I learned that a customer's experience begins when you enter the store. Would it be too much to ask to have ANYONE say ANYTHING to a customer during their trip to the store? Nobody greets you to point you in the right direction, there's no map to tell you where to go, any time I've ever needed help I've gotten answers like "I'll get someone for you" (only to be, apparently, forgotten about), to "I don't really know much about this stuff". Additionally, when I go to the 'service' desk, there's a line of four or five people, and ONE 15 year old kid who knows NOTHING about what he's doing there, and doesn't want to be there anyway. Do you think he might look over to any of the other people on line, to maybe take care of a quick question and lessen the line, or say 'I'll be right with you'? This is very simple Customer Service 101 stuff. ACKNOWLEDGE THE CUSTOMER!!!

CompUSA's attitude is that they are doing us a favor by being there. This type of service works for IKEA, where you either like what you see or you don't. Doesn't work well in tech stuff though.

Since the last time I went to CompUSA, I have spent over $3500 on computer related stuff that I could've bought from CompUSA or it's affiliates, but I didn't. I have researched heavily who they do business with, and I don't patronize any of them. I refuse to be a victim of their 'service' any longer. They SUCK.

-- Brian Jones (, November 01, 2000.

I took my Compaq notebook to CompUSA for service last month. The notebook would not turn on. At the time I dropped the notebook off, the technician told me that the start button seemed a bit loose.

I was charged $140 for an evaluation. After several days, I was told that the system board had a short and that it would cost over $1000 to repair. The technician told me that it would be better to purchase a new notebook (which I did later that week at another retailer).

A week ago, I finally got around to opening up the Notebook myself. It looked pretty obvious that the Notebook had not been opened. After I jiggled the start button, the Notebook works perfectly.

I called CompUSA for an explaination. The manager indicated that obviously the Notebook's problem had been diagnosed. I then asked why the Notebook hadn't been opened. I was told that the technicians rarely opened the notebooks and rather ran diagnostic programs to determine what was wrong. I then asked how a diagnostic program could possibly have been run on a notebook that would not start. I did not get an answer.

It would appear that CompUSA lead me to believe that they had actually performed some inspection of my Notebook in exchange for my $140 payment. It also would appear that CompUSA tried to use their "diagnosis" of my Notebook to induce me to purchase another notebook from them.

I am curious whether anyone has heard of similar incidences regarding CompUSA and their "efforts" to repair notebook computers. If so, does anyone know whether CompUSA is being investigated by governmental authorities. I would love to help any prosecutors who need stories about what would appear to be a scam on the part of CompUSA.


-- Jon (, November 01, 2000.

i'd just like to pre-face this with: i am not out to get anyone. I have worked at compusa for over a year, i am intellegent, good- natured, and extremely helpful. if i, for some reason, cannot answer you question, or find something, i WILL find someone who can. this is the mentality of my entire store. When i worked in the returns dept. and customers came in to complain about mis-filed rebates, we would refund them the money (in cash) using our rebate sku. our store has little to none of the problems for-mentioned. We never let a customer leave without making their life easier in some way.

i apologize for any store that made you feel this way.

i don't think an attack on our store is all thats needed, compusa is not the only offender.

-- Melissa (, November 09, 2000.

I have avoided CompUSA for shabby treatment regarding a non-working USB camera. It took tremendous pressure up the line to get a credit for the culprit brand. When I was having that trouble, I mentioned I was still waiting for the $50 rebate on a previously purchased camera. Their attitude is self-preservation at the expense of customer loyalty. These software boxes need to be sold and if the hardware accessory return hassle cools the customer base, so be it that they sell nothing.

Best Buy also deserves some help. Their alarm at the door and the security person stopping the customer, having them return and then pawing through your bag of merchandise is bothersome. The bag was just loaded by a checkout clerk and there is no real probable cause other than a defective alarm system. It is un-American. Unreasonable search and seizure is precluded by the constitution. When the alarm is going off all night for many customers, it seems like Eastern Europe border checks in the last century. I told the big pawed inspector that I was going back to customer service and returning the entire purchase of about $196. He said that was fine with him.

At the service desk, the manager was very solicitous to please me but while we spoke the alarm still sounded. I promised to return the next day with any software, telephone, CD, and DVD's that I had not opened yet. As of 10 AM I will be getting close to $500 back. I donBt need the stuff from Best Buy more than I need my rights as an American,

As for me, an incorrectly set alarm that goes off for every $25 dvd you buy is not probable cause to arrest your exit and search "your" Bpaid forB bag of merchandise. IsnBt it mine if I have paid for it?

My wish is sympathetic readerBs bothered by the alarm/search; please avoid patronizing Best Buy retail stores and on the Best Buy on the web. Return anything you can. Let them go the way of CompUSA because they are no better. Thank you.

-- Loren Liddell (, November 10, 2000.

I sympathize with all of your complaints. Yes, in fact, there were many instances that you all described that do not generally fall within the customer service guidelines that our company has set forth. Try taking the number of negative experiences that you are aware of in each store, and compare them to the thousands of positive experiences other customers have each day. These situations don't represent a significant amount of our business. We do not try to build our business on trying to lose customers. I do apologize for any bad experiences you individuals have had. Please try to view things from our side. You don't necessarily have to agree, but at least look. Vent your frustrations in a CONSTRUCTIVE manner. Don't bitch and moan on some web-site. Express your concerns to a manager in the store. If we fail, contact a regional manager.

-- Kevin Mallory (CompUSA Manager) (, November 11, 2000.

My Complaint About Compusa !! First I purchased 32M of Sdram , The Box say's Compusa on it, the box also says 100% Guaranteed Compatibility !! The Box also Says Lifetime Warranty !! The Most extensive Warranty in the Industry !!

Well The 32megs of Sdram Is junk not only that . I tryed to exchange it and was told that the sdram is good . But that Compusa does not sell that sdram chip . So i got screwed 3 times without even a kiss . First when I bought the junk Ram . Second when the ram is not even the kind they sell . So I assume that someone switch it before It was sold to me. Third when it burnt my motherboard , Did i mention that when I gave it to the sales clerck and operations manger they brang the ram into the back room to be tested ! When they Retured with the ram . I was told the ram tested good !! I was then informed that it was not compusa's and I was trying to rip them off !!!!!

Then the Operations manger took the ram out of the anti static case and held it in her hands Ungrouded and on a carpet . And told me it tested good , When I protested that She was holding the ram in her hands ungrouned , and on a carpet that it was probably junk now . Perhaps you could test it again . I was told to leave the store .

And I Said whats your name and she was kind enough to give me her card with her E-mail address and fax number . Perhaps some of you might like to complain to her directly . Linda Reppucci Compusa inc 1385 south washinton Street North Attleboro Massachusetts 02760 1-508-699-3204 Fax 1-508-699-3215

Operations Manager Of Course when I got home I called the number on the box the ram came in and I got the old pass the buck to someone else for an hour or so . thanks for the web sight be sure and let linda know how you all feel . BK

-- Bill Keo (, November 14, 2000.

To all the people implying that their return policies are valid and legal and customers should pay more attention to their legaleese. Looks like CompUSA is up on the sales block. The free market has spoken. A company that does SO MUCH business has managed to piss off the majority of their consumers to the point where they are hardly profitable. I'm sure that the rebuttal to this arguement would be they have not successfully avoided 'slippage' and the return policy should no doubt be limited to 12 hours or something rediculous like that. Perhaps the low profitibility comes from a massive drop in sales, which perhaps is a direct result in lack of good solid business practices. Doesn't bother me though. I still have a great job that isn't at CompUSA and I purchase all my computer equipment through PCConnection. A company who really knows what customer service is all about. You lose.

-- SomeDood (, November 19, 2000.

A lot of these posts are directed at the employee who helped or didn't help them. I am the Electronics Supervisor at an OfficeMax, and have been in the same store for a year and a half. I have no respect for a sales person who lies, or makes up a story for a customer. One bad employee, however, does not mean they are all the same. The CompUSA I shop at in Fresno, Ca. has its fair share of untrained employees. That is why some will (or should) say they will get someone else, or admit what they don’t know. They are hired to try and direct customers. If every sales person was a friggin systems analyst, they wouldn't be working until 10pm for $8 an hour, dealing with the periodic angry, irrational, or ignorant customer, about an issue that they have no control over. I am expected to know everything about every item in the my department. I know more than anyone else in the store because I have had longer than anyone else to learn, but I am far from ever learning everything. Expecting the salesperson to know everything, including reading the customers mind, is naive. Most stores offer little or no training, and anyone who knows every piece of technical information wouldn't be working there. If something is wrong with the store, the manager is the one to talk with. If you are not happy with the information you get from a salesperson, do a little bit of homework. Nearly every manufacturer posts the information about their items on their website. I enjoy working with computers, and learn more for personal enjoyment. I still get yelled at by an occasional customer for not knowing the information they want, no matter how obscure. I have found CompUSA’s associates helpful on finding the information I need, and have had no problems when I needed to return something. I did have to pay a 15% restocking fee, which didn’t bother me since it says in about 20 places that there is this fee. I returned it 2 days later when I found something better someplace else. Not 5 weeks later! I think it is a great store when you take it upon yourself to understand the rules.

-- Brendt Cumming (, November 20, 2000.

I have a problem with CompUSA. This is not a problem with the product though. I went there to pick up a piece of software that I needed and headed for the cashier to pay for the item. When I got up to the cashier, he was turned around with his back towards me. I said "excuse me can I pay for this here?" The man turned around and he was masturbating profusely. I was appaled. He then told me to bend over and take off my pants because he wanted to stick his cock in my ass. I told him no and so he slapped me in the face with his cock and called me his bitch. He then proceeded to push me on the ground and take a shit on my face. This was not a very good experience for me and I don't think I will ever shop at CompUSA again.

-- Jack (, November 27, 2000.


-- Me (a@b.c), November 27, 2000.

It isn't CompUSA's fault that you people don't research your purchases, and damn, one of the way earlier posts said that some girls parents bought 16MB of RAM for $600??? First of all thats bullshit, second of all, if that in any way did indeed happen, your parents are stupid idiots. Another post I saw said that a guy bought a Compaq computer and he has had a lot of problems. That is in NO WAY CompUSA's fault, you need to call Compaq.

Now, to the rest of the posts that complain about returns. To anybody that tried to return something in its original condition, including box, with the receipt and within the 14 day trial period and still experienced problems, I'm sorry but I am certain that is VERY few of you. These posts say that they wouldn't accept the return, hmmm, did you throw away your receipt? Did you tear the box? Did you take the item and throw it on the ground and try to return it? Of course they aren't going to accept it, you need to do just a tad bit of reading, the conditions of returning are on the back of the receipt, and if you can't read, you shouldn't be in a store like CompUSA in the first place.

-- Michael Zalry (, November 27, 2000.

Ugh. I received a CompUSA gift certificate ($100) for my birthday recently, and went to what I thought was the better of the two CUSA stores to spend it at around 1 PM yesterday. What an f'n nightmare.

First, I knew what I wanted. I'm a systems engineer, and have built numerous computers by myself, so I'm no idiot when it comes to buying parts. I wanted the Voodoo 4 4500 PCI 32MB video card. Easy, right? Well, not really...

Under the sign reading 'video cards', there were actually only 4 models there. There was a suitable substitute there, but with no price (of course). A friend who came with me noticed more models on the shelf behind me near the floor (where I never would've looked - no signs, and, again no prices). The one I wanted wasn't there either, but the inconsistency in the placement prompted me to ask if there were any other places to look for video cards. I asked a simple question of the counterperson: "Are those ALL of the video cards you carry on that shelf over there?" I pointed to the shelf about 8 feet away. She looked at me as if to say 'are you f'n blind' and smirked 'in the glass case where it says 'hard drives''. Silly me, I was looking under the 'video card' sign. duh. So I go over there, and there's the one I want!!! NO PRICE!!! So now there's a huge line at the counter, so I don't dare go back and try to ask her another question. I notice another person in the department who looked to be a manager, talking to what I thought was a customer (it was unusually busy this day). I waited patiently near them so I could break in when they were through. After standing there for about 4 or 5 FULL MINUTES, listening to them talk, it became apparent that this was not a customer, but a FRIEND OF THE EMPLOYEE!!! The place was packed, and this ASS is talking with his buddy, pretending I'm not even there! I interrupted and asked to get a price. Back to the glass case we go, and on the way he's interrupted by an employee who needed something out of the back. He disappears for a couple of minutes more while I wait by the glass case with steam coming out of my ears. Then he comes to me, asks what I want to get. I tell him. He then has to take the box OUT of the glass case and walk to a computer on the other side of the department and scan it to tell me the price.

The price is acceptable and I decide to buy it - so the guy leaves it behind the single register for that department. The line is huge and there's ONE person at the one register to help us all. One of the store managers comes back and asks if there's anyone who has everything they need and just needs to pay. I say yes and tell him my Voodoo card is behind the counter. He grabs it and I follow him up to the front of the store to a register. "Finally" I thought "Someone who WANTS to do something for the good of the customer". Well, it was a nice try. We got to the register, and not only was there nobody at that register, there was NOBODY at ANY of the registers!!!!!!!!!!! He pulled an employee in from smoking outside to ring us up, and finally, about 35 minutes later, I got out of there. The trip should've been 10-15 minutes, tops.

An added 10 minutes because there was no price, and another 10 minutes due to slow, POOR, unfriendly service.

Unfortunately, there is not a real competitor for CUSA in the area, so the $5-6000 I've spent on computer stuff is largely spent online, being careful that the online shops are not affiliated with CUSA. I urge everyone to do the same.

CUSA would be far better off just hiring retirees to work there. They won't know any less about the product, and they at least would probably TRY to give someone some kind of decent level of service. (I'm not partial to seniors - I'm 27). If nothing else, for some reason or another, old people generally smile a lot - something I never see at CUSA.

-- Brian Jones (, December 06, 2000.

I attempted to purchased a copy of MS-Office Professional from the CompUSA Corporate 800 number. But, they stated that they would not have a copy available for severfal days. But, they did mention that they had a copy of the Premium Version, which they could expedite for a few more dollars and overnight it so that the order could be processed and delivered in 24-hours. That was four days ago. As of this moment, the order is "on hold".

I have tried calling the 800 number but waited on the phone for 60 minutes. At that point I hung up because I was tired of the lousy service and false claims about their service.

Our company has purchased over $30,000 in equipment with their local office, San Jose, CA. I will do everything I can do to ensure that we NEVER purchase equipment from their operation again.

-- Richard Bayley (, December 07, 2000.

I went in to Comp USA to buy some memory today. I was willing to pay the extra few dollars of mark up because I was in a hurry. Silly me I was ignored for twenty minutes by two different salesmen at the counter. The people At the Encinitas California store are notorious for this, and it’s no surprise when I tracked down the store’s manager he blew me off two. Well The Comp USA People will be happy to know that I bought a shiny new Lap top shortly after that FROM CIRCUIT CITY. They were most helpful and they now have a new happy customer. This is not new. I have over the last two or three years spent somewhere in the neighborhood of 7-8 thousand bucks in there, and been ignored several times, but no more. I’m willing to drive an extra few miles from now on to go wherever I need to see the people who really appreciate me. Thanks Circuit City.

-- Tom Baxter (, December 09, 2000.

Ok, so just this last week (12/10), I went out to buy this mondo 80GB Maxtor HD from my local (yeah right, 40 miles away) CompUSA. Well, I get there, and it's all OOS (out-of-stock). It took forever for this moron kid (who looked like he was 14) to finally wander into the backroom and check the inventory status.

Then, I go home, check the CompUSA website and see if they still have it in stock. Yep, with luck they do. 2-5 day shipping it said. So I put it on my Visa.

2 days pass, then I get this email saying my item is on backorder. Ok, fine and dandy. So I email their sales support and ask if I could exchange my order for the 60GB version which had just gone on sale, for the same price.

Ok, now it's a week later. NOTHING!!! I've tried their customer service phone number, and I always get transferred to somebody else. Eventually they always transfer me to this same line where I am put on hold perpetually. I've even left my speaker phone on and just left it there for 2 1/2 hours; NOTHING!

So I try calling back today. I talk to their billing lady, who then transfers me to this "guy" that heads up the web and e-commerce department (what? I thought the two stores were integrated!), but here's the real big pile of crap: I get his stupid VOICE MAIL!

How much you wanna bet this e-commerce division guy is just some schmuck who comes in every month to make sure the routers are still working and the server hasn't died?

So, I've emailed them twice now, demanding a response. NOTHING!

CompUSA sucks soooo bad! They've got 250 dollars of my money and they're sitting on their laurels.

I strongly advise ALL PEOPLE ON THE PLANET EARTH, never to buy from CompUSA unless you know for sure they definitely, and absolutely have the item, you can physically touch it, and it's EXACTLY what you want.

Don't settle for anything less with these pricks.

I mean, in the past I thought Best Buy sucked pretty bad, their CS was pretty horrible even when they first started, but CompUSA _seemed_ to have had their act together. I was obviously wrong in that opinion.



-- Dick Miller (, December 18, 2000.

All you people that are having problems probably live in Alabama where there is one compusa and there is probably one perosn working there who is having sex with his mother in the back room. I suggest you move to a real city where people know what they are doig. DOnt expect a compusa in Alabama to be very good

-- Joe Shmo (, December 23, 2000.

You know its pretty funny how much time everyone has on complaining about a store that will not go out of business. You know being a six year employee at the store, I have seen everything. You know why CompUSA will never go out of business, its because the people who complain and bitch will be back the next day. I find it very amusing. If you really want to take a stand, don't come back and be sure to tell the millions of others who spend their millions of dollars at CompUSA the same, otherwise sorry people you are screwed. First, I would like to start off by saying, that I started working at this store when I was 17. I am now graduating from college with a degree and if their is one thing I have learned, it is how to think. Most of the people that I deal with in the stores have no education and have to be read every policy that we have in place. I'm sure most of you that have maybe some high school education could think and solve a problem yourself instead of bitching on a site. As far as rebates our concerned. We do the best to take care of you even though most of you do not even understand that they are manufactures rebates not CompUSA's therefore, if you are stupid enough to buy an item with a rebate don't come back to the store with it if you couldn't follow instructions like 99.9% of the people do. Come on people, I was taught how to follow instructions in pre-school. We at CompUSA are still kind enough to either A. contact the manufacture and resolve the problem or B. just get tired of dealing with stupid people and give them their money back. As far as the return policy goes, A couple of years ago it was different. There was opened software returned and their was a 30 day return policy. You can either blaim yourselves for the decrease in the return policy or you can blaim our technological society but don't be stupid enough to blaim CompUSA. You want your year return policy, then maybe if everyone was honest and say wouldn't put bricks in a computer box to be returned, just maybe you might receive it. Until then, Deal with it or shop somewhere else. Also one last comment on customer service issues, 99.99999% of the people who come in our store need help in one way or another, so if you can't get your questions answered by one of our employees, you might try thinking, it helps once in awhile. Example: I am asked a million times a day no matter where I am in the store, where something is. First task: LOOK UP Second task: READ MAYBE YOUR QUESTION IS ANSWERED

-- employee (, December 28, 2000.

Dear Employee ( I am very disappointed that someone about to receive their college degree has such a limited use of the english language. If your desire is to indicate you are somehow smarter that the rest of us, please edit and correct your correspondence prior to posting.

-- Customer (, December 29, 2000.


-- joe doe (, December 29, 2000.

go fuck a dog's asshole...then bring that same dog to COMPUSA and tell them that you need to exchange the dog for another with a bigger asshole.

-- hero (, December 29, 2000.

my girlfriend is a slut. Just the other day I walked in on her fucking some guy from CompUSA. So I killed them both and returned them within ten days for a full refund

-- decured (, December 29, 2000.

I have worked at CompUSA for a year now, and if you people think that CompUSA retail has screwed you, maybe you should try working for them and seeing how CompUSA corporate screws it's own employees. We were bought out in February or March 2000 and ever since our new owner took over, all of us at CompUSA retail have had the biggest bullshit policies to work with. If you people don't like the way we're doing business, I'm sorry. But there's nothing I can do. I'm just here to sell computers and try to help everybody I can. If I've got corporate sitting in their office saying I'll get fired if I do this action, I'm really sorry. Don't bitch at the stores. Even the employees are getting screwed.

-- Me (, December 30, 2000.

While I'm sure there are two sides to every story, (sometimes more) I have a real problem with these CUSA employees seeming to go to extent of actually defending the company they work for! Its almost as though these people have brought into the touchie-feelie, group-hug, songs around the bonfire propaganda that these retail giants use to control (or try to control)their human resources. Can you really believe that the Comp USA or Wal Mart, or Sears or any of those stores cares one bit about the customer or satisfying them? Look at the policies they put in place the shield themselves from liability. Its CYA out there folks. **WHINE** "Rebates are handled by a third party, its not our fault they didn't pay you-just be patient" or **WHINE** "We know you bought it from us and that according to the Uniform Commercial Code that an implied warranty exists when you buy stuff from us, but were hoping you're too stupid to know that stuff and that you'll just go away mad..." It's ridiculous.

Instead of all the complaining, just vote with your dollars. DON'T BUY ANOTHER THING FROM COMP USA! As long as you live! Don't bend one inch on this. Boycott them totally. If enough people follow this advice, another better company will eventually come along and eat CUSA's lunch for them. Then, they will be wiped from the retail landscape forever. Problem solved. VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLAR!

-- Mynamenotimportant (, January 01, 2001.


-- zac com (, January 04, 2001.

I feel for all of you here, but, what I think that you are missing is the big picture. Compusa is a business. That means that we are here to make money. Our biggest ticket item is a computer system. Our margin is between 8% and 10%. That means that we will get approx. $80-$100 dollars per computer. How long does it take you to make that? Would you give it back to the company because they decided a month later that they didn't like your work? I didn't think so.

Let's look at the average cost of running a retail store. Per day it costs approximatly, $35,000 to have the doors open. That is everything, payroll, rent, elec., water, etc. The stores may bring in approx, $25,000-$75,000 per day, depending on location. (lets not forget the real high end leases on some store). I worked at one location that cost $50,000/day to run! Now assuming, that there were no returns,stolen,broken, or missing items for a month, the company may make $100,000. FOR THE COMPANY, in a month.

Compusa has only been making a profit for approx, 6months. That's after almost 2 years of a lose, EVERY MONTH. Our first month of profit was that the company made about $50,000. THE COMPANY. Think about how big Compusa is, and how much we made. Remember, this is a business, we are here to make money, not wipe your technological nose. Those of you that are in business for your self, how long can you go without a profit?

The next point I want to make, is that you need to take responsiblility for your own decisions. That's right, YOU. Your mommy isn't here to wipe your ass anymore. If you don't know what you are buying, then don't buy it. Don't tell us that you NEED it. How can you need something that you don't know anything about? And why would you buy something like a computer w/o doing the research? If you can spend money like that, then don't bitch because you have to pay a 15% resocking fee. Do you know what we do with that stuff you return?

Let's assume for the sake of argument that it just wasn't what you wanted and it works perfect. You returned it with the orignal packaging. We can't sell it again. Would you buy something that was opened? Thought not. Even if you did, you would demand a discount. Say about 15%? Thought so. Now, if it is broken, then we will give you another just like it. If you want your money back, well what about the money that Compusa spent on you? We did spend money on you. What do you mean, "...what money? I'm the person that bought it!"

Ok, what about our recieving department? Some one took it out of the box that it came in. Some one entered it into our inventory. Someone put it on the shelf. Someone put a price on it. If there was a rebate, someone had to make a sign for it. (not to mention the paper, ink, etc for that). Someone had to put the little lable under the product that should you the price. Someone may have even helped you pick it out. Someone checked you out at the registar. (the registar cost money, we got charged to charge your credit card, the paper the reciept was printed on, etc) This all may sound petty to you, but if you add it up, I bet that it comes to about 15% of the cost of what you purchased.

Now don't get me wrong, I am a consumer too. I know a lot about computers, but not much about other things. How do you think I feel when I buy a car? Or clothes? Or anything else that isn't a computer. And yes, I have been screwed by the system. And when I feel that I have been treated unfairly, well, I just don't go back. Why bother with all the other stuff. If something of mine has been broken, well, I keep going back until it is fixed. It is a waist of time, but it gets fixed (and then some) and I can still sleep at night.

Honstly people, what's all the fuss? $10 rebate here, 15% there. Are you really that bad off financaly that it will make or break you this month? If so, then you shouldn't be in Compusa in the first place because you can't afford it. As a rule, if I can't afford it, I don't buy it. If I NEED the rebate, I don't buy it.

As for the Service department and getting you computer fixed, well, I have no defense. They are a bunch of idoits! Some are good, but most are just there to collect a check. The only place that I consistanly have problems in the company is in the service department. You just need to work the system. Remeber, every company has a system to there phone numbers, you just need to figure it out.

Well I don't know if any of this has helped you understand what is happening, but maybe it will help you sleep at night. (you don't what to dye if a heart attack, or streess). Just be calm and work smarter, not harder.

As for me. I love working for the company. I have never been in an enviroment that is easy to get a ligitment, repeat, ligitment issue taken care of. In this company, I can call up almost anyone, and call them by their first name, and have an intellegent talk about anything in the company. Good or bad. If you complaint/suggestion is intellegent, and makes sense, then it will happen. I am looking forward to another 5 years here. I would not want to work for anyone else.

-- Compusa employee (, January 05, 2001.

here's all that has to be said about compusa. fuckstains. that explains it. i used to work for these losers, and they even managed to dick me over. Let me explain: I was fired from compusa, by a mr.jim moffat. I hope you read this moffat mIm there's my middle finger for ya buddy. anyways, back on subject........ i was fired for horseplay, based on 3 strikes. 1. i was stabbed in the arm with a pen by my friend, with no warning. They had this on tape, yet when i asked to view it, it was playing in 8x fast, and they "didn't have the special vcr to view it at normal speed" bull shit. yet that counted against me. 2. my other friend thought it would be funny to drop an empty laptop bag on my manager's head from the topstock. and i was present, but not a partaking party. yet that counted against me for some reason 3. after they brought to my attention that i was being fired for the above to bullshit reasons, they said that managers had complained of my behavior. and that i had had multiple verbal warnings about it. which also is bull shit.

anyways, so they fired me, which is bullshit in the first place, and then they pulled that "terminated employees are no longer allowed in the building junk"

so i said fuck you to the manager and left. then i went back in there like a month later, to price out a custom built system, and the same dick that fired me comes up to me and says, "you can't be here" and i said "why not, i'm no longer an employee, i'm a customer now, and i'm shopping and not causing a scene." he says "stop causing a scene, i will call the police." so i say, "fine, callthe fucking police, you don't own this building, the mall does, therefore i cannot be tresspassing on YOUR property" so he wanders off, i finish up my pricing, and as i'm walking about, he comes to the door and checks me for stolen goods. after i got done cussing up a storm about his mother and stuff, i walked out and he said never to come back so i answered with my middle finger.

anyways, i said screw compusa, and was planning on never going back there again. then i get this letter in the mail, from compusa's corporate attorney saying that i had been notified that i was tresspassing and if i ever went into any compusa anywhere i would be arrested for tresspassing. since then i have gone into 12 compusa's and fucked w/ thier computer systems. just so everyone knows, to log into one of their terminals, l: hardware151 p: monitor is the password. you can write up some quotes for yourself and then they have to honor it :) burn in hell compusa

that's just my two cents anyways, i wouldn't buy anything from there. we used to treat the stuff like shit, throwing aroudn monitors and printers.

down w/ compusa margolik

-- margolik (, January 05, 2001.

i have one more thing to say...... "Our margin is between 8% and 10%. That means that we will get approx. $80-$100 " - the compusa dork first of all, bull fucking shit. 8-10% my ass. 100 dollars, yah right, more like $350 per computer. the only computer that was close to 100 dollar mark up was the imac when it first came out, and even then it was at 200. that's not where you fools make the money anyways and you know it. you make the most by far on peripherals. especially cables. you know those little adapters that cost $20? yah, cost is liek 1.97 on those little bitches. dont' make compusa look to be the good guy. at the store i worked at there was a corporate section and a phones section that was the call center. oh yeah, they laid off eveyroen who worked for both, because compusa was loosing that much money to shrink. maybe they should buff up security a little. i know of someone who walked a computer off the back dock. someone who stole 6 dvd players on a busy saturday, and someone who stole 12 n64's. and some lucky fool, whoever you are, who got away w/ a nice ibm 7200rpm like 20 gig back in the day which was one of comps most prized harddrives at the time.

down w/ compusa again i say!

-- margolik (, January 05, 2001.

I feel like the only employee who hates where i once worked. I have words for you; HAVE YOU WORKED ANYWHERE ELSE YOUR LIFE? I've worked at 5 other places, all MUCH MUCH better than compUSA. That place was hell. Its a dictatorship; treat your employee's with respect. I see where you all come from; There whole system brainwashed you. Any one more thing; HOW THE HELL CAN YOU WORK THERE FOR MORE THAN TWO MONTHS? I'm sorry, there policices are BS! How come Best Buy can accept three items a year without a reciepts, but CUSA's FADING (after a couple of weeks, there recipts fade) can only accept 10 days? Its stupid! Any you employee's who love it so much, quit, go work somewhere cool like Panera Bread, or how about a real job? I don't care how much money those damn managers make, wokring at retail when i'm an adult would not be really living. My life would be a failure. BOYCOTT COMPUSA!

-- Former (key word) employee (, January 09, 2001.

well, i can see why you two don't work there anymore. One has anger issues, and the other doesn't have a very good grasp of the English language.

You two are also quite young. I have had several different jobs, not only at Compusa, but in several other industries as well. One thing you guys will learn, as you mature, is that every company, and I do mean every company, has it's own politics. Compusa isn't the greatest place to work, but it is one of the best. (Once you know how to play the game). And I learned how to play at my other jobs, that is why I am successful here.

Don't worry people, once you get your thumbs out of your mouths, and you learn that the world doesn't revolve around you, you will then find your niche and be happy.

-- CompUSA Employee (, January 10, 2001.

Mr. Ramsey you might want to have corrected your mispelled words in your posting dated in April of 99. Another thing, that's all that you have to say regarding my posting. You must be very desperate for money to complain about the twelve dollars you had to pay in the restocking fee. If you don't like the return policy I'm sure you can find another place to shop.

-- employee (, January 13, 2001.

haha, now that is fucking funny. i have anger issues. how about the fag who fired me who didn't feel that a 16 year old should be working for a multi-million dollar company? haha, and just so you know, the shitty 6.50 they paid me, hah, you can't be making much more, even the techs made like 10. i now make tripple what i used to, and i'm only 18. there is no fucking game at compusa, that place is bull shit, and should burn.

-- margolik (, January 17, 2001.

I now have a smile on my face. I thought I was alone in my HATE for CompUSA. I have told at least 20 of my friends NOT to purchase a HOME PC version of their computer. I guess I don't have to tell you guys tho. Should a computer break every 4 months? It's never been the same since they "fixed" it the first time. Now I'm not under warranty anymore. The next time it breaks, and it WILL break, I'm going to hammer it into a million pieces and send it to HQ. This is my fourth computer in 10 years. Never have I EVER been witness to such CRAP!!! Thank you for helping me to know I'M NOT ALONE!!!

-- TK (, January 22, 2001.

To margolik so you dont like CompUSA. Deal with it. You say how much you hate it. Then can I ask why you have a contact that is a manager for CompUSA? Here let me show all of you. REFERENCES Mr. Shaun Simeral, Manager, CompUSA,Sarcom, 8405 Pulsar Place, Columbus, OH 43240, 614.878.8455. Yes this is from your resume on your web site. I guess I don't understand. If you hate it so much then why put a managers name down as a reference? I think I know why. And no I will not tell you. Because I dont want you to do some thing childish. As for how much profit is in a computer you dont know what you are talking about. I did you ever really see cost on the computers? You say Yes! Ok do you know how to log in to JDA. If you try to use the log in that you gave for IMS it does not give you cost. Oh by the way you forgot that the IMS system sucks and some one will not beable to go and make there own quote. Plus you need the passwords to change prices. Boy you dont know do you? Yes I work at CompUSA and have for 5 years. Yes I have worked at worse places, and I have worked at better places. Will I work there for ever? NO!!! I just dont understand YOU! And looking at your resume on your site. You only work at a company for about 6 months. I will check back to see if it has changed in a few months. And if any of you that are reading this check out Eric W. Mason's web site. Oh hey I do like the computer art work that you did. Maybe you will find the job for you in a room with a computer away from people. I know I'm still looking for the right job. And I know when I do get new job I will be looking again.

-- Me (, January 31, 2001.

I'm sorry. But COMPUSA truly sucks. The prices are terrible and there are no real discounts. To MARGOLIK: you don't want to work for a bunch of greedy people with power-trips. You should be glad you got fired (for your own health). COMPUSA must be a bad place to work, because no one seems to be helpful and many of their employees are quite rude. I guess working in a horrible environment can change people.

-- to COMPUSA employees (, February 01, 2001.

well to answer your question as to why i have a manager from compusa on my resume it is because he was my direct supervisor, and he was cool as hell. the gm was the guy who was a dick. and for YOUR information, you don't need a password to change the prices on quotes. unless they changed it, you never did. and i have seen cost, you can login as corporate, or as teh tech login. you don tneed a password as i have changed prices on computers all the time. thanks for the compliment but go fuck yourself for making judgements about who i am and what i want to do w/ my life.

-- margolik (, February 03, 2001.

Thanks you proved what I thought. And well what most people think. Sorry that you dont like what I think. But I do mean I like your Art work with the computer. Keep it up I will keep checking back to see how you are doing. Best Of Luck.

-- ME (, February 05, 2001.

I had recently recieved a present from a relative. It was a Sony F505V Digital Camera that they said they bought at CompUSA. I went to store 321 (Warwick, RI) to exchange it for a different model. The customer support was terrible. That manager actually laughed in my face and said im not taking this back. The box was brand new, never opened, perfect condition. This is the type of service CompUSA offers and it is pitiful. I will never shop CompUSA again.

-- Paul L (, February 06, 2001.

I have found out, that impulse buying must not be exercise at CopmUSA. Microsoft Access CompUSA $350. Staples $299. Dreampages (website) $249. Polaroid digital camera CompUsa $150, Target $99 Walmart $79.00. How can they get away with RIPPING off people. I can't wait to see them go Chapter 11. I DESPISE CompUSA.

-- Maria (, February 11, 2001.

ok, pricing is your fault for not bringing in an advertisement. they do match prices as do most major retail stores.

but they still should burn.

-- Margolik (, February 12, 2001.

I recently bought a processor Fan from Compusuck. After waiting at the counter for 10 minutes (nobody in line) Someone finally asked what he could help me with. I told him that I had just purchased a 1ghz athlon t-bird processor and I needed a fan for it. I wasn't looking for a cheap buy either. I wanted the best that would work on my socket A processor. He looked around the disorganized mess and couldn't find one. Then he went to the back room and came out with one. He said,"this will work for you." Then I got home, hooked it up and powered everything up. My Processor started smoking after a short amount of time and that was it. Did the vendor of the processor want to give me my money back? NO!!!! And they shouldn't have to. It wasn't their fault. Compusuck told me the fan would be fine for the processor. How am I supposed to know what fan is powerful enough for a processor so new on the market. That is why I went to a store to ask someone. Anyone have the e-mail address of the new CEO of compusuck?

-- Ben Wilson (, February 13, 2001.

my complaint concerns the compusa's in the orlando, florida area. they all suck here, as well. i tried them because they are listed as authorized repair sites for apple products. the hard drive from my g4 was shot, and i had three days left on my warranty. i called them and also explained that i had already ordered another hd (a faster, more reliable one), and didn't want to leave the entire computer, instead i wanted them to simply try to diagnose the problem with the hard drive (since it made a very loud clicking noise, and didn't boot up,i have brains enough to figure out that it was the problem,and nothing else). all i really wanted to know was if it was a defect in the hd, or if i had killed it,so that i could try to get my warranty to pay for a new one. they refused to try to work on the device alone, saying they had to have the entire comp, and it would take over two weeks (since i had already ordered a replacement, because i needed the comp for a project, this was ludicrous). i asked if i could bring the comp, for diagnoses, and then leave the hd-the only way he said i could do that was if i paid $100 extra to go in front of all the rest of the comp's waiting for a repair. needless to say, nothing got done, and my warranty ran out without any help from compusa....but i can't forget about apple's suckass warranty policies either, and there negligence in choosing a bunch of suckers like compusa for authorized repairs.

-- alpha omega (, February 20, 2001.


-- G_SPOT (g_SPOT_DIVA@YAHOO.COM), February 21, 2001.

I've been reading a lot of these pitiful complaints that the majority of you have submitted, and I think it's absolutley ridiculous. Are you all really that ignorant. Whining because of trivial experiences that for the most part you your selves are at fault for. Boo hoo, you bought a mouse and it didn't work. Hmmm, return it within the return policy's time period. It's printed on the back of your receipt, not to mention the fact that there are about 10 signs throughout the store. Maybe Comp should just say "hey take the product home and return it whenever you feel like it". Would that make some of you happy? CompUSA isn't ignorant, no store will even remotely consider letting you return merchandise just because you're too dumb to come back within the time stated. Hellooo???? Ignorance is the theme of this site. So maybe they should let you bring it back after 10 months too..huh. Duh, call the manufacturer and talk to them. If they dont handle it, then its there fault not comps. And as for some of you bitching about being an employee and being mistreated, go out and get lives. CompUSA is one of the few places that allows people without a college degree to make some real money. Where else can you make $20-$50,000. Hmmm, nowhere. CompUSA is an excellent store with an unusual amount of respect for there employees, so shut up. If you want to whine, come with some real examples you uneducated babies. It would be real easy to make up a bunch of crap about being mistreated. I hope one day you all grow up. CompUSA is awesome..anyone who says otherwise either had an unusually rare encounter, or your just being babies.

-- Your Daddy (, February 24, 2001.

Listen up at my local compusa they have a return policy on the counters at the register as well as on the back of the reciept. All i ask is that you try the same thing at a Best Buy or Circuit City before blasting Comp I have worked at Best Buy and Compusa and I can Hoestly Say that My Compusa ws much better than my Best Buy was about handling customer issues. Also before condemning Compusa Employees as morons pls ask the sixteen year old at Best. Hey you say Compusa employes fresh out of highschool kids atleast we are out of high school. Also I would like to say I have been in retail for 4 years now I have been on allot of teams and my Compusa was one of the best put together and allot better at customer service than anything my local baest buy has offered since it opened

-- TODD MONSOON (, February 24, 2001.

OK this is to Ben Wilson I am Sorry. Allot of Compusa's have a great staff but every once in a while you get the jerk who has no idea what he is talking about .... The 1ghz athlon has been on the market for 10 months now it was released in april and Compusa does sell Athlon heatsinks that will work for you and on the front of all of they're fans and heatsinks they say the mhz rating that is needed to stay in a safe perimeter. I am personally sorry for your inconvenience I work in that department at my store and I would not have done that and I hope to God none of my fellow employees would have mistakenly done something like that

-- Richard St.John (, February 24, 2001.

We share some of your feelings about Compusa. So where would u go to get quality service and great client relations? At Gateway Country. Look at the advertisement, where technologys great but PEOPLE RULE!! Maybe Im just biased because that is what i have and will always have. For Example i called the tech support line when i had a problem with my mouse and they overnighted me one. It was there the next day. No Questions Asked. GREAT SERVICE, PROBLEM SOLVED

-- XXoXooX (, February 24, 2001.

Hey this is to ggw4479@yahoo....Gateway?? Ha ha, you're joking right? This some prank maybe? I personally have had to deal with Gateway support and products, and had nothing but problems. The techs were sloppy and uninformed, and the computers....well lets just say I could probably make better machines out of a bunch of twigs and leaves in my backyard. I will put aside the fact that I have also heard an unfathomable amount of complaints from my customers about gateway. 2 out of 3 of my friends who own gateways have had big problems with them, and spent an ungoddly amount of time trying to fix it. So lets say this..."Maybe" my list of bad experiences are simply random occational mistakes, and Gateway products and services are good. If that could be the case then might it also be the case that you all have simply been the victims of this random unusual service as well. When you look at this website it might seem like "wow, compusa has a lot of complaints"..but lets remember that comp is a national company. The 20 or so complaints you all might post are nothing in contrast to the millions of loyal customers who shop there every day. Try to realize that everyone is not perfect, and people will make mistakes. The bad experiences you all might have had does not necessarily mean that CompUSA is bad. Don't blame the entire CompUSA company for being unsatisfied with one employee, or even one store. You could look at every retail company and find a site like this. You can always find someone with a horor story or a complaint about a company. If a store is known across the country, then its no problem to find hundreds of complaints. Does that mean that the company is automatically a bad place to shop? NO, It means the people who work there are human. Wake up please.

-- Your Daddy (, February 24, 2001.

Reading the painful tales of the trials and tribulations you all have endured shopping at compUSA brings a tear to my eye. I know you're all defistated by these malicous events, but I'm here to bring hope. You all will get over it, maybe not today maybe not tomorrow..but one day. You'll wake up one morning and finally be able to muster up the courage to move on with your lives. It'll take courage, but i have faith that you all can do it. I realize that CompUSA has wounded you ever so deeply and for that you'll never forgive them, but you can put it behind you. You poor poor misguided fucking DUMBASSES. JEEZ, get LIVES. Are you kidding me. You have a bad experience with a store, so you bitch and moan on a message board about it. WAAAAAAA...WAAAAA..WAAAAA. How do you live with this stupidity. CompUSA has the lowest prices I've seen, and they price match. As far as I've experienced, they have good customer support and knowledgable salesman. I guess you'd rather buy computer stuff at Best Buy or some shitty office supply store. If you want a retail computer...go to Comp. The only other place to buy is gateway or dell. And please move on with your pitifull little lives. To all you CompUSA employees..GOOD JOB, keep up the good work. Don't listen to these dumbasses. And to patriotgamez...can you really make a computer out of twigs and leaves?? LOL, I about pissed my pants when I read that, rock on. Peace

-- John H. Ardass (, February 26, 2001.

I spent over $4,000 on 2 flat screen monitors at the CompUSA Dallas HQ's. I ended up having to return them, 2 days later.. and spent the next 57 days, (plus 9 phone calls and 2 faxes) trying to get the refund posted to my credit card. So if you think it's ridiculous to stop purchasing items from CompUSA just because of one bad experience, try going through what I did. I will NEVER, EVER buy anything from CompUSA again, either personally or professionally. All it takes it one major screw-up and a huge waste of my time, and yeah - I will take my money else where.

-- Jenn Ferguson (, February 27, 2001.

This is a response to a post on Feb 6th. Regarding a return of a sony F505V Digital camera. Buddy, Whomever told you they purchased it @ CompUSA LIED!

-- Mike Hunt (, February 27, 2001.

This is a response to a post on Feb 6th. Regarding a return of a sony F505V Digital camera. Buddy, Whomever told you they purchased it At CompUSA LIED! We Dont Sell That Model. If I was the manager I would have laughed at ya as well. Hell no were not going to take back something we have never sold. How in the hell are we supposed to take it back when its not even in the system? So if you buy something 5 years ago, never open it, you should be allowed to return it cause its not open? WHATEVER!!

-- Mike Hunt (, February 27, 2001.

Wanna talk nightmare? Trying buying online from CompUSA. I've placed 6 orders online since November and all but one required numerous phone calls to CSR's and Supervisors. Here's the latest challenge: I placed an online order last Friday night. A few minutes later I received a confirmation email and then an email saying that my order was "On Hold. I have to wait until Monday morning to call and find out why. No problem with the credit, just a problem with having my order sent to my business address rather than the billing address: a safeguard that I can live with. So I change my account information and remove my business address to avoid this kind of problem in the future. I also place an order on Monday. I get the confirmation email and then the "On Hold" status email. I call Monday and speak with a Supervisor. "No problem " she tells me, "Everything is fixed". I check the order status Monday night and the order is still "On Hold". I call Tuesday morning and leave a message. No return call. I call back Tuesday afternoon and she is "busy" !!!??? The CSR just lays down the phone and I hear everyone talking in the background. Very interesting what is said there. I listen in for about 5 minutes and the CSR picks up the phone and tells me that the Supervisor has no idea why my order is "On Hold". He assures me that she will call me back right away. I'm still waiting on the call???? Meanwhile my order is still "On Hold". This is only one example and it may seem a minor inconvenience to some, but honestly, I have NEVER had so much trouble spending my money with anyone. If this order is EVER completed, it will be my last. Its a shame because CompUSA does have some really good specials and most of the time they stock what I need. I've never been treated rudely. In fact, I have called so many times to get orders fixed ( at least twice on EVERY order) that some of the CSR's and I have developed quite a rapport. I usually ask for my favorites by name. Sorry CompUSA, it just ain't worth the hassle anymore.

-- Charles (, February 27, 2001.

This in reply to charles..phonedude. If you've ever purchased anything else online you most likely received the same problem in regards to the hold on your merchandise. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, CDNOW, and so on all send you an automatic email confirming your order. And many times that email is followed by another one informing you of the large demand for that item and that it will be back ordered for you.----It happens a lot. Why?? Well the internet is still a lot like stores. They don't have an endless amount of merchandise at their disposal. When they run out of a product they can't exactly just beam one in like in star-trek. It's a hassle, but people deal with it. Is it CompUSA specific??-NO. Every company does it, some more than others. AND!!! CompUSA just happens to be one of the companies that doesn't do it as much. Sorry for the inconvenience, but still not a reason to bash comp and stop shopping there completely. Millions of people buy online everyday, and a lot of them endure the same procedure..the only difference is "Most of them realize the company is trying to get the product to them, so they don't BITCH ABOUT IT"---blablablabla

-- Your Daddy (, February 28, 2001.

Daddy...I'm very curious. Did you really READ my post? I said nothing about CompUSA being out of stock..??!!! Very strange. I also said that I had never been treated rudely...that is until I read your post. Now I understand why there are so many angry ex-customers. Possibly if CompUSA looked at every complaint as an opportunity to actually HELP a customer rather than a "BITCH", this board would probably be empty...or filled with praise for CompUSA. I had really been struggling with my decision not to buy again from CompUSA, but your post has verified that I have made the right decision. Thanks for making me feel much better about it.

-- Charles (, February 28, 2001.

Charles...did I say I worked for Comp, I'm sorry I don't remember that. I just like the store. Did you read MY post? And uhhhh typically when an ordered product is out of stock it comes up as "on hold", "back ordered", or "on order"--on online stores. So no you didn't say that, I did. And yeah Comp might want to look at their complaints. Personally I don't think my response was too aggresive, but if it was WHOOPS.

-- fonedude's daddy (, March 01, 2001.


-- zig (, March 09, 2001.

Hey Ben, you are dumb ass. I'm glad you baked your Athlon. Someone as stupid as you should have a proccessor that nice. Go watch some TV and be the mindless numb-nut you're mommy and daddy trained you to be. lol you fuck stick.

-- ben is a loser (, March 09, 2001.

Had to throw my last experience in the loop. Short version - bought several hundred dollars of stuff from CompUSA, including MS Flight Sim 2000. Consists of 3 discs, I found disc 1 and 2 were actually identical (both were disc 2). Not CompUSA's fault, of course.

I took my receipt and package back, the customer service agent gladly let me grab a new copy. But it got interesting when I asked him if I could open it up and check the contents of each disc to make sure they didn't have a bad batch.

He said he didn't think he could do that, he'd have to check.(?). After ten minutes of discussion with the manager, these geniuses decided we should take the software to their tech dept and let them check out the discs.

Amazing. 40 minutes to check out the volume names of 3 CD's. Didn't know what else to do, other than laugh to myself and watch the circus go back and forth.

One other thing regarding earlier posts about returns - vendors can and DO take back items that are returned. Most retailers fill out what's called an 'RMA', and a vendor rep will usually come by the store monthly to authorize these items, at which time they're shipped back to the vendor for credit.

Don't let these moron CompUSA employees tell you they're stuck with this stuff.....

-- No Thanks (, March 19, 2001.

Hello, Had to put in my two cents. I am a FORMER employee of CompUSA here in WA. I agree their customer service sucks! As an employee I was told at first that if a customer didn't want the extended warranty *TAP* we needed to just walk away from them to let them "fend for themselves". How absolutely rude is that? Then we were told that the customer should be told about TAP from the salesman, then the cashier, then if they still don't want it to page a manager and have the customer wait while a manager came up *usually after about 10 min.* then they had to hear the same thing about TAP from the manager... hmmm I told the manager telling me that flat out "NO!" That is not customer service! They constantly understaff their stores so please don't hate the employees that help you out because chances are if they are rude it's cause they are getting the short end of the stick *in you know where* from the Higher ups. And to the guy who said that the managers are not *Stupid Punks* just because they get paid 6 figure salaries... you don't have to be smart about computers at Comp... you just need to know how to suck up to the boss. My boss was an asshole. CompUSA does not treat their employees or their customers right... They are going down the tube very fast. Take it from someone who worked there for 2 and 1/2 years... the employees are only rude because of the way they are being treated. The return policy is corporates idea and though I do know why they have that particular one they need to give employees leeway to make decisions on what case is the exception...

I know what you are going through! Shannon

-- Shannon (, March 23, 2001.

I have to say that even when the customer purchases a TAP, the CompUSA customer service isn't good. This is a tru story from about 2 years ago.

I purchased a Seagate 8Gb (can't remember exact size) HDD, a model specifically made by Seagate for CompUSA, in a regular Seagate box, etc. I put it into my computer as a secondary drive to my primary, a Fujitsu 2.5Gb drive. Guess what, the Seagate won't retain it's format and parition info. My BIOS does support LBA of course and I'm not running DOS, at least not according to Microsoft, hehe, Win 95 not DOS, hehe. I then install the Seagate with the partition software which came installed with it, same problem, the Seagate looses its mind after rebooting or poewring down. I contact Seagate, they say it's a drive specifically mfg.'d for CompUSA so I need to contact them with my problem. I go to my local store, mind you, with receipt and TAP and what do I get from the guy and his manager behind the counter. Uh ... maybe you don't know how to install a hard drive.

I forgot to mention, I've built several hundred PC's in the last 9 years, as a matter of fact I've built my last 3 home PC's. Worked in the telecom business building and testing PC and Unix based SS7 protocol test equipment. I kid you not, I've built several hundred PC's in the last 9 years and I've got some blowhard saying I don't know how to install a hard drive. To anyone in the PC business in the DOS days, mention installing a Conner HDD with a Seagate or Maxtor and see what they say about HDD incompatibilities. Conner Access Method (CAM) ring any bells.

Anyhow, now back to my rant.

After 40 minutes of verbally demonstrating by PC prowess to the dimwits behind the counter, I finally got the manager to admit it probably was a compatibility problem with the Seagate drive. he exchanges the Seagate 8Gb+ for a Western Digital 6.4Gb (6.4 or 6.3 can't remember) drive. I loose around 1.5 Gb, but the giys just wore me down and I wanted out of there without having to keed the Seagate.

NOW, remember the TAP, just so you know, the TAP is basically worthless. I still went through this even though the TAP is supposed to protect me, I'm supposed to walk in with said defective merchandise and TAP in hand and get no fuss, no muss service. Hmmm. Read the fine print about calling some 800 number and getting service this way.



-- Juicespeare (, March 24, 2001.

Hmmm ... maybe just one too many beers this evening, disregard all to typos. especially that one about "keed the Seagate." That does sound pretty cool though. Keed the Seagate.

AEIOUAEIOUAEIOUAEIOUAEIOU Y, that's what I call one long vowel movement.

Keed the Seagate

-- Juicespeare (, March 24, 2001.

My name is Chris, and I used to work at CompUSA 524 Auburn Hills MI from Feb 22,99 to the end of july 2000. I helped open the store. Hell. I also Grand Opened Ann Arbor and Lansing. I always put my personal best in to helping the store become a nice place, but all i got was SHIT on. Everyone would call me names, pull practical jokes on me and stuff, for instance- in winter 99-00, I had put my jacket in the back room, and worked my shift. When I was leaving, the alarm went off.. I found a sensor tag in my coat pocket..I went out again, and the alarm went off again. I ended up finding 3 tags in my jacket and what was done? Laugh at chris. Thats all. I cant even count the times my coat was stuffed in the freezer or fridge, which i might add, was full of spills and old food. People would constantly make prank phone calls from other parts of the store, and also forwarded phone sex lines to me at my station. I was once promoted to Lead cashier. Whenever I tried to make a customer happy, I would get bitched out. I later got DEMOTED because I was following the policies I was taught to uphold. It was just “Chris, we are reducing you to cashier” and I got almost $1 per hr. cut from my check. Lastly, when I quit, I still had 1 week of vacation banked up. Michigan law states that if an employee has earned vacation or personal days, they MUST get paid for them unless the employee is fired. My father had to go all the way up to the sr. Vice president of the company to get my vacation, and only under the threat of legal action did he get any results. The management did nothing to help me, they wouldnt even give me a single day off when I found out my Grandmother was having surgery. I can believe that the managers make 6 figures, and the assistants, (retail, FEM, OPS, ets) make $50,000+... Since the buyout, the insurance policy offered changed from something bad but tolerable, to something that TOTALLY SUCKED! I couldnt even go to my regular doctor anymore. The management acted like they were GOD, almighty and perfect, while the rest of us were the spawn of satan. They had no tolerance for a crumb on the floor at closing, let alone someone forgetting a shelftag (OH NO! NOT A !!SHELFTAG!!) For all you comp employees, I am truly and honestly sorry for you. The day you realize you are being SCREWED and tell THEM to go SCREW THEMSELVES will be the best day of your life. Believe it or not, its true. I did it myself.


-- Chris (, March 31, 2001.

Recently, I found myself behind someone in the checkout line of CompUSA in Nashville who complained that the price for the item he wanted to purchase was not correctly registered when scanned by the cashier. Several minutes later the cashier received permission to void the charge and register the correct price.

Guess what, when it was my turn, my item registered for twice the price listed on the shelf. Just a warning, watch your prices at the register.

-- Jim (, April 02, 2001.

I am a current employee of CompUSA, and I would have to disagree with the other "employees" on this forum. I have worked at 5, count them 5, CompUSA stores (Fountain Valley, Reno, Las Vegas, Provo, and Henderson) and have yet to experience any major issues with managers, or the higher ups. If I want time off, I ask for it. Unless it is an extremely busy time, or if I didn't give them notice, they will always give me the time I need. Just recently, I put in a 3 week time off request. I got it no problems what so ever. I asked to be put on par with other salesmen, I got my raise (mind you, making good money now...over $1000 every check for no more than 40 hours of work). I don't even bother pushing the extended warranty. I mention it, I give them honest opinions, and tell them what is best for them. If they buy it, they buy it. If they don't then so be it. I kindly help them out and load the system into their car, and wish them a good day. I have NEVER once been told this was bad. The new "Whatever It Takes" philosophy is really working. If you were treated bad, there must have been a reason, usually your own fault. As a matter of fact, my manager has been a friend of mine for 4 years! The other managers are great also. Another manager and I run a separate business outside of work selling airplane models (as we both love airliners). Everyone in the store respects each other, but at the same time, like friends, they will play jokes on you. Oh boo, hoo, you got tags put on your jacket. Grow up. HELL, I am called Omlet at my work, I am paged Omlet, and they even put me as Omlet on the schedule. I find it fun!

Grow up.

-- Marc (, April 05, 2001.

So..You area called OMLET? Why is must be because you are always fried at work. You must act so stupid, that everyone likes you because you MAKE THEM LAUGH! What a loser.

-- anon (, April 05, 2001.

Actually, no. Good attempt, although in vain. I am called that since we have multiple "Marks" at our work, and they took a nickname I had from friends and family, and used that instead. We use it as a source of individuality. I told them to use the name, not that they started without permission. We play pranks on each other (not during work, mind you), why? It's fun, we're all friends, and it promotes a friendly, healthy, and productive workplace. Don't know about you, but that is usually the best kind of workplace. And I've seen this at numerous CompUSA stores now that they are owned by a new group. Much better, and "Whatever it takes" is the motto. We actually now get awards at our store for "No Consumer Complaints for the Month of..." saying that customer service was excellent. They reward stores and employees for excellent customer service.

Keep trying, maybe you'll say something that's actually smart.

-- Marc (, April 06, 2001.

And as for "acting" stupid? I have my A+, Cisco, and MCSE. Got them before I turned 18. I am double Majoring in Geology AND Business Management, thus far with a 3.8 GPA (4 semesters), will graduate a semester early. Graduated high school at a rank of 51 out 1134. How does that make me stupid, or "act" stupid? Don't know me, thus your judgements of me are null and void and have no merits.

-- Marc (, April 06, 2001.

God, I wish this stupid forum had an "edit" button, so I wouldn't have to post 3 times.

Anywho, why do I work at compusa? Because where I currently live (you can decide where I live), tech jobs are few and far between. Also, no other place have I ever worked were the managers so willing to work with my hectic schedule. As well as I probably get paid more than you could ever think. I don't get paid by their "normal" pay scale. At 19, I can afford to pay for a car in cash, plus pay off apartment bills, car insurance, cable bills, etc and yet have plenty left over to afford many luxuries. My parents and I don't speak much, so they don't assist me. I'd say that's doing pretty good. And as of yet, I have never conned a customer, I actually refer many to Dell or other companies if I feel they can better suit the needs of the customer.

How is that stupid?

-- Marc (, April 06, 2001.

I just wanted to take the time to say....WHATEVER IT TAKES!Lol...just kidding...Ive worked for CompUSA for a year and a half now, and the "whatever it takes!" motto is by far the lamest idea yet. I work up at Customer Service and am constantly made a fool of by that shitty motto. Our stores GM and Sales Manager will let a customer return anything...or damn near close to anything...and everytime I call for auth. they always end the conversation with "Whatever it Takes!"

-- COMPUSLAVE (, April 08, 2001.

I feel for everyone on this page that has had a problem with CompUSA. I have had nothing but problems with them. This is a letter I recently sent to the president of the company, Hal Compton. I know it is a very long letter, but I had so many problems with them! Please read it and tell everyone to boycott them! Or let me know if you have any suggestions...

Dear Mr. Compton,

Let me begin this letter by letting you know how disappointed I have been with the service I have received from the employees in your Anaheim, CA store and the product I have purchased. Over the last month I have been on the phone with the managers and even had to argue with them to get anything done. I also felt I knew more about how to fix my computer then the tech department. Everyone I have dealt with has been completely unprofessional, and I am pretty much disgusted with the manner in which I have been treated.

On February 29, 2000 I purchased a Compaq Presario computer, model 7470. I also purchased a Compaq printer model IJ300 and a 17” Compaq monitor model MV720. These items qualified for a $175 rebate when purchased together. At the time of purchase we requested a TAP warranty on the computer. The sales girl explained the different packages and we chose the 3-yr Silver plan. My dad purchased it for me using his CompUSA card.

A few days after we got the computer home, things started going wrong. The computer would constantly freeze up in the middle of basic programs a few times a day. That soon turned into 5-6 times a day. Then it got to the point where we couldn’t even warm boot the computer with “ctrl, alt, del.” We had to turn the computer off by unplugging it. The computer also stopped functioning in certain programs. At one point it simply wouldn’t function at all. All we could get it to do was tell us it had performed an illegal operation. We spent a few days on the phone with your tech support people, sometimes for 5-6 hours at a time. They finally said there was nothing else they could do, and the computer was bad. So I took the computer back to the store on March 14, 2000.

When I gave it to them to repair it, they informed me that they would not be able to help me, because the manufacturers warranty only covered the computer for 14 days, and this was day 15. I explained that I had purchased the TAP warranty. Then I was told the TAP warranty was placed on the printer, when I had specifically asked for no warranty on the printer. After talking to several managers, explaining the salesgirl’s mistake, they agreed to let me purchase the TAP warranty on that day. The problem was, they needed my dad’s card with which the original purchase was made, to do the transaction. Well, needless to say, I was not prepared for all of this. I thought I was going to drop off my computer to be fixed, and leave. I live in Riverside which is an hour away from the Anaheim store (I had purchased it there because it was closer to my dad.) I had already spent 2 hours in the store. Now I was going to have to wait another 2 hours for him to get home, and have him drive over with his card. I was very upset at this situation. After a lot of time and unnecessary arguing, the warranty situation was resolved. They took the computer, did their diagnostics on it, determined it had a bad motherboard, and replaced the entire computer.

We thought our problems were over. However over the course of the next year, we had continually increasing problems with the new one. Although it took a year for the new computers problems to surface, it was the same type of thing that happened to our first computer, only it took a little longer for the problems to arise. It started again as soon as we got the new computer set up. Every couple of days, the computer would freeze or it would tell us the program we were using had performed an illegal operation. After all the trouble I had gone through the first time, I was reluctant to take it back again. Over the next year, as problems would become apparent, we would contact tech support over the phone, and they would change some settings or have us do something that would seem to clear up the problem. About a week later, or sometimes within a few days, the problem would return, usually worse or with another problem. We tried to perform Scan disks and we tried to defrag it, but the computer was unable to defrag the D: drive. The computer continued to freeze up , and now we could no longer download things, and our regular programs stopped functioning. Either the computer couldn’t find them, or the program would close itself. Also the computer would freeze during a screensaver and would be unable to be safely shut down. Only by unplugging it, could we turn it off.

So, I called the CompUSA in my area, to see if I could take it there to be repaired. I was informed that I would need to take it to the store I purchased it at. I called the store to see what I could do, since I was unable to find my receipt. I knew they would have it on record somewhere, since it was purchased on a CompUSA credit card. When I called, I was unable to talk to an actual person, I only had the option of leaving a message. I left 2 messages , and both were unanswered. I called again the next day. On the message it states that a manager will call you back. The phone call I received was from a regular sales person. Of course they were unable to help me, and told me they would have a manager call me back.

Finally 3 days later, Himanshu, a manager called me back. I spoke with him about the receipt, and he said he would look it up. I gave him the card number, and he said he would call back in a few hours. 5 hours passed and I called back. Again, unable to reach an actual person. I finally figured out that if I chose the menu options to speak with someone in the tech department, I could ask someone there to get a manager for me. I finally spoke to Himanshu, 6 hours later, and he said the computer was still doing a search, and he would call me when it was done. He never called back. I called the next day, and he said that the computer could not find the transaction and I asked him why he did not call me back to let me know. He would not answer me. He also said there was nothing else he could do, and spoke to me like I was wasting his time. I finally got it out of him, that he could contact corporate to get a copy of the receipt. I asked him why he couldn’t have offered that in the first place, and he would not answer the question. He told me he would contact them and call me when he had any information, then he proceeded to hang up on me.

Three days later, he called and left me a message that he had the receipt, but it didn’t show the TAP warranty on it. After multiple unreturned messages, I finally was able to get him on the phone and I explained to him that the TAP had been purchased on a different day and I asked him why he didn’t request the receipt pertaining to the TAP warranty. That was what I had originally requested. He raised his voice, got very irritated and said he would request the other receipt. His attitude at this point, and the tone of his voice were completely unprofessional and rude. I was shocked at the way I was being treated. He finally called back, with the correct receipt, and told me I could bring the computer back in whenever I wanted.

I proceeded to back up our files onto C.D.’s which is a long and tedious process. We have a lot of music files on our computer and it was very time consuming to save it all.

I contacted the regional office regarding the way Himanshu had treated me and I was told the problem would be taken care of. I also contacted the corporate office and made a formal complaint.

I made the 1 hour trip down the store the next day. It was raining hard and I was 8 months pregnant. I tried to get someone to help me bring the computer inside, and no one would help me. Finally the door man was able to get someone to watch the door so he could help me. I was very grateful for his help, but very embarrassed that everyone else made excuses why they couldn’t help me. When I got to the tech counter, I said that I needed to speak with Himanshu. In front of all of the other customers, I was told that Himanshu did not want to speak to me. Completely shocked, I did not know what to say. A few moments later, a clerk brought me the copy of the receipts. I was instructed to write down what was wrong with the computer on the service sheet. I filled up the little space and the entire back of the sheet with what was wrong with it. Including the fact that we were unable to defrag the D: drive.

I requested to speak with another manager before I left, because of Himanshu and how I had been treated, I did not feel comfortable leaving my computer there without some kind of guarantee that I would be treated with respect and my computer would be repaired or replaced appropriately. I also wanted to discuss what exactly would be done with my computer. They said Louis was another manager, and I waited 20 minutes while they were getting him. Finally I was told after 20 minutes that he was at lunch. I was assured by the tech people that they would have him call me back. So I left my computer there with my parents phone number. I wanted to be able to come get my computer if I didn’t feel comfortable leaving it. So I went to my parents house, thirty minutes away, and waited.

I left the store at 2p.m. and when 6:30p.m. rolled around, knowing that the store closed at 7p.m. I decide to call and see what had happened. I spoke with Tim, the operator and he tried numerous times to get Louis on the phone. Louis had excuse after excuse why he had to call me back. With my experience of not having phone calls returned , I decided to wait. He told Tim to tell me he was with customers, but was I not a customer too? And was I not there before these customers? At 7:15 he finally got on the phone with me. I asked him if it was regular procedure to leave a customer on hold for 45 minutes. He didn’t apologize, he just said he had been busy. I asked what would be done with the computer, and if these problems with the computer continued, at what point would it be replaced. He said they would never be able to replace it. Knowing this was not true, since it had already been replaced once, I asked again. He very rudely acted as if I was wasting his time. I told him I had already had problems with customer service, and I would be writing a letter to the president regarding my treatment. He laughed at me and said write whatever you want. He couldn’t have cared less about my questions or trying to help me. I was mortified that yet again, a manager had treated me this way.

The next day, I spoke with Khawar Hasan, the general manager, to tell him about the horrible customer service. He assured me everything would be taken care of. I also contacted the regional office again regarding the situation with Louis. Again, I had to leave several messages before anyone called me back.

The next day I called to check on what was going on, and I spoke with Johnny who said they were going to run a software program on it that would detect any hardware problems. He said he would call me back in a couple of hours, and let me know how it was going. I called about 5 hours later, and he said he hadn’t even started it yet because they were busy with customers. I told him I thought I was a customer, and I had been there way before these other customers. He said he would get right on it, and he would call me in the morning and let me know how it was going. Of course I received no call back. I called the next day, and supposedly the program was still running.

Finally, about 5 days after I had dropped off the computer, Ruth called me and informed me that the software had not detected any problems with the hardware, and it must be a problem with the software installed on the computer and it would be $20 and hour if I wanted them to work on it. I was completely appalled. I knew the problem did not lie with the software. I asked her if she had even tried the things I had written about the problems. She placed me on hold and returned to tell me that Khawar said they could check out the software free of charge. She also said I should come to the store and sit down with one of the techs and explain exactly what the problems were. I thought this was ridiculous considering I brought my computer to them to be fixed, and I shouldn’t have to sit down and help them fix my computer.

Again, I explained that the problem was not with the software. I asked if she had tried to defrag the D: drive, like I had stated in the list of problems. She said no, they had not tried that. I asked her to try it and she did while I waited on the phone. The computer could not defrag the D: drive. She informed me that they would order a new hard drive, and it would be there in 7-10 days. If they had only read what I had written about the problems with the computer they would have figured it out a lot sooner. Also, it seems like defragmenting the hard drives and performing a scan disk would be standard procedure in diagnosing a hardware problem. So now, a problem that should have taken a few days to fix, had now taken almost a month.

I contacted the corporate office again to file another complaint about the tech department and their inability to properly service my computer until I told them what to do. I was told that my first complaint had not been recorded. So I had to go over the whole situation again. I spoke with Kari, who took down the complaint the second time.

When we got the computer with the new hard drive set up again(re- installing our programs and games which is very time consuming,) we thought the computer was working just fine. but within days we started experiencing the same problems. Now when we try to defrag the computer, it can’t defrag the C: drive. I am disgusted that I have to bring the computer back in again. This situation is completely ridiculous. Now if I want to take it back, I have to back up all of our new files.

I also sent out the appropriate items to receive the rebate (the bar code labels off of the boxes, a copy of the receipt, and the appropriate coupon filled out with the correct information) and I never heard back from them, and I never received a rebate. The reason I decided on the model of computer that I purchased, was because of the rebate. Now I have a bad computer that I paid to much for.

I feel that I have been ripped off. I have not received the quality of service that I expect from a large store like Comp USA. Nor do I have a quality product that I would also expect from your store. I have a model of computer that is wrought with problems, and I have been treated with absolute disrespect from more than one manager. Also there is a rebate available to me that I never received. I am left wondering what kind of company this is? One that cares about it’s customers and the quality of products it sells, or one that cares more about how much it sells.

In order to rectify this situation, I believe my computer should be replaced with a different model of comparable or better performance, because of the continued problems with this model. Also I would like an apology for the horrible customer service I have received.

I have heard no response yet.

-- Lady Marie (, April 08, 2001.

I was just wondering, do you happen to have any Norton products installed on your computer?

-- Cusa Employee (, April 10, 2001.

No I do not have any Norton products installed. I know it sounds like similar problems people have had with norton. I have been checking other complaint websites,and many others have had the same experience as me.

-- Lady Marie (, April 10, 2001.

Almost every customer we get needs help in some way. There simply isn't enough money in payroll (nor could there be) to get everyone help as quickly as they would like.

CompUSA can't be viewed on the whole because of one store's faults. Sure, some stores suck. But some are awsome. My store is great. All the team members get along with their managers great (except the GM, who is a really incompetant sycophant).

As far as the 15% restock fee, we almost never charge it. We should, but we don't. We do have salespeople who can explain the products and make sure it fits your needs. Sometimes you may have to wait a few minutes for a team member, but you will get helped. It's not our fault that you know nothing about your purchase. Let me give you some advice: 1. Keep your receipt 2. Try it before the return policy expires 3. Keep the packaging 4. Make sure it's what you want before you buy it

If you follow these simple rules you will be much better off. Often I will waive the restock fee because on some products you have NO IDEA how it will work till you try it. That's fine. But I have taken back computers from people who argued about the restock fee after they, admittedly, bought a computer and had no idea how to use it. For God's sake take some responsibility.

This leads into your job as a consumer. We are not here to be your mother. I get complaints from customers from time to time about how they threw out the box to their computer and now need the UPC code for a rebate. Read the rebate form we give you. If you lose your receipt, whose fault is that? Not ours.

About the workplace, the GM sets the mood. If the General Manager is an idiot, then the store will suck. My GM is horrible but all the other managers are great. Some of you think that all the managers make $50,000+??? I wish. Only two of the managers make that much at my store, the GM and another. Most of the managers at my store got screwed during the last retooling of the Manager layout (Front End Manager, Ops, Asst. Sales).

Remember everyone, we only have the tools our regional offices give us. If they cut our payroll, we have less to work with.

That idiot above who posted an IMS login so people could screw with CompUSA, who do you think suffers for that kind of thinking? CompUSA?

No, the employees. We are trying our best to take care of everyone without having someone mess things up. Grow up. If you got fired you deserved it. End of story. I've been involved with firing a few people, and they STILL shop at our store, and count me a friend. In the end, they knew they crossed the line too many times.

As for returning product, we can't send back anything we want. There are caps on some things, and other other rules with others. Some vendors will take anything, others require it to be "like new" with all packaging.

I think I nailed most of the things I wanted to say. Remember, if you aren't satisfied speak to the General Manager. If they don't make you happy, go to the Regional Manager (their number is on the wall). All complaints that go to corporate get sent right back to the GM of the offending store to deal with (seriously, this is true).

-- CompUSA Employee (, April 14, 2001.

All I have to say is that CompUsa really sucks with their return policy. I bought phoneline network cards, but it turns out that the telephone wiring in my house is too old. So it did not work and I returned the product, and lost $20. Their 15% restocking fee sucks. How can a customer buy a product and not open it, to see if it is compatible or not? Once you open the box you are charged. What the f&*k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

-- John Smith (, May 06, 2001.

I bought an NEC 120LT laptop for my High Schooler for $899.99. Of course I was worried he would eventually break it, so I paid for the screen breakage warrantee.

Yes, after 3 years, the screen did get broken. However, they refuse to honor the warrantee because of three examples of "obvious abuse". #1 Crayon marks on the case (my 4 year old gets crayon every where); #2 Some plastic tabs were broken off (they broke during the first year but never affected the usage of the laptop); #3 The Screen is broken.

I paid $439.93 for the screen breakage warrantee, which is almost half the original cost of the computer and more than it would currently be worth, so at that price I would have thought it would actually cover screen breakage. I guess that was swindled.

-- Bob Sturnfield (, May 15, 2001.

With regard to that screen protection, when I was trained about the "warranties", I was told that no matter what happens to the screen, it would be replaced. The GM said that the customer could even jab a pen through it and they would replace it. It looks like they screwed you there. If I were you, I'd take it up with the regional or main office..the main office number is 1-800-compusa.

good luck.

-- ex-employee (, May 21, 2001.

Yes I agree.........Your laptop should be replaced. But try this on for size.

Crayon;s on the computer? THAT IS ABUSE. Sorry bro.

The general consumer never fails to amaze me at how stupid they really can be. In a legit case they would not have asked questions......

Oh well. I am happy with my job. Make plenty of money, and about 95% of my customers are return bussiness. Customer loyalty doesnt come by screwing them, so dont be so quick to flame everyone pardner....

And if you dont know how to use something....dont fucking buy it just cuz your buddy next door has one and you have to maintain status. Also, the RETAIL industry SUCKS, not just open your eyes.

-- rockymtn tss (, May 22, 2001.

Maybe I wasn't specific enough. What I should've said is that (regarding screen protection) no matter what happens to the screen, accidental, purposeful, or whatever, it will be replaced, AS LONG AS IT DOESN'T WORK. That means if you DID stick a pen through the screen and it still worked, tough luck. Hope I clarified things.

-- Blow me (, June 07, 2001.


-- JOSH J M.... (TAKARUS@HOTMAIL.COM), June 08, 2001.

To the above post...

What is the fu(k are you talking about?

-- William Gates (, June 11, 2001.

This is funny! Very funny! All you people are so funny!!!

-- Alan Spardum (, June 14, 2001.

This is my first time on this web site and there is nothing here that is inaccurate except for a few questionable admissions. I worked for CompUsa for 1.5 years. Talk about the facts: CompUSA is all about your sales numbers. It is not about people so the Marc guy who is smoking compcrack is all about "I make $1000 a paycheck and I have not been dishonest with a customer...." Here is a question, if you are that good what are you doing at the evil empire as a sales person or better yet why haven't they swooped your "salesman" ass up as a Retail manager so you can teach the rest of them how to sell used!!!

I took what I learned from CompUsa and started a firm that provides E2E solutions. So, I thank CompUSA for the knowledge that I have gained, what I do not appreciate is the way they treat people.

You also mentioned you had A+, Cisco, MCSE...What you do actually have? Cisco what? CCNA, CCDA, CCNP or CCIE? What is it? If you are an MCSE, why are you studying Geology and Business Management and selling airplane models? Too much CompCrack makes Marc an idiot...or are you just a compbitch!!!

-- Nevermind (, June 22, 2001.

My wife purchased a Sony Mavica FD75 for Father's Day on 6/10/2001. I took 2 pictures with it on Father's day (6/17/2001), realized that it really didn't have the resolution I needed, and repacked the camera in the box with all the original parts. On 6/22/2001 - within the 14 day refund limit - (today) I attempted to return it or exchange it for a camera with a higher resolution. I was told by the store sales manager, James Maldonado, that I must contact Sony about a refund or exchange, not CompUSA, for any Sony product. His statement was "this is a Sony requirement, not a CompUSA requirement". When I questioned it, he said repeatedly said it a Sony requirement so I needed to contact Sony. I was stunned. There was no mention of this return policy with Sony products when my wife purchased the camera. When I checked with other stores in the area (GoodGuys, BestBuy, etc)about a specific Sony refund/exhange policy, they stated they had none and that they take Sony products in exchange or refund just like any other products. I feel like I am getting the run-around. What process/procedure do I use to get my money back? (I'm not even thinking about dealing with CompUSA again with an exchange considering this problem). I have attempted to call Sony to determine if such a policy does exist for CompUSA, but the Sony support was unavailable after business hours. There is no mention of this specific policy regarding Sony products on the sales slip return/refund statements. Please contact me as soon as possible at the above number. My wife is extremely upset and crying because she feels she has failed to give me the very nice gift she intended. I am upset because she is upset and because I cannot believe such a policy exists - CompUSA takes your money, but doesn't stand up to their own written guarantee.

-- Terry Scott (, June 23, 2001.

Terry, On the Sony Camera, I work at OfficeMax, and we have the same policy on cameras, but we have to enforce it on Sony, because they will not give us credit, as I'm told by our receiving clerk. We do have it posted in a few places, and need it in a few more. CompUSA might not have it posted, but it is still a Sony requirment. The sticker inside the lid should even say do not return to store, call Sony. This really sucks, but Comp is on the level. Also remember this policy applies to software too.

I also see the purpose of the restocking fee. All retail stores get back a lot of stuff because the customer changed their mind or didn't need it. If the customer opens it and uses it, it is not resellable as a new item. There are costs to the store to send it back to the manufacturer, and the restocking fee is meant to offset this cost. I'd like to see my store get a restocking fee. I've had the scum of the earth come to my store, buy an item just to try it out, then return it so they can buy it off the internet for cheaper. I'd love to be able to charge this kind of idiot $20 bucks. Then there are issues like incompatibility or defect. This is where I would wave the fee.

-- Brendt (, June 23, 2001.

If you shop at CompUSA, here's a few tips to know BEFORE you go in.

1) CompUSA is making a nationwide move to commissioned salespeople. This is in an effort to boost sales more than anything. The official reason is to give the salespeople bigger paychecks. but at a 1% (yes, ONE PERCENT) commision, all this does is weed out the helpful employees to make room for the bottom-liners. These are the guys who make over $200 a day on that 1% commission. Everybody else has a minimum draw to meet (usually around $750 in commissions in two weeks), and if not made, it's chopping block time. CompUSA used to be known for having a better ratio of knowledgeable salespeople than its competitors. Well, no more. If you're shopping for a PC in a commissioned store, odds are you're GOING to be screwed over. If the CompUSA in your area has commissioned salespeople, it may be better to sho in another store. The best results are in a small computer store where they'll build a machine for you.

2) If you DO decide to shop in a commissioned store, do a little research on the products first. A good way to determine whether you're actually being helped or just being duped into putting money into the salesman's pockets is to ask a technical question or two that you know the answer to (try to get REALLY advanced if possible, even if you don't know a thing about computers). Ask something like "What type of motherboards do HP computers use?" (Answer? Believe it or not, they use specially made ASUS boards). Or ask what makes the Pentium 4 chip different from the Pentium 3 (Intel's got a wealth of info on their website). Make sure you know the answers to these questions. A good CompUSA employee will give you a straightforward truthful answer. The bottom-liners will either make something up or will talk really fast without actually answering the question.

3) TAP *IS* a good thing, but demand on Bronze. Most stores don't even acknowledge Bronze anymore, because it keeps the TAP numbers low. Stores have a MINIMUM goal of 5% TAP per day. This means that 5% of the stores daily income MUST be from TAP. Bronze is all you'll ever use. Yes, it's overpriced, but it saves everybody (including yourself)a lot of hassle when dealing with faulty equipment. BUT, only buy it on computers, be it desktops or laptops, or buy it on PDAs, because they WILL replace a broken one. You'll never use it on a printer or scanner or anything else (except maybe a game console). * Fun With TAP: If you buy your computer from a bottom-liner and DO want TAP, buy it from the Cashier, not the salesperson. The cashier will make a spiff (a bonus on their check), and the salesperson loses a 6% (yes, all services have a 6% commision, hardware is 1%, and software and accessories are 4%. A salesperson MUST have either hardware or a service on a ticket to apply for the 4% accessory commission, which makes up 80% of the store) commission.

4) Don't get angry when the store is out of sale items. If it's a BIG deal like free RAM (it happens), get there VERY early. If it's a computer and it's sold out Sunday evening (ad day), odds are it was a discontinued item, and the computer replacing it is going to sell for the ad price anyway. For example, a recently discontinued computer was selling for $1100 with a $150 rebate from CompUSA. The new machine with nearly identical specs sold for $950 WITHOUT rebate. No bait-and-switch, just getting rid of old hardware. Also, don't get angry when nobody will give you a discount. You're not special to CompUSA, and you're not valued. Just because you are spending $3000, doesn't give you special treatment. You can threaten to go elsewhere, but bottom-line is king. If you don't want it for full retail price, someone else will, and they may be suckered into buying more expensive TAP on it. The grocery store won't give you a discount for grapes if they're not on sale, and this is not Tiujuana.

5) If you ARE shopping for a computer and ARE planning on buying, when a salesperson comes up to you and asks if you need help, don't respond with "I'm just looking". This sends the salesperson trying to help away and attracts bottom-feeders, I mean, bottom-liners. Just refer back to #2, and you'll know if you're really being helped. If you DO feel that the salesperson helping you is full of it, then go ahead and ask for another salesperson. Don't feel like you're contributing to internal strife, it's already there and nothing you can say or do will ease employee hostilities. Don't get emotionally involved; remember, these people's job is to screw you.

These things are especially important to know if you're not very familiar with computers. DO try to familiarize yourself with what you may be buying, however or you WILL end up being dissatisfied. A machine under $1000 is usually NOT going to play all the newest games. Buy a playstation or something. You're really not going to find anything cheaper at another chain store, so "shopping around" is fairly pointless. This was primarily pointed towards CompUSA, but these rules can easily apply to anywhere that sells any sort of retail goods; be it CompUSA, Best Buy, or even Sears.

For reference, I recently quit CompUSA after a three month stint on the new commission system, and now work full time for a fairly new chain that still values it's customers AND employees and has yet to be corrupted, but we'll see how long that lasts (you can probably guess who), and part-time for a consumer empowerment firm, contributing to their magazine.

-- Lemon (, June 28, 2001.

take it from someone who works there. its funny when you get shitty service and they do not know your an employee...then you tell them you are...they shit a brick (but it was already to late) ....the premier store in addision texas (the 1st and the one they try all the new stuff out at) ...treated me like shit. it all depends on where you go...but the customer service sucks.

-- b (, July 03, 2001.

I'm going to be fair to both customers and employees of CompUSA. Let's start with my day in and out of that wonderful hole that I work in called the Technical Service Center. Where I deal with all types of issues. From your afore mentioned warranty issues and the "free" upgrade customers. Just like there is bad customer service from CompUSA and other computer retail stores, there is on the other hand bad customers. Mind you, these people provide us, the employees, with a very poor image on the rest of you "honest" CompUSA customers. Remember now, the bottom line of any business is to make money. We aren't out here to provided a service to the community so that there lives can be made easier. That's secondary. CompUSA is looking to increase revenue. As it is, we're practically falling short of our sales goals for every month since the fiscal year started to the point of laying off people. So if it was YOUR company, would you take a return of a $2600 dollar laptop that has a D66 status (Discontinued by both retailer and manufacturer) and make an attempt to send it back to the manufacturer? Let's say you were able to return it, would you pay the %15 restock imposed on that return by the manufacture? My guess is "no." why? Because when one person does it, then they'll tell their friends/family. Then they tell their friends/family. All of the sudden, 'HEY, IT'S OKAY TO SHOP THERE! YOU CAN'T PRACTICALLY RENT THE COMPUTERS THEY HAVE THERE.' Therefore those policies are imposed. No excuses can be made, because humans are like cattle. If one is able to do it others will follow. Even now, just drop that value of $2600 to $260 for a digital camera. Oh my it didn't have the picture quality I was hoping for. Well who's fault is that? The stores? Hell no! You said you wanted a camera the store provided a camera. You wanted a better camera? Well, there is another magical world with forums and information called the internet. It has everything you need, including rates and reviews on all the latest digital camera technology. Would you trust 15 reviews from an esteemed number of sources or the review from a 19 y/o college student who was barely pay attention as you babbled on about whatever?! I sincerely hope not, because he's more than likely staring at that hot chick 3 aisles down who looks a little more helpless than you. As for rebates, you "cheap bastards" need a life. You don't know what it's like to sit there stuck behind a counter for 2 hours listening to, "Where is the rebate for this... and this... and this? Can i have a single receipt for each one of these items please? and can you make me copies? Why can't I return it? I had to send the receipt in for the rebate?" If you're that concerned about saving money, why are you going to buy it in the first place? Just so you can get home after your hormone induced shopping frenzy has died down and realize, "why the hell did I buy all this crap? I don't even have a PS/2 port on my computer for this mouse." It's funny how people think that I exaggerate when I relate these stories. It's no exaggeration, one person thought I had a psychic ability because I knew exactly what he wanted and what he was looking for. "excuse can you help me...' Help you find the $50 rebate on that Maxtor 30GB Hard Drive and the box of Holiday Clipart and that Microsoft Intellimouse? sure just crowd into that mass of sticky sweaty flesh, theres a wall behind it full of rebates." I can sit at my tech counter as soon as the store opens and on the sundays when there is a big ad advertising rebate this and free that. I know I can laugh because I see the lines outside the doors and watch as people move like cattle. We can herd you people around the whole store. In fact, I've seen that done. setting tables in front and back filled with advertised product and just watching people clammer around like ants from one to the other. Feeding off the "free shit" like pirahana's to a cow. =) The "free" installs aren't so bad. We supposedly get $30 dollars for every item we install under is status. So long as we have a copy of that receipt. Yeah, it might work. "What do you have there sir... oh a Packard Bell Multimedia 600 featuring a Cyrix 200 MHz x86 processor. How lovely, lets see, it will upgrade to a maximum of 96MB of EDO RAM and it will hold a 6GB Hard Drive and nope... No CD-RW Drive for you! Don't even think about DVD that 2MB on-board video card ain't gonna cut the requirements. Hey, tell you what instead of trying to waste my time with such outdated technology. Take that $200 you spent and go but an aluminum boat. That piece of caca you've got there will make a nice anchor to go with it." Usually that's followed up with a Compaq. One of the new models, the 5000 series, which all suck by the way. I can't apologize for that one. I actually like it to a small degree. We claim labor on it and it will sit in our shop for days, being practically rebuilt. Yeah, I just had to throw that one in there because personally I hate Compaq. I myself had a bad experience with them and told one gentle sir on the other end, "Your computers are shit and you can go fuck yourself!" he didn't want to help me after that, but it's not like he was much help before. So back to CompUSA and the people who have been anally raped by them. I am not here to start beef, but I am bringing it as raw as I can. Since you folks here think CompUSA sucks, as an employee I would personally like to extend my sympathies and my own feelings into this. To you "free" installing, vacation loving (common excuse for returning late), receipt losing, non-researching (study skills were taught in elementary for this reason), complaint shoving, clumsy, anally raped, "cheap bastards," I say... you suck too! =) You are the bad customers; they make those of you who are decent enough to bring in your "defective shit" with in the designated return period and with a receipt receive bad service. Just one of those people ruins your whole day... if you don't like the service there, get and application and start changing things other than that, stay the hell out of the store! Frankly no one in that building, employee or consumer, wants your presence. I hope to see more of you honest shoppers around. We will do almost anything for you good people.

--Just a note, the vulgarity is in there in quotes for a reason. On our end we cuss up a storm. I was just using the terms we would use on our, the employees, end. This doesn't represent all of us. A majority of the employees do not deal with customers or customer service. I'll take all hate mail and if you want to see me, well... I don't know how many of have psycopathic criminal tendencies. I will protect my family and not release any of that info. =)

-- Michael B. (, July 07, 2001.

I work at CompUSA currently. Let me tell you, it sucks a big one. I've got a few words for em'. FUCKITY FUCK COMPUSA!!!! CHAPTER 13 ALL THE WAY BABY!!!

-- Disgruntled Employee (, July 07, 2001.

I love compUSA, they are great, they are making me happy. I am happy. compUSA is a happy place. They have happy people working in happy departments in a happy environment. When I feel down, I shop at CompUSA and I am then happy. Happy happy happy. I like to be happy, and compUSA make me happy. Thank you happy people for giving me such a happy experience. Happily Yours,

Mr. CompUSA Shopper Man =)

-- Mr. CompUSA Shopper Man (, July 08, 2001.

This is to thoes of you bitching about working @ CompUSA. If its so damn bad, quit your job! CompUSA was not my first job, it was my 4th job, and it is 10 Times easier then my previous jobs. You deal with no heavy lifting, (unless you consider 50 pounds heavy). Your work enviroment is air conditioned, You learn something new EVERY day. Your co-workers are for the most part EXTREMELY knowledgeable. I understand the pay isn't great, you can get hired @ a fast food joint for the same wage. But what job is easier? Flippin Burgers in 100 Degree heat, or helping a customer buy computer equipment?

Your all spoiled, and need to shut up.

-- Mike Hunt (, July 08, 2001.

I'd like to make a contribution to the message board to clear up some things, not only about CompUSA's policies, but some of your other misc. complaints.

1a. The often mentioned 14 day return policy with a 15% restocking fee. To all of you complaining about CompUSA's return policy and stating that you shopped at Best Buy or Circuit City because of it maybe you should read their return policies on computer related items as well, because if you do you will find that the return policy is IDENTICAL.

1b. And those of you who are pissed because they wouldn't return something you purchased months ago... get realistic. The computer business by far the fastest changing technology related field EVER. Every 2-4 months there are new lines of every brand of computer, except maybe Macintosh who stays around for 6 months. The super- advanced technology you buy today is considered "mid-range" in 6 months. Last Christmas all the talk was about the up and coming P4 processor... which debuted at around $2900 for a good setup... that same setup now will cost you MAYBE $1500. You can't expect a company to just lose that much money because you don't like your computer and it took you half a damn year to figure that out.

2. You all should be happy with CompUSA... at least they don't sell E-Machines or Gateways...

3. Why should EVERYONE boycott CompUSA because YOU had a bad experience? I bet not one of you can name a company that has never made a customer upset, you know why you can't? That's impossible. It's rediculous to think that because you had a bad experience at one store that every other store is 100% identical.

4. Be sure never to buy gasoline again when it's $2.00/gallon, because I know you're just as pissed... LET'S ALL RIDE OUR BIKES TO WORK... NO MORE GAS, NO MORE GAS! GAS SUCKS! GAS IS OVERPRICED! CompUSA is more expensive on some things, and they are cheaper on others, you take the good with the bad.

5. I noticed so many people saying something like, "I shopped at CompUSA and I've spent $1,000's and $1,000's there, and the last time I went my mouse was black instead of white" or "my memory was the wrong kind", and because of ONE EXPERIENCE you'll never shop there again? If you've spent $1,000's there you obviously had some prior experiences that were OKAY... or you wouldn't have come back. One time happens... if you wreck your car are you never going to drive again? You know it might happen again... but most days you drive you won't wreck.

6. No one is perfect, I'm sure you've all pissed off people before and you felt as though you did everything in your power to not piss them off, but it just happened. Sometimes good intentions are completely ignored. Every problem can't possibly be fixed, if CompUSA could fix everyone's problems there wouldn't be a competitor in the world that could sell a computer.

7. As far as commission-based sales dropping customer service into "the shitter", if you read up a little bit you'll see that customer complaints have actually gone down 23% since CompUSA went to commission-based sales. Why? A commission salesman will try harder to please the customer in order to get repeat business, and repeat business = more money.

8. Did I mention that CompUSA doesn't sell E-Machines OR Gateways?

9. Who has a better IN-STORE selection than CompUSA? Not Best Buy and their 5 laptops, and it's sure as hell not Circuit City either, who carries 50% of the models CompUSA does. There is a reason that CompUSA is the #1 seller of computers, it's service and selection.

10. New employees amazingly enough do not know everything about everything... in fact... not one person in any CompUSA knows EVERYTHING about computers... if they did I know they sure as hell wouldn't be working at CompUSA

Now I know that there are many very legitimate complaints towards CompUSA on this webpage... but for every one of those there are ten that by all means, are rediculous. This message board could actually do some good if the idiots tried to restrain themselves. A company will not take something like this seriously unless they see something deserve such treatment, which this does not. Whomever is in charge of this message board should take the time to delete all idiotic comments left.

- Mike

-- Mike (, July 08, 2001.

I too hate CompUSA. The situation that follows happened awhile back, but I am still stewing about it.

I bought an IBM Aptiva there. I must admit, it was an impulse buy around tax-time 2000 and the tax software wouldn't run on my old system. Yeah, it would have been cheaper to have my taxes done but since I had been considering purchasing a new, faster, better PC...I did. My problem with CompUSA is this, and someone, tell me if my complaint is NOT justified. While I was pondering the different makes and models, the IBM seemed like the best deal for the price. It came with a CD/DVD. I specifically asked about adding a CD-writer and was told it could easily be done. I told him that it was one of the conditions of the purchase. No problem. A few months later, I purchased an HP CD-Writer Plus from them. When my son opened up the case to install it, lo and behold, behind door # 2, where I was told it could go, was the very large hard drive. Oh, this made me very unhappy. He took out the CD/DVD and installed the new writer so I would, at least, have that. A computer guru friend told me that the hard drive could be moved elsewhere inside the case so could I re- install the CD/DVD and the install CD writer where I was told it would go. I decided, that since I had purchased the extended warranty on the computer, I would let them do it. Before I took the it in, I went into the store to talk with a manager. I explained in detail the discussion during the initial sale of the computer. He told me to bring it in and they would take care of it. I asked him to put it in writing, which he did. I week or so later, I brought everything in and proceeded to the tech support counter. One of the guys took it into the back, opened it, and came back out with it. Nope. Can't be done. Case is too small and would cause the system to overheat. Huh? Yes, I am now annoyed. I found the manager and informed him of what I was just told. I told him that I would not have purchased that computer, had I known up this upfront and that I felt mislead by his sales staff. He, of course, was 'sorry'. His solution was for me to buy a smaller size hard drive. (More disk space, just smaller in physical size.) "So", I asked, "in order for me to get the computer I thought I was getting, I will have to give you guys more money?" "Yes." OK, now I'm pissed. I thought he could at least have offered the new drive at a discounted price since it was supposedly better, but nooooo. So,I took my stuff and left...OK, I admit, I stormed out. But I refuse to go back in there. I can't do it. Am I wrong? And to any computer savvy folks out there, are they full of crap about not being able to move the hard drive and add the CD/DVD drive? I swear, that if I ever buy another computer anywhere, I will have them open it up on the spot so I can visually see what I'm supposed to get.

-- Nan (, July 09, 2001.

I am impressed. Our community has created a website for comp usa bashing. Right away you know that anyone who has responded hate on this site absolutely has no life. I mean you have got to be kidding me....I was bored so i read a handful of complaints but basically i laughed. One idiot was complaining that he couldnt return his equipment for a cash refund after he used the equipment for two weeks, another was complaining that a salesman tricked him into buying something and a year later he found out. One complained that he was trying to network his home and the salesman was not knowledgeable enough to tell him how to do it from start to finish for FREE!! Get real people, this is america!! You cheap bums want everything as cheap as possible and someone who is making 6 bucks an hour to baby sit you while you are in the store. Think about yourself and your own job....Do you have enough time to listen to 100 people whine per day about how they think they are getting screwed, or better yet offer 2 hours of assistance for free and a customer buy a product and return it the next day? The answer is obviously No...Comp Usa is a very inexpensive place where people can go view and get hands on experience with products and get basic answers on their questions with out the hassle of mail order and internet troubles. But yes, unfortunatly, cheapo's this means you will need to pay retail prices and subject to common descensy and laws of nature. Just think, one day when comp usa goes under because they cant afford to keep dealing with customers daily bull shit and asshole foreigners who was everything for free, we will all have no place to go to view the latest technology. You people need to wakeup and smell the coffey. Instead of complaining about something, use your time wisely and maybe you can be as successful as the owners of Comp USA too. Probably not, but its a good dream considering what you do in your spare time. On a brighter note, i have been shopping there for years, my mouse happen to have just broke, its an expensive one, but i have the comp usa replacement plan on it, so tomorrow i will go there after work and get my new mouse for free!!! Get an education people!!


Ok, here's my story from the inside. After reading some of the entries on this page I agree with most of you 110%, COMPUSA SUX ASS. I work for CompUSA as a service technician, but that's another story I will get to later. From a behind the counter point of view (i used to work the upgrades dept.) yes, compusa customer service sucks, i know this becuase i was there, personally, when i first started, i was enthusiastic and enjoyed coming to work for compusa. And i came to work with a smile on my face and gave customers the best service i could, but after about a day or two of this, i began to realize the poor managment and the strategic lowering of employee morale by the store managers is all compusa's way of saying, "We don't care about you, we care about your money". behind the scenes away from customers, managers say how they really feel about customers, and i must tell you, i'm yet to see a customer a manager doesn't make fun of and/or hates. My managers keep a file of customers they hate, if you bring a computer in for service and you piss off a manager, they have your name, address and phone number and they keep that info in their "Enemy" files, that's right, they have your information and they do use it. every manager and salesman is trying to screw u over. Recently, all hardware salesman in the country for Compusa is now paid on commision, what does that mean to you the consumer, YOU ARE FED UTTER BULLSHIT SO THEY CAN MAKE AS MUCH MONEY OFF YOU AS POSSIBLE!!! They have a policy that goes something like "Underpromise and Over deliver" unfortunately pretty much every sale is over promised and under delivered, and i'm sure most if not all of you can agree. But i'm no longer in sales and most of this board is about sales. I work in the tech shop and there is a whole uncharted topic there.

First, NEVER BRING YOUR COMPUTER TO A COMPUSA TO GET FIXED!!! Most of the time, the techs are lazy and will just say, "oh restore the unit" or they will make up something because they are too lazy to look at the machine. Your computer is NEVER fixed. Also, if you do bring your computer don't expect it back 100% fixed and definately don't expect it back for at least 2 weeks for even the simplest thing.

Second, the techs at most compusa's, at least the onese i've been to, including my own, will try to replace your computer rather than fix it. here's what happens, you bring in your computer in for a busted cd rom. The tech looks at the notes (not your machine) and bs's the notes and says "Computer completely dead, needs new motherboard, cpu, ram, hard drive, etc, etc. Parts cost more than unit, will be more cost effective to replace" He or she then goes about the normal procedure to get TAP approval and then replacement approval making up any necassary bullshit along they way. Keep in mind your cdrom is the only thing broken. He or she then gets approval to replace your computer. Then you get a call saying, "Hi this is Bill from CompUSA calling for Jane regarding your Compaq you had in for service. I diaged your computer and found it was completely bad, so I was able to get you a new computer becuase you had our TAP warranty." Your machine is now the property of CompUSA at this point. So now your old computer is either sold on ebay by the tech or one of the managers or is raped and the parts are taken by, again, the tech or one of the mangers to be used for whatever purpose. Either way, you are used for the benefit and profit of a Compusa employee. You may think you got a good deal by getting a new computer but don't think you are gonig to walk out of the store without being forced to by another extended warranty on that computer. This usually happens on laptops because we can sell your laptop for more profit.

Third, customers, WE HATE YOU ALL!!! Every compusa employee that works in the upgrades dept or tech dept hates any and all customers becuase you give us nothing but problems, excpet the occasional beautiful woman who is treated as an object nonetheless. We hate every customer that brings us a computer to fix becuase we believe you are all assholes and you all deserve to die because you expect your computer to actually be fixed. You have every right to be assholes to Compusa techs becuase we are after all, employees of Compusa. Don't expect to be respected or even liked by any compusa tech, becuase we HATE YOU ALL.

Third, we suck, I will tell you that not a day goes by in my shop when at least 10 customers are ready to shoot us, and yes, we have been threatened with violence at least twice a week and at least on one occasion a customer did violently attack an employee at the tech counter. We loose laptops, we don't touch machines for days, we all hate our jobs so we all go in there and do a realy half ass job of fixing your computer. Very rarely is a computer fixed the first time, the 6th or 7th time is usually the charm. Yes, a couple of technicians are MCP, MCSE, HP, Compaq, certified, but they have real jobs at companies like AT&T or for the local goverment and just work at compusa for the discounts and therefore could care less about your problems. We are told to address each customers problem with care and understanding, but all we care about is getting our paychecks and going home and we understand that you are all idiots who think they can get their computers fixed at compusa. I'm telling you, you are better off fixing it yourself or calling the manufacturer for help, compusa just makes things worse.

Fourth, I've worked at compusa for over a year and a half, six months as a salesman, and 10 months as a tech (i quit for two months to get away from the sales floor) and I HATE MY JOB, WE ALL HATE OUR JOBS AND WE ALL HATE COMPUSA. the managers are threatened with their jobs if they don't hit the numbers (that's all you are to the managers, not customers, just numbers) and they pass this stress onto their part time employees to lower morale even further. And we all hate our jobs, we hate our managers, we hate compusa, and we hate you the customers. So how can you expect quality service from people like this? You can't. I hate my job, I will quit as soon as i find another one.

What i have mentioned barely scratches the surface on what goes on behind the counter at compusa. I only mentioned a few things that have happend in the past week or so, but there are hundreds of other things that we do to screw you the "valued" customer over. Just remember, Compusa is a company with NO competition in the retail market (that's right, supposedly compusa is the only major retail computer chain, best buy and circuit city sell computers, but they also sell refridgerators), a company that is owned by MEXICANS!!!!, that's right we are owned by a mexican company called San Born or Sombrero or something like that, so how can you trust a company like that? So much to write, but you get the idea.

(excuse the spelling)

-- Disgruntled CompUSA Service Technician (, July 23, 2001.

this is in response to "Nan (, July 09, 2001."

Ok, you fucking moron, you are a prime example of a moronic customer that. You are why every compusa employee, particularly techs, HATE all you fucking idiots. Just becuase you thought you were "mislead" by a salesman does not justify you to bitch and moan about your computer. In your case, most likely there isn't room to put your precious hard drive in becuase physically, your case does not have the capability to mount a drive. If the condition of the sale was for you to get a burner, then why didn't you get it done on the spot? If you bought the warranty, upgrades are done on the spot, but if you bring in your computer later one, upgrades ARE NOT COVERED READ YOUR FUCKING PAPERWORK. the warranty probalby only covered upgrades on the spot the the shitty compusa techs. So to answer your question, you are in NO WAY justified in your complaints, you are a fucking moron, tell your computer guru friend he's a fucking moron too, becuase first of all you made the mistake of buying a computer retail and expecting everything to be handed to you on a silver platter. It's people like you who deserve the kind of treatment everyone gets at compusa. None of you deserve anything from compusa or any retailer for that matter, becuase all of you have one thing in common, you are all MORONS who think they can walk into a store a get what they want. like the other guy said, THIS IS FUCKING AMERICA, deal with it...fucking idiots

-- Disgruntled CompUSA Service Technician (, July 23, 2001.

OK, first off worked at CompUSA for over four (4) years. That took a lot of strength to do. Wasn't like I was proud to say I worked there when I left. In fact, I must say that my experience in the beginning was good, but that changed over time.

First off, when I was hired I was very excited. I enjoy helping people, which is why I chose my professional career. Problem is is that not all people like to be helped the same way. We are all human, and therefore we must deal with all kinds of folks as they enter the door to CompUSA Land. My intent was to help normal citizens pick out computers and other items that they wanted at home. I liked to see a smile on someone's face when I handed them the product that would solve their problem, meet their needs, etc.

But this is not always the case. I found that which each customer is not only a computer need, but also a personality. Each personality is as unique as their computer need can be. To skip the psychology 101 BS, I will give general issues that I am sure any retail firm faces:

1. Employees: CompUSA is not unlike Circuit City, Best Buy, Wiz, etc. The company doesn't make enough money to have locations all over the country (for the customer's convenience) and still hire enough employees to staff them. That's not to mention that what money is left is spent on hiring employees at the lowest rate possible. Travel to one of the aforementioned stores and you will see what I am talking about. Mostly highschool or college kids who take the job seriously, but in some cases care more about their activities outside of work. For a while I really took my job seriously, until I realized I was working way too hard for my small hourly wage. Trust me, I've worked roofing jobs (union) and other jobs that were seasonal, this wasn't bad. I just tried too hard. I see other posts where other employees have stated the same thing. When you are getting paid the same as MacDonald's, but your knowledge in some cases is much greater (with regard to computers of course) then you might question your employement.

2. Management: You have low paid, low skill in some cases, and low interest employees, what would make the situation worse would be an ineffecient management staff. Sure as hell Comp has had one for years. I have seen district, regional, and store management dig themselves holes so deep I didn't even want to go near them. Often managers at the store level are regular salesmen who are well accomplished at selling, or cash registering, or know someone. There is little training that is given to them on managing, but lots on how to fill out paperwork (necessary) and how to sell. These managers are given unrealistic goals for sales and bonuses based on employee performance. Some managers have found ways to manipulate numbers to their advantage, while others suffer along until they burn out, or are fired. Crap flows down hill, and somewhere at the top is a big shithead who beckons those below to perform without the necessary training, knowledge, employees, pay, etc.

3. Manufacturers: Can I say that these "evei" corporations are to blame? No, but some are worse than others. Remember when the salesman asked you if you really wanted that Compaq 700 mHz machine with 64 Mb of RAM, a CD-Rom drive, and onboard video and sound? You bought it and now you hate us. Great, you've joined a select group of folks. I was raised to understand that you get what you pay for, and in the computer industry this is very, very, true. A $500 computer is just that, and trust me not a whole lot more. Why is a computer over a $1000 dollars when some of specs are the same as a cheaper one. You'll find out in a few months to a year why. Trust me, the cheaper it is, the less likely it has the ability to be upgraded easily, for it to last longer, or for it to be made of high quality parts (if they still exist.) Hey, you the consumer told these companies you wanted less expensive computers and technolgy. You didn't specify it had to work well or have all the options you wanted. Maybe someday that will happen. For now these companies have to react to competition (each other) and technology that is changing faster than it can be perfected or made. Not to mention that because of this their parts/service/waranty claims is always screwed up. When you brought your broken PC to CompUSA Land to be fixed, and it took two weeks and you wanted to kill us, did you listen to the underskilled tech shop supervisor/manager explain to you that HP was slow delivering you the parts? Did you hear the explaination about the bad motherboards or the incompatibility of the software with the cheap hardware? Just checking. When that new machine that cost $1900 is discontinued in six months and marked dow several hundred dollars do you think CompUSA is going to be smilin and happy when you realize that its not totally up to date now and want to return it?

4. People: OK, there are no stupid questions, just stupid people. I can't say that's true though. I must admit I've been baffled or confused before shopping or using a product. I am an avid gun owner, and so when I purchase a new gun, I read the manual. Hey, computers are more complicated than my bolt action rifle. Not everyone knows everything about them, and therefore we all know a little about a lot of things. Expecting the 20 year old salesman to be able to explain what the error you got on your computer means is like asking the guy who mounts your tires at Sears to explain to you exactly how your anti-lock braking system works. Maybe somehow he knows, but most likely he knows a little about how it works. Complicated machines have complicated answers. that's why there are specialties like software engineering, computer science, and MCSE. If you get a wrong answer, that's what it is. Check around, the internet is wonderful thng. There are books, training (not CompUSA's), and other means to help you gain knowledge on computers. Prices aren't a whole lot different than any other store. Specials are the same. Stuff has rebates because it draws people into stores. Hey, I don't like them, but if 200 people show up for the free stuff, and say 20 buy other things including computers the company is happy. I just had to listen to 200 people looking for the same products all day. Oh yea, and when you come in on a Friday on your lunch break looking for an item that was free last Sunday, good luck. That's why there was 200 people here Sunday killing each other for items that are mostly junk. Sorry. Here's a few helpful pointers...

Say you had a bad day, your boss/spouse/child/someone has angered you. You drove 4,000 miles to get to your local store, and you need to buy/return/ask questions. Sure, there are employees around. ARe they busy? if yes then wait. they are people too. I am hypoglycemic, which means that if I don't test my sugar and eat at certain times I am in a coma on the floor. How many times have I had customer complaints because I told them I had to take care of that and not them. Sorry, if I was getting more money I might think about passing out at your feet, but seriously we are all human salespeople, not machines.

Tips... Be patient, Think about others, not just yourself you selfish bastard Be patient Listen, don't blab about how far you drove or stupid Rodriguez in Mexico who told you we had it in stock (I hated Comp's phone system!) Study up on what you want Money usually buys quality Cheap is cheap, what else do you want to hear? Free is cheap too, good luck Average margin on a computer, maybe 10%, after encurring costs for salesman, electricity for the building and various other cost centers we make a few bucks on your computer, so remember its not marked up just to screw you This is America, not a freakin watermellon stand in Morrocco. you want to negotiate a listed price go to another country! If a salesman offers money off for a warranty, take the warranty. It gives you bitching rights when the machine breaks. In no other circumstances may you bitch be patient Speak clearly, explain your problem, and stress your issue LOGICALLY! If you FEEL bad that's too bad for you. Listen, you are desensitized to people feelling bad after about three months of working retail If it says it won't work, it probably won't work. If software/hardware/cards/etc. say needs Pentium II 400 Mhz, and you have a Pentium II 266 Mhz, then guess what, don't waste your money! Comp, Best Buy, CC, all those other places are there to sell you products and to make profit. if they were non profit they would be a church, the NAACP, the NRA, or something like that. When was the last time you traveled or contacted any of them for a new piece of electronics equipment? These companies sell products for profit. Doesn't the place you work for do that too? Maybe not, but what about mistakes and problems, doesn't your place of employment have some problems, or ticked off customers and employees. Hey, welcome to the world, get a helmet.... Be Patient!

-- Is it Really Necessary? (, July 23, 2001.

okay lets get things straight people. YOU ARE ALL RETARTED. 14 dyas is more then enough time to find out if a item is or is not compliant with your computer as new or as old as it maybe. as a manner of fact, you are most likely the person resoncible for that. as a comp employee i see hundreds of customers every week that all have different computers that take different types of parts and equipment. there are so many that it is IMPOSSIBLE to learn about each and every one of your sorry ass computers unless you tell us what you have. it your buying a video card and get one for hte wrong slot, it's your fault that you did not read/keep/look at the instruction mannual that comes with your computer telling you what can be used in your computer (what a great idea!!!!) you wouldn't take your car to the dealer and expect them to get a muffler or something for you car without telling them what kind of car you bought off them would you? how are they supposed to know? how are we supposed to know your computer from every other one out there. if you come to my store we can ask a series of questions to help your stupid sorry asses but if you don't know the answers to them either then your a helpless shit.

for those tools who buy things and wait more then 14 days to return it then you are stupid. the law only requires to give a person a resonable amount of time to return something. if your going out of town, can't make it for some reason or whatever then that is your problem compusa doesn't plan your vacation. technology moves VERY quickly in all aspects. many technology magazines print weekly to keep upto date with things and even that is not fast enough. compusa is part of the technology chain adn has to keep with things. why should they wait for your fat lazy asses to do something with your computer (which you will proboly fuck up since most of you are illiterate and not only with computers). i know that if a am getting something (technology or not) then i will install, build, or do what ever i need to do with it with in the week. you are responcible for what you buy. if you can't do it with in the time frame then you have to wait. but there is a much simpler solution, and that is to know what the fuck you need for your computer and this would not happen. if you got something that was just defective (like a mouse that never worked then you need to go after the manufactor, they made the mouse and caused it not to work. compusa and any other retail store is just a middle ground for you morons. if you bought a 6 pack of soda that had "something else" in it, who would you go after, the supermarket or the soday company who bottled the soda? it isn't the supermarkets fault nor is it compusa fault if your Krappington mouse didn't work. and if $20 is worth your arguing with compusa over why isn't with a toll-free call or e-mail to the manufactor? you proboly spent more money in gas getting to compusa compared to an e-mail or phone call especially since they are both free. idiot!!!!

let me reiterate the point of this e-mail. you are all ingratefull bastards who think that we know all about everything in computers and we have information about every computer memorized like a robot. it is YOUR responcibilty to know your computer so that we can find out what you need. if your to dumb to read a manual or something then you don't deserve our help, you don't even deserve the part that you want. most of the time you bring all the trouble on by your self. maufactors make the products (with our out defects), compusa only brings all the products to you rather then you hunting down everything. it is a convience to you in what we do and more then half of you are to fucking stupid to realize the truth about things. get your heads out of your asses and wipe the shit off your face morons!

-- customers are idiots (, July 23, 2001.

I am a front end manager at CompUSA #357 in Detroit, MI. At that store we strive for customer satisfaction. We have returned merchandise that was purchased 3 years ago. We have also returned merchandise that was bought at Best Buy or Circuit City. A year and half ago these complaints were true, CompUSA was more aimed towards business and not regular consumers, but that has changed and CompUSA is not striving for complete customer satisfaction. Please do not base your opinion of CompUSA on a few bad stores, come to the Detroit store and we will show you what customer service is. Customer Service is my job. Just ask for Nick!

-- Nicholas Mullins (, July 24, 2001.

FUCK COMPUSA they are the most fuckin unknowledgable people in the world! I saw a mouse i wanted to buy on thier site, i went in the store and they said they dont do price matching!!! Even though IT IS THIER GODDAMN SITE! NEVER SHOP AT COMPUSA IN RHODE ISLAND, GO ACROSS THE ST TO PC WAREHOUSE, COMPUSA EMPLOYES FUCKIN IDIOTS!

-- Jon (, July 25, 2001.

WORST e-business experience I've ever had! A simple software order on 7/9/01 was misaddressed, mishandled by their partners- in-crime FedEx, and even after some 3 hours on the phone and keyboard took *two* weeks to come from Dallas, Tx. to Vermont! I, of course, refused delivery, and have refused to pay Visa for the item (which they immediately billed, of course).

Needless to say their customer service stinks, their phones are undermanned, and they hire nothing but HS dropouts. NEVER again.


-- Robert Houston (, July 25, 2001.

Working in retail for the past three years has really shown me the downside of society. I always try to be as polite and respectful as I can, but you truly get bitter and jaded from rude customers. ...the ones that don't say please or thank you, the ones you see everyday on the street. If I were to come into your house and right off scream and use profanity at you, then I'd be in no way willing to provide you with good service. The same is true at CompUSA, show a little respect, and you'll get a little respect back. A little thing called the Golden Rule is something people don't seem to remember nowadays. Bitch, Bitch, Bitch.. customers are the biggest drama queens, and now that I've graduated from college, I can't wait to get out of retail. Yah, and all this return policy bullshit, don't be ignorant, read the terms of purchase before you buy anything ANYWHERE! It is true, all the major computer retailers have this similar policy.

-- Dean (, July 31, 2001.


-- CHRIS H (XJPAGE13X@AOL.COM), July 31, 2001.

Obviously all you that are bitching about prices and about the return policy are just using the products or damaging the products that you but just so you can get another one. If you think you getting fucked, then maybe you should by an extended warranty. anywhere you go, your going to have problems, because guess what: ALL THE PARTS FOR ANY STORE COME FROM THE SAME MANUFACTURER AND/OR VENDOR. PNY ram come from PNY thats the only people that make PNY ram. I don't see any of you complaining about your car needing an oil change or spark plugs fowling out in your car. You people that are complaining are all about just chillin on the internet with nothing to do but complain. all you people that are complaining are from AOL. coincidence, i think not. you all think that AOL is the best thing since sliced bread. no wonder you dont know good service. your used to lousy service.

-- Jason (, August 07, 2001.

The Louisville, KY store managed to infuriate me yet again today. A phone was advertised in the Sun. paper, so I go today to purchase not only it, but $180.00 in various cables, switchboxes & other high profit items for work. I choose the work-related items & proceed to search for the phone. Unable to find it, I ask the clerk at "customer service". He says, and I quote," We're out of them. Only had 20." I ask about subs or rainchecks. "No, neither." There are other phones the same brand & retail price on the shelf, just different colors from what I can tell, what about subbing one of those? "No." After asking for the manager ("unavailable") I simply leave my intended purchases on the counter for the clerks to deal with & walked out. It's nice to have a new Best Buys so close to CompUSA. It makes it very convenient to spend my money there instead of CompUSA. It's not just the attitude of the clerks at the "customer service" stand, it is the rocket scientist who decrees that 20 phones will suffice for the full week of an ad. If this had been the first time it wouldn't be so bad. But it is really a crap shoot every time I walk in there as to whether they actually have the item advertised or not. Thank God for BestBuy &


-- Jim Turner (, August 08, 2001.

OK, they had 20? that is ALOT!!!! 20 phones, in any normal time frame, would sit on the shelf for months without running out! CompUSA does not create Ads for every individual store. What Would have been suffucient stock, 21 phones? 41? 300? How Many? Chances are, the AD states limited quanity. As in, LIMITED. And the reason for not being able to do a prepay/commit, chances are its a discontinued phone, thats why its in the AD, and ordering a discontinued product, well, just isnt going to happen. as far as subbing another phone out for it, chances are, there is a rebate on the phone in the AD, the rebate only applies to that phone, the other phones on the shelf would have done you no good.

-- Deez Nutz N YO Mouth (, August 09, 2001.

My experience with CompUSA as an employee and a customer

The Job

I started working at CompUSA in November of 1998 as a technician. At first I was happy, surrounded by all the goodies I liked to play with. Then reality set in. The service manager had been there 5 years and was fed up with the public and everything else. I guess some chairs had flown around the room before I started and not by themselves. He refused to go out to the counter and talk to any customers even though they asked for him. The customers would then go to the store manager, who in turn would dump on the service manager, who in turn would dump on us for decisions that we were not empowered to make.

I was a night shift guy. I was often left alone to make my quota of work, answer phones, and work the front counter all at the same time. Many nights, I didn’t take a lunch or ate while I worked and consequently didn’t punch out for lunch on the time clock. No problem! I discovered months later that the person in charge of time was punching me out for 1 hour without my knowledge (which is against the law) in order for the store to avoid any labor issues. How thoughtless of me, I forgot to thank him.

In the course of my 1½ years of employment, they went through 4 service managers. Shortly after I left they laid off or reassigned all but a few of them, even a few they had just finished training. They thought that the business manager could drop by once in a while from across the store to do this more than full time job; dealing with warranty issues, tracking work flow, handling higher level customer complaint issues, reviewing performance, etc. Many jobs didn’t get done on time because technicians didn’t have the authority to resolve customer/manufacturer/warranty issues. I guess that’s one way to stop returns or warranty claims!

Getting things like an ink cartridge to test a customer’s printer was not allowed. So what if you didn’t have a known good one to test with? No one ever had an answer for that. You just got them from the stock and no one talked about it. Then they complained about unaccounted-for inventory and searched everybody’s pockets at the door!

And then there were the 8 AM Sunday mornings on my days off when I had to drive in for 1 hour (whoopee) to be at the morning meetings. These were to introduce yet another new manager (old ones disappeared mysteriously) or a new incentive program or to talk about our attitude problems and how to treat customers well (like we were not being treated).

The vacation “request” form read something like this:

“This is a request for time off and is not to be interpreted as a demand! Management reserves the right to alter or cancel scheduled vacation based on businesses needs. Not showing up for work during the requested time when it has been cancelled is grounds for disciplinary action”. Hello! Ever buy a plane ticket, book a motel room, or buy a vacation package? I guess you couldn’t afford it anyway. I really thought they might spank somebody right in the middle of the sales floor!

As an employee you can buy items at cost, a perk if you can afford it. I was told one time when buying a hard drive that if I didn’t purchase the insurance plan with it (as a show of support for that program) that the manager was “seriously” considering not letting me buy it. Another tech had bought a computer and the warranty for it several years before. It required replacement because the parts were no longer available. The manager coerced him into submitting for the full retail replacement value to the warranty company, gave him the PC at store cost, and kept the difference. I’ll bet the warranty company would love that one! Physical inventory, which is supposed to be done every quarter, failed to get done 5 times as scheduled and when I left the store, they still hadn’t done it. Every time they thought they were going to do it, everyone had to come in for extra duty, disrupting their lives and not making plans with their families, only to be told to turn around and go home (without getting paid for any time). Everyone showed up and not one manager had the courtesy to call their people and tell them not to come in. It sure builds up confidence that your leaders know what they’re doing and care! And it really helps their credibility too when they say, “It’s definitely happening on Saturday, be there or we’ll write you up!”

One store had a big software copying problem and fired 5 techs and their service manager over it. All the stores were asked if they could share their techs to help keep up and catch up until new people could get on board. They were desperate. 70 jobs were backlogged - about a week to even look at something. Customer: “Hello, my PC has been there almost a week - What did you find?” Sound familiar? They offered mileage and paid lunches for anyone willing to help out. I went to this store for about a month and submitted all of my expenses to an unwilling manager (he didn’t want the hassle). Then I was informed that my old store didn’t need me full time and my choice was limited, so I had to drive twice as far through downtown traffic. The manager couldn’t remember where my receipts had gone and didn’t know anything about the status of my expenses. Finally, when my paycheck, which kept getting sent to my old store, didn’t show up on time, I quit (no direct deposit for the peons, only management). My wife had to drive down to the store while I was at my new job and wait for hours for them to issue a check at the store. They don’t like to do things that way! It’s not procedure. I had to take CompUSA to the labor board for my expenses which I finally got months later. They had to issue my check to the labor board 3 times before they finally got it.

The Policies

And now for some insider tips:

CompUSA strategy #1: The CompUSA shuffle. Never leave anyone in a position long enough to answer for their actions or what they say. Relocate them or otherwise make them unavailable to answer questions or remember details of what took place only a little while ago. That way, the new person has no idea what you are talking about and will take forever getting answers, if they even bother, if they even can. Remember, they have a full time job doing other things besides helping you! Be patient and don’t’ be so selfish! They’re busy!

CompUSA strategy #2: The CompUSA round-robin. If you are a non-technical person and don’t know what the customer wants, transfer them to tech support. We know everything and love to answer all those questions about pricing and store hours instead of meeting our quotas. And the customer is really happy when we transfer them back to the reception phones.

CompUSA strategy #3: The CompUSA excellence. Why bother to train people when they can muddle through on their own; By constantly interrupting others trying to meet their quotas; By asking months worth of questions and gathering knowledge one piece at a time? And be sure to humiliate anyone in front of others for making the wrong decision with no information to go on. Make them feel real guilty about what they have cost the store. I wonder what it costs to muddle through?

CompUSA strategy #4: The CompUSA bolt. When the going gets tough, the managers get lost. If it appears that an unpleasant issue is about to come to a head requiring a management decision, you look around and say, “Hey, where’d he go. His coat’s gone!” This is probably the most extensive training that managers receive; detection and avoidance of ensuing complaints. Some even get sent to Texas (the home office) for this class. If you want to catch a manager, here’s how: 1. Ask for a manager to be paged at the front counter. “MOD to the front”. That’s Manager On Duty, an oxy-moron (not a dumb guy with zits, although…). 2. Watch the store for anyone who looks like O.J. dodging the opposing team and the police at the same time and trying to catch a rental car. 3. If they’re not hiding in back already, identify their location and wait by the door until they come out. Be sure to watch other connecting exits as well. If you here an alarm, check the fire exits.

CompUSA strategy #5: The environmental statement. Don’t let employees take home perfectly good or repairable equipment that you have decided to throw away. Just clear the shelves, get out the hammer, break it up, and send it off to the landfill. Ink and toner cartridges, monitor glass with phosphor coatings, PC boards with chemical components, whatever. Into the dumpster it goes. At least when the regional guys tour the stores, they won’t find anything out of place or not accounted for.

The Benefits

I started in November of 1998. The employee manual stated that after 3 months, I would be entitled to medical benefits. I filled out the paperwork and gave it to the benefits manager. After 4 months, I asked what was going on. “I’ll check on it”, he said. No word. I asked again. “It must have gotten lost, fill them out again.” I did. Finally, I received benefits after 8 months and many queries. One guy worked there for over a year and never saw any benefits before he left. Note: When you ask a question like this and the person responsible won’t look you in the eye, that’s an indication of intent. I had to pay my own COBRA benefits for the extra 5 months from a previous job. When I left in April of 2000, they had 44 days by law to send me the COBRA extension forms. I received these forms in January of 2001, more than 8 months later. CompUSA told COBRA that I left in October of 2000. Didn’t anybody wonder where I was for 6 months? I had to pay $2564 to make the medical current and retroactive back to October, no help back to April. And then, the CompUSA/COBRA team tried to cancel me over a 1 day miscommunication on their customer service’s part about an on-line payment due date. They had happily accepted the $2564 and 2 months worth of premiums before that with no complaints. Then, after paying for July of 2001 and on the 20th of that July, I got a notice that the insurance had changed and gone up to $593 from $438. And, I was overdue! The new company hadn’t gotten paid yet. It wasn’t their problem that I had already paid the old one. I had to pay both to stay current and I am still waiting to be reimbursed by the old one. I guess this is how companies save money on medical expenses!

The Customer

As a customer, both employed and not, I purchased many rebate items. I filled out the forms, cut out all the tags, and mailed them on time, keeping a list. As far back as two years and to this date, I am out about $600 for rebates that were sent in per their form’s instructions. The store manager called me a liar, even when I gave him the copies of what I had sent, and said it wasn’t their problem. I would have to go through the rebate center in Texas. I experienced a version of Strategy #2 above, I guess it’s company wide. Hours on the phone only acquainted me with all the people who didn’t know how to help me and proves that all you have to do is inconvenience people enough and they’ll give up. Maybe I’ll try Small Claims Court if I can determine who to send the summons to.

That sign that says that the manufacturers honor copies of receipts as agreed to with CompUSA – don’t you believe it. MGM wouldn’t send me my free DVD with a receipt copy and the store said it wasn’t their problem. A note about rebates: It’s not free. They are borrowing everyone’s money for 6-8 weeks (more like 6-8 months) and earning interest while you are paying the same on your VISA card. When and if they send you your rebate, they have made their money back on the actual cost of the item and much more. Something you pay $20 to $30 for costs pennies to produce and may even be overstock or soon-to-be- obsolete items. IE: The new version of Windows coming out in a few months will not support that new modem. Not to be condescending but I often thought of the milling customers as herded cattle while watching them shop. “Ooh, it’s free after rebates, and we’ll need to buy this to use it!” Free CD-R disks after rebate and we’ll buy a CD- Writer to make our own CD’s. In fairness, I was guilty of this before working there. Wake up people or grow spots and learn to say “MOO”!

I saw another complaint letter about the cost of printer and other cables. The store makes their money on supplies, accessories, and warranty plans far more than big item sales. Markups can be 3 to 4 times the cost. I once bought a plastic cable organizer that was a 99 cent retail item for a only a penny (cost).

If anyone is interested in legally pursuing any of the above, send me an email. Washington has some of the weakest employment laws in the country. At-will employment where no reason is needed to can someone is just inviting abuse and retaliation against someone who would otherwise stand up for their rights. I guess the politicians know what side their bread is buttered on and it’s not on our side because we can’t afford the butter! We gave it to them.

After reading this, I’m sure the buying public will understand about the way they are served and why. Would you be inspired to do first class job for low pay under these conditions?

-- Anonymous (, August 10, 2001.

compusa is the best place to shop, you dont have to deal with little punks like myself for one thing! for another, we piss more people off than anyone!

-- the smartest 17 year old (, August 12, 2001.

I've purchased many items from COMPUSA and have been satisfied greatly with each purchase. These types of stories you all have written happen at all the major chains. Don't zero in on COMPUSA!

-- Michael Joiner (, August 13, 2001.

Just another whiny-assed comment from a cheap bastard that unfairly victimizes the corporate structure of CompUSA with his irrational desire to purchase computer components at reasonable prices. Has anyone else tried price shopping via and met with the network login dialog? Do you need an account on their system now to shop there? Do I have to hack in to see what their getting for a hard drive? What the hell is up with that?

-- Egoman (, August 15, 2001.


-- Uh Uh (, August 15, 2001.

today i wnet into san fracisco compuke sa. I was looking for those 100 cd-r's they claim to have on sale for 19.95. Cant find them s they never mark sales items. Ask a saleman wer they are, he tells me they sold out, i said the add just came out today. He shrugs nad walks off to chat about football with his buddy. I ask a another sales monkey where thay are. he tells me they dont have any of those in stock. I wander areound looking for a manager. Finally find one that tells me thats not their ad, i must be confused with circuit city. I go find an add and ask another sales monkey where they are, he tells me the sale doesnt start till sunday. So i ask him if whicj ones they are so i can come back and pick them up easily on sunday...he tells me they dont have them in stock. Now i believe this is illegal to advertise a sale item that you dont have in stock just to get customers to come in. Normally i would let this go but it has happend repeatedly that i go in to buy an advertised item only to be told several different stories as to why they cant sell me that item. They obviously intentionally lie to attract people into the store. And then to add insult to injury the guard make a sexual come on and remark to me on my way out of the store.

My advice to anyone thinking of shopping at compusa is to think again,or you will regret it, especially if you are about to make the idiotic error od spending a large amount of money at con usa.

-- george bush (, August 18, 2001.

YES!!!!!! Way to Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Boo (, August 19, 2001.

Shut the fuck up all of you. You sound like fucking little babies. You mother fuckers disgust me and your bitching. go cry to your moms fucking putang you fucking jewish bitches, get the fuck out!

-- fuckoff (fuck you bitch@yourmomsputang.fuckyou), August 22, 2001.

I have worked as an employee of CompUSA Honolulu for 14 months now. CompUSA Honolulu is the #1 store in the chain, both in the retail side and in the customer service side. The reason for this is the attitude we show to our customers. We do not see them as 'customers', but instead as 'clients'. I know that I personally have a large bank of clients that I communicate with regularly, keeping contact with them and keeping them up to date on what's going on in my store. I am not a manager, nor a supervisor, but just a simple worker who cares about his clients. For 10 of my 14 months, I worked in the software department, working the opening shift. A few times I would find that I was the only person scheduled until nearly the middle of the shift. When this would happen, I would simply take the issue up with management, and go about my day. While we did have complaints about the lack of personnel, I can honestly say that I / we (for the times when there were more people on the floor) tried our best to serve the consumers to the best of our abilities. Recently, CompUSA has instituted a new customer service training program to ensure that our employees have the one thing in mind that matters the most: You. The consumer. Anyone who cannot comply with this policy gets reprimanded, then terminated if need be. Now, as far as returns go, I can say that our customer service department gets it all. Some of the stories we hear belong in those 'tech support / customer service nightmare' stories people get forwarded to them in their e-mail. Guess what? We handle the return to the best of our ability, then we move on to the next person in line. At the end of the day, all the returns are put together and a manager calls the consumer to find out if everything is okay and if there is anything they can do to help.

I will not say that there aren't bad seeds out there, because I know that's a lie. There are. I can't help that. Only one person can help that. You. At each register and / or customer service, there are customer comment cards. Fill one out, drop it in the mailbox, and it goes to our corporate office who then investigates the concern.

I would just like to close with one thing. Our ads are nationally printed. Local markets (i.e. the individual stores) sometimes run out of a certain product when / before the ad breaks. Nowhere is this more true than out here in Hawaii. It takes 2-3 weeks minimum to get things out here, and half the time it doesn't get here in time for the ad. What do we do? We take a list of all the consumers who didn't get the item and (provided it is still something we recieve) call them when the products come in. If they are not stocked any longer, we do what we can to replace the item with something similar.

Now, I challenge any one of you naysayers to contact me. I GUARANTEE you that I will give you the best resolution to your problem as soon as I can get an answer. But please, be mature. I can't help you if you act like a child.


Jay M. Koster CompUSA Honolulu Business Sales

*CompUSA does not necessarily endorse, condone, or acknowledge the posting of this message. It was done wholly through the will of me, Jay M. Koster.*

-- Jay M. Koster (, August 23, 2001.

today i wnet into san fracisco compuke sa. I was looking for those 100 cd-r's they claim to have on sale for 19.95. Cant find them s they never mark sales items. Ask a saleman wer they are, he tells me they sold out, i said the add just came out today. He shrugs nad walks off to chat about football with his buddy. I ask a another sales monkey where thay are. he tells me they dont have any of those in stock. I wander areound looking for a manager. Finally find one that tells me thats not their ad, i must be confused with circuit city. I go find an add and ask another sales monkey where they are, he tells me the sale doesnt start till sunday. So i ask him if whicj ones they are so i can come back and pick them up easily on sunday...he tells me they dont have them in stock. Now i believe this is illegal to advertise a sale item that you dont have in stock just to get customers to come in. Normally i would let this go but it has happend repeatedly that i go in to buy an advertised item only to be told several different stories as to why they cant sell me that item. They obviously intentionally lie to attract people into the store. And then to add insult to injury the guard make a sexual come on and remark to me on my way out of the store. My advice to anyone thinking of shopping at compusa is to think again,or you will regret it, especially if you are about to make the idiotic error od spending a large amount of money at con usa.

-- george bush (, August 18, 2001.

The best part about that whole thing is that I actually thought you were serious and was about to reply about why your a retard, and then I relized that it was a joke. Good one!

-- Dontuchme Udeseasedrebatefreak (, August 25, 2001.

today i wnet into san fracisco compuke sa. I was looking for those 100 cd-r's they claim to have on sale for 19.95. Cant find them s they never mark sales items. Ask a saleman wer they are, he tells me they sold out, i said the add just came out today. He shrugs nad walks off to chat about football with his buddy. I ask a another sales monkey where thay are. he tells me they dont have any of those in stock. I wander areound looking for a manager. Finally find one that tells me thats not their ad, i must be confused with circuit city. I go find an add and ask another sales monkey where they are, he tells me the sale doesnt start till sunday. So i ask him if whicj ones they are so i can come back and pick them up easily on sunday...he tells me they dont have them in stock. Now i believe this is illegal to advertise a sale item that you dont have in stock just to get customers to come in. Normally i would let this go but it has happend repeatedly that i go in to buy an advertised item only to be told several different stories as to why they cant sell me that item. They obviously intentionally lie to attract people into the store. And then to add insult to injury the guard make a sexual come on and remark to me on my way out of the store. My advice to anyone thinking of shopping at compusa is to think again,or you will regret it, especially if you are about to make the idiotic error od spending a large amount of money at con usa.

-- Jay Koster (a.k.a. George Bush) (, August 25, 2001.


-- (, September 04, 2001.


-- Pit Viper (, September 09, 2001.


-- (, September 10, 2001.

Never again shopping into a Compusa. This is my decision. Second time I am screwed with a rebate, and yes after reading your freaking fine print and complying. Compusa really sucks to rely on third- inept-party processor.

-- Me (, September 27, 2001.

By the way, viper and friends, get yourself a better job. Self proclaimed losers.

-- Me (, September 27, 2001.

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-- Jack MeOff (, September 28, 2001.

After spending over 30 minutes reading all these complaints I have yet to find close to 10% of them as valid issues. Being employed at CompUSA for the past 2 years have been one of the best experiences I have yet encountered. Most of these complaints indicate that you have problems other than CompUSA's "horrific" customer service...meaning that I could swear you have problems at home-with your family-or even financially to explain your hatred towards this company. I do apologize for all the inconveniances you have with returning products OVER 14 days--NO BOX--USED--PERSONALLY DAMAGED-- really now this is America and this is clearly NOT a non-profit organization so what do you expect? I am amused by the time people have taken to express their anger on this website but really too bad and tough luck when your own ignorance and stupidity leads you to these erroneous situations.

Ramy. (CompUSA-CA)

-- Ramy (, October 02, 2001.

Here, here, Ramy! These comments are nothing new to the sales industry. As a CUSA corporate employee for four years, I can say that ANY experience at ANY CUSA store can go good or bad. The same can happen at BestBuy, Circuit City, etc. If it makes them feel better, let them vent. I have had my share of issues with CUSA stores, but I have experienced similar issues at CUSA's competitors. Rag on us all you want, but we will keep on truckin'.

-- Skegatz (, October 03, 2001.

Ok, now let me tell you the way it really is. I am an ex-manager who left CompUSA after I got my degree and was qualified for a real job. First, customers are morons, that's the first rule of retail and let the buyer beware. Second, CompUSA salespeople suck because if they were any good at what they did, they wouldnt be a retail salesperson!!! They'd be selling cars or insurance. Third, CompUSA doesnt take product back without hassle because their vendor relationships are not what they use to be. CompUSA could force liberal returns with vendors because CompUSA was then number one vendor. CompUSA used to be the shit, but now other large retailers are selling the same goods you could get at CompUSA, for example, Kensington. You'd go to CompUSA for a Kensington Mouse, now you can find them anywhere including online. They've lost their clout. Tech services is a joke, once again, if they were good at what they did, they'd be making 60K plus in a real company instead of 12 bucks an hour. The only people who are good at what they do is the Warehouse who used to find ways to store all the over-ordered product until finally the new owners went to just-in-time inventory, which is why now you cant find shit in the stores. P.S. Every CompUSA has a stun gun in the warehouse that they use to shock the motherboard of PC's they want to return as defective. P.P.S. CompUSA is frequently sbuject to sanction by Wage and Measures because they cant even sticker shit with the correct price on the shelf half the time. So in summary, the company has always been run like shit and continues to be. I think Best Buy is a much better choice.

-- Brian Mirsky (, October 04, 2001.

I would personally like to know the name and address of the corporate attorney. So I can sue their ass off. I have been getting bills for 5 years for products I did not buy. the interest alone on 24.50 % is about $2500. I have piles of letters I have written and numerous phone calls I've made ...They just don't get it. IT IS NOT MY DEBT.!!!! Then the bastards have the nerve to put it on my credit report. If oanyone know the name and address of the corporate attorney I'd really appreciate it. They will not givr it to me because they know they are wrong.

-- pw (, October 16, 2001.

Id bet your being charged for the optional insurance you signed up for when you filled out the credit application. And, if you have been getting billed for 5 years like you claim, why in the hell have you not cancelled the account? HRS (household retail services) is the company who provides the CompUSA credit card. They are the ones you need to bitch at. 1-800-811-3093 Option 3. Now, Go bitch on their board.

-- JonnieFuckinCochrin (CompUsaAttorney@hahahahaha.screwyou), October 17, 2001.

I am an employee of CompUsa...I also used to work for GE-Warranties...dont complain until you have something to complain about for REAL...get a GE Warranty and purchase merchandise from Circuit City and then maybe you will get a jest on how good CompUsa and their service is after that...another note...IF YOU READ YOUR WARRANTIES, RECEIPTS, AND NOTICES that are given to might get full instructions on what needs to be done for what you need to have done instead of NOT READING ANYTHING and then blaming everyone else but yourself...most of these complaints in this forum look like they started due to END USER mistakes to me...AND if it happens to be CompUsa's fault that you are having difficulty we have plenty of phone numbers and people who will assist you and resolve it just like ALL RETAIL STORES AND WARRANTY COMPANIES do, if you know how to pick up a phone and contact the right people

Thank you CompUsa Employee( Please forgive me for not using my name I am referencing another business/entity in this post which is against our rules)

-- Me (, October 18, 2001.

It's funny to read this page. I can agree with all of the hatred I have read here. CompUSA has destroyed my relationship with them. As for all the employees that have attempted to defend their policies. It's charming, sweet even, and you should be commeneded for the effort. However, you are either young, out of touch with the real world, or a raving liberal that thinks people should roll- over and accept things. I don't mean that as an attack, but you really need to look at your defense of CompUSA and rethink things.

As for the statements about Best Buy's return policies being "identical" to CompUSA, balderdash!

From the BEST Buy receipt: "No returns or exchanges accepted after 14 days on computers, monitors, printers, notebook computers, radar detectors, camcorders, and digital cameras."

No please note, it does not say all computer products... meaning that hard disks, CDRW's, video cards, network cards, etc... all fall into the 30 day return policy.

Now additionally they do specify a 15% restocking fee on "nondefective" returns and exchanges of the items included in the 14 day return policy.

Well I can live with all these things for the reasons used to defend CompUSA. These items are the PRIMARY items that people abuse in the "rent-a-*" format. However, ALL BEST Buy policies I have found to be open to discussion and if you can defend your position, they will take care of you. Further I have NEVER had an issue with BEST Buy that wasn't resolved quickly and efficiently. That is not to say that I have never had an annoyance their, but it has ALWAYS been resolved with respect for me as a customer. BEST Buy honors the trust I place in them as a consumer.

See that is the REAL problem with CompUSA. You are an honest person, you like CompUSA, you trust them to maintain a relationship with you as a customer, you believe them when you buy say a notebook and the extended warranty. You expect courteous, efficient service. You are disappointed because CompUSA does not maintain these things. They have no responsibility to their customers. I have been in this industry for quite some time now, I am very demanding of the service relationships maintained by my vendors. I no longer shop at CompUSA because I made the mistake of buying an open box, Toshiba laptop from them, along with the extended warranty. That machine was purchased 12/26/00. It had burned at pixels that I missed when I was at the store. I got home, contacted them, and was going to return the unit. I let the store manager talk me out of that. "Oh no, you have the extended warranty... We'll fix it, you got a great deal... Don't worry, I'll take care of everything." (Sounds like great service doesn't it??) Four months later I got the machine back, obviously the return period had expired... it still had burned out pixels, just in different spots. Why did it take 4 months? Because nobody wanted to pay for the repair. Now the screen hinges are stripped out and don't hold the screen up. CompUSA has had that machine for almost a month now, it still isn't repaird. I actually had the service tech tell me, "well if it seems logical or to make sense, it won't be done that way here... I'm sorry, I know it is stupid, I know you are getting screwed, but all I can do is wait until this is resolved..." (all this because the extended warranty provider says the hinges are cosmetic.) (I'm sorry but when the screen doesn't stay up on a laptop because the hinges are stripped out, that isn't cosmetic.) I've spoken with the store manager, who just like the store manager from December of last year, gets all the information and promisese to call back when he gets to the bottom of things, and NEVER, EVER, calls back. (Don't commit to do something and then not do it.. Call me back and tell me, "go screw yourself, I don't care about you or your problem!" At least you kept the commitment you made.)

So please, don't try and defend ridiculous policies, incompotent assistance, total lack of customer care, and violation of trust that your customers place in you. It really isn't going to work. As for a twenty dollar mouse? I dunno, I'm certain I could have gotten that exchanged at the store. But that doesn't change the fact that there are serious issues with the way CompUSA does business.

Since I purchased the notebook discussed above, I've purchased two Dell's. Well they aren't perfect, the 3 year onsite warranty has worked flawlessly with every issue. Within a couple of days a tech is here, with the required parts, and the machine works when they leave. Dell's tech support is a challenge these days, I suspect they have outsourced that... but if you know what is broken and pursue getting service dispatched, it is quickly resolved.

So the good news here is that for $1200.00 I learned a valuable lesson. CompUSA is not worth doing business with. no matter how much I like the selection of products. They don't care about me as a customer, they don't care if I shop there, they don't care if I'm happy, they don't care that they look like idiots when they can't get something done, they don't care that MANY of their employees I have talked to are just as frustrated as I am (because I'm always nice to them, it really isn't their fault.

Well I'm sorry for all of you that have posted here, I know how frustrating it is. I know how I should be treated and am not by CompUSA. I know how worthless the extended warranty is. I know those of you that have tried to defend CompUSA haven't a clue what many of us here are talking about. In fact, it is statements like the ones you've made that ARE the problem at CompUSA. So anyway, just don't shop there. I truly WAIT for the day CompUSA files with the bankruptcy court. I will BBQ a big steak and celebrate. However the reality is, the world is full of sheep who will tolerate their abuse and policies. The world has many new customers in it that haven't been run around in circles or screwed by CompUSA yet. It could take awhile. In the meantime I will do my part by supporting worthy retailers.

-- Whatever man! (, October 27, 2001.

I can't beleive how rude and idiodic some of you gripers sound.... I get so sick of putting up with your bull shit!! All I can say is read the fine print research your product before you buy it, and don't wait friggin 5 months to return it. Don't blame us, the little pee-on's becuase of some policy that is out of our hands. The policy is to protect our company from people who like to rent stuff for a while then get their money back. Some times it pleasures me to watch your faces when I say "Sorry we can't return that" or "there will be a 15% open box fee..." I love it... Kiss my butt you jerks!!!

-- Comp USA Employee (, October 28, 2001.

I found a cool place to complain check out I hate comp USA


-- Joe (, November 01, 2001.

Just to make it short and sweet...CompUSA really is a terrible place to shop. Their policies, well sure, they leave something to be desired, but it's their customer service (ie. their employees)that really take the cake in terms of being about the worst around. And without getting into the ridiculous discussions found on this page, I would urge new visitors to simply compare the legitimate complaints of average consumers like you and I to the responses given by the self-proclaimed and so-called "professionals" who identify themselves as current CompUSA employess.

All I know is, just yesterday I visited my local CompUSA store, and you know what I found? About 40% of the store is currently under renovation, soon to become the "Communications Superstore"? So, I guess all you professional computer sales consultants are about to become no better than the pimply-faced high school kids selling cellular phones in the mall kiosks. Have fun, and always maintain your professional attitude! (Read: get a real job, you miserable losers!)

Dave Vista, CA :)

-- Dave D. (, November 02, 2001.

Just want to tell everyone about my pleasant experience at my local CompUSA. I was near the back of the store checking out some RAM. The particular kind I wanted appeared to be out of stock, so I asked a rather attractive salesgirl (named Annika) if she could check to see if they had any in the storeroom. She immdediatly stopped what she was doing (pricing) and said she'd be right back. Well, after about ten minutes I got tired of waiting so I thought I'd just go back there and see what was up. I wandered down a few of the aisles in the stockroom, and as I was passing one I heard what sounded like a moan. I looked down the row and couldn't see anyone, so I started walking towards the sound, which was intensifying. About halfway down I encountered "Annika" locked in the throes of passion with another female employee. Specifically, they had placed a large box in the aisleway and were on the floor behind it. Annikia was on her knees with her back to me and her face buried in the other girls snatch, slurping away. The other employee was propped up on her elbows, with her legs spread and head thrown back. Consequently neither one saw or heard my approach. The girl on the floor had completely removed her pants and had her shirt pulled up over her rather large breasts. Her nipples were very hard, and the loud moaning that she was producing was making me quite hard as well. I unzipped and let out my throbbing cock, stroking it slightly as I listened. Annika was still fully clothed, but was wearing only a top and a skirt. The only thing she was lacking was a pair of panties, and this was obvious as the thin material of the skirt was stretched tight around the curves of her perfect ass. I quickly walked up behind her and in one smooth motion lifted her skirt and plunged my enormous manhood into her shaved and glistening pussy. She screamed with pleasure and surprise, and her screams were muffled by the snatch of the the other girl who looked up in surprise at me, then smiled. I reached around Annika and began to stroke her clitty as I began thrusting into her in time with the girl on the floor, who was rythmically grinding herself against Annikas face. As I felt myself start to swell up within her, I pulled out and continued to stroke her until I sent her over the edge into an earth shattering orgasm. Her screaming into the other girls crotch must have set her off too as she began groaning and and grabbed Annikas head and pushed it against her. I could see the girls pelvic muscles beginning to contract as she entered her climax, and then I thrust myself deep into Annikas hot, spasming vagina, spewing my hot load as I let her orgasmic contractions milk every last drop from my cock. It was my first experience with a simultaneous triple-orgasm threesome, and my first ever sexual encounter in a CompUSA. Annika and the other girl (whose name was Alyssa, as I found out later) said that I could come back anytime and help them 'find' merchandise in the stockroom. I guess the moral of my story is that if you people think you are getting fucked over at a CompUSA, you should really try it at the Birmingham store. You haven't been fucked until you've been fucked by Annika.

-- Jack (, November 03, 2001.

You know what is funny? Most of you pathetic jerks that complain so much are the dumbasses that keep comming back. It is this simple... if you don't like our policies or our customer service then, fine... don't shop there again! You all keep saying how much you hate compusa well, I HATE DUMBASS COMPUSA CUSTOMERS!!!! EAT ME

-- Comp USA Employee (, November 14, 2001.

I am looking for people with problems with the King of Prussia, PA store. I have seen one post already. I took my Mac G4 in to have my internal modem replaced. I paid the initial $105 fee and was told I would recieve a tech call within 72 hours when it was fixed, or that they needed more time for parts or additional costs. After 72 hours I had to leave town for 4 days, so I left my receipt with my family to have them pick it up for me. After the fourth day passed with no contact my mother went in to check on it, and was told CompUSA did not have an in store Mac repair person, and it would be Friday (5 days after I dropped it off) before someone MIGHT be in. One week later I got a tech call, nice guy quoting me $125 but to wait for the final numbers which would come in the next day and I would receive a call. The next day they uped the quote to $350 and I picked up my computer without repairs. I contacted the GM whose answering machine said he would return all calls within 2 hours. One week, and four calls later I filed a report with the BBB. After that started I went in in person, and talked with an assistant Manager who took down all my info and was quite angered at his Repair Dept. He never contacted me after that. Three months later the GM called me because BBB was threating with their last contact. He told me the assistant manager I talked to never worked in his store and no one fit his description. He also told me that they do have an in store Mac specialist. Later in the conversation he told me some stuff is out sourced to an incoming mac specialist once a week. He told me he was working a late shift on a tuesday and would get back to me with his findings and whether he was going to refund my money. It has know been two weeks since that date came and went.

-- Jonah Goodman (, November 16, 2001.

Things to keep in mind:

1. Rebates are handled by various agencies, some vendor, some 3rd party, but almost always you can read the full terms and print a rebate form from

2. The return policy is 14 days, it's on the register, it's on the receipt, it's even on some of the boxes. The returns taken during this time usually can be returned to vendor by CompUSA, but not always. In almost 100% of the cases however, the customer has a 90- 365 day vendor warranty. Contact the vendor directly, most of the time you can get replaced by mail for quite some time after the 14 day return policy.

3. Technical Services Department...yes, when your computer is broken it's already the begining of a downhill battle. The flat-rate repair charge is $100 ($140 for laptops), but your advantage is no paying the hourly charge. understand for those out of warranty repairs we're dealing with a few difficult vendors. We have 3 primary non-warranty vendors who quote prices on a daily basis, so when quoted come in and pay! Some of the charges can get quite high, that's why there's the warranty. For those with the warranty who want a "replacement", read the terms and conditions: no loaners, replacements occur when cost of non-vendor-warranty parts (after 1st year) exceeds cost of new machine, or when the same part is needed for the 4th time (e.g. replaced 3 times already). The technical staff has no control over this at the store, it's all done by the warranty agency (contact information is in your terms and conditions!)

4. No-one's perfect, CompUSA is a subsidiary of Grupo Sansborns from Mexico, who basically saved the company from financial crisis. However, we still have tough times. Layoffs in August 1999, March 2000, March 2001, and October 2001 have all been results of slumping sales margins. Your computer purchase is usually a menial 5-10% margin (compared to clothing which is usually 40-60% at Sears)'ve already won in pricing, but do understand that breaking even is a pretty cool thing when we can do it. The direction margins have gone forced HP/Compaq/Sony/Toshiba to reduce quality on consumer products and lower quality of support (lack of 800 #'s for HP [they exist, try calling ATT's 800 directory!], delay in parts stock, etc). Oh, and just so you know, $7/hr in retail may be good to start but don't expect Einstein out there guys. If they don't know, ask if they can find out. Or use the new AOL Cafe to browse the web to find out yourself.

-- CompUSA Employee (, November 25, 2001.

As much as it sux to me a Comp customer...try being an employee. Keep in mind they start you off at nothing...give you no incentives to work there...and expect the work from you.

When dealing with problems with technicans, or customer service return people... do as my favorite disgruntled customer did..

Bring along your favorite handgun to wave in their faces.... it makes the employees not repeat themselves.

Or shop at Best Buy

-- The Philly X (, November 29, 2001.

Lets not BS around.I read these reviews and read how imature peaple really are.You all r cursing,treating others disrespectfully and expcting eveyone to condone your actions of anger.Theres nothing new under the sun.Everyone realizes there will be times when things just dont go the way we want them to.If you r trying tp live in a perfect way of living where all goes your way then be ready to get a slap in the face.I know comp usa is full of it part of the time.I live i miami and the comp usa stores around here have a bunch of young people working there.OF course they always r just hanging out with each other talking or out front smoking cigarettes.Basically no one knows squat about anything.Dont think they do,thats when u get caught by there hook.Why dont all of u complainers get off you spoiled lazy american buts and learn about computers.This way u can fix your problem.What!Do u thimk the Word of God isnt true when r LORD says we all reap what we sow.You dont want it then dont do it.America is one spoiled country we want what we want when we want it.And if we cant get what we want, we will cry until we do.Want can u caomplain about.we destroy r relationships with each other over small matters.When it all comes down to it you have the choice.{HEAR WHAT THE SPIRIT SAYS..YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE CHANGE THE CIRCUMSTANCES,BUT YOU CAN CHANGE HOW YOU RESPOND TO THEM.}Fot those who r talking about suing compusa its a garauntee you r all talk.Look how evil you will get,your basically then forcing someone to give u what you want when you want it.Try praying,try walking the walk you GOD is real.Our LORD can change you life into one conatsnt blessing but you all choice to not beleive.And dont even start with that"well if GOD is real then why doesnt HE do something about this world"Well freinds have you made any attempts to change our world.Dont embrace this life.We r going to be in eternity with r LORD.So here it is this is a testimony to u and the question you need to live.HAVE YOU RECEIVED JESUS.I garauntee if u right now in your heart let the LORD in your life u will see the new and wonderful changes that will take place in your life.

-- JOHN DOE (, November 30, 2001.

You stupid customers should take the time to research about what you are going to buy prior to entering the store. Most of the time I get dumbass questions like what's a computer, what's a Palm Pilot, what's Windows. If you are going to drop a lot of money on something you don't even know about, you must be stupid. Like what a tech told me before, licenses should be given for computer use. I agree. We keep all the dumbasses out. And you guys bitch and moan about the return policy. "Well how do I know if the software is in the box. I shook it but I heard nothing" or "How do I know if it works without opening it". Well dumbass we can't put it back on the floor after you opened it. Second, you might be a warez monkey pirating the software so we can't except it back. Once you open the product, we have to rma it back. 15% isn't a whole lot. If you knew what you were buying in the first place, you wouldn't have to be returning things. CompUSA also does a piss poor job of paying their employees well so now you know why we sometimes don't care about you shitty customers. Thank you and have a nice day.

-- Distrungled CompUSA Employee with an AK-47 (, December 04, 2001.

As a Former Employer with high sales and low TAP and TECH bucket am writing a letter to several people Enclosed is a copy

TO: Larry Hal Compton Slim President of Belkin Barry McCook Regional Manager

Since my time at CompUSA, I have seen a lot of questionable activities. The activities have ranged from sneaky to violations of company policies. Things are done to fill buckets at the cost of increasing margins. Sales prices 1. We would lower the price of computer in order fit in a bigger TAP product or to add training. Example of this would be upgrading from Silver to Gold or adding 6 month online training. If a customer is willing to pay a given price, Yaser would lower the price of the computer in order to add TAP or Training filling buckets. This makes buckets look good, but lowers you your margin. 2. Opportunities to sell “D” product were forsaken to bundle the services. Yaser Soliman raises the price of units in IMS so we cannot sell them for what the company wants. Meanwhile Best Buy and Circuit City sell the same product for less. Later when the product goes “D67” it is bundled with lot of services waiting for the customer that does not know any better. Many times customers would take this back to the store once someone told them they got ripped off. If the company wants to get rid of old product then Yaser cost you money. 3. We could not sell “D-67” without bundling services. The product lost more value as they continue to sit there. When the product did sell, the customers returned the product several times. Customers are not happy being required to purchase items they do not want.

Tech Services 1. We use products to cover our tech bucket by purchasing products in the tech department and selling them on the hardware floor as tech services. This included memory, monitors, cables, and speakers. This is currently going on. The sale of tech cables is in violation of our sales agreement with Belkin. Warranty issues 1. Yaser bundled TAP with Training and would not allow us to sell it separately. Yaser said this was approved by regional manager. This is lying to the customer. We had to tell the customer they could not buy TAP by themselves 2. Yaser Soliman would sell product with TAP that did not fit the price. Selling TAP for a $3000 product, on a product that sells for $659. Inventory issues 1. During the last inventory, everything was classified as new product, including demos. We were short 30 Playstation ones and 5 laptops. They managed to reappear. This could have been a paperwork problem, but rules about the vault were reinforced because theft concerning the laptops. 2. Yaser had new items sold as refurb in order include services in the price. ICC found most of the errors; it might take a different period to do. 3. During a regional visit, all the laptops in the cage were hidden in vault. That was over 100 units. This was done to cover the fact that products are not in new condition, they are returns. Our inventory system has them listed as new product. 4. We have a ton of old Apple computers that are just sitting around. They are mostly returns listed as new product. 5. We sold laptop kits without the boxes to level the inventory shortage. Other issues 1. Yaser Soliman took the student address book from University of Delaware and had Neven entering the names and addresses into the Compusa.Com database in order to fill a bucket or win a contest. 2. Who was the idiot who came of idea of PowerClean Club? Yaser Soliman and Ron Jester had us just take the price off the products. When people got wise to that, they had us take off twenty dollars instead of ten dollars. Now they do it with “tech” products instead of “A” product. 3. We told the customers that the remaining Compaq 700s from black Fridays (about 7) were committed to a business sale. They were not. Yaser Soliman said Larry Sparks made that call. This was done to lower the impact on the TAP bucket. 4. A few times I was told that I was not able to sell product without TAP. 5. When “D” product was returned with TAP or other services, the entire price was returned as as “D” product so it would not hurt the TAP number. 6. Many times a day TSS would bring “G” tickets to Yaser who would reduce the price of something to get the training bucket filled. 7. My Salesman ID number was 199362. I do feel that it is fair for me to be fired because I did not sell enough training I contributed more than most to the Gross Margin.

-- Ron Burkett 199362 (, December 07, 2001.

I recently sent this letter to CompUSA on 12/8/01. I am still awaiting a reply. They have no clue as to what customer satisfaction is all about. If I were to treat my customers that way I'd be out on the street.

On 12/08/01 jraney wrote: On Friday 12/7/01 I called my local COmpUSA Store to check on an item. I was told the item was in stock so after work I made the trip to pick it up. When I arrived I was told that the item showed 3 on hand but that they did not have it. One of the store managers sadi he would check further. After several minutes of watching him stand in front of a computer terminal he told me that they were either in returns, in a locked cage in the back which he told me he was not about to go look in or they were stolen. I was told the other store in PAramus NJ had 4 of the hard drives I wanted. It took me almost 90 minutes to get some one to answer the phone. Then after much persuading I got them to physically check for the item, they had it and held it for me until the following day. I also called the Paramus Store and left a message for the store manager on his voice mail which stated clearly that he or someone from his management team would call me with in an hour.....I am still waiting. I am in a business that is customer satisfaction driven it is obvious you are not. I think that I am entitled to some compensation from CompUSA for the way I was treated. I bought a 120GB Hard Drive from you for $299.99, I feel that you should credit my account 30% of that amount as a sign of good will towards a customer. I expect a response to this matter in a timely fashion. John Raney

-- John Raney (, December 24, 2001.

Are you nuts? You were told they had the product in stock. Its in stock alright. They have 3 defective units in stock. Now, if youd like, we will happily go get you one of the defective units out of the back. 30% 100 bucks? right. Get over it. As far as comp is concerned, we do not owe you shit, if you do not like it, im sure there is a best buy less then 90 minutes from ya. Go get it from them.

-- MikeHunt (, December 26, 2001.

Get it right. If the 3 units were defective. Why dont they know? Are we, as customers, suppose to know when they are defective or not? When you check the website and it shows 1,2,3,4, or 5 items in stock.Should we assume they are defective?

-- John (, December 30, 2001.

The website firstoff does not show the Number in stock. It either says 1. In Stock, 2. Limited Quantities, 3. Out-Of-stock. NO WHERE does it say the store has X number. Inventory is only done quarterly. 4 times a year. If inventory shows we have 3 of a product, and we sell 1, then of course inventory adjust its self and goes down to 2. BUT, if a product is returned, all inventory knows is it has been brought back. It does not know if it is RTV cage (return to vendor), or if it is unopened and been put back on shelf.

Inventory also does not know if a product is not in the store due to theft. Say your average theif walks out with a XBOX console. Well, we wont know the product has been stolen til inventory, and since as I said above inventory is only 1 in every 3 months, for 3 months inventory may show the XBOX is there, when in reality it is not.

Do I exactly like our inventory system? NO. Is Best Buys' or Circuit Citys' System Better? NO. Is it pretty much the EXACT same? YES.

All I can suggest is when you call, if inventory says less then 5 of the product is on hand. Have the person on the phone physically verify the product is there, and even ask him/her put it @ customer service for you.

Its the only gurantee you have.

-- MikeHunt (, January 01, 2002.

There is Federal Trade Commision website that consumers can file a complain on-line. The address is After many goodfaith attemp to contact CompUSA's "customer services" that yield no awnser,I just filed a complain against CompUSA for an overdued rebate. If all consumers having problems with this company file a complain with FTC, action will be taken.

-- Paul P (, January 09, 2002.

This is a general statement that relates to all stores but:

As customers, we really should take an extra step if we call a store, inquiring about a product. It's important to realize that when asking if a product is in stock, the person on the other end will look through a computer database to determine if the store has it. Because of this nature, its not always 100% accurate as things change almost every minute in a retail business (purchases, losses, returns, defective units, etc.) that no one can control. Just asking if the store has an item really isn't enough....we should always ask if the item can be physically held. Don't hang up until the employee gets your name, either. It may take a few extra minutes, but if the store cannot find the product while you're on the phone (again for a variety of reasons, not neccessarily the store's fault) then you save yourself a trip of going into the store.

Reminds me of a quote: A lack of preparation on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.

-- Nah (, January 09, 2002.

To all you compaining about broken products, let me just say one thing shut up and buy the Technology Assurance Plan next time think about all this time all this crap yall have been bitching about costing more money when you could have gotten a brand new one with put the hassle. so i reinstate the phrase STOP BITCHING, on a lighter note any one want jasons adress j/k

-- Santantos margarietas Delavargos (, January 09, 2002.

I did buy a 2-yr TAP package when I bough my son's iBook. When I took it in for repair, I was told that the problem was not covered because the computer had been abused. When I asked who had taken that decision, I was told that COMPUSA had sent the machine to Apple, and that Apple had said that they would not cover the repair under the manufacturer's warranty. I asked whether the 2-yr "no matter what" coverage I had paid for applied and was told "No." COMPUSA told me that I would have to pay for the repair. I called Apple. They told me that the problem was covered under their warranty. They said that they were sorry for my inconvenience and that they would expidite the repair as soon as they received the computer. "Wait a miniute; you have the iBook. COMPUSA sent it to you. They said you had looked at it and told them that it wasn't covered." "No, Mr. Hoge, we've never seen your computer."

It seems that COMPUSA either misrepresented the terms of the TAP coverage or is reneging on their obligation. They also appear to have been untruthful about sending the computer to Apple. I do not trust COMPUSA and do not intend to have any further dealings with them.

-- W J J Hoge (, January 10, 2002.

I use to work at comp usa for a part time job while in college. If you know what fuedalism is i can say comp usa is close to that in a way. They work you like a dog and pay you like crap and then yell at you cuase you could not make over 8-15k in three diffrent departments. Sorry i am not superman. They use fear tactics to try to get the people to work for them ,so beware! The head dudes mentioned they had to make at least 45 thousand dollars in sales each day or the main lady gets yelled at ( like I really care). So one time we missed 45k 2 times and we got the biggest downing you could ever get, so in the midst of the mouthing me and my friend got up and just left. Its easy guys comp usa struggles right now. Best buy and third string computer joints is killing the weak chain. If you got stock in then pull it ,and if you need a computer part order it online or go somewhere else. I am on a boycott myself and so our 6 other friends of mine. The university i go to stoped buying form them do to poor tactics comp usa was using to nab money form them. Boycott!

-- Bill Nye (, January 10, 2002.

Do you still have the document that explains the terms for the Technology Assurance Plan? If in fact CompUSA didn't follow those terms, you can probably sue them for breach of contract.

-- Distrungled CompUSA Employee with an AK-47 (, January 13, 2002.

Purchased a shrink wrapped cell phone that turned out to be broken and used. Not to mention the hours I spent wasting just to return the dang blasted thing for cash. I've said it before, but this time I mean it... I will never shop CompUSA again. If in a squeeze, then Micro Center it is!

-- marc (, January 14, 2002.

I personally love CompUSA. I word there for 2 years. Yeah, I probably can be making about the same if I worked at Mcdonalds, but I make up the money by selling TAP.

I hate those customers who only come in our stores to get on those Sundays mornings, and want all the "free"(after rebates) stuff. They expect us (employees) to take the time and show them where each and every one of the free items are, and explain to them what the software/item does. We aint got time for that. And then, theres those customers who come in the last day before the ad is over, and want the free stuff expecting them to still be in stock.

Then its those customers who come through the customer service lines. They know about the 15% restocking fee, then when you tell them your going to be taking out 15% of the price they get a weired look on their face and act like your speaking a foreign language. Before you go off spending $600 on a laser printer, do your research to see if it can print color.

Now, about this 15% restocking fee. Usually, we wont charge it if its a cable, power supply, or something we can easily shrink wrap back ourselves. But when it comes stuff like a computer, printer, game console, you leave us no choice. Legally, we CANNOT sell it as new. We have to send it back to the maufacture! That 15% is paying for the shipping cost, and some other factors I still cant figure out. If its a modem, and you brought a PCI, and you needed an ISA, we wont give you any problems. Just tell the C.S. Rep that you want to exhange it for a diffrent type of modem, and usually we wont give you any problems. We get tired of hearing the excuses like "i dont like the graphics on the xbox, so please dont charge me the 15%." THAT IS WHY WE HAVE DEMO'S FOR STUFF LIKE THAT. SO THAT YOU CAN TEST IT OUT.

Last but not least is cost. Many times we get horrible discounts. According to CompUSA, the cost is how much the store (Not CompUSA) paid for the item. We sell the PS2 for $299.99. At cost we might get it for $295.32. No way the store is only making $5 off a PS2. Thats a bunch of bull, and my managers have even admitted that the store pay less for most of the items. The reason cost sometimes cost is because they include money for loss prevention. Stores lose an average of $30,000 every three months from theft. To make up for the money they lose they raise the cost, which at the end effects us employees. Many managers wont admit it, but ask around and they will one of them might tell you.

Last thing is with warranties. Warranties are the best thing for a customer to buy. Lets say you buy a graphic card, and you purchase the TAP on it. If in 5 months you see something better, just bring it back in, and we will give you a store credit for that amount. There was this guy that brought a imac, and your screen was bad. You said you had TAP on it. You should go back to your Compusa and ask for a TAP brochure. That tells you everything about the service that you brought. You should go to Customer Service, tell them the sku # that the TAP has, and then ask them to explain to you what that covers. If they say it also covers the screen, then your being scrwed because CompUSA should replace it. Also, those of you that purchase the replacement plan on the printer SKU #263599, chances are your printer/scanner will not be replaced immediately. Once an item is Discountinued (DO1, N65, N66, and especially D66) we have to send it back to the manufacture so that they can try to fix it. The reason is that we wont receive any credit if we send it back, so its better for us to send it back to see it the manufacture can fix it. And if its found "unfixable" which rarely happens, the manufacture decides what model they will give you. They might give you a higher end model, or they might give you a refurb, it all depends on what they got. Throught that whole time, chances are you wont have your scanner/printer for 10 days. Which really isnt an instant replacement as your salesperson told you. (However, I still tell my cutomers that its an instant replacement)

The only thing I DONT like about CompUSA is there avaiablity. They spend thousands of dollars on their ads, and they dont have any in stock. For example, a few weeks ago, there was a huge ad on the Iomega zip drive for 69.99. We havent sold that model for more than a month. In matter of fact, the item is DO1. That means its been discontinued!

Another thing, those replacement plans that you buy are a one time thing. Meaning once you bring in your broken mouse with TAP, you lost your warranty. I think COmpUSA should train there team members about that so that they could tell the customers, because a. many of them dont know that and b. it misleads the customer.

And if anybody was wondering, I was a head cashier. (That is the person in charge of everybody that has a register) When I'm not solving problems, I like to keep active so I help out on the floor, Customer Service, and the tech shop. Cya.

-- Employee in the South Florida area (, January 22, 2002.

Hey Elvis. I work for Compusa too in Boston, and you were right on the ball on everything you said, except for the cost. I think the store really does only pay for what it says, I will have to get back to you on that.

-- Re: (, January 22, 2002.

Quote from elvis20us, "Throught that whole time, chances are you wont have your scanner/printer for 10 days. Which really isnt an instant replacement as your salesperson told you. (However, I still tell my cutomers that its an instant replacement)" So, what you are saying is that you knowingly lie and misrepresent things to the customer. That makes everyone feel really warm and fuzzy toward CompUSA. If you were trying to build up CompUSA, you blew it. BTW, I am at present on hold for CompUSA's Customer No-Service Department, and have been for over 24 minutes now. I have been transferred three times, and given incorrect and out-of-service numbers six times.

-- Kathleen (, January 24, 2002.

The consumer should be cautious and make an educated decision. I work for the paind in excess of 50,000 a year in commissons and have learned that as a right by law all you whiners in this place with TRUE complaints sure could make a hefty for class action? Where is it? It never happened.

All I can say is. I'll defend the company ..... cuz they pay my bills...I aint loyal though...matter of fact just got through with my 3rd and final interview in the IBM Global Services Client sales department....CUSA opened my doors to a lot of oppurtunity.

If you have this class action going, why havent WE at the company heard about it? hm?

Well, per year market share is dwindling because instead of hiring more quality goal oriented people like myself and a few others the CEO keeps getting his 7 digit a year bonus.

Breach of Contract or whatever.....consult an attorney if you feel that ripped....its that simple. The company continues to lose money year after year in an already low margin bussiness.......its only a matter of time....until them squeeze em for what they are worth

-- Riiiight (, January 25, 2002.

This is to the response to Kathleen. Yeah its wrong to tell my customer that its an instant replacement. But chances are if I told them how it really works, then they wouldnt buy it, and my TAP numbers would decline, and then the managers would start *itching at me. But think about it. Lets say you buy the TAP on a printer. Assuming that it breaks in a year its not way in the world we will have that model out. So we have the manufacture to take alook at it. Yeah it might take 7-10 days, but isnt it better than paying the flat fee of 99.99 for OUR TECHNICIANS to just LOOK at the PRINTER. And then if we cant fix it, we send it to the manufacture, and then bill YOU for whatever parts they decide to charge. With the TAP, we cover any expenses that you would have to pay. So in the long run, it is worth it getting the TAP. But hey, its your choice. You mention you were on hold for 24 mintues. I am assuming you call your local compusa, and not 1800 COMPUSA. FYI, if you were calling your local compusa, Press option 8 (on most COMPUSA's thats the option to speak to a manager). If you dont receive an actual person on the phone, then you will be given the opportunity to leave a message with the Manger on Duty. They HAVE to check their messages once an hour. All Compusa use to actually have someone to handle the whole phone system, but because of cutbacks that job was deleted. Every morning, and at midshift about 5 employees including a manager are giving a phone. If you press 0, or press the option to speak to a manager, most likely you will get one of those 5 people. I know we have a crappy phone system, but we are really trying to improve it. That problem has already been address with our Region manager. Soon every employee will have to have a phone so that when you press 0, you will get an actually person on the other end.

-- Elvis (, January 25, 2002.

I am TSS for CompUSA! This web sight is redickulous ;) I make a living working for them(40,000 to 55,000 a yr),They nolonger pay 6.50 to 13hr now. there tring to pay quality people now and they do there best to train us on the 50,000 products for our guest. So if your looking for the right answers when your on the floor. look for a TSS(Technology Sales Specialist) We don't know everything, but we typical know the most on the floor company wide( about 5 of us per store avg). And just to let people know we nolonger make as much money on the services like we used too. Please remember we do our best for customers and we make mistakes in this 50,000 product plex world we live in. I'm sure you all make plenty of mistakes too at your jobs also!!!! Thanks for all the slams by people who are perfect. Sorry, this out of character for me! I apologize to all my loyal customers that come back to me time and time again for the last 1yr and 7 months. To all my fellow peers, think of all the people that come back to you and say how easy you have made there lives now!!!! :) There's a lot more happy ones then sad ones. We know that.( for the sad ones that are. sorry for your misfortune) Keep up the good work team. Stand proud! we do our best. Customers better luck on your future endeavors

Typhooon TSS A store in NC

-- Ty (, January 26, 2002.

-- Michael B. ....That was awsome!!! I'm a compusa employee... Your right on the nose!!

-- hi (, January 27, 2002.

I have been waiting for a rebate that was approved on (that should have been my first clue) for 5 or 6 months now.

Below is my most recent to It remains unanswered.

Yet another month without receiving my rebate check for twenty dollars. That makes either 5 or 6 months.

I have since moved to Texas. There are five CompUSA stores here that I, and those that I influence, WILL NOT BE PATRONIZING.

The proper way to handle this situation is as follows:

1. Apologize profusely for the inattention that this matter has received. 2. Send me a check for $20.00; the new address is below. Tim Johnson xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx, Texas 3. Thank me for allowing CompUSA to attempt to rectify this situation.

This is my last attempt. I like writing HTML, websites are free, I use web logs and it's supposed to rain this weekend. How about a website where people can read this example of "Customer Disservice" and then enter the dollar amount they were going to spend at your store, complete with a running total in nice graphics?

I suggest you visit:

Bloggers, a.k.a. "Your Customers", love these "David and Goliath" websites. They get attention like wildfire. I'm spelling this out for you because I assume you know as much about computers as you do about customer service in business.

I'll look forward to your response.

Yours Truly About To Get Really Pissed Off,

Tim Johnson

-- Tim Johnson (, January 30, 2002.

Dude, have you ever thought that CompUSA has absolutley no personal control on whether or not you get your rebate? Most, if not ALL companies sub-contract to rebate companies that handle it for them. If you are having a problem with your $20, then YOU need to do some research on who that rebate company is. Whether it be TCA or the manufacturer of the product itself. Call the little number on the back of your rebate coupon and ask THEM where YOUR rebate is.Or you could even attempt to contact 1800COMPUSA. If you have moved, then they will not forward these checks. That's just the way it goes.It usually says this on the rebate coupon. You seem to be a very angry person. Just remember, you catch more flies with honey.

-- joe (, January 31, 2002.

Hey, if you don't like CompUSA for customer service and the return policy, there's always Fry's Electronics where you will be treated badly, customer service sucks, and the return policy can charge you up to a 99.9% restocking fee. Besides, CompUSA has a better customer service rating than Best Buy, and is still improving.

-- Anonymous (, February 02, 2002.

Comp USA screws both customer and employees. I should know I worked at the tech shop for almost four years as an admin. the admin before me was incompetent so I ended up cleaning all the shit that she left. I was getting good reviews from corporate management but after three years, I still only made 9.75 an hour. I requested a weeks vacation a couple of months in advanced. a week before my vacation, they had me train this 17 year old girl to do my job, cause she will be my fill in while im on vacation. so there I was, stupid me, trained her good until she learned every bit of stuff she needs. when I came back from vacation, I was called in the office and I got fired. with no proper reason at all. later on I found out, they started the girl 7 bucks an hour. ,, right now, I am living in los angeles california and working as a graphic artist, earning waaaay alot more than management did in that company..

-- ex-sucker (, February 03, 2002.

In Wisconsin they won't put up with comps fraudulent sales pratices. I went in for a monitor on sale, was given the teary eyed we are out of stock line. Asked to get a rain check or to pay for one that day and wait for one to come in on the next truck and was laughed at. My fraud case is prceeding very nicely thank you. It's no wonder comp is sinking like a piece of crap. The pee ons think that they have some kind of power,just wait until the ship goes down like Enron,you're going be sitting on the curb. comp is a fucking joke

-- (, February 03, 2002.

On the stores not answering the phone issue...

If I have a customer in front of me willing to spend money, why answer the phone? The customer i front of me is spending money, bettering my store, and making me money, so the phone will take a back seat to that. Yes, it may ring 30 times, but I'll eventually get it. Real money and real life customers who I can see and talk to are far more important to those customers who are calling about a rebate issue or those who are too damn lazy to LISTEN to all those phone options, because 9 out of 10 questions CAN BE ANSWERED by that automated system (no 1 question we get, "How do I get to your store?") Have you EVER listened to that recording? Probably not.

If you do need to talk to a human, be patient. We are trying to run a real business, NOT an online business. :)

Just chill, someone will get to you in a little bit.

-- Anonymous (, February 07, 2002.

You guys need to wake up and smell the coffee. It's called "Corporate America" for a reason. CompUSA is just another corporation out there interested in one thing. THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR! There is no organization out there that isn't interested in money (besides non-profit organizations). What am I getting at? Here it is. CompUSA puts out a legitimate business. Despite seemingly popular belief, they are NOT out to screw you or to rip you off. That would be a criminal act. If they were criminals, they would have been shut down LONG ago.

Now, a few more things. If you people would do your research and actually try, JUST TRY, and learn SOMETHING about the technology you have just spent two grand on, all of your troubles would be washed away. I work at the Scottsdale, Arizona store. Scottsdale = WAY too many rich motherfuckers that come in with the "I'm better than you because I have money" attitude. And if you don't believe me, then take another look around cause you can SMELL the money in this fucking town. But I digress.

Bottom line, this company is just like other similar companies (Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.), all of them fighting to be the best. And it's ignoramuses like a majority of the people who angrily post messages on here stating that they are so shortsighted that they can't take an objective look at other companies. I recommend that ALL people who post here do one simple thing. Go to and do a search for the following things. And type them exactly as I do:

"CompUSA Sucks" "Best Buy Sucks" "Circuit City Sucks"

You will eventually notice that CompUSA is not the evil beast you all proclaim it to be. It is, in fact, just like Best Buy, Circuit City, etc. Now, go to Google and search, you have your work cut out for you.

And in case there was any doubt, that is the correct spelling of the plural of ignoramus.

-- Enlightened One (, February 07, 2002.

My name is Paul Baker I am the son of the late jazz trumpeter Chet Baker and I run the estate website I recently had experienced some computer problems because of a virus some jerk sent me so my computer was taken for repair. Needing a computer immediately to be able to continue doing business I went to CompUSA and spent 2,600.00 dollars cash on a laptop 5 days later it crashed leaving me in a bad spot. I called CompUSA 10 days after buying the laptop to let them know what had happened, they told me to bring it in and let there tech look at it, I told them I did not have two months to wait for them to repair the computer and who is going to provide me with a computer for my business while they fix it they told me that they would not be doing that, so I called Compaq over and over it took me 45 minutes of pushing buttons before Finely reached a real person unfortunately this person spoke English so badly that after a 20 minute conversation it got me know where, so I called Compaq the next day and after the same bullshit process I finely reached someone that actually spoke my language English, I told this person about my experience and conversations with CompUSA and the person that could not speak English the day before. I was told NOT to take the laptop to CompUSA for repair and to instead give Compaq Techs the opportunity to fix the problem, I was then give a confirmation number and told that I would receive a special box within a few days and that it would come with a special return sticker. Three weeks later I am still waiting for this box. So I went to CompUSA to demand a refund what a joke. first I was told that this laptop was discontinued and being a brand new product on the market I asked why this was, I was told to ask the manufacture Compaq if I wanted to know, then I was told that even if they did give me a refund that it would be mailed to me minus a 15% restocking fee, This is bullshit if you discontinued this product what the hell are you going to restock the shelve with even upset with this I accepted being screwed for the 15% and did not mind them mailing me a check but then the manager told me that it was not up to him that he would need to get it approved, this made me just a little fucking mad, it appears that they do everything they possibly can to avoid taking care of there customers especially if you want your money back. I was told that the return policy was on the receipt and on the counter top. I told this asshole that you cannot bind me to a return policy unlike any other I have ever seen since I cannot read the receipt until after I have given them my money and as for the policy on there fucking counter top who the fuck notices this after they have just put there products for purchase on top of this bullshit policy. I have purchased about three computers and over a thousand dollars of software from CompUSA BUT NO MORE I WILL ADVISE EVERYBODY I KNOW TO AVOID COMPUSA LIKE THE FUCKING PLAGUE THE SAME GOES FOR COMPAQ.


-- Paul A. Baker (, February 10, 2002.

Wow this site really is a goldmine. I must say that as a former TSS at CompUSA I hate the company more than anyone, but you customers are really stupid. As a matter of fact, you're not even people to us, you're sheeple. Don't you all even realize that you are just pawns in a game to us salesman? You are mere percentages that show up on our report cards and ultimately on our paychecks. Ever wonder how you got the "free" warranty? It's because of the miracle of bundling. We get commissioned much more on services than we do hardware, so we'll just knock down the price of a computer in the system to account for the services. Muhahahahha. When customers pissed me off it was even better. They got 2 or three warranty plans on the same computer, unbeknownst to them of course. Hey all you TSS's out there, you really should try it out, it works. Tell them the bronze gets them in-store support, silver gets them hardware support, gold gets them software support, and platinum gets them on- site service! Trust me guys it's not hard and it works like a charm. And don't think Saturdays are a bad day guys, Saturdays are good days. Customers come in generally not knowing about an ad, and so what do you do? Well you know about the special rebates going on but they don't. Say there's $300 in rebates on that compaq computer. If they don't go for TAP, tell 'em you're giving it to them and they'll get $300 rebates back if they buy it. Again, works every time. Oh and would you customers like to know what bothers me about you the most? Your absolute stupidity. Why do you, time and again, come in our store and ask us to help you with your technical problems at home? We are not technical support people, and believe me I never would become one. Every time I ever got one of you I immediately gave you the Dial-A-Tech phone number, which charges you to call it. If that didn't work I usually just lied my ass off and told the customer to do whatever and that "should work." Well in closing this is just a note to all you TSS's out your managers make you clean up the damn store after closing? Ours did, we had a real jerk for a Merch manager, and man that sucks not being paid for it. Yes we might be making $45k-$50k a year, but that's commission-based and it really pisses me off to work for free. Well that's all for now, tah tah everyone.

-- Man with the Answers (, February 14, 2002.

This is what I have to say about The Compusa Tap and Customer complaints.

I agree that there are always exceptions to everything, and that the customer should be taken care of. With that said...I don't believe that a customer should be ignorant going in, especially making a purchase in excess of $500. Do you buy a vehicle thinking it can be returned for a new one in just as little as six months because something broke? NO! Computers are much the same, you are expected to cover your own tail by purchasing that TAP. If you are that first time had better find out everything you can about your purchase and how to use it. So many times I see customer abuse or ignorance. If you crack your windshield on your car do you go back to the dealer wanting them to replace it?? NO! You file it on your insurance..same with laptop better have TAP. I might point out that TAP covers your computer cocurrent with your manufacturers warranty. Lets say you buy a laptop and a 2 yr depot warranty w/ screen protection. Ok the laptop comes with a 1 yr manufacturers limited warranty...still with me...ok six months later your rocking along and the hard drive goes out...ok you don't get a new laptop...Compusa doesn't fix it in store in most goes to the manu. because it has to be sent under there first year...Why would Compusa want to give you another Hard Drive out of their pocket when the manu. should replace it. Ok you wait three weeks and you get your laptop back...couple weeks later...oops you drop your laptop and crack the screen...The manu. says HA HA! you broke your screen your screwed!!...but compusa says ok we will get you a new one because you have TAP and screen you get any of this. My main point in all of this is don't be that stupid customer that thinks the world is owed to them just because they bought a computer and it broke...Be educated know what happens if your pc goes out and be prepared to wait because your in line with 1000 others and you are no more special than any of them. If you have a complaint be educated before you open your stupidity hole and unleash that sharp tounge of ignorance. If you didn't understand the warranty before you left the store then you deserve every damn headache you encounter. One more you really think Compusa is there all day to answer your tech/software questions...NO! That is why they sell Dial-A-Tech and books on the subject. They sell computers they are not your personal on call technician. You better also realize that this industry is to make money and tying up a phone line to answer your questions is crazy. Would you want someone calling your business...holding you up...the phone...and your customers NO! So quit being a baby, get educated and suck it want to play on that pc you better damn well know how to!

-- Katy Strickland (, February 16, 2002.

I was laid off by CompUSA in the August 1999 "massacre" of 3,300 employees. I went on to get a PhD in Business and now teach at a university in Texas. While CompUSA has many fine people at all levels, the corporate culture set down from Dallas is the worst I've ever seen. I was hoping the sale of the company to Sanborn Mexico would start to remedy that. I'm not sure that is happening. My general Top Ten assessment of the firm is as follows:

1. The worst customer service policies and practices in the industry. 2. The worst work environment in the industry (Employees are fodder.) 3. The worst pay and benefits in the business. 4. The worst consumer and client reputation in the industry. 5. The worst logistics and delivery performance in the industry. 6. The worst international business performance in the industry. 7. The slowest & most problematic online sales system in the industry. 8. The highest rate of legal filings from employees & customers. 9. An absence of good business ethics from the top down. 10. The worst "Good Will" in the industry.

As we train new university business students to become business leaders, we currently use CompUSA, Inc. (along with Enron) as prime examples of how NOT to run a large company; treat employees; serve customers; and do business. CompUSA, Inc. is the perfect case study of what NOT to do. In that aspect, the company is doing very well...

-- Mark Woodhull (, February 16, 2002.

I agree re "CompUSA sucks". I will never buy anything at their store again. I had a similar experience to the "mouse that didn't work". But here's the real issue: Under the law, if someone takes your money, there must be a fair exchange for that money (regardless of whom the manufacturer is). In other words, you gave CompUSA your money in exchange for a working product. If the product doesn't work, then they have to either replace it, or return your money. CompUSA doesn't get to keep your money for nothing. That's the law. CompUSA's store policies do not supercede consumer law. You are entitled to your money back.

Again, my experience was similar to yours. Let's all boycott CompUSA.

Keep up the fight.

-- Michael Ysasaga (, February 20, 2002.

You are correct. Federal law requires a "fair exchange policy" Actually, there is no federal law on exchange policies. State law's all differ. In my specific state, the minumum a policy can be is 3 days. Thats right 3 DAYS!!!!! CompUSA's is 14 days. Meaning, CompUSA has a return policy 4.67 Times the Legal Limit in my state. It was 14 days when you signed your receipt, if you agreed to it then, then it doesent matter if the product breaks 30 days, or 30 weeks later, its you and the manufacteur responsibility to get it fixed, not ours, get over it.

-- MikeHunt (, February 21, 2002.

AMEN MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEah you babys take that shit to court and see who wins....and for you whining about the financial stability of the should know that we are now into the green ink side of the ledger. The sale to Sanborns has made a huge impact.....I dont agree with what the company does as a whole.....but I will tell you this. Your legal rights? Are our legal rights too. Just as it is your right to have a working is our right to disclaim under what terms and for what length of time we will honor it........Jesus you people are morons.....The first rule of advertising is FINE PRINT.........its there for a reason....and if you would ever bother to spend 1 minute of your brutally valuable time (jackasses) then you would know that you are wrong 90% of the time......I personally think the policy's are very fair....400 dollar set of speakers with a 5 dollar extended exchange plan. I blow the somebitches up within 2 years I will get a new set for FREE.............even includes power surge damage......You are the armpit of the universe....the All knowing and mighty consumer my ass.....what a fucking joke, no better that a pile of dog shit.

I fully disclose thes "DISCLAIMERS" for everyone of my customers.....I have plenty of loyal repeat bussiness. WHY? The informed consumer is a much wiser one than the uneducated look at me cuz I am an idiot consumer....Come on people. You dont shit any different than the rest of us. FIGURE IT OUT....READ!!!!!!

-- Rockymountain TSS (, February 23, 2002.

check out this nightmare:

-- Dr. Ephemeron (, March 06, 2002.

Now listen up all you CompUSA employees and (former)CompUSA customers. I work in one of the California stores and am the Assitant Sales Manager(big woopty-goddamn-doo). Let me tell you the truth and myths behind good ol CompUSA(nothing better than a disgruntled employee).

After reading much of these "horror" stories. I feel like I have to fill you all in. Lets start with the bennifits of CompUSA. First off, there Replacement plans are the bomb(not to be confused with comprehensive plans i.e. Bronze, silver, gold, platinum)! you buy a video card, accessorie, monitor, sound card, whatever. if it breaks and you have the replacement plan. you bring it back. they will give you the exact same thing, UNLESS its out of stock or has been discontinued. THEN you get the next higher model! thats a deal there. Trust me. :) Thats about all that good here at CompUSA.

For the bad side...(deep breath). CompUSA's return policy is 14 days. we are NOT allowed to return that, not even on the 15th day. if its broken, your screwed. if its defective, your screwed. if its not what you wanted.... thats right! your screwed. I read in a previous post about shrink machines, well yes. we do have them. there have been multipul times where I have seen and done myself. Open a package, then re-shrink it. CompUSA does return things to the manufacture.....

You know. I'm not gonna sit here and grip all to hell about how shitty this place is. to work or shop. All I know is what you all answer. Welp, I happen to have the OWNERS email address if you all like. Yes, the OWNER. not the CEO, or VP. But the OWNER!

Yes, CompUSA is PRIVATLY owned and operated. no stocks, no bonds, no BS. Write this man, spam him, yell at him, whatever makes you feel good. :) I hope this helps.

-Much love -Assistant Sales Manager, CompUSA somewhere in cali. :)


Happy spamming. :)

-- Assistant Sales Manager (, March 10, 2002.

Just a quick response to the assistant sales manager. YOUR POSITION DOESENT EXIST, ASSISTANT SALES MANAGER? YOU MUST MEAN LEAD TSS. Thats right your just the lead salesman, meaning, you get, what, and extra hundred bucks on every check?

And as far as the 14 days, IF you have your BOX, IF you have your RECEIPT, and IF it isnt a discontinnued product, 95% of the time you will be given atleast a store credit in MOST cases.

-- Mike hunt (, March 14, 2002.

Um...different CompUSA stores have different positions in them. I worked in a store that most assuredly had an Assistant Sales Manager position. He was paid shit, though, only $26,000 a year which was a little over half of what us TSS's were making. Lead TSS is a similar (almost identical) position that stores use when they cannot afford to either sacrifice a TSS or hire another employee to be a manager.

-- The Man with the Answers (, March 14, 2002.

Hey retard...compusa did not, MAKE, the mouse. You bought, THE MOUSE, at CompUSA. Being that the return policy was POSTED, you obviously, AGREED TO IT, but, PAYING FOR THE PRODUCT. Why dont you boycott every company that exists, because you are obviously illiterate. DUMBASS!

-- DA MAN (, March 15, 2002. all you idiots with complaints.

I have not seen ONE legitimate complaint. They are all about return policy's. ARE THEY NOT POSTED? You agree to them, by, PAYING AT THE REGISTER! Every major retailer has that policy. The truth is, you buy something from CompUSA. CompUSA buys from a vendor. The vendor made the product. The product is under warranty, FROM THE VENDOR. If it's past the return policy, guess who you deal with. That's common sense. I guess that's a little to much to ask for.

-- READ THIS (read, March 15, 2002.

At the CompUSA I work at, there is an assistant sales manager. Bascially, she was a top TSS, who got promoted. I think her next step is to be an actual manager. But if they are issues concerning Customer Service issues, she comes. And she gets $35,000 a year.

I personally love CompUSA. I work there for 2 years. Yeah, I probably can be making about the same if I worked at Mcdonalds, but I make up the money by selling TAP. I hate those customers who only come in our stores to get on those Sundays mornings, and want all the "free"(after rebates) stuff. They expect us (employees) to take the time and show them where each and every one of the free items are, and explain to them what the software/item does. We dont have time for that. And then, theres those customers who come in the last day before the ad is over, and want the free stuff expecting them to still be in stock.

Then its those customers who come through the customer service lines. They know about the 15% restocking fee, then when you tell them your going to be taking out 15% of the price they get a weired look on their face and act like your speaking a foreign language. Before you go off spending $600 on a laser printer, do your research to see if it can print color.

Now, about this 15% restocking fee. Usually, we wont charge it if its a cable, power supply, or something we can easily shrink wrap back ourselves. But when it comes stuff like a computer, printer, game console, you leave us no choice. Legally, we CANNOT sell it as new. We have to send it back to the maufacture! That 15% is paying for the shipping cost, and some other factors I still cant figure out. If its a modem, and you brought a PCI, and you needed an ISA, we wont give you any problems. Just tell the C.S. Rep that you want to exhange it for a diffrent type of modem, and usually we wont give you any problems. We get tired of hearing the excuses like "i dont like the graphics on the xbox, so please dont charge me the 15%." THAT IS WHY WE HAVE DEMO'S FOR STUFF LIKE THAT. SO THAT YOU CAN TEST IT OUT.

Last but not least is cost. Many times we get horrible discounts. According to CompUSA, the cost is how much the store (Not CompUSA) paid for the item. We sell the PS2 for $299.99. At cost we might get it for $295.32. No way the store is only making $5 off a PS2. Thats a bunch of bull, and my managers have even admitted that the store pay less for most of the items. The reason cost sometimes cost is because they include money for loss prevention. Stores lose an average of $30,000 every three months from theft. To make up for the money they lose they raise the cost, which at the end effects us employees. Many managers wont admit it, but ask around and they will one of them might tell you.

Last thing is with warranties. Warranties are the best thing for a customer to buy. Lets say you buy a graphic card, and you purchase the TAP on it. If in 5 months you see something better, just bring it back in, and we will give you a store credit for that amount. There was this guy that brought a imac, and your screen was bad. You said you had TAP on it. You should go back to your Compusa and ask for a TAP brochure. That tells you everything about the service that you brought. You should go to Customer Service, tell them the sku # that the TAP has, and then ask them to explain to you what that covers. If they say it also covers the screen, then your being scrwed because CompUSA should replace it. Also, those of you that purchase the replacement plan on the printer SKU #263599, chances are your printer/scanner will not be replaced immediately. Once an item is Discountinued (DO1, N65, N66, and especially D66) we have to send it back to the manufacture so that they can try to fix it. The reason is that we wont receive any credit if we send it back, so its better for us to send it back to see it the manufacture can fix it. And if its found "unfixable" which rarely happens, the manufacture decides what model they will give you. They might give you a higher end model, or they might give you a refurb, it all depends on what they got. Throught that whole time, chances are you wont have your scanner/printer for 10 days. Which really isnt an instant replacement as your salesperson told you. (However, I still tell my cutomers that its an instant replacement)

The only thing I DONT like about CompUSA is there avaiablity. They spend thousands of dollars on their ads, and they dont have any in stock. For example, a few weeks ago, there was a huge ad on the Iomega zip drive for 69.99. We havent sold that model for more than a month. In matter of fact, the item is DO1. That means its been discontinued!

Another thing, those replacement plans that you buy are a one time thing. Meaning once you bring in your broken mouse with TAP, you lost your warranty. I think COmpUSA should train there team members about that so that they could tell the customers, because a. many of them dont know that and b. it misleads the customer.

-- elvis20 (, March 17, 2002.

I've worked at CompUSA for about 8 months and I do understand the problems that most customers goes through regarding the return policy. Sure a 14 day return policy is strick, but I try my best to keep the customer happy, especially when a item is broken just a little over 14 days. Most customers whom I've helped with returned broken items, will return again and again to purchase more products.

However, on the opposite end, I have had my share of issues with CompUSA. First, I was hired at $8/hr as cashier (which I could understand since I had no previous experience), promoted to Lead Cashier after two months. I practically skipped over Customer Service so I was kinda in training for two positions at once. It was going just fine when a customer wrote out a check amount incorrectly and I had the customer rewrite the check, however he forgot to sign it. The sales manager approved the check and forgot about the signature.

I always thought that having a manager approval would protect me, but that wasn't the case. I was demoted to customer service for putting the Front End mgr's job in jeapordy even though the customer returned the next day to sign the check and was willing to pay in cash for the problem this had caused, however we took the signed check.

While I was working as customer service, I was trained by another lead cashier to do lead cashier work, mainly since she knew I'll become a good lead cashier and this minor hiccup shouldn't have lead to me being demoted. After a few months, the Front End Mgr was move to aa a technician mgr and in replacement was the merchandising mgr. She put me back as lead cashier since the Ops mgr hired another guy as lead cashier and probably because of my position, I shouldn't be teaching a lead cashier to do his work. He was very angry on the first day I closed with him as I tried to help fix mistakes as he closing the store. This screwed up the credit card amounts since he didn't reconcile each credit amount individually.

So several months went buy, still I didn't have my raise yet and my old Front End mgr told me he'll give me 20 bucks for Whatever It Takes since I took the ad home on Saturday nights and labeling it for Sunday's morning advertisement which took 2-3 hours of my time. That never happened.

Several of the mgrs moved to another location or were forced to quit for reasons I think were a bit unjust from a personal opinion.

Months went by, no 90 days review yet after 4 months. 6 months came and gone, no review yet and been a lead cashier for several months now.

At last, the lead cashier that was hired by the Ops were promoted to Front End Mgr after 90 days and word spread that he wanted to get rid of me. 2 weeks passed and I guess they couldn't find anything to get rid of me until I found my name on a pre-terminiation sheet tucked away in a folder. Just my name, and nothing else was written or checked off.

So it was time for me to go as I couldn't think of having my name as terminated from my first job. I couldn't believe they would do such a thing, especially since I worked more hours that I was suppose to and during the holiday season, would go from 8 AM to 8 PM without a lunch break because they couldn't hire anyone to work on a Sunday. Sometime I would start a Sunday with an advertisement in the Sunday's paper by my self as the only cashier.

And on those days, I was working part time and so, I couldn't get away and take at least 15 min lunch since it was hectic and none of the mgrs approved me to take a lunch. So no lunches for me on several Sundays. The H.R. had the nerves to take a lunch for me rather than moving it into another slot or at least consult with me on why I didn't take a lunch. I know it's by law to take an hour lunch, but customers came first and there was no other lead cashier or front end mgr to relieve me. Sales mgr and ware house mgr who were new to the store and didn't know the combination to safe after serveral weeks working here. When I did could take a lunch, it was for only 15 mins before I was called to the front to take care customers. The H.R. approved the 15 min lunch, but on days when I didn't take lunch, a whole hour was removed.

So my priorities were to work 12 hours without a lunch and my check didn't not reflect that.

Then there was this incentive to sell more TAP, you'll get 5 dollars per TAP sold to buy anything in the store. I've accumulated alot, but at the start, I didn't get an amount on my check and the H.R. from what I understand didn't want to hear anything about it. Their excuse was that it was no longer showing up on next week's pay check, but the check after. If you think about, soon it'll grow exponetially and you'll get payment on TAP sold 3 or 4 months back since this pay was bi-weekly. One girl sold 400 dollars worth of this internal money and she bought a flat screen monitor just incase they retract the deal before she could buy a laptop. I sold some, but never redeem the money to buy products in the store and it never was the entire amount was credited to the check.

However, she quit before she got payment on her check for the TAP she sold.

There's alot of bad treatment and I worked for 8 months without a raise or review on my performance. On the day I found my name on a pre-termination sheet, I gave my two weeks hours before the store close just incase they mgr notified me that I was being fired since no official word was mentioned to me.

The end of the day came, and the front end mgr had me sign off on PIP forms which was typed up that day, more than likely after the hours I gave him noticed of my leave. He didn't want me come to work the next day and told me that I knew I was being fired some how and that he doesn't know how I knew, so I had to sign off on the PIP forms. He tried to slip PIPs that dated in 3 months back for things I didn't even know about.

He told me that I was being fired based on the two PIPs I signed off which was that I didn't have a manager to sign off on customer check request but noted that all documentation stapled showed it was a legitmate return and the item was in the warehouse. This caused them days to find out the return and caused them many hours wasted according to him.

The other PIP was for a PDA for 400 that didn't have manager signature but was approved for a return. Many times, the manager will gesture to go ahead and return a product and he'll sign the reciept later, but that's what they got me on.

Still to this day, I think it was not a legitmate reason to be fired for and I'm still not sure whether on the papers documents that I was fired since procedures weren't followed and this was a verbal talk without anyone else present. I gave my two weeks leave before I was officially noted that I was fired and it was silly of me to sign of the PIP after I was quitting anyway.

So for 8 months, I still haven't got a raise nor one review on my performance and went many hours without pay for lunches I couldn't take because of low amount of employees that could work on Sundays. I was not compensated for doing customer service work nor doing lead cashier work for that company and I think that the company should carefully review their employees and make them happy before they attend to the customers.

The customer sees the employee first and thats the image of CompUSA in their minds. If you treat your employee poorly, then the store in that location will be doomed for failure until something is done about it.

After I quit, 2 months passed and by golly in the mail was a check from CompUSA. Opening it up, turns out to be a check for a 2 dollar spiff which turns out to be 1.85 cents. Was it a cruel joke by the H.R. and the managers there, I wonder that myself.

Regards, A very disappointed ex-employee

-- jc (, March 17, 2002.

An open letter to the customers AND employees of CompUSA:

Would everybody please simmer down?! Most of you are acting as if this is the only company with upset customers or disgruntled employees. Here’s the deal…EVERY company has its problems. However, with a few pointers (and cooler heads), maybe there can be a little more understanding on both sides.

1. It’s not customers vs. employees—Sorry customers, those people in the store don’t work for you. They work for a PROFIT oriented company and are REQUIRED to sell the items they carry. It is of no use to be ticked off at them. And, sorry employees, those customers aren’t REQUIRED to shop at your store. Consider every meeting with a customer from a politician’s viewpoint, customers vote with their dollars.

2. Basics of technology retailing--Although CompUSA and other consumer-electronics companies would LOVE to have the service level of, say, Bed Bath & Beyond, they cannot. A previous writer noted one prime example of what happens when you try…Egghead. These corporations must make a profit or there is no incentive to be in business.

To make a profit selling comforters and kitchen gadgets, you merely have to display the items in a pleasing way and invite customers to shop. No extended warranties, tech-training classes for employees, or expensive support required. Those companies in those business make a handsome profit because they get to follow very simple business principles—Buy low, sell high (typically at initial profits exceeding 50%). Once you subtract the costs of employees, buildings (w/utilities), advertising, and costs of the merchandise, you have money left over—i.e. PROFIT.

The technology retail game is completely different. The employee who mentioned a $5 profit on gaming systems was, most-likely, right on. Profit margins on high-tech goods are extremely slim, sometimes less than 10%, rarely exceeding 30%. In addition, YOU, the customer, require that these people be much more knowledgeable than your best bath towel salesperson. Now when you deduct the costs of doing business, you’ve slipped into the red (otherwise known as government spending!) Therefore, these companies must institute harsh return policies and restocking fees. They must sell warranties and classes. They must refer you to the manufacturer’s support because it is the manufacturer making the money on the actual sale of the product.

That’s another important point. Believe it or not, you are buying the MANUFACTURER’S product, not the retailer’s product. It is the manufacturer who developed, tested, built, APPROVED FOR USE, boxed, and shipped those items. The retailer’s responsibility is to show the merchandise and give you information. YOU, the customer, maintain responsibility for your purchase. If you read the literature, researched your purchase, understood your needs, and still bought a second-hand Yugo, don’t blame it on the salesman.

There is no middle ground. YOU, the customer, are not willing to spend an extra few bucks for better service. You proved it with Egghead. You want bargain-basement prices with Nordstrom service. If you could do this, you would completely re-invent the business paradigm.


3. A customer is a customer—There is a minimum level of REQUIRED service that every customer should be able to expect. A smile, solid information, an affordable price, and someone who can help when something doesn’t work like you thought it would. (NOTE—Customers— you have to PAY for it! Maybe a higher long-distance bill, maybe an extended warranty, maybe extra time learning how the damn thing works.)

The biggest thing that most technology-retail employees can’t seem to figure out is that, if a customer didn’t need you, you would never see them. You seem to want to prove to people that your so much smarter and knowledgeable. NEWS FLASH—It ain’t a pissin’ contest! Repeat after me: “I am a professional sales person. I will LISTEN to my customer. I will ASK questions to determine the customer’s needs. I will THANK the customer for their business. I will attempt to HELP a customer within the limits of my ability. I will REFER problems beyond my control to a(nother) manager.” That’s what you need to know. Customers support your company only if they want to. In the technology retail game, you’ve all got about the same products at roughly the same prices. Thus your ONLY COMPETIVE ADVANTAGE can be in service. Fail there and you can start working on your resume.

4. Bottom line—Customers, don’t forget that America is built on capitalism and for-profit corporations paying taxes. Quit bickering about service levels if you aren’t willing to pay for it. Employees, don’t forget that your customer also pays taxes and your salary. Quit bickering about the company (and customers) that put food on your table.

I don’t think we need to bicker like this. We don’t need another corporate meltdown or more employees on the unemployment rolls. Ask me, I’m one of them.


Some guy in Oregon

-- Unemployed guy (, March 21, 2002.

CompUSA used to be one of my favorite stores. However, I recently purchased a faulty hard drive from CompUSA. I managed to back up some data from another hard drive that I had that was dying. So, I figured that since CompUSA had sold me a lemon ,they should help me out by getting some of the data off of it (it wasn't really that big of a deal, because I think it is still all on my old semi-bad harddrive). Anyway, I got down there and they flat out refused to help me. They said that they would take the data off, but only if I paid them for it. I was speechless...this is the worst customer service I have ever hear (and I am a IS Manager, so I've dealt with a lot). Needless to say, I kept escalating my complaints until I finally got to the "manager" of the store. He was the worst of the lot! He not only told me that "he didn't put the data on there", so he wasn't responsible for helping me, but he also said that he didn't care if I stopped shopping there because of it. This was AFTER I told him I was an IS Manager and I have speced out tens of thousands of dollars of equipment from CompUSA over the years. Unbelievable....I can still hardly believe this has happened. All this for a $50 service. I have submitted complaints to the BBB and to the Attorney General against the manager there. I would suggest that all of you submit complaints to the BBB and AG in your state as well.

The funny thing is, when I went to tell most of my friends and co- workers about what a horrible experiene I had, almost EVERY one of them had a similar story. (Most of theirs involved not being able to return faulty merchandise for equivalent "good" merchandise, and purchasing shrink-wrapped equipment that was obviously used because of open packaging, missing parts, etc...)

Anyway, regardless of what happens, I am not purchasing anything from CompUSA again, and I am actively discouraging everyone I know from shopping there. (I just feel bad because I've always recommended CompUSA in the past when end-users would ask me where to get things. Hopefully none of them have had similar experiences)

-- Jason Swift (gorbus1@____hotmail.___com), March 24, 2002.

I work at compusa and you all can go to hell. You people steal from us and you expect a break.... Go to hell.

-- AMDROCKS (wouldn', March 25, 2002.

I worked for CompUSA for about 1 year. Here's a little insight into the CompUSA mindset:

"Every person who walks through the front door will try to screw us if they get the chance."

That includes employees. Over the course of 1 year, I never had a single performance review or raise. Although I was hired as a technician, they had no intentions of keeping me in the shop. There was a constant shortage of employees to work in the upgrade center, since it was a crap job and no one wanted it. So this store would hire people into the positions they asked for, then transfer them. I worked in the tech shop for just about 2 months. In that time, I completed some HP LaserJet certifications...the tech manager hid them and said "I haven't gotten anything from HP back yet". The day I was transferred, he magically produced them. The postmark on the envelopes was over 1 month old.

I also heard constant rumblings from friends in the front-end who said that the Ops Manager wanted to get rid of me. See, he was angry that I caused a stir in the store. I was hired as part-time, however, had begun to work full-time, 40 hours a week. When I went to fill out forms to get health insurance, I was told that I was ineligable because I was "actually" part-time, since I needed Tuesday and Thursday nights off for class. My ranting about that got a lot of other employees pissed at management.

Then there was the inventory...a few times a year, CompUSA has a company come in and conduct an inventory. Since they are so insanely paranoid, all employees are required to be there to watch the "inventory specialists", and count behind them. These marathons would start at around 10:30pm, and go to 4-5am, and always on Saturday nights. This particular weekend, I had to close Saturday (2pm-9pm), work inventory, and then work all day Sunday (10am-6pm). Because of this, I negotiated and was allowed an extended break of 3 hours Saturday evening. Well, when I got back, I was blasted by store managment for "taking a 3 hour lunch", and then, during the inventory, I was not allowed to take scheduled breaks with the rest of the store. I was being punished like a kindergartener.

I finally quit one night before execs from corporate were scheduled to visit the store. Since store management was always notified in advance, they had time to make the store pretty for their bosses. Unfortunately, their method for this was the screw anyone closing the night before the the end of their scheduled shift, they would be told that things "weren't clean enough", and would usually be kept on until 1am or 2am. This had happened to me once before, so I wasn't going do it again. About an hour before closing, I went on a frenzy, and my area was more clean and straight than it had been in the last 3 months. At 9pm I told the store manager I was done and ready to leave, and he's like "oh, things probably aren't clean enough". He came over and looked, and had a rather sour look on his face. I was told to go help out another department, and I told him that I was already off the clock, my job was finished, and I had an engagement that I needed to get to by 10pm. I was told too bad, to go clock back in and get to work. After I told him no, the entire store was treated to a temper tantrum worthy of a spoiled five year old. The next day, I showed up in street clothes, planning on talking to the general manager about what had happened and what could be done to have me not quit (read: a raise). However, before I even got to him, another manager pulled me aside, and said that he understood there was some tension the night before, and that things should not have escalated to the temper tantrum (at this point, I'm excited that there might actually be someone in upper mgmt. that was on my side), and that was I did was really shitty and that I owe the other manager an apology (oh well). I told him to go to hell and quit on the spot. This should give you a general idea of how employees can expect to be treated. But that's all in the past for me now.

Fast forward to last week. I purchased a game at CompUSA (against my better judgement) called "The Longest Journey". I took it home, and found that disc 1 was defective. Checking the game's website on a whim, it turns out that they are having manufacturing issues in North America, with random discs coming out bad. I took the game back and got a new copy (no problem), which was also their last copy. This time, disc 2 is defective. Now, I don't want to deal with driving back and forth from the store getting new copies to begin with...second, I know that I will get screwed if they don't have any more copies and they have to order some ("sir, I'm sorry, but it's been more than 14 days..."), so I want my money back. Now, CompUSA's policy is no refunds on open software. The problem with this policy is that if you buy a piece of software that is either 1) incompatible with your machine, or 2) in a case like mine, it may not be possible to get a working copy of the software. Of course, as soon as I walked in the store, the front-end manager told me "no way, no how" was I getting my money back. Five minutes of arguing later, he called the store manager. "She'll be right up". 10 minutes later, she calls back, and tells him to go ahead and give me the refund. At first, I felt sorry for him, because the store manager didn't want to deal with me, and in turn made him look like a dipshit (I saw this more times that I can count when I worked there). However, he developed a really nasty attitude. In fact, I was told "You're real lucky, I'll do this for you once, but don't expect any more favors". Nice way to treat a customer with a legitimate problem.

If you are ever bored, go to your local CompUSA and hang out around the Mac section...the vast majority of employees don't know anything at all about Macs, and when rather knowledgable Mac users come in, fireworks, arguments, and (if you aren't one of them) hilarity is sure to happen.

-- John (, March 25, 2002.

You guys are so funny! Do you think that when 1 out of say 100 customers has a bad experience that your measily complaints are going to make a difference. I have an idea.... why don't you check on the policies at the places you shop before you buy. Of course then you would not have a basis for a complaint later though. Also if you happened to check out some of these policies you might begin to notice that they are 99% the same anywhere you go. That is a right of the store. They do not hide the rules from you. If you don't agree then don't shop there.

-- Casey (, March 26, 2002.

I see that a couple of other compusa employee's have put things up here in defense of the store, I agree we do have hard job's at compusa and that we all wish customer's could see our side of the story. But reading the post's here the customer is right, we are the ones that have to see what they are going through. We have to see what they are complaining about, what they want and how we can fulfill their needs. I have been with compusa going on 2 years now and I enjoy my job immensely. I see both sides and I agree compusa has got to change. Our motto "whatever it takes!" needs to be taken to heart we have to do whatever it takes to make our customer's happy. I see the frustration in some customer's eyes and see what they are going through. I myself will try to help as much as possible but sometimes I know I can't. My hand's are tied quite often by store policy and manager's policies and quite a lot of the time these two contradict each other. Compusa is a top heavy company and believe me it gets to be quite a headache. We try to push extended warranties for pure profit to keep the company going and hopefully the warranty will help the consumer but it seem's that they get more headaches about this than having it actually help them. My advice to comsumers that shop at compusa. Question your salesman and if you have any questions about anything at all ask to speak to one of the managers. Ever since they started the TSS program the Technology Sales Specialist everything has been about sales period. The warranty company also is changing the way it handles the TAP program. My reccomendation for tap buy just the lowest one you need just for hardware coverage. Do not go for the training or dial a tech, they are absolutely no help. Question all the store's policies but be aware that the store manager has the ability to make in store policies that may limit what you can do. When in doubt return the item within the 14 day return policy, make your voice heard in what compusa understands money.

-- CompUSA employee (, March 28, 2002.

Just to let you guy's know, any one working computer retail at a electronics sales store(S), have no ideal what they are doing. for if they did they would not be wasting their skills there.You may want to consult a local tech or go to an actual PC repair shop to buy parts, some time's they are cheaper. But they know what they are talking about. A lot of retail stores hire techy wanna be's or kids straight out of high school. NEVER NEVER TAKE THEIR WORD FOR ANY COMPUTER RELATED QUESTIONS always seek the Dept/Store manager for questions. That's how they got their job. Yes I am an A+ Certified Tech with over 11 years of exp. I started building 8088's when these kids were still in diapers. I do not like people who pretend to know something about nothing.

-- David Parker (, March 28, 2002.

_ /_\ | | |_| _ _ | | _ / \/ \|_|/ \_ | | \ | |/ \ / \ / \ / |/\/\/\|

I can't belive you guys are wating your time reading this Crap!!!

-- fuckers (, March 31, 2002.

| |
_ _ | | _
/ \/ \|_|/ \_
| | \
| |/
\ /
\ /
\ /
I can't belive you guys are wating your time reading this Crap!!!

-- fuckers2 (, March 31, 2002.

Since some boards will not post URL's a.k.a web site address. Those CompUSA employees interested in UNION representation call Mike Mesa at the NEW NUMBER 1-877-550-8270; he is an Organizer for The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU) at Local 108 RWDSU. He will help you as he is doing with the CompUSA employees in Omaha NE Store# 544. As several employee posts on this board indicates that, the General Managers and Operation Managers seems to be a part of the problem. Well he can help you get rid of those problems. As employees of CompUSA if your not part of the solution (UNION) then you might be part of the problem. CompUSA employees need to do "What Ever It Takes" to have a better working place for YOU! When was the last time you got an exotic vacation from CompUSA? Won a Harley for your store having the best "TAP" numbers? Got extra perks for making the CompUSA you work at have the highest margin? In addition, how many times did you not get the position, because the General Manager hired his/her buddies from other stores? On the other hand, the Operations Manager's favorite employees get positions, when other CompUSA employees have worked longer, and are better qualified for a specific position. How many man or women of color do you see in management position at CompUSA retail stores? Have you ever seen a person with a visible disability working in management at CompUSA? When CompUSA took, its Corporate sells a.k.a. Business Solutions Centers out of most of their retail stores and let go of several tenured employees. However, those employees like a Mr. Vern Creamer was kept on the CompUSA payroll as a "GMIT" a.k.a. General Manager in Training, because of his friend a Mr. Jay Johnson, who by the way is a Regional Manager and hired Mr. Vern Creamer. Many salaried high paid employees where made "GMIT's". The problem with this specific individual is Mr. Vern Creamer had been a General Manager of at least three different CompUSA retail stores. Moreover, several other people like Mr. Vern Creamer became "GMIT's” were making CompUSA have more "GMIT's" in its history. The problem with this is that this was during the same time CompUSA was closing stores down, laying off retail staff; and, the CompUSA worker who lost their jobs were the employees that had to "Do What Ever It Takes" in the retail store. Now they were placed in a position to "Do What Ever It Takes" to feed their families; so CompUSA management could make sure their buddies stayed on the payroll even though they had NO direct contact with customers to help that hourly paid employee "Do What Ever It Takes" to make sure CompUSA's customers got their needs met. We ask you, could this be a problem? Many post we read from web sites about CompUSA start off with "The CompUSA store had very few employees on the retail floor to assist me with my needs". Again, a Union for the workers of CompUSA can give each and all workers a chance for better pay and better benefits. In addition, it keeps management from using your hard work for their own personal perks. So from now on when your benefits are cut or go up, as they have been in the last few years, YOU THE COMPUSA EMPLOYEE WILL HAVE A SAY BECAUSE YOU WILL HAVE SOME ONE LOOKING OUT FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES WITH A UNION CONTRACT. Our web site is We want to help the CompUSA employee, and "We Will Do What Ever It Takes" to assist CompUSA employees achieve a work situation with a contract fair for all employees. This alone would be one step for the CompUSA employees to show managers that they "Will Do What Ever It Takes"; this step would help the employee provide better customer service. By making sure YOU the CompUSA employee is trained and empowered to take care of the customers; this would help CompUSA’s struggling business, and that means more: customers, more sells, more margin, more TAP sells, which all leads to more money for the CompUSA employees. An Organized Workplace With A Union Contract Can Bring A World of Change!

In addition, you can reach Mike Mesa at

Humbly Your Servants, The Staff of Local 108 RWDSU UFCW, AFL-CIO

-- The Staff of Local 108 RWDSU UFCW, AFL-CIO (, March 31, 2002.


I tried to post earlier, but now I don't see it. I bought a "Technology Assurance Program" (service plan)for my lap top. I paid for top-of-the-line plan. After I left the store, I found out that I paid extra money for delivery. I didn't need delivery, because I bought a lap top I carried out of the store. No one told me I could have bought a less-expensive plan and gotten the exact same service terms. Anyone else have a similar rip-off ? Please write me. Thanks. RJ

-- Rick John (, April 02, 2002.

To Casey:

You are missing the point. The problem is not the customers' inability to read and/or understand CompUSA's return policies, the problem is CompUSA's insistant refusal to do anything remotely helpful for the customer. See my problem above...odds are, I will never be able to get a working copy of the software media regardless of how many exchanges the store allows me. Why then not allow a refund? It would be painfully simple for them to test the media and see that I'm not lying. It's called good customer service, which in turn leads to what is known as "repeat business from satisfied customers".

To "CompUSA Employee" above:

"Question your salesperson"? That's bullshit. The salespeople at best are technical novices...the majority are completely inept at anything besides convincing you to buy something you don't need. Do NOT trust computer sales people, whether it's Comp, Best Buy, Circuit City, etc. With first-hand experience with CompUSA salespeople, I can promise you that they WILL lie to you, they WILL sell you things that you don't need, and they WILL attempt to add on high-margin/high- commission items without your knownledge (such as the "delivery service" a previous poster got hammered with unkowingly).

Please everyone, do yourselves a favor. Do NOT buy computers from retail chains, especially CompUSA. Buy a Dell. I'm not the biggest Dell fan, but right now, there is no better place for a non-technical person to get a computer. Do NOT buy accessories from CompUSA. There is a fantastic website called PriceWatch ( that will find you the lowest prices for any computer accessory on- line.

And finally, an open memo to all CompUSA employees:

Stop fooling yourselves. Don't think that you are part of the "technology revolution" or the "IT industry" or any other fancy buzzword because you work there. You are about as much a part of the IT industry as the idiot selling software at EB, or the creepy guy who hangs out in the back of Radio Shack all day. You are a retail bitch, no different than a stock boy at the grocery store. The difference is, the stock boy at the grocery store is usually more friendly and helpful. You work for a company that will screw over its own employees to save a buck. You work for a company that looks down upon and will, without hesitation, blatantly and visibly mistreat customers. Your managers are cowards who will hang you out to dry in a heartbeat just to save themselves the aggrevation of dealing with another upset customer. As an employee, you have to notice the number of upset and irate customers at the store every day...ever stop to think WHY so many people are pissed off at you?

-- John (, April 03, 2002.

I had a bad experience at a Dallas store. I went in to complain about a new Mac PC I had bought. The sales person didn't help me, so I demanded so see the manager.

A tall, stacked blond with cowboy boots and a tight dress came out and told me to go into her office because I was too loud. When I got inside she slammed the door shut, locked it, and quickly kicked me in the balls. When I was doubled over, she grabbed me by the hair and forced my head between her legs, suffocating me. She then knocked me to the ground, sitting on my face, while undoing my pants. She ordered my to pull my cock out and jack off for her. Rather than be suffocated and further injured, I complied. She slugged me in the balls, and got off me for a bit, taking off her panties and bra. As I writhed in pain, she rubbed her wet pussy on my face, making moaning noises. She bent over and rubbed my crotch, saying, "aww, poor baby, did I hurt your cock and balls ?" She slid off my face for a moment, and rubbed her big tits in my face, while slapping my balls.

She got back on my upper body, and continued rocking her pussy back and forth on my face while she rubbed my crotch. She started to moan louder, and ordered me to jack off for her. She screamed, and I started to cum. She must have felt my cock getting ready to blast, because she yelled, "don't cum until I tell you to." She continued to moan and rock her sweet pussy on my face. I couldn't hold it any more, and started to shoot a powerful load. She yelled again, "I said not to cum." She then put the full weight of her pussy on my face and suffocated me. At the same time, she slugged me in the balls again, making my hot orgasm turn into torture. She finally got off my face, and ordered me to clean up my cum, or she would say I raped her. I quickly used my shirt to clean up the cum. She then ordered me to get the fuck out of her office, and never complain again. I will never shop at COMPUSA again.

-- Silly Sub (, April 08, 2002.

I've worked at comp,first as an upgrades manager,then as a tech,upgrade,and delivery tech,then lead tech,in the three years I,ve been there,the master tech,and myself are the only original members left,for some reason upper management has experimented with the stores in the Dallas area,first they closed down all the small business departments,then 2 years later,Whoops maybe we made a mistake,lets open them back up,{they laid off the experienced people who had contacts with all the surrounding businesses we sold inventory to}. Then they laid off all the Tech managers but two,those two were suppossed to cover tech depts at seven other stores,Whoops guess we goofed again,lets hire in new people who have no idea how MXP works,but the tech admins can train them how to order parts,and after that,lets fire all the tech admins.Well would you look at this we may have done it again,the tech managers can't do there work and the admin work too.Lets try centralized part ordering,so what if it slows down the service to our Apple Warranty customers,thats a small price to pay.It's a shame the people making these dicisions don't at a retail level,and at the pay level,never knowing if we will have a job next week,or even a pay increase next year. Fellow employees,keep your resumes up to date.

-- slowontheuptake (, April 14, 2002.

shop at comp again.............fuck no!!!!!!!!! i shopped in colonie n.y comp store, what a joke. i made alot of purchases there, over $4000.00. they are rude, have no clue what they are doing, and are unable to fix computers, and they steal parts that you buy from them right out of your computer. take them to court if you have problems, and sue their asses..............

-- pen wah (, April 14, 2002.

You people have a lot of problems with CompUSA. I just want my $15.00 rebate that they have owed me since December 9th 2001. It sounds like most of the people here are fairly intelligent about computers and electronics. What would happen if every time someone asked you about computers or peripherals you told them not to buy at CompUSA I think the word would eventually get around to the standard computer user. I know in a year I probably recommend parts or computers to 10 to 20 people if every one of them goes to another store and tells their friends eventually CompUSA will be in the same shape as Kmart. I know Kmart has been blacklisted by a large number of sportsman and gun- owners for dumb policies and their former spokes pig and it looks like it is paying off. Use your money and your friends money to voice your opinion and you will be heard.


-- Jay Dee (, April 19, 2002.

What are you talking about??? Walmart? CompUSA? WTF?? Stick to a subject and run with it!! Don't shop there....I am fairly confident that they won't mind! For all of you dill-holes that have problems with CompUSA there are 50 that have had excellent experiences. So don't think that your little circle of friends are going to blacklist CompUSA from exsisting!!

-- HAHA (, April 20, 2002.

Oh wow, someone else from Colonie! I walked out that store tonight, with it's fat, shower-challenged jerk for a manager, forever! I was returning a pair of speakers, which I had purchased LAST NIGHT, intending to exchange them for a better sound system (if I could get a demo this time - last night I wandered that store for 20 minutes trying to find what I was looking for, and none of those boneheads offered to help). In fact, I did go to the Misservice Desk with a more expensive system for an exchange, and that is when the Misservice Desk Goober demonstrated his company's appreciation for my business by announcing it's 15% re-stocking fee - even though I was about to exchange it for something more expensive! Now I remember, since it was just last night, that the Checkout Counter Goober (boy did he look dumb and nonchalant) did not announce that policy before completing the purchase. Furthermore, I did not see, anywhere, a conspicuously posted sign that would give the enforcement of anything so outrageous even the pretension of fairness or legality. I pointed that all out to the Fat-Ass-Jerk for a manager, but he invoked the clause printed on the reciept and refused to refund the full amount. As someone else in this forum already pointed out, it is nothing other than bogus for a store to set it's policy after the sale is made - it is in fact criminal! I called him a few thoroughly descriptive names before leaving him in the store, less the sale that would have been.

-- Dave (, April 20, 2002.

This is for aka HA HA, which is so obviously a bogus address. The rest of us can do that too, asshole!

I just want to know, was your father the pimp who fucked your mother, or are you posting this crap because your inflatable bitch has a headache tonight?

-- Kissit (, April 21, 2002.

The other day I was at the Comp USA parking lot sale. i t was a beautiful day with tents and colorful banners against the whispy clouded blue sky. Enjoying the complimentary wafers and sipping sparkling cider, the Tech Rep was drooling on the crackes at the Return Policy table, he said it takes 14 days for the drool to dry , and thats why there's a 14 day return policy. As i walked through the tables examining the wonderful dispays especially noteing the symetry of the sticker prices, i got scared. The Management shoved an apex 500a dvd player at special sale 99bux, about 9.5 microns up a pore at the root of my ass hole, and then i took it home and hooked it up only to find NO POWER !!!!! BUTTON. As I walked away The manager indicated as a whisper but then he was practically yelling, "It can be returned for a refund, but there will be a 15 percent restocking fee!!" Ya, I was a little scared, just as a background: I am A+, MCSE+I and novell certified problem. So i'm an idiot and Amazingly, maybe i just don't realize PC's suck. I will Suck on the Notebook's problem until it has been diagnosed. The sucking sound began to eminate from all PCs in the recieving department. Everyone could here it!!!! One thing you guys will learn, as you mature, is that every Compaq , and I do mean every Packard Bell, Pentium, Sony and of course your PC is all wasted time, effort and money. But you know that already, huh. Although I'm of "middle management", I can and do frequently work the Customer Service counter at my location. I can tell you that as a "mid-level manager", I can and often do bend the Broken motherboard over my policy to attempt to satisfy my customers silky soft hair. Sometimes i like to come on thier hair to make it stand up better, especially if they are wearing shiny latex with 99.99999% of the people who come in our store stuffed up thier cute, little pussies and so on and so forth with whatsoever in any particular way thereof fuck so hard and soft.

-- Cheeses Is Lard (, April 22, 2002.

CompUSA must really be a screwed up company if there is an ENTIRE website dedicated to complaints. I am in the process of starting my own business and WAS considering CompUSA for most of my business purchases, but not anymore. THANKS

-- Genia (, April 22, 2002.

Notice how any of the employee's (Tech wanabe's) that work for CompUsa respond by cussing and they can not defend the place they work for with out cuss words. Thats because thier grade level is way below a 6th grade level. Hell I doubt they even really know how to read this web page. It's amazing they can use a computer at all to get here. All CompUSA are fucking idiots. I bet they donot even know what DOS stands for. If you work for Compusa, just admit you FAILED in life, thats the first step to recovery.

-- Office Max (, April 25, 2002.

You people are abunch of pussies. All you have to do is ask for the manager and start yelling at the top of your lungs until they give you what you want.

-- Rick Martin (, April 26, 2002.

Message for: Tech wanabe's??? If we're the idiots, they why are you asking us for our opinion? For guys like you who spend $800 a year in COMPUSA, there are guys who spend $10000 a month, so i dont think they need your business, so please if you dont like it, stop bothering us employees, were tire of cranky, i hate the world type of guys like you. P.S. DOS--Disk Operating Service But i dont mess around with DOS, I like BSD. Every hear of it? Prolly not.

-- Iamanidiot (, April 27, 2002.

certified tech's at comp........haaaaaaaaa. all they need to do is take an 8 month course to be certified. They are all clueless, and they sell you the wrong parts, even after looking up the proper parts for your specific computer. Then after that part damages your computer,(please note after 4 attempts to bring computer back for same repairs) when they discover their error they replace that part, but at a lower grade (memory is what i am speaking of) You then bring it back to them, all they can say is opps!!! Could have been our error, but we will NOT make good on it. so sorry your loss, but you can buy a new one..........

-- NOYB (, April 28, 2002.

Hi I been reading complaints from this web page for months. I been working at compusa for a year and I have been on the floor laughing at you jerk off sitting in the comfort of your homes bashing compusa knowing damn well you will never say the things you say on this web sit to a comp worker. So continue to sit in front of your computers with you tail tuck in between your legs and promote compusa on the web. P.S EVERY TIME YOU SAY COMPUSA YOU ARE PROMOTING US THANK YOU :)

-- anthony chamberslen (, April 28, 2002.

JUST WHO IS THIS LOWLIFE, TO BE CALLING US WIMPS? It's the same lowlife who hides behind a totally bogus email id!

Well, this wimp wasn't afraid to shout his demands for a COMPLETE refund at your compusa manager, while alerting all who were present of your repugnant, unposted sneak-attack "re-stocking" fee. This wimp wasn't afraid to call that thief what he is, and didn't run when he threatened to call the police. I stood my ground and reiterated my demand for a refund, and stood there, bashing him, until I got 85% of it back. To get a complete refund would have required coercion - he is a thief, and you are a thief, but I will not resort to violence because of that. The cop arrived just as I was leaving, but he didn't even look at me - there was no trouble that he could observe. He looked as if he had answered too many calls already involving irate customers in that asshole of the free market. I just waved at him and walked out.

There have been an increasing number of responses to the forum from compusa employees, which do nothing other than flame those who complain - you flame us because you have nothing to say in your defense! If you had education, training, and character, you would not be calling anyone who complains against you a wimp.

The obvious fact is that you are the one who is scared - scared that your reputation in the techie community will leave you high and dry when your company goes the way of all sucky companies. One of two things happen at companies like Compusa every five years or less - they reorganize, cutting jobs, or they suddenly go bankrupt. If your company's reporting ethics match the ethics behind your customer policies, you will soon go the way of ENRON! And all you can do about it is cuss and flame the sheep that you ran nipping at, wishing, but only wishing, that you were a strong enough wolf to silence them! It must truly suck to be you!


***PROVING A POINT*** TO: Iamanidiot (, April 27, 2002.

Your answer: DOS--Disk Operating Service ***WRONG*** ANSWER: DISK OPERATING SYSTEM Also BSD is: multi-platform 4.4BSD-based UNIX-like operating system. YOU ARE AN IDIOT, But that is ok. Just get a real job and an education. It's Dumb fuckers like you that piss me off when I walk into COMPUSA.

-- Office Max (, April 29, 2002.

I am an idiot. You are correct sir. This is fun looking up definitions, i love playing this game, but i'm not in the mood today. Just to let you know, my education is coming, one more year till i graduate. If you get so pissed walking into COMPUSA, then why don't you shop at Office Max? The guys over there no what their talking about. Not for nothing, I like my job, I like the people that work there, and the customers that shop there, except for the few like you. If you're so mad stop shopping there. I'm really getting tired of people like you knocking our intelligence. If you would like to get into a knowledge match, thats fine, but I dont have the time to do it. Have a good day

-- iamidiot (, May 02, 2002.

I am Glad that you are going to school. Oh by the way OFFICE MAX hire's more FUCKUP's than any other company I know of. I am using their name to give them bad pub. The reason I do goto CompUSA is because of the prices and ads. By the way do you know what QTFJ stands for, Quit The Fucking Job. : ^ ) Have a good life. PEACE.

-- Office Max (, May 03, 2002.

Shut the fuck up both of you guys

-- Bill (, May 03, 2002.

Bill, take it easy. Quit the fucking job? Can't beat the EP's

-- iamanidiot (, May 04, 2002.

I am employed at CompUSA (at my age you do not get many choices)

When Comp put their TSS (commission sales progarm into effect I was told I had not choice but to go on commission, I did so for 6 weeks and then ask to be put back on the clock or risk a heart attack ( i was told okay) to make it short ,because I would still out sell the TSS, the Company has made their TSS's belive that they are gods and no one else is entitlled to sell anything but them, I have been moved 5 times .

The company has also shown that they give preffrence to known Theives and Liers (sic) over employes that care and really want to help their customers get the best value for their money.

I would leave but like I said when you my age it is very difficult to find someone to hire you.

-- cant useit (, May 05, 2002.

OK... I bought a $400 TAP with my $1900 laptop. So the internal fan broke and I bring it in to have repaired (I'm an engineer and ALWAYS do my own repairs, except for laptops). The service manager calls me after 4 days to tell me that Corporate has rejected my claim for repair. (HUH?) True that the laptop will run without a fan, but only for about a half an hour until the processor fries. I go back in to pick it up and it is missing the screw that secures the HD and all the rubber grommets to protect my table. I HATE being nasty to retail folks, but not being very assured by the TOTAL ASSURANCE PLAN, I vented a bit on the manager. I'm currently waiting for the call on the decision.... stay tuned

-- Sean Ramsey (, May 06, 2002.

First off. ComUSA use to sell our sofware (Slackware Linux and FreeBSD, and before Walnut Creek CDROM/BSDi went under). You can and should make returns tough the store.

Number 2. Allways pay by credit card. As a credit card paying consumer you have rights. There is a wonderfull tool, that will wind up costing a retailer more... Called a charge back. You feal fucked? Don't ever plan on going back. Bring up the dipute with your issueing bank. Simple as that.

-- Nope (, May 08, 2002.

Hey dumbass. It's Technology Assurance Program, not Total Assurance Program.

-- disgruntled compusa employee (, May 10, 2002.

First off, I am a manager in one of the Charlotte, NC stores. I would like nothing more than to take this opportunity to say I hate all of you dumbasses who come into my store, try to split hairs, and complain because we didn't kiss your ass. Here is my list of grievances: 1. We open at 10:00 am. Stop showing up at 9:30 you fucking dogs. We will eventually open the doors so you can purchase your e-machine computer so stop panting at the door. 2. My salespeople are not computer geniuses, nor do they have to be. Our techs are there to answer hardware questions. And if they can't, you can carry your lazy ass to the phone and call the manufacturer. It's just that simple...the people who made the product know it best. 3. Don't ask me or my salespeople to discount product because you think you're a good customer. We will not cut into our commission to further supplement your cheap-ass redneck buying power. 4. Consumer reports magazines do not know everything. If your computer breaks on you, are they going to fix it? Hell no. So when my guys offer the warranties, listen to them. If you choose not to, you don't have to be a part of our business. Stop being paranoid about credit card hackers and order your shit online. 5. Just don't come into our store unless you plan to have an enjoyable, profitable experience for us both. That's pretty simple...don't come unless you plan to spend the money. That is called being a business partner...the term "customer" generally refers to some 40-year-old cranky bitch carrying two kids who thinks she knows everything because she watched a K-mart expose on 20/20. 6. Control your damn bowel movements. Too often do I go to the restroom to find shit on the floor and toilet seat. Control yourself when you enter a public building. Stop behaving like a fucking animal because you didn't get your PC100 ram at the sale price because you were a day late. 7. When we're closed, we're closed. Stop wandering around my store at closing time because you slept late as a result of your late night nascar/drinking jamboree. 8. Don't argue with me because you misread a sign or part of the ad. Go to school, try something easy like "See Spot Run," and then try to participate in the retail world.

In closing, Compusa employees: I understand your hardships...have nothing but love for ya. Compusa "Customers": Rot in hell.

-- Jeremy S. (, May 12, 2002.

Jeremy S, It is amazing that you made it to a manager level. I see that CompUsa does things half ASSED and Backwards. Because you are not "CUSTOMER FRIENDLY" there for they promoted you to "Manager Jack- OFF". I guess you could not find a real managment postion outside the retail industry. I was just promoted to Email Administrator of a top 100 Co. I guess I am one of your Asshole customer's. Well if we have a Corp. Account with CUSA, I am sure I can notify the right people my feeling's regarding your FUCKED UP, HALF ASSED, BACKWOODS COMPANY> GOOD DAY SIR.

-- OFFICE MAX (, May 13, 2002.

i agree w/ office max about jeremy......what an asshole he is!!!!! my word!!!!! no wonder nobody like shopping at comp usa.....because of screwed up so-called managers like him..I think though that all comp managers and tech's and some of their employees MUST be taking a class called "how to be an asshole, and piss off your would have been customers". Because of the way i have been treated by comp and the bogus service i have had though, i am taking measures to fix those matters, called LAWSUIT!!!! BIG FAT LAWSUIT, AND I WILL WIN I CAN GUARANTEE THAT!!!!! Just waiting for that day, i will let you all know how much they have to pay me...haaaaaaaaaa..


yes i work for a top 100 co. yeah i just got promoted to custodial engineer. When i go to compusa, they are rude. I keep shopping there b.c i have no life on the weekends, and going there early on a saturday morning is a big thing for me. I just wish they would serve they would serve us breakfast so early in the morning. I think i'll write a letter to suggest this.

-- office max (, May 16, 2002.

I have never had a worse customer service experience. I travel around the country and have a been a loyal customer to COMPUSA for quite some time. So, one of their store-brand products ($20 cost) TOTALLY does not. It's a bad product.

I want my money back. I don't get my money back. I call corporate headquarters, regional headquarters, ... not even a hint of courtesy.


If the COMPUSA president is the reason for this nightmare, no wonder this store is so inadequate for so many. Bad leadership at top.

Funny thing is the security guy at the store saw me yelling on my cell phone, and chatted with me on the way out.... he totally agreed with me and urged me to halt payment on the check.

I will never shop at CompUSA again. And, if we all tell everybody else in the tech community word-of-mouth about our experiences, we will shut those evil bastards down.

-- Shaking Rage (, May 16, 2002.

I think CompUSA sucks too!! AND I WORK THERE!!!!!!

-- employee (, May 18, 2002.

You know what all you guys are just fuckin idiots. And let me guess you didn't have the box or the UPC for the mouse and you lost your reciept for it. Come-on who would return that the store can't even send something back if it's not in a box. some products once they are purchased from like apple they can't even send them back they are repaired and then sold as refurbs. and like from sony once we buy them we have 30 days to sendem back if they sit on the self for 31 we eat it.

And you complain about customer service you try dealing with 100 customers a day that are just plain stupid doing everything from pluging a mouse in and twisting it in cause it doesn't go in and fucks up all the pins to the asshole that thinks he knows everything and no matter what you say he won't believe you. and if you had to deal with your manager screamin down your throut everyday you'd be unfreindly too.

and you know what next time don't be a cheap fuck and buy a replacement plan than they would have taken it back hell I do just to break it in a year and get a new one.

-- assss (, May 19, 2002.

It's not worth your blood pressure to publicize all this. If you are or know a lawyer that has a solid case, then maybe you'll be in the money, but otherwise why waste the time? Time is money. And the headache that you get just because you're pissed at a money grubbing retailer is time wasted too. All retailers will do something to piss someone off. It's inevitable. It's impossible for the managers to monitor every single sales associate. I'm happy that I quit today. I won't have to see the pissed off customers or the worthless, uneducated manager. Although I will never agree with the commission hungry sales people and egotistical retail managers, I will definetely be able to connect with them. Try working in retail and you'll see what I mean.

-- Just Quit (, May 19, 2002.

Having completed analyzing the vast majority of this site and I must admit my initial reaction is that of conviviality. As a current employee of CompUSA, I feel I can offer an impartial outlook on the practices and procedures that are demonstrated by our “team members”. The first thing I’d like to address is returned/defective merchandise. I can’t help but express amusement as I read all of your criticisms concerning the time-limited (14 days at our local store) return policy. CompUSA is a *RETAIL* store. It would not be cost effective for us to have a “no questions asked” return policy such as the one you’ll find at Costco or Sams – NOTE: they are a WHOLESALE operation, not Retail. Why you ask? Our inventory is not static, it changes quite often. When a new item is released by the manufacturer they [the manufacturer] generally request that the old adaptations be sent back to them (RTV), so when a consumer with Product X Version 1.0 procured 45 days ago comes into the store wishing to return it because “It doesn’t function on their computer” – We are incapable of returning it because the item status has been changed to inactive or discontinued because the manufacturer has replaced it with Version 2.0 (an updated version of that same product.) An additional explanation for the comparatively succinct return policy is that pricing on the inventory we stock fluctuates considerably. Should we dispense a full reimbursement for a 1500.00 Pentium 4 machine after the return policy, when the same system is now selling for 900.00? HELL NO! *READ AND UNDERSTAND THE FUCKING RETURN POLICY BEFORE YOU PROCURE ANYTHING* We have the damn return guidelines plastered all over the store (the entrance, both sides of the customer service counter, and at every register – Oh yeah, ITS ALSO PRINTED ON BOTH SIDES OF THE FUCKING RECEIPT. As a consumer it is *YOUR* responsibility to be fully informed of your options when you purchase ANYTHING. When I, myself, acquire anything from ANYWHERE, I make inquiries about the return exchange policy prior to spending my hard earned money. Nothing lasts forever. Everything will [in due course] stop functioning as initially proposed. I know for a fact that someone from your CompUSA has pointed out the Technology Assurance Plans {TAP) to you when you’ve made an acquisition at your local store. (I know this because the managers here threaten our job unless we sell warranties, and also, the Sales Associate’s wages are determined by their effectiveness in selling extended warranty plans.) We present the customers this TAP plan because electronic items habitually fail. Now when you bought the item and the salesmen pitched you the line about the extended warranty you probably blew him off and thought to yourself “I’ll by no means need that, I have the manufacturer’s warranty!” I bet that’s not the same thing you’re thinking when you’re at the Customer Service desk being declined a return because it’s outside your return policy. THINK BEFORE YOU BUY. Opened software returns - Our policy as a company is that opened software/movies/etc... may only be replaced with the EXACT same item, if your copy is indeed defective. – Again, this is printed on the front of your receipt. We have this policy because just about everyone with a reasonable computer has a CD-Burner. And what can you accomplish with a CD-Burner you ask? *PIRACY* Now I know that not everyone purchases a game, goes home and copies it, and then turns right around and returns it, but there are people who do just that, and the atypical purchaser who legitimately cannot make it work acceptably gets the shaft because of these fruitcakes. I’ve read innumerable posts rambling “Well how am I suppose to know if this works on my computer blah blah blah blah…”. A little known actuality about computer software – if you glance at the side of the box, there’s *ALWAYS* a little tag that says “SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS” where it will tell you precisely what hardware is compulsory and suggested for that particular program. And even if you choose to dispense with that selection, as most of you will do, there’s another thing you can do called RESEARCH. Locate the manufacturer of the program, go to their webpage, see if there are any FAQ’s you can peruse or better yet, Shareware versions that you can download and evaluate for yourself. I can’t tell you how many customers come up to Customer Service and ask questions like “Does this version of Super Deluxe Lawn 3D Maker 6.3 let you implement white picket fences into the design of your house?” And when I inform the customer that I haven’t a clue, they become infuriated and demand to know why I do not possess the solution. How the hell am I expected to know profound particulars like that on EVERY PIECE OF SOFTWARE that we sell? Give me any attitude and the only thing you’ll receive from me a flying elbow drop to the face, Macho Man style! As it happens I am *VERY* well-informed in Computer Equipment/Software, but there are those intermittent few questions that even I can’t answer. In summation, do a little research before you buy ANY software from CompUSA, because if it doesn’t work, you're not receiving your money back. Rebate Issues - We get an incessant number of customers complaining about CompUSA not fulfilling its rebate promises to its customers. First of all, the rebate is not an agreement between CompUSA and the customer – It’s a contract between the MANUFACTURER and the customer. When your rebate gets declined for whatever reason, don’t come crying to your local CompUSA, go to the manufacturer and 9 times out of 10 they will resolve the dispute for you. I’ll tell you right now the majority of rebates are declined because the customer doesn’t read the terms and stipulations on the rebate coupon and follow the guidelines precisely. Also, you must realize satisfying rebates commitments is a time consuming occurrence, it’s anything but instantaneous. Often times it will take 2 to 3 months for your rebate to be fulfilled. If you want to know the status of ANY rebate from CompUSA you can go to and check for yourself. Rainchecks/Commits/Substitutions. Usually on Sunday there is a newspaper advertisement with an assortment of special promotions. Usually there are special promotional one-time items that are advertised clearly stating “NO RAINCHECKS OR SUBTITUTIONS”. When the customer comes into the store irritated that we are sold out because he waited until an hour before store close to come in and grab the hot item. They then become livid because we won’t mark down an item well below margin cost because they didn’t have time to appear earlier. Either call in advance (Phone system next topic) or go to and punch in the item number (which is located in the advertisement) and it will tell you if your local store has the item in stock, this way you can save yourself a trip to the store and from making an ass out of yourself yelling at the CompUSA employees. Phone system - I will be the first to admit that our phone structure is sub standard. But when I hear allegations stating it takes 40 minutes to get through to a live person on the other end, I have to ask myself if you people know how to operate a telephone correctly. If it takes you forty minutes to listen to the operator offer a few choices and hit a few button presses, you need to join the WWF and become a wrestler. Customer Service – We receive lots of complaints from people who state that their waiting time is too long at the Customer Service desk. If you people actually formed a line instead of cutting around people and sticking you’re face in front of a team member disrupting what they are doing to force a question down their throat, people would be taken care of in a timely manner. At our local Customer Service counter there are two cash registers so normally there are no more than two employees there at any given time. (Actually our store usually has only one employee located there). When one person is given the task of managing returns, questions, exchanges, purchases, government/corporate purchases, greeting all the customers, and answering endless phone calls, of course there is going to be some waiting time if you are in line. We are working our best to get you, the customer, taken care of as fast, and as courteous as possible. However, when some jackass starts yelling “JESUS, I’VE BEEN WAITING HERE FOR 20 MINUTES” – When in actuality they have only been there for 5 minutes – it makes things that much more difficult. Just be patient and WE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU. If any of you come up to me and complain, I’ll jump over the counter and slap a Stone-Cold Stunner on you and throw you outta the store. Out of Stock Items - CompUSA carries a limited quantity of product; we don’t carry every single product that HP/Compaq/Sony/Toshiba/etc… produces. We CANNOT special order items. If you want something we don’t have locally in the store – call 1-800-DIRECT which is CompUSA in mail order form and they can send you precisely what you require. No fuss, no hassle. In addition, the way our inventory system is structured, it only tells us how many of a particular item we have on order; it does not give an expected ship date. Customers think we are deliberately withholding the ship date from the customer – We Aren’t – We don’t fucking have it! Be patient, get a raincheck, and you’ll obtain your item. Tech Repair – I see the majority of complaints concern the tech repair department. Speaking from experience, our local tech shop, to put it frankly, sucks. We are terribly understaffed and what little staff we do have in general are not doing what they are should be. Anyways, customers are argumentative about the high charges we offer for our tech services. The solution to this is simple – DON’T BRING YER COMPUTER TO US FOR REPAIR. We have a freaking price chart for our services right on the tech service counter. Don’t tell me you people are paying for services without first inquiring on what the charge would be. Would you buy a car without knowing how much you were paying? I didn’t think so biatch! Anyways this rant has gone on for far too long; I’ve only scratched the surface as to how obtuse our customers can be. I’m interested in seeing all the replies from the people with 30 day old wet printer cartridges with no receipt who were declined return privileges will type up on their Packard Bell computers. By the way, please ignore the wrestling comments inserted into this post. I have an affliction for big sweaty men in spandex touching each other. Bling Bling $$$$$$$$$$$$

-- Hugh G. Rection (, May 20, 2002.

****Hugh G. Rection (, May 20, 2002. *******

I read your posting, it is informative and for the most part I do agree there are a lot of stupid customer(s). Who for the most part want to get some-thing for nothing. How-ever your post did not address my complaint. The lack of FUCKING knowledge the electronic sales reps have. They stated something that is not true, such has type of memory modules that go into a PC and it turn out that's not right. I hate WANNA-BE TECHIES who pretend to know what they are talking about. Why do they continue to do this. They have no FUCKING job knowledge other than to pull the item off the shelf.

Do you agree majority of the Tech Sales reps donot know SHIT?...


-- Office MAx (, May 20, 2002.

Yes, I so agree that (most) of our salesmen are lying bastards who haven't a clue what they are selling. The majority of our sales floor is commissioned so the customer's best interest is not thier top priority - thier sales numbers are. It's my belief that we should hire some wrestlers and have them replace our commisioned sales staff. If you don't purchase the extended warranty you'll recieve a bodyslam!

-- Hugh G Rection (, May 20, 2002.

***Hugh G Rection (, May 20, 2002. ***

I would have to say, that you are the first and ONLY, CompUSA rep who has an open since of reality that has posted at this web site.

CompUSA hires these sales reps. Don't they train them are is there any training?


-- Office MAx (, May 20, 2002.

The sales assocciates - Otherwise known as TSS's (Technology Sales Specialists) are given *NO* hardware training whatsoever. CompUSA has an in-house training program called "Cyberscholar" where we take monthly vendor tests on new products such as Epson Printers and Sony Camera's, etc.. However, 95 % of our employees fail to complete, or even attempt the tests at all, and I myself take the exams for the entire store (even the General Manager). It's pretty pathetic actually. I work on the "Front End" and I know more about Computers than most of our so called Technology Sales "Specialists". All they care about is lining thier pockets with YOUR money. I, myself am not commissioned so I don't mind helping a customer with trivial issues like printer cartridges and cables. I can't tell you how much I'd like to suplex my operations manager and bitch slap her.

-- Hugh G Rection (, May 20, 2002.

"I work on the "Front End" and I know more about Computers than most of our so called Technology Sales "Specialists".I work on the "Front End" and I know more about Computers than most of our so called Technology Sales "Specialists"."

Script kiddy

-- Kevin Fee (, May 20, 2002.


-- DMX = BLACK (DMX@BLACK.COM), May 20, 2002.

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-- I will be the one (, May 20, 2002.

You know what happens is that the only guys that know anything at the store get referred to by everyone in the store for questions and it just kills us to get bumbared with BS questions while all the other TSS's are puttin out big sales which A. Burns us out and B. eventually leads us to not want to dealing with customers anymore and agreeing to anything.

Like today for example lady came in wanted to know about music writing software. So a cashier started to show her and didn't want to deal with her so he sends her to me. So she wants to know if the program does transposing and I was like I don't know I don't use the frigen program. So I hope on cakewalks web page and show her it and it says nothing so she wants to look at the layout of the program so i click the link so she ask me to click on the pencil i'm like it's not the real program and it doesn't seep in. so at that point I gave up and let her do what she want so she asked me to go to file/edit/view/favorites/help just to please her fantasy program than she started going to help in IE and searching out transposing and shit. It was funny but I was to tired to argue with her about how dumb she was.

But you know it's not like everyone at all the stores are idiots just some and you really should know what your coming for when you go to a store don't go to the store looking for a black ink cartige for an HP and not know what model it is or what ink cartige it is we are not psycic.


-- assss (, May 20, 2002.

The problem with all of the stores is that the bottom line is money. the problem with customers, is that the bottom line is money. CompUSA strives to make the biggest profit possible, as does any business. Customers strive to get as much as possible for as little money as possible. Example number one: the phonelines and customer service lines would not be clogged and team members would be more willing to answer the phones if customers didn't insist on free phone tech support. What you may not know is that every item that is purchased at CompUSA comes with free 30days of tech support. You should know that people get paid, very well mind you, to provide tech support. At the store, we even sell tech support to the customer for any prodct ANY PRODUCT!!! Of course iut all comes down to money, and the customer is not willing to spend it. CompUSA is a business, it is made to run a profit. They sell products, they offer training, setup, and any other means necessary to get the product working for the customer. We even offer free installs....FREE!!! You have no idea how many products have been returned to the store because the customer has no idea how to use what they have purchased, or they do not know how to install the product. I have had customers come back to the store, in an attempt to return ram, saying it didnt fit because they were attempting to stick it in a pci slot. We offer a free service to appease these people. Instead, they clog up the lines at customer service, causing the legitimate customers to wait. In response to the claim that our salesmen do not know the product, I would argue that the customer doesn't know what they want. With the exeption of the 1/100 people that actually know what they are looking for, most customers comeinto the store expecting to pay(as little as possible)for a product that they know little or nothing about. i know that as a customer, when I go shopping, I know what I am looking for before I get there. I research the product online, I check consumer reports, reviews, and anything else that will help me in choosing what product is right for me. I recently purchased a big screen television at CompUSA...yes we now carry big screens in some stores. Before purchasing this item, I spent countless hours researching all televisions in the area, in all stores. I knew what I wanted and I knew what I should look for, all by researching from the internet. Anyone can do this. This is not just for big items. How about the fact that your printer has an ink cartridge. That ink cartridge has a part number. If you bring that item into the store, or even just the number wwe can help you. Here is also a big hint.....your printer may not work when you run out of ink....wait one may want to try buying an epson ink cartridge for an Epson printer...not a Canon ink cartridge...It does make a difference. I have wandered...back to the money problem. Continuing with my printer example, lets look at the question of defective product and returns outside the normal return policy. Let's see what you remember so much money does the customer want to spend.......If you guessed little or none. YAY you have been paying attention, you get a complimentary hint at the end of the post. If you purchase a printer in the store for 50 bucks, then take a wild guess at the quality of the item you are purchasing. You can not, I repeat can not expect taht printer to last...You get what you pay for...Let's talk about the education of the sales associates. You are totally right, they don't know squat..for the most part. There are a few people there that do know what they are talking about. The problem is that companies are there for, you guessed it kiddies...the money. Companies are not willing to pay the people with knowledge what they deserve. The few people that do know what are going on in the store should be making more money in a different business, like my wrestling fan friend up there. This is true throughout the rest of the US. I have worked retail for years. I can tell you that everywhere I have gone, the people that are hired, barely above minimum wage mind you, do not have the necessary knowledge because they are entry level workers without any experience...Wait...Why is that? I know!!! I know!!! Because they don't cost the company as much as a competent worker. This is true throughout the world....So GET OVER IT!!! It is a problem that you will deal with in more places than CompUSA. Purchase the tech support if you have other questions. Do a search on the net. The problem that you may be facing is something that has happened to someone else, and most likely someone has helped them through it. It will not be you last experience. The best defense to this is BE A SMART CONSUMER!! Know what you want, what you expect, and what you are willing to pay for. Finally, treat the people in the store how you would like to be treated in there place. These employees are given guidelines to follow and that is their job. That is how they survive in this harsh world. That is their source of income. Difficult customers force the good employees to find work elsewhere, and you are left with the crap that can't find work elsewhere. Amazingly I have found that if you treat these people with kindness and respect, they tend to do whatever they can to help you. The return policy often comes under attack...lets take a look at that. If you bring back a product without the box and the instructions, you can not expect to get a full refund. Let me ask you one question..would you buy a product that didnt have the box and the instructions for the same price as a new one? I didn't think so. So why should we give you ALL of your money when you dont return ALL of the product. Anything that is open we have to cut the price so consumers will be willing to purchase them. You expect the company to lose money because you didnt do your research, didnt know how to operate, or just didn't want the product. Reverse the role here and see how you would react. In recap... 1.You get what you pay for, don't be afraid to pay a few extra bucks. In the long run you will pay less in both time, frustration and replacement products. 2.Be a smart consumer. If you know what you are looking for and need, then you wont be frustrated with a salesman that can't figure out what you think you may want. 3.Don't look for a handout. These places are run for a profit. They are there to make money. they do not want to give anything away. 4.If the company offers a free service that may aleviate your problems, take advantage of it...again you will decrease the stress in your life and live alot longer. 5.Treat the employees like they are human. It may very well affect your experience at CompUSA. In fact, you take enough time you may find that they deal with the same problems as you, and if you take your foot off of their face they may be more enthusiastic in helping you. 6. look at the damn return policy. It is posted EVERYWHERE. If you look at it ina rational manner, you will realize that it is very fair.

For those of you that were promised a complimentary hint earlier.....Keep your damn receipt. If you look it up in a dictionary you'll find that it is proof of receipt of the goods delivered. If you keep that you wouldn't have to worry about no hassle returns because hey, you dont have to worry if the store accept your item without a receit. THAT IS WHY WE GIVE THEM TO YOU

You're going nowhere!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Albino Yeti (, May 21, 2002.



I wish at this time not to reveal my new position at CompUSA, because if I did I'd be fired. However, I've work at store #444 for the last few years. Come buy some training! We need to sell this stuff and you people seem to be getting wise to the fact that our training classes stink, and probably we'll cancel the class anyway. Come to our store in Montgomeryvilla PA if you want to see a store that was supposed to be a huge volume store, but fell flat do to many things. It's amazing the budget the new owners of CompUSA (the mexicans) give us and expect the store to maintain. First off, CompUSA gives no concern to merchandising or the tags you never see underneath our products. At least the people at BestBuy know that to sell a product, you need to make it look presentable. Next, come meet our General Manager Carl! He doesn't like blacks. If your black, and come in with some of your black friends, maybe you'll have me following you (come during the day) because my manager told me to. Our store is a joke. We still have a few good original employees left that do a good job. But the worse we treat these employees, the more they leave to find better jobs. Once our store went commishion, the customer service went downhill. No longer do the employees make money by helping customers with questions. The salesmen LOOSE money that way. So that is why they don't help you unless you're buying tap, or AOL. CompUSA = AOL's bitch. Someone high up at CompUSA decided it would be a good idea to make a deal with AOL. Give us $83 million to remodel our stores, and we'll sell LOTS of AOL for you. Problem is, everybody already has it, or knows that it sucks and doesn't want it. No of our employees would ever put it on their computers. It's horrible, and worse, a nightmare to completely take off the computer. But it is the most important thing to the general managers that we sell them. If we don't, our GM can get fired. Also, if you've noticed in some stores, a lot of General Managers were replaced... why you ask? For being too dishonest, even for CompUSA. (You should have seen some of the receipts from sales that these GMs approved.) And we pride ourselves on decieving customers and sneaking in a PowerClean or TAP service whenever we can. If you elderly, we love you. You people buy anything if we talk fast enough. So we're told to. Because most of you feel to stupid to return something once you realize you've been tricked. If you want service in any of the CompUSA stores, here is the key. Tell the employee you're interested in signing up for AOL. The employee will do anything for you. Hell, this week, we get $14 spiff for every AOL customer we sign up... normally it's just $7. Or tell us you want to buy a replacement plan or TAP on something expensive. We'll bend over backwards for you. As for customer service and returns. We WILL take back anything if you complain long enough. Every store is that way. If you don't like the responce you got from one manager about the return policy, just ask to speak to another manager. There's always one manager present that does anything for the customer, including returning things they shouldn't be. You'd be amazed the things we take back if you complain long enough. With our new Compusa "Whatever it Takes" campain policy, we'll do anything to keep the customer. Including bending the rules.

-- still employeed (, May 28, 2002.

I personally love CompUSA. I work there for 2 years. Yeah, I probably can be making about the same if I worked at Mcdonalds, but I make up the money by selling TAP. I hate those customers who only come in our stores to get on those Sundays mornings, and want all the "free"(after rebates) stuff. They expect us (employees) to take the time and show them where each and every one of the free items are, and explain to them what the software/item does. We aint got time for that. And then, theres those customers who come in the last day before the ad is over, and want the free stuff expecting them to still be in stock.

Then its those customers who come through the customer service lines. They know about the 15% restocking fee, then when you tell them your going to be taking out 15% of the price they get a weired look on their face and act like your speaking a foreign language. Before you go off spending $600 on a laser printer, do your research to see if it can print color.

Now, about this 15% restocking fee. Usually, we wont charge it if its a cable, power supply, or something we can easily shrink wrap back ourselves. But when it comes stuff like a computer, printer, game console, you leave us no choice. Legally, we CANNOT sell it as new. We have to send it back to the maufacture! That 15% is paying for the shipping cost, and some other factors I still cant figure out. If its a modem, and you brought a PCI, and you needed an ISA, we wont give you any problems. Just tell the C.S. Rep that you want to exhange it for a diffrent type of modem, and usually we wont give you any problems. We get tired of hearing the excuses like "i dont like the graphics on the xbox, so please dont charge me the 15%." THAT IS WHY WE HAVE DEMO'S FOR STUFF LIKE THAT. SO THAT YOU CAN TEST IT OUT.

Last but not least is cost. Many times we get horrible discounts. According to CompUSA, the cost is how much the store (Not CompUSA) paid for the item. We sell the PS2 for $299.99. At cost we might get it for $295.32. No way the store is only making $5 off a PS2. Thats a bunch of bull, and my managers have even admitted that the store pay less for most of the items. The reason cost sometimes cost is because they include money for loss prevention. Stores lose an average of $30,000 every three months from theft. To make up for the money they lose they raise the cost, which at the end effects us employees. Many managers wont admit it, but ask around and they will one of them might tell you.

Last thing is with warranties. Warranties are the best thing for a customer to buy. Lets say you buy a graphic card, and you purchase the TAP on it. If in 5 months you see something better, just bring it back in, and we will give you a store credit for that amount. There was this guy that brought a imac, and your screen was bad. You said you had TAP on it. You should go back to your Compusa and ask for a TAP brochure. That tells you everything about the service that you brought. You should go to Customer Service, tell them the sku # that the TAP has, and then ask them to explain to you what that covers. If they say it also covers the screen, then your being scrwed because CompUSA should replace it. Also, those of you that purchase the replacement plan on the printer SKU #263599, chances are your printer/scanner will not be replaced immediately. Once an item is Discountinued (DO1, N65, N66, and especially D66) we have to send it back to the manufacture so that they can try to fix it. The reason is that we wont receive any credit if we send it back, so its better for us to send it back to see it the manufacture can fix it. And if its found "unfixable" which rarely happens, the manufacture decides what model they will give you. They might give you a higher end model, or they might give you a refurb, it all depends on what they got. Throught that whole time, chances are you wont have your scanner/printer for 10 days. Which really isnt an instant replacement as your salesperson told you. (However, I still tell my cutomers that its an instant replacement)

The only thing I DONT like about CompUSA is there avaiablity. They spend thousands of dollars on their ads, and they dont have any in stock. For example, a few weeks ago, there was a huge ad on the Iomega zip drive for 69.99. We havent sold that model for more than a month. In matter of fact, the item is DO1. That means its been discontinued!

Another thing, those replacement plans that you buy are a one time thing. Meaning once you bring in your broken mouse with TAP, you lost your warranty. I think COmpUSA should train there team members about that so that they could tell the customers, because a. many of them dont know that and b. it misleads the customer.

And if anybody was wondering, I was a head cashier. (That is the person in charge of everybody that has a register) When I'm not solving problems, I like to keep active so I help out on the floor, Customer Service, and the tech shop. Cya.

-- (, May 28, 2002.

Your wrong on the PS2, which leads me to beleive you havent worked for the company within the last couple of weeks. ANY CompUSA, or retail employee, should know the price has dropped to $199.99. Heck, people that dont work retial know its $199.99 now. But yea, the discount on it is crap, cost on it is now like $197 and some change. XBOX is even worse, We actually lose money everytime we sell one now, retail of $199, cost I think is $202 and some change.

And to the guy who posted his GM's name, and his store #, are you stupid? If your GM got a wind of that, which copying and pasting the text, and sending it to is all it would take, he would be able to tell your pattern in the way you speak.

People think Anonymys letters are impossible to trace, well, not if the letter sounds the same way you sound on a daily basis, it aint that hard.

I dont mean to be a dick to you fellas, I love the fact your depending the company, I'm with ya on that, just dont be so damn stupid about it.

-- Mike Hunt (, May 30, 2002.

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I recently went to the CompUSA store in Buffalo and requested a salesperson. After a 15 minute wait, a salesperson arrived. I told him that I was interested in purchasing a particular hard drive and said that I was willing to pay for an immediate upgrade, the total cost of which was approximately $700. After searching in the back for another 10 minutes (wouldn't a store like this have a computerized inventory system), he returned to tell me that they were out of stock. I then asked what he had which was comparable, and I was told that they did not have anything. When I tried to make a deal for a similar computer (nothing outlandish) which cost a little more, he told me that he couldn't do anything. He then asked his sales manager if there was anything in the store which was comparable, and the sales manager just blew him off. I then told the salesman that I was off to Best Buy to purchase a system (which I did), and he just looked at me with contempt. I have been in sales and public service for over 20 years, and I would never let a customer who had cash and was ready to buy just walk out of the door like that. I felt like I was intruding on their time and space. It was quite apparent from the sales manager's attitude and actions where the lackadasical performance of the salesperson's originated. While I have shopped several times over the past years at the local CompUSA store, they will never see me again. And as a business owner whose primary responsibility is to refer services and reputable businesses to my clientele, I will be sure to relay this story to them.

-- Dan Locche (, May 30, 2002.


I have now worked for CUSA for over 1 year. I am currently in psudo- training for managment. I work in the Communications and Imaging section, but also fill in for software and accessories. As an employee, i am hit with a lot of negativeness. From both employees and customers alike.

For one, each employee that beings working for CUSA must now take extensive tests on determining their levels of customer service, dependablilty, and honesty. All new employees start out with a great outlook on the positions they fill. But, they, as i have, become changed. The glint in the eyes dulls. Why? Why I ask?

2 things. Other employees and customers.

1. Managers can be nice or can be not so nice. Their superiors are obviously looking to make more money. CUSA (or any business) wouldn't succeed otherwise. My Sales manager has to be on top of the Hardware guys (Computer salesmen) all the time so that they are motivated to sell and get training, tech, AOL signups, etc. If he doesn't do the job, he gets canned. This will never change. This creates stress in the manager's life and can be relfected to employees. Also, new employees are very impressionable and can be corrupted by "bad" employees. It is easier to slack than to work. So, the problem with bad employees and a bad shopping experience can start here. BUT! ....

2. Customers Customers come in many different varieties. Some are loyal to us and we treat them like loyaly. We remember their names(not their credit cards) and give them the best soluion for their needs. Some are called psudo-loyalist. These come in on AD weeks and know us by name. They are usually curtious. Next we have the "Bottom Feeders" you know who you are. They come to the store 2 hours before we open to get the products that end up free after rebates (rebate hating is shared to all people). These people usually are very frantic to get to the stuff before it is gone. They can be very rude when requesting our help finding stuff. Also, when they have taken all of the free stuff, US, THE EMPLOYEES, are yelled at because we ran out. Is this fair? No. We have nothing to do with the quanitity of stuff or the amount of bottom feeders. Broken Loners are also a type of customer. They come in to buy repairs and upgrades for computers that are no longer supported (like a Win 3.1 machine) It is cheaper to get a new system, but they do not want to hear the truth. Also, we are a retail store, not a junk yard. We carry stuff for the new machines. We get bitched to because we don't have Win95 anymore. no 7 year old software, sorry. "Testing ASSes" are the next group. These customers like to ask very techical questions that we do not know the answer to (we are trained, but we are not all "trekkies" or "comic-book-guys(simpsons)"). After we try to help and/or admit our lack of knowledge, we are prompty insulted and told the correct answer. This happens more often than you think. I persnally know a good amount. I have buit PC's, hooked up networks, take and edit digital photos, and play games.

Customers that look for the "cheapest" thing never buy TAP (our coverage plans) and try to return the defective products after our return policy. I have gotten burned from product before, so i know that they feel used. But, I now buy replacement plans. I like security. These customers tried to get around our policy so much, we now have stamps that we stamp on the reciept, "14 day return policy" and "Tap Declined". If you buy cheap shit, it will break. Spend the money so compusa will eat the cost.

In conclusion I don't like the pressure from management to sell replacements. but, even so, to be a curtious person, we recommend them to you. If you have a problem, we will take care of it. Mean customers have always existed and continue to pollute the stores and thier employees. Maybe they should look to human companions for love instead of their overheated PC's (and MACs for the wierder ones). PLEASE do not give us a hard time for doing our job. It is easy to hate, hard to love. Be nice to us, we are nice to you.

PS. Most customers are actually pretty friendly, but do not know exactly what they are looking for and get upset that we don't know what they want either.

-- John M. Loste (, June 02, 2002.

CompUSA treats its employees bad and the customers do the same. As a manager if I see an employee getting treated unfairly I step in. Most employees are there, because they are going to school and can't find another job. They do not deserve to be treated this way. If you have to yell, ask for a manager. CompUSA's return policy was set by the corporate office. They have training on Cyber Scholar that is suppose to train employees and managers on how to enforce this policy. If you have to pay the 15% restocking fee, don't worry. Call the Regional Manager and he will give the 15% back. Our Regional Manager told us that if a customer ever got to him he would embarass us and make us give them what they wanted. If you have a problem with a product, do the same as above, call the regional manager and they will give you what you want. If the Regional Manager in your area won't do it call the one in Nashville he will. CompUSA tells its employees and Managers to enforce the policies 100% and then their Regional Managers do the opposite. If you really want to do some damage call 1-800-CompUSA. The General Managers are paid a bonus based on customer service. That is why they post the GMs name and the regionals name, they don't want you to call corporate. The service plans on computers are great. The service plans on computers are crap. Yes, I stated both sides. Whether or not your computer is going to be fixed is based on the wording the Techs use in the computer (MXP). If they state something in regards to abuse it will not be covered. If they just say it doesn't work it will be covered. I would not buy them, it is cheaper to get a rider added on to your insurance to get it covered. Employees will do whatever it takes to sell you a warranty. They do lie, they are trained to lie. Most of them feel that they won't be there when you eventually have a problem, so they won't have to deal with it. Don't buy their "whitebox". These are the systems that they are starting to build. You can get the parts cheaper online. They mark up the prices at a minimum of 20%. They also put every service they offer on them, so you have a bunch of stuff that you won't need. CompUSA is not a stable company. This is not because of instore employees, but above that. I heard about a GM who worked two weeks and took one week off. Not such a big deal, but on his week off CompUSA would fly him home from Indianapolis to New Orleans, but they continue to lay off employees. The HR manager in my region was also caught up in a big mess. He had an affair with another employee and they were stopped in a company rented vehicle and give a DUI. The regional sales manager was also having a much publicized affair. How do you expect your employees to act when this kind of thing is going on? The big thing now is free AOL. AOL paid $200 million dollars to remodel all of the compusa stores, under the agreement that CompUSA get so many free signups. They are not even close, so they are threatening to fire their employees unless they get signups. I heard that in a St. Louis store the GM had the Sales Manager take credit card numbers off of receipts and sign people up for AOL. The problem is, one month they forgot to cancel the AOLs, so customers were getting billed. The Sales Manager was fired, and the GM was transferred to Indianapolis (the largest store in our region). CompUSA is shady. Their employees are too. We can't afford not to be. If we don't get warranties and we don't get AOLs we will be fired. I cannot afford to lose my job. I have 3 kids to feed, so until something better comes along I am staying. My advise to you on this message board is above, but if you come into my store please be aware I will do everything I have warned you about.

-- Can't Say (, June 04, 2002.

SEE!!!!!!!!!! SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I TOLD YOU ALL.......................... I SUED COMP USA, AND GUESS WHAT I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU... TURNED OUT SO MUCH BETTER THAN I THOUGHT IT WOULD..... HMMMMMMM LETS SEE NOW I CAN GET A NEW PUTER....HMMMMMMMMM WHERE SHOULD I GO....... COMP SOMEONE ONCE TOLD ME.....HAAAAAAAAA NEVER AGAIN


Hey you know what's worse than trying to return a mouse to CompUSA after a month? This forum is! Or beyond that, the administrator that started it!

I've been shopping at CompUSA for the last three years. Your right, they're completly unfair. The fine babe that I went in to see when I shopped there found another job. She was so gorgeous too! All of the 1 keyboard that failed on me when I bought it a YEAR ago... was taken back. Those bastards. They need to file Chapter 11 for this! I had a defective $10 keyboard that they took back after a YEAR of use... I feel jipped.

This is horrible! Call the secret service! We need an investigation by the FBI and the NFL. Get these shiners for doing this. I feel bad that I bought a replacement plan on each of my purchases. I shouldn't have done that, I mean, why? It was a $5 warranty that gave me a guarantee replacement! I even got a better keyboard than the one I had. That's not right. They SHOULD have given me the SAME keyboard that I got. ESPECIALLY that it was a model they didn't carry anymore.

I need to find a new store, I mean, some of these other local stores that doesn't get the new stuff like CompUSA. Maybe I should get my kid brother to shop for me... oh wait, he won't invest 5 bucks to guarantee a 50 dollar replacement. My god, I should have thought about that.

-- Dirty Sanchez (, June 08, 2002.

Hello persons of the United States Of America My name is The SheaK. I would like to complain about COMPUSA.

One cold afternoon i went into a compusa store in Alaska, I was freezing cold because it's cold in alaska. I then went to the front counter and asked them a question. The question went like this

( eXCUSE ME KIND SIR ) I was hooked up qith gci cable thingie and i was told i need to come in here and get an switch ethbeber flippie thing!

and the customer service person say's to me ( Oh let me page a TSS for you)

(TSS to the front counter) (TSS to the front counter) X 5 finally 5 minutes later a young gentleman approached me He resembled a back street boy with his blonde hair and 130lb tone and sentual 5,7 inch (body) I was barley able to keep myself from grabbing him, Oh Uhh Uhm---====== excuse me for that.

Anyways He took me to this network Card and then to the other side of the store where the cable was then back to the other side of the store because he forgot something and then offered me something but i forget what that was because im smoking pot right now ,

Oh excuse me for that again. Oh the moral of this sore is that he forgot to tell me that i needed a ubs cable and that i wasn't able to figure out what kind of mega pickel cameras i wanted!

Oh hello again My name is JOHN dOE cUStomer My favorite thing to do is to return stuff! my favorite hobby is complaining! I am very good at not knowing what i want Then i like to complain because you cant help me figure out what it is

I like to be rude and obnoxious I like to learn to spell but im too stupid anyways Fuck you! thats my point!

Sincerely yours george bush

-- The Sheak Of Windsor (1MILLIONDOLLARS@MICROSOFT.NET), June 11, 2002.

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CompUSA is being managed by a billionaire that muscles his way to the bank.

-- Enigo Montoya (, June 18, 2002.

I understand we need diversity but when uz gotz all african-americanz staff, wht's the dill-yo?

-- Zuzu P. Tals (, June 18, 2002.

Carlos Slim Helu, recently ransomed for $100 million, and his 23 fellow kidnapping targets, account for about 12% of Mexico’s wealth. No-one knows for sure how much of the remainder is controlled by the "35 families", as the members of the Mexican ruling class are called, but the estimates vary from 65% to 80%. One thing is for sure: it takes a lot of peasants to support one billionaire.

-- al kehaulik (, June 18, 2002.


-- ? (?@CHARTER.NET), June 19, 2002.

Richard, I'm glad you started this site. I know it was a principal thing. I found it because of the mistreatment by Store #617's management (Regency store; J'ville, FL)who doesn't have a clue about customer service. I emailed compusa customer service and got a reply to please call customer service as compusa is working very hard on improving customer satisfaction. I called and complained about the 14 day return policy and asking about the compusa's price match policy which also turned out to be 14 days. Not so much because the product didn't work as Best Buy had it so much cheaper. Being a consumer, I've become accustomed to a 30 price match garauntee; Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, etc. I got my product as a gift with sales receipt from my wife after the 14 day return policy was up and went straight to Best Buy and found it cheaper 15 days after it was purchased. The management at store #617 just about laughed in my face as he informed me that compusa had a 14 day price match garauntee. Funny thing, it's not written on the back of my receipt at all. Don't whine to me about the technilogical volitality of the computor hardware arena as some things are as standard as tires are on a car. Cables, etc. are really marked up. You can call me a ignorant, stupid customer all you want. I don't expect to return opened software, however, software companies need to make sure their product is ready for market. I also did not read any posts here from someone complaining about not getting to return software. I've bought the $50.00 programs that don't deliver what the box states it does before. After reading all the above posts, it seems that compusa employees are really pressured to perform and sell TAPS. "Man with the Answer Post" Feb 14,2002 pretty much summed it up for me. DON'T BUY FROM COMPUSA as customers are of no importance to them. If I was satisfied, I would have never stumbled on this site and was able to see for myself just how many of compusa employee's think of the customer. I have never had a problem with the "rank & file" compusa employee so if you fit in this category, disregard my next statement. You supertechs who think the loyal customer that comes in and asks you a tech ? about the product they bought from you (or even bought elsewhere), is stupid, answer this: In an integral domains field elemental make up of the abelian groups relative commutativity exsist galois fields of or, and & not clusters which vector amonst a scalarcyclic permutations conjugating around a variation of parameters is sometimes refered to as _____________. When you can answer this; you will be ready to come to MS and work on the P8. Until then; keep your day job! DON'T SHOP COMPUSA!!!

-- FXHeidenblut (, June 21, 2002.

I have gotten 2 bad things from compusa, a graphics board that destroyed my motherboard. No help or reimbusment from compusa or the company. Considering it was a barebones system from them i was very dissapointed. Then just recently I bought a power supply. CompuSucks brand. The +12v keeps dropping to +10.18 now i have a dead DVD-Rom and CD-RW drive. What do they say? "Oh its a bad powersupply, we can replace that if you got it 30 days ago." Total amount (in USD) of damaged/bad products $470. What the hell is up with that? I will NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! buy from this company again, as reseller or supplier of generic products.

-- Justin Stewart (, June 22, 2002.

i went into one of the stores and one of the employees made a threat to punch me in my face and also call me a dumbass because i was Colombian. I am very dissapointed that CompUSA employees can make threats and still keep their jobs. All because i wanted to exchange an item that was 1 day over the 14 days and it was only 49.99, Macfee antivirus. The item did not work on my computer. All the manager did was say " i am sorry". JV

-- JV (ESCO@AOL.COM), June 23, 2002.





I recently payed for a C++, watched the female cashier put a very unique mark on the receipt, and out in the car when I noticed I really needed C#, I notice the receipt was from Staples for every day supplies with her unique mark. Was this a joke. Have I been singed out? Must have been a bad red hair day.

-- Bruce Stewart (, June 29, 2002.

Cheap people get what they deserve. Be willing to pay more money and maybe that'll help retailers afford better customer service. Otherwise, being cheap, don't expect anything in return.

-- Paul McGraff (, July 10, 2002.

I've worked for Compusa for almost a year now and I would like to say that i'm in love with a guy that works up at customer service he is so hot and sexy. But i'm afraid that my penis belongs to someone else and he will get scared and run off. I mean he knows i want him to piss all over my face and shit in my mouth and stick his DICK IN MY THROAT. I mean i'm not the only one who feels this way about him niether everybody wants to fuck him and make him squeal like a pig. So this goes out to everyone's favorite fuck toy MIKE MAVIS.

-- bling bling (, July 10, 2002.

sometimes buttons just be flying off. God i'm one sexy biatch take me to the danger zone and take my breath away.

-- danger zone (, July 10, 2002.

Compusa customers are the dumbest people in the world they all need to be taken out to the pasture and shot in there stupid fucking heads. I mean please who the fuck do these customers think they are gods or something they know nothing about computers please all compusa customers go die!!!!!!!!!!

-- boys have penis and girls have vaginas (, July 10, 2002.

Ok everyone, first of all I have worked at CompUSA for a long time. I have seen many changes since I have been there. One of the changes that has happenend was the initiation of the 14 day return policy. If anyone will bother to check with other retailers (Best Buy and Circuit City), they have the SAME policy. It's true. I dare anyone to check. We do have a lot of customers who want to RENT our equipment. That is why we have this policy. What is so hard to understand? Not only is it posted at every register, but it is on the back of the receipt. You wouldn't go buy a car from Ford and then say 30 days later say, "Uh, I don't like it, I want my money back." Do the research before you make a major purchase!

-- The One (, July 11, 2002.

I totally agree with The One I also work for Compusa and customers are so stupid they buy shit and then in a month bring it back with no box no reciept and expect us to bend over backwards for them. Well I say fuck that bullshit you dont like the fucking store go get your shit elsewhere you bunch of hillbilly goat fucking pricks!!!!!!!!!!

-- Big Bad Ass Bitch (, July 11, 2002.

Jason, I can hook you up with a "free" PS2. Meet me at the back of the RMA cage at midnight. And come naked, I want to buttfuck you.

-- Tony Dibble (, July 12, 2002.

compUSA still sucks and I suggest going to best buy or micro center and if they don't have what you need, please mail order it.

-- JustSayNoToCompUSA (, July 27, 2002.

Sometimes the best solution to morale problems is, just to fire all the unhappy people

-- Brad Flipper (, August 01, 2002.

My company bought a Scanport Scanner and USB cable from CompUSA on July 5th. It totally destroyed my drivers for my CD-rom and cameras. I spent hours on the phone with technical support and finally ended up reinstalling my operating System. I tried to EXCHANGE this scanner for a more expensive one, on Aug. 1, 2002 to the CompUSA, on Hillsboro Blvd. in Boca Raton, FL. The manager, Mike Baseheart, was extemely rude and he refused to do anything as it was past the 14 days on the receipt. I have never been spoken to this rudely by anyone. My company and I will never again shop at any COMP USA - as long as Mike Baseheart is employed by them or until they change their return policy.

-- Peggy Forster (, August 01, 2002.

You ppl bitch about stupid shit now me i want to have sex with little boys and let them poop in my mouth and all over me.

-- he calls his shit poop (, August 01, 2002.

I can't believe what happend to me at Comp Max, or is it Office USA, you can't really expect me to remember can you? I'm soooooo busy I don't have time to remember where I buy stuff. I tried to return a computer I had for 6 months because I just realized that it didn't have enough of that memory stuff. Plus the salesperson told me it had Windows 97 and it doesn't! How dare they expect me to know anything about computers! They told me that they wouldn't return it because I didn't have my receipt, didn't bring anything back except the hard drive box thingy, and something about 14 day return policy. I demand to be compensated for my valuable time! I am the most important person on this planet and the rest of you can KISS MY ASS! How dare they treat me with such disregard! I am going back to the trailer park to get my crayons and Big Chief tablet so my sister/wife can write me a letter to the big cheese! Damn those people!

-- Herbert Kornfeld (, August 12, 2002.




I am more than willing to work aout a resolution to a problem with any customer. Usually this means returning something you have had for 5 months. BUT, if you come at me or my employees with a diskhead attitude and treat them like they are morons. I will go out of my way to piss you off even more. WHY? Because my employees are people too, they are just following rules that the corperate offices have set up. if you have an issue, ask for a manager, don't start yelling at the poor girl who's just doing her job. Also, i like to see arrogant bastards get all pissed. Just because you have lots of money doesn't mean i should treat you better than someone who only makes minimum wage.

In short, I will treat you exactly how you treat my people. If you are respectful and nice, you will get the same. Yes, i do understand that you are pissed off. But we can certainly talk about it like normal human beings.

Just be nice to us and we will take care of you.

-- Compusa Sales Manager (, August 15, 2002.

Wow... I sure am glad that I'm not any of you folks. I've had nothing but pleasant experiences at CompUSA. The store is always clean and the people there are really friendly. I had to return a defective LCD (bad pixel) and I had my replacement in less than 2 minutes. I've sent off 4 or 5 rebates and received them all in good fashion. I kind of stumbled onto this site by accident, and I don't usually post on boards, but I can't believe everyone shares the same opinions as those of you that are posting here.

-- Barry Eldridge (, August 20, 2002.

I find it amusing that everyone who works at compusa is defending their employees or saying that people with low morale should be fired. For one thing NO MANAGER ever defends their employees in the store. They're all to happy to bend you over a register and proceed to ream with no lube. Also if you fired all the people with low morale, CompUSA would have NO FUCKING EMPLOYEES!!!! P.S. Why wasn't it made common knowledge to all CompUSA employees that 1/2 the Texas staff was laid off in May 2002? (Source: Dallas Fort Worth News) All we ever heard was company's never been better!

-- The Annihialator (, August 21, 2002.

Hey, quit then. If you hate your job, quit. I treat my employees with respect and dignity. I back them 100%. I have pissed off more than a few customers just to back my employees. Maybe you have a bad management team in your store. But not ALL compusas run the same way. Yeah, we have problems too. But thats how retail is.

-- mr manager (, August 24, 2002.

1 AOL’s is all we ask, 5 Replacement Plans is all we ask, 6.23% TAP is all we ask, 1.25% Training is all we ask, 1Game Fixx is all we ask, 1 Power Clean is all we ask, 2.25% Tech Services is all we ask. We ask a lot we have to it’s our job. U want customer service and to be treated like a king or a queen, buy it all on one sale and see what happens? 15% restocking fee is all we ask. We have to its our jobs; however, you don’t like it don’t raise your voice at me I am not the one who can fix it BITCH!! I love it you live it.

I can say this many people do have more knowledge then you think or given them credit for. Don’t like it FUCK OFF and go to BB it’s a good place to get advice… Trust Me….

Marco Polo

-- Marco Polo (, August 25, 2002.

Waiting for 3 rebates, items purchased April 2002. Unable to reach a live person via the land line. I will not shop this company again.


-- Ronald Reger (, August 26, 2002.


I am more than willing to work aout a resolution to a problem with any customer. Usually this means returning something you have had for 5 months. BUT, if you come at me or my employees with a diskhead attitude and treat them like they are morons. I will go out of my way to piss you off even more. WHY? Because my employees are people too, they are just following rules that the corperate offices have set up. if you have an issue, ask for a manager, don't start yelling at the poor girl who's just doing her job. Also, i like to see arrogant bastards get all pissed. Just because you have lots of money doesn't mean i should treat you better than someone who only makes minimum wage.

In short, I will treat you exactly how you treat my people. If you are respectful and nice, you will get the same. Yes, i do understand that you are pissed off. But we can certainly talk about it like normal human beings.

Just be nice to us and we will take care of you.

**Wow, you're a CompUSA sales manager? Ever heard of spell check or proofreading? Well all I can say is that I was employed there as well…..and employees are treated much worse than customers. Now that I think about it, if this person IS a CompUSA sales manager, it would not surprise me at all. CompUSA is doomed to failure because of poor customer service, a complete lack of competence from management and team members, and shady business practices that would make Enron executives choke! If you have an extended warranty you better check it, I’ve witnessed management fulfilling them to appease other customers. This means that the original person who had the extended warranty is now unaware that his merchandise is no longer covered. I’ve seen management refuse products to customers who are not purchasing extended warranties. The customer is told that the item he wants to purchase is out of stock. If another customer comes in to purchase the same item, but does in fact want the warranty, the customer is sold the item as well as the warranty. This is discrimination pure and simple. The person I have referenced above seems to miss the entire idea of customer service. If a customer is acting in a non-desirable way, try to first calm him down and if that does not work ask him to leave the store. You gain nothing by arguing with people to simply “piss them off.” The above person is probably new to the retail world, and sounds horribly inexperienced. This is another fault with CompUSA; they hire cheap, unqualified people to sell semi-expensive products to the public. Bad business practices, unqualified personnel, and a complete lack of customer service will ultimately, and hopefully soon, be the downfall of CompUSA.

Not disgruntled just observant ex-employee.

-- ex CompUSA Employee (, August 26, 2002.

I have been in retail for almost 10 years now. I have been a sales manager at a compusa for the last 2 years. I know how to treat my employees. In fact they love working with me. I hang out with most of my sales staff outside of work also. In some stores, YES, the management does suck complete and total ass. I get into arguements with the a-holes running some of our other stores on a regular basis. As far as the warranty issues go, in the past even i have told a customer or 2 that we were out of products if they didn't want the warranty. But now with the sales guys working on commission you just cant do that any more. So if we have it, it gets sold, with or without the warranty. Also, i agree some of the corperate practices in this company are downright retarded. But you can't blame the average guy working at the store level for that.

-- comp sales manager (, August 27, 2002.

god you ppl are making me so fucking hot write more please god talk dirty about compusa i think i'm going to blow a load in my mouth.

-- penis wrinkle (, August 28, 2002.

Now that I've read some of these letters, I realize that my experience is typical:

However, you can link to my compusa.html site so that this compusa story will rank higher when someone searches for compusa in the search engines. Of course, repeating the term compusa often help too.

compusa sucks

-- Compusa Sucks (, September 03, 2002.

If you don't like CompUSA, don't go there. I don't like Toys R Us because I once had to wait in line for 20 minutes to buy a birthday present for my nephew. So... I don't go there anymore. I haven't dedicated my life to a web site that bashes Toys R Us. I just don't shop there anymore. Is that too complicated?

-- Billy Bob Baxter (, September 10, 2002.


all i got to say is that compusa plain rip off customers by over charging them.

-- noneof yourfuckingbusiness (, October 11, 2002.

you people are all retarted..i have worked as a salesguy at compusa for a few years..i do very well, i know my products and treat people well, i find that most of the people that have issues here are complete, fucking morons, i wish i could smash customers in the face with a crowbar half the time...bunch of fuckin retards... grow up and get a life you fuckin tools

-- mortimer (, October 12, 2002.

I worked at compusa for 3 years and I make 6.50 a hour I love my job but my wife and 7 kids we need more food in the house so I went to my boss his name is john. I said my wife and kids we need some more food for the house and can you please up my paid a dime or quarter. He grab me by the neck and punch me in the face six times and he kicked me. As I was laiding on thr ground he grabed my hair and pulled my to the training center and hit me with a chair. By this time I was bleeding but he didn't stop he told me to the break room and hit me with me with a poster that said what ever it takes. He said to me do I steal want a raise and I said NOOOOOOOOOO. So for you customers think you got it bad look at me.

-- Vladamir the Russian (, October 13, 2002.

Hello, My name is bill. I'm from ohio, I am a 46 year old young guy, single. I am looking for a guy to have sex with wild saying compusa 100 times. So if you want to talk email me at

-- bill Gates (, October 13, 2002.

I belong to a inside CompUSA mafia called "Cobras". we are proud to help all the nice customers and the hot chicks that come in to the store to buy a laptop for college. However, we have to help customers that some times are really ass holes, and some times we have to work for managers that are really ass holes, but to tell you something, we can get fired any manager that we want, we have gone trought 3 sales managers, two General managers, 2 opsm, 4 merch managers and 3 tech managers. we have to power to run the whole company, but we dont, i dont knwo why i wroyte this, i was gonna write that AOL sucks, and CUSA employees get the joke, i just wanted to say to all of you who complained, you all suck i worked at CUSA for 3 years, its rocks, other that i get paid 45k a year, anyways, CompUSA Rocks and so sayd the COBRAS

-- Cobra partner (, October 14, 2002.

Fuck you "Cobras" You and your dick sucking team mates ain't runnning shit.........

-- kingshit (, October 14, 2002.

This site is a waste of time. Being a manager for a competitor of CompUSA I should be happy that a site like this is out there, but I am not. This makes our country look as ignorant as the rest of the world believe us to be. Are some of the listed problems legit? Im sure they are. Do people really allow companies to help them with their problems? Not as many as you think. Having worked in retail for many years I have delt with the whole gambit of problems, from the basic "This computer will not turn on and it is the worst thing I have ever used" (forgot to plug in power) all the way to "I have had problems with my computer since I bought it 2 years ago and now I want you to refund all my money or give me a new one" (This being the first time they have brought it in). We all know most computers are going to have trouble. I have found out most is because of what I call UE (User Error). I see 5+ computers a day come in to my service center and 80% of the time you are not greeted by a friendly hello by the person bringing it in, they are mad because of "a problem" A lot of the time it is something very easy to fix, i.e. something was mischecked with in Windows and sometimes it is very hard to fix. I have yet to find anyone that can successfully identify a problem on every computer they see the first time they try. Microsoft OS's just do not give us this luxuary. Getting into these return processes of CompUSA is sometimes a headache. It can be CompUSA, Bestbuy or any other big box company and they are all going to be very similar, competition demands it. I know not to buy a game from Bestbuy or CompUSA because I know if I open it and dont like it I am out $50+ dollars. I know as a consumer to go to my local Gamestop and spend $5 extra dollars because I know I can return it during a specific time period and get a full refund. As for the complaits of it being a gift, the smart consumer knows to ask what the policy is just in case they need to bring it back. I have many times asked if a manager could extend the return policy because what I was buying was a gift and they would not get it untill after the time frame of the return has expired. THINK!

Every minor and major company that sells computers is going to receive complaints like what has been posted. If CompUSA was truly as bad as people say they would never receive return business and would never be able to grow like they have. They are doing something right with the millions of people who buy from them, but some are going to fall through the cracks, and this is misfortunate. Im sure if you asked the CEO of the company if he would want 100% satisfaction he would say yes, but we live in a country where the consumer does not allow this to happen. I ask everyone to THINK AND USE YOUR MIND and educate yourself before going out and spending your hard earned money.

-- Dont Worry About It (, October 15, 2002.

I am currently employed at CompUSA and I happened to run into this site by chance. I am not as ignorant as alot of the people on this site, but I do have a couple things to say. First of all, I have been with the company for about three years now. I happen to know that Carlos Slim is the Current owner and that he saved CompUSA from going bankrupt. I think that this was the first smart thing that the company did, as far as saving the company and millions of jobs go. What I cannot understand though, is, why would CompUSA enter into a Multi-Million dollar deal with AOL and force thier employees to offer AOL to the customers that come in to make purchases when everyone knows that AOL sucks. I think that this is the work of the greedy top execs in CompUSA. First of all, if you are going to enter into an agreement with any company, it should have been Microsoft, not AOL. AOL, as all of the people on the store level knows is an ISP for begginners only. After you get used to AOL, you become prone to the fact that there are alot of other ISP Providers out there who do not have busy signals and who are alot cheaper than AOL. Why pay for name to get on the Internet when you could just pay your phone company and get more reliable service? I really and truly think that CompUSA was founded by a bunch of greedy Rednecks (Hal Compton Sr). Hal's son is now a Regional Manager in the company and the apple sure does not fall far from the tree. Honestly, I would not be surprised if CompUSA employees got together and filed a complaint at the department of Labor with the treatment that the employees get from thier higher ups. Now, they have changed the employee pay plans, three times, since I have been with the company. From hourly to commissioned sales to an even worse commissioned sales program. Basically, CompUSA is taking advantage of its employees and no one wants to come out in the open and talk about it because they are afraid to lose thier jobs. In today's economy we just have to take the abuse and keep on moving on. To all the individuals who have complaints out there, imagine this. CompUSA is a company that strives on technology, but imaging working for a Company that requires for you to come into sales meetings held after hours. Imagine working inventory for one of your stores FOR FREE. Imagine your pay being cut down (third employee pay plan) to half of what you normally made. Imagine a company telling you that it was necessary to offer every customer AOL or you won't work for the company anymore. Imagine every month, the rules are changing. Imagine a company that forces you to force the customers to purchase thier warranties because they know that this warranty plan means essentially more revenue for "the brass".

I don't have any REAL problems with CompUSA to talk about, I just think some of the things that are being done to the sales people are unfair. Carlos Slim needs to pay closer attention to what's going on, stop being so greedy and help your employees. You treat your GM's like crap you underpay your Sales Managers and you force your non hourly employees into working after hours without paying anything. We understand that as a company you have to make your money, but as human beings, we have to make a living too. Stop being so greedy (the higher ups) start caring.

if there is anyone out there who would give us some free legal advice, it would be great

-- Anonymus (, October 15, 2002.

If this site is a waste of time why are you on it you dumbass bestbuy worker........

-- compman (, October 16, 2002.

hello this is Vladamir, if you don't who I am read October 13, 2002. I steal make 6.50 a hour and I get along with everybody in the store but my boss john don't like me may be it's because my english is bad. Today at work everything was going good until I had to use the rest room, number 2. After sitting in the restroom for 5 min my boss john kicked in the bathroom door and grabed me by the neck and said "WHO SAID YOU CAN TAKE A SHIT ON MY TIME BITCH". I couldn't wipe my ass fast enough before he punch me in the face 4 times and draged me across the sales floor and slamed me in the head with the IMS computer. When my eyes opened a hour later my boss was standing in front of me and said did you learn your lesson and I said yesssssss..Stay tuned.....

-- Vladamir the Russian (, October 16, 2002.

Here is a tip for all you disgruntled customers;

If you want to make a complaint, here is how email Usually the GM and Sales manager have pics and names in the front of the store. Please feel to email 'golden boy ass kiss' Scott Hall with issues. He knows it all, he is the reason region 3 sucks big ass!!

-- scott hall (, October 16, 2002.

I hate the Apple's new switch ads, but you HAVE to see this one. This girl is totally high. HIGH HIGH HIGH. Its fucking funny as hell that dumb bitch FUCK APPLES

-- billy (, October 18, 2002.

My name was Chris and I was the manager of the Wendy's at the corner of Jimmy Carter Blvd. and Rockbridge Rd. I say "was" instead of "is" because all of that's changed now. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Back in the days of "was," my life was pretty empty. I lived with a one-legged homosexual Native American named Chief Gronklieff. He was always quiet and often cooked smelly meats on our gas stove.

I kept to myself, mostly. I would strum a few chords on my old somewhat broken guitar or I'd sing the ballads of my favorite singer: Judy Collins. It was a lonely existence.

Back in those days I didn't even own a computer. I used a Speak-N- Spell for all my word processing needs. This was difficult because (a) it didn't have a printer and (b) it would aggravate Chief Gronklieff. I have a fear of conflict, so more often than not I would word process by hand.

My transition from "was" to "is" began the day my sister attempted suicide and left for me, in a box labeled "for Chris," her 1988 Apple IIgs. As you can well imagine, my emotions were extremely conflicted: severe gladness for finally getting my own computer and profound disappointment at getting one so dated.

However, you should never look a gifthorse in the mouth. I went to the hospital and thanked my (semi-unconscious) sister for the gift and then returned home to get started. My first order of business: to download lots of porn.

Imagine my shock when I realized that the 1988 Apple IIgs was not equppied for the internet! I practically wanted to go back to the hospital to finish what my sister started! But I swallowed that anger and turned the computer on. I waited patiently for the system to load and I watched, transfixed, the hourglass at the center of the screen. Eventually "patiently" and "transfixed" became "desperate" and "violent." At the peak of my frustration, I kicked the screen in. FUCK APPLES.............

-- chris (, October 18, 2002.

I hate MACS because it -Only one mouse button -Makes my homepages look funny -Always have to hold down everything -Just clicking the little box doesn't get you out of the program -Takes forever to start up -Face it, they're dying! -Those pathetic Mac lovers -Always freeze up on me -Annoying graphics -If there's nothing in the trash, it looks full. If there tons of stuff in the trash, it looks empty -Chessy graphics -Bad text -No programs -Error messages that you have no idea what they mean -Small moniters

F the mac

-- jimmy (, October 18, 2002.

Lucky, I'v never had to use them, the only time was at a mates house, and he had one, what a tin pot computer, can I even call it a computer???? whats with those mice? and upgrading, ask that to a apple mac user and they will go blank like they have seen a ghost and they will say "derrrrr, you what???? up....grade....huh" with a look of terror!

Yep, Apple macs and their owners should die

-- kristina johnson (, October 18, 2002.

Anyone seen the new imac that looks like a fucking lampshade with a pole and flatscreen sticking out of it? I just couldn't help ROFL the first time I saw it in a magazine. I've never seen such a blatant clear example of a computer manufacturer going straight for the yuppie crowd with a unique "designer shape" than the new imac. How sad - it's too bad they can't fit anything better than a little rodent on a wheel inside that thing. I heard they had some problems with the rodent overheating in that little dome whenever you try to 3d render something so fuck the imac and take them out of compusa. PS PC FOR LIFE BITCHHHHH.......

-- DENNIS MANUALl (, October 18, 2002.

Macs are gonna die though, because Apple is run by idiots. Ok, so look, the Mac wouldn't have come about if the two Steve's weren't a little crazy. Building a computer in their garage? Building a computer that starts up with a smiling computer icon? Cute icons? A mouse, for goodness sake? fuck steve the apple bitch...

-- larry (, October 18, 2002.

No wonder Microsoft is beating Apple like a drum'. Unless I missed a few chapters of Apple history... Microsoft own a chunk of Apple now. Macs have always been great even when Apple was a shit company that couldn't organise two paper bags. And when the Mac crashes, it doesn't apologise. Usually, it freezes up entirely, the digital equivalent of someone trying to win an argument by turning away and putting a box over their head

-- dave (dave09@, October 18, 2002.

I was jerking off on the pc and it went "unh unh oooohhh" and then like half my pr0n was just, you know, gone. And I was like "omg wtf!! 111". It devoured Jenna Jameson!! It was really good pr0n. And then I had to download it again and I had to jerk off fast and it wasn't as good. And then after I bought a mac Jenna came over and helped me replace those movies... I'm Tristan and no one is really sure what I do all day.

-- jack (, October 22, 2002.

Being a Mac user is, in many ways, a lot like being a homosexual. Both groups are socially marginalized in American culture for resisting the roles assigned by the dominant power structure. And although over the years that same dominant structure has, perseverely, tried to cure us of our perverse affliction, in recent years we've been able to convalesce in pride and defend our right to our respective fruit.

Indeed, we've gotten stronger as a movement. The phobes' campaign has backfired, as it were.

Fruity is what they called the Mac back in the day. What, no DOS? You mean I have to yank this mouse all day? Some of us changed our orientation, though, and actually enjoyed the rodent. Richard Gere is, after all, an AppleMaster. (How "top" is the term "AppleMaster", anyway?)

Some PC users, confused about their own identity in the face of the Wintel monolith have come out as "questioning" computer users. Some PC users work with PCs at work -- even joining their colleagues in ridiculing Facintoshes during the workday -- but these same are revealed in time to be leading double lives. At home they have Macs: "closet" users as it were.

How many of us have repeatedly confused gay pride rainbow bumper stickers with the Apple logo? And in a fated confluence, how many of us have seen some old hippie-bumper-sticker-covered Volkswagon have *both* gay pride and Apple-logo bumper stickers?

There are, no doubt, some intolerant Mac users who question the validity of this comparison. Queer, ME?!? Never! There are also those gay Republicans. But consider this, honey: the new rainbow-colored iMacs are a whole damn lot like the Teletubbies.

-- Mac lover I think? (, October 22, 2002.

HEy Some Sick Shit there Dude.. someone Needs to get that shit off this Page... By the way im a TSS at COMP USA and this Whole new commission plan sucks.. They are ripping off every TSS and Keeping the profits for their late night Mexican Shooting Sprees... The Aol Deal will be the downfall of COmp USA and they will get hit with a big suite later this YEar... Try that one on.. LAter... Support your Local Mom and Pop.. By The Way MAC IS BACK.. PC'S ARE JUST THAT PIECES OF S_ _ t!! DID YOU HAVE TO REBOOT TO READ THIS BECAUSE YOU CRASHED. HMMM WONDER WHY? laTER... tHEY HAVE THE NEW $750.00 THREE YEAR INTERNATIONLA LAPTOP COVERAGE.. BE SURE TO GET A DOZEN...

-- SJ (JOSH@JOSH.COM), October 26, 2002.

Who the fuck is the WEB MASTER, take that gay shit off you dumb ass bitch.. Who the fuck is the WEB MASTER, take that gay shit off you dumb ass bitch.. Who the fuck is the WEB MASTER, take that gay shit off you dumb ass bitch.. Who the fuck is the WEB MASTER, take that gay shit off you dumb ass bitch.. Who the fuck is the WEB MASTER, take that gay shit off you dumb ass bitch.. Who the fuck is the WEB MASTER, take that gay shit off you dumb ass bitch.. Who the fuck is the WEB MASTER, take that gay shit off you dumb ass bitch.. Who the fuck is the WEB MASTER, take that gay shit off you dumb ass bitch.. Who the fuck is the WEB MASTER, take that gay shit off you dumb ass bitch.. Who the fuck is the WEB MASTER, take that gay shit off you dumb ass bitch.. Who the fuck is the WEB MASTER, take that gay shit off you dumb ass bitch..

-- What the fuck (, November 06, 2002.

I love my job. Fuck all you customers. For every stupid moron who believes in compusa you get what you deserve.

-- tony tally wacker (, November 06, 2002.

i work at your local northwest compusa, i just finish selling my soul to AOL ( $4.00 ) can you belive that shit. anyways my store rocks, and we have the best manangers, we try to help as many people as we can, but sometimes you get the stupid shits that want everything there way, crazy rednecks. hate it when people ask if i work there, (dont they see my redshirt and name tag) and then they ask if i know what iam talking about. (no i dont you stupid shit)i course i do, and NO WE ARE NOT A PHONE TECHSUPPORT CENTER oh yeah buy TAP (technology assurance program) they will treat you like a god........ smell you all later

-- dick winters (, November 07, 2002.

CompUSA is probably one of the lousiest places at which I've had the misfortune of working.

(1) Our managers never follow the policy that they expect the grunts and peons to follow. Example: If you open a product and want to return it, there is a 15% restocking fee. This is because the store cannot sell it as new. And you only have 14 days to return an item. Don't like it? Just get a manager called and they'll just say to not charge the restocking fee, or to go ahead and return the item, making you look like a fool. (2) You have to pay for technical repairs in advance because people generally refuse to pay the amount due at the time of pick-up. Or if the computer's old, they'll simply abandon the computer. And the repair department is out. Don't like it? Call a manager. (3) Technical services does NOT mean technical support. Why the hell do people come in and feel free to waste a technician's time asking vague questions about problems with their computers? We don't have time to provide free tech support - WE HAVE WORK TO DO! How often do you go to a car shop and ask any random mechanic about miscellaneous noises that your car makes? The kicker is when business customers come in, asking about problems with networking, e-mail servers, or web page problems. If we had any desire to learn it, or already knew it, do you really think that we'd be at CompUSA, earning $8 - $12 an hour? It is a HARDWARE REPAIR CENTER. RTFM! (4) No payroll. This means that you've got *~-> ZERO <-~* help getting much work done, and very little time in which to do it. Why so little time? NO PAYROLL MEANS NO OVERTIME, and customers will constantly bug you for help. No payroll also means ridiculously low raises. You should be greatful to get 10 cents yearly. (5) Uninformed, idiotic customers don't know what they have or what they need. They have a vague inkling of what they want, but have no idea what it is. RTFM! (6) Back to management. They're all excited and happy to be working for CompUSA. Therefore, you should be too. CompUSA is such a fantastic, wonderful company laced in gold that once a month, they have meetings once a month on Saturday morning at 7:30 A.M. to tell you how great it is to work for CompUSA. (7) More on management. They randomly decide to move you to a different department for no apparent reason. They give you a task to do, with no direction or training. And you won't hear about it unless you make a mistake, at which point, the whining, complaining, bitching, moaning, and griping about your mistake is nearly endless. (7) Now to the higher-ups and big-wigs. They have no need or desire to tell anyone in the store anything about sales. Or anything else for that matter. They customers will generally know more about a sale than the average employee, because no information rolls down- hill.

-- Santiago Víctor Abadía (, November 19, 2002.

I am a CompUSA employee of 2 years. I work at a store in Louisiana and am a cashier/customer service rep. First off, I understand that customer satisfaction is the most important thing. I also understand that people have busy lives and are sometimes in a hurry and want fast service. But what customers need to understand is that this is the holiday season and we are very busy also, so people to learn that patience is a virtue. 2nd, if you buy a product that is discontinued and try to return it after the return policy date, then the store loses money. That is what replacement plans are for and that's why the manufacturer offers their warranty. I read something a minute ago that complains about the workers there, and I was very disturbed. It was compaining about all the workers at comp, and I'd like to say that some of us work hard, and we are people and would appreciate being treated like we are. If I was a manager, I would expect being harrassed or put down on or even cussed out, but I'm a cashier and just doing my job. If you have a problem, talk to me like a person and not like a dog. How would you like it if I came to your work, cussed you out, and threw stuff at you?

-- anonymous (, December 14, 2002.

I have never seen such a waste of bytes and storage space as this crap on this page. Whoever the child is that put that repetitious display of ignorance needs pyschological help. If you want to post a forum for complaints, at least do so in a serious and mature manner. A format that allows such ignorance displayed on this page is nothing more than a display of meaningless ignorance. I would not post my name because I do not want my name on a web page that is as ridiculous as this. I just wanted to comment so the owner might delete the stupid nonsense from this page. Intelligence from Texas

-- nunya bidness (FUCKYOUAGAIN@HOTMAIL.COM), December 16, 2002.

My fiancee and I purchased a laptop computer/software bundle with significant mail-in rebate submissions (about a dozen different rebates of various amounts - some up to $150) totalling several hundred dollars. The purchase of about $2,300 was paid with my fiancee's credit card. We are one household. I took care of the substantial paperwork (filling out all the forms, cutting off UPC codes from packaging, copying the sales receipts, writing individual envelopes, identifying the item on the receipts etc. etc.) and submitted my name and signed all forms as well.

The company administering the rebates has notified us per email and on the phone, that our rebate sumissions have been rejected! Reason for the denial is that the rebate was "transferred". We are not allowed to resubmit the rebate forms either.

I am interested in your comments.

Thank you.

-- AH (, December 18, 2002.

Speaking as someone who actually works for Compusa in the TAP dept. I would like to say that, as with any job, there are some things we do not like with the policies we adhere to. However, we do a damn good job troubleshooting issues over the phone to determine if we need to send a tech out to do onsite repair. We have to pick the part that needs to be replaced. This is a difficult task sometimes when we have to work with an idiot who cannot even open a cd drive. Yep, dead serious. Some cannot even do this. Some think thier software problems are a problem we need to explain. NO retailer does this. NO one can know every software that is sold. This is why you contact the manufacturer. Some people do not understand that even computers have limitations of what they can do or how many things they can do at once. Many people will not open the damn manual and read the instructions. If you cannot read instructions and follow the directions, then trust me, you are BEYOND any help that tech support can provide to you. GO TO SCHOOL AND TAKE A BASIC COMPUTER CLASS. If you think picking up the phone and calling someone on how to delete a shortcut on the desktop is a problem with your computer, you are probably right. And the problem is sitting in front of the computer at the keyboard. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you what the real problem is. (policy) Many people who call in and get mad, do so because, they did not read what the TAP covers, they are out of warranty, or they do not like the answer that we provide. If you do not like the answer that we give, then you probably know more than we do. So why did you call. If you got a virus, THAT IS YOUR FAULT. We are there to determine what (if any) hardware is defective or broken on your computer and send a tech out to replace the defective part. NOT answer every stupid question you people have. When you buy a car, do they teach you how to drive it? Think about it. WE are ther to help you, not listen to your cussing, ranting, disrespectful mouth.

-- tech agent for compusa (, December 25, 2002.

the billing departmen is very careless i received and trial offer approx2 years ago from aol i never used that service.yet for 2 years they have billed mr.holloway's account for $9.95 I ONLY USE MY COMPSERV only.since i cant talk directly to someone who can make the nessessary ajustments to my account .I must try eveery way that I can to get this matter resolved.the account exec and or sales person named burnisha or somting that sounds like that was very rude and unprofessional.even to the point that she hung the phone up without following thru sith the complaint.disappointed with this company that has such a track record as this! mrs.vinadies cage-holloway .

-- vinadies cage-holloway (, December 30, 2002.

I am trying to post...but it wont let me...this is a test.

-- test (, December 31, 2002.

Looks like I am going to have to do this in pieces.... part 1 I work at the Tukwila WA store. What a piece of shit place to work at. First...they (managers) don't care about the customers, they just care about themselves. IF YOU SHOP AT COMPUSA...YOU NEED TO WATCH FOR THIS!

1)TAP. Warranties are a good Idea, they really are. HOWEVER, Compusa has 4 different warranties they offer. Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Platinum and Gold are worthless to about 80% of the customers. They offer things like some free training, free tech support and priority service. Don't buy them. If you want to buy a warranty. Buy Silver or Bronze. They cover you just the same as Gold or Platinum (100% parts and labor for 2 or 3 years), but cost A LOT LESS! Silver gets you In home service, where Bronze is in store service only. CompUSA does free install, so the tech support is worthless, you still get phone support with silver, and the trainings they offer with these services are worthless.

-- Guess! (, December 31, 2002.

2) AOL. Of course, AOL just plain sucks anyway. BUT, CompUSA borrowed about $40 Million dollars from AOL to remodel their stores. IF CompUSA does not sign up X amount of people (about 5 per day per store, 1000 per day for the company), they have to pay it back. So they put SO MUCH pressure on you to try and "sell" this shitty ISP to customers where broadband is so popular now. The salesman gets $4 for everyone they sign up. AND the Store manager gets $4, the Sales manager gets $4, and the Assistant sales manager gets $2. They offer you 90 days free, however, have you ever tried to cancel AOL? HARD AS HELL. But they don't tell you that. THEY HAVE WENT AS FAR AS TO SIGN THEMSELVES UP 3 OR 4 TIMES TO ACCOMPLISH HITTING THIER QUOTA. How pathetic is that?

3)You want to know why they try and sell you something else? LOOK AT THE PRICE TAG! THERE ARE 3 SETS OF NUMBERS ON THE BOTTOM, THE DATE, COMPUSA'S SKU NUMBER AND THE UPC OF THE PRODUCT. At the end of the UPC, there is a letter, A, B, C, D, Or E. A products have the HIGHER margin, then B and so on. So if you look at the ad piece, usually a D or E...they will try to sell you the A or B coded product. WONDER WHY? CAN YOU SAY BAIT AND SWITCH?

-- Guess! (, December 31, 2002.

First, lets start off with the General Manager, Doug McGavran. He is the biggest Piece Of Shit you will ever meet. He cares about no one or anything except HIS OWN MONEY. Actually that's not true. He cares about selling Warranties (TAP) signing customers up for "free" AOL and their margin. He does nothing to support the sales staff and just sits on his ass all day in his stupid little office. He pushes the blame for things to everyone else. Inventory bad? BLAME THE OPS MANAGER AND WHAREHOUSE MANAGER. Sales Bad? BLAME THE SALES MANAGER, ASSISTANT SALES MANAGER AND SALES CREW. NEVER HIS OWN FAULT FOR HIRING SHITTY PEOPLE. Next, the sales manager. You know him as Frank Matanane. We know him as a 2 faced SOB. He pretends to be your friend until he doesn't need you anymore. I am so suprised he isn't fired yet. The turnover at that store is SO BAD because instead of taking responsibility for things himself, he fires people who have worked for him for years. I can think of one TSS (A really cool guy, good salesman, you know who I mean) and a couple TSR's now (One guy was kinda lame...always stuttered, but the other guy was HELLA GOOD). What a lame ass. The assistant sales manager Josh Post (aka A CUP, cause his tits are big! HAHA). YOU WANT THE DEFINITION OF A WORTHLESS EMPLOYEE, HERE HE IS. He doesn't do shit all day. He plays on the computers, sits in the breakroom or talks to his ugly woman. Rumor is...he is fuckin a cashier there, Shari. Guess people saw him making out with her in his truck and they have a tape of him making out with her in laptop lockup. RUMORS. Guess they have to start from somewhere though. Oh yeah...he hides sales that don't have TAP on them through OE. The cashiers know it, the TSS know it. DOUG KNOWS IT. (That way it won't affect their daily sales.)

-- Guess! (, December 31, 2002.

Rick Crimin the Merchandising Manager is GAY. Fuck the speculation, LOOK AT HIS CAR! Rainbows everywhere! FUCKIN EVERQUEST FAGS. The Operations Manager is Kristie Feack. She is pretty cool. Never gives us a hard time over here. Unless there is a Pissed off customer who doen't know whey their computer won't work, with Peanut Butter all inside it. Then she makes us fix it for free. How wrong is that. But she is the smart one...she is quitting cause of all the BULLSHIT. Julia Bryan the front end manager - 2 words. FAT BITCH. Sean Earp the Tech Manager is probably the coolest of them all. Nothing bad to say about him. Except for Build to ORder computers. They are the way to go! Definitely, just buy them at ComputerSonics, that where we buy them! Save 20% and I don't have to build them when Chris is gone! So that is my story. Believe it, or Don't. I don't give a flying fuck. BUT THIS IS TRUTH. ASK ANYONE WHO USED TO WORK THERE, OR EVEN PEOPLE WHO DO! THIS IS WHY COMPUSA SUCKS A FATTY CHODE. PEACE!

-- Guess! (, December 31, 2002.

AFTER THIS WARNING IF YOU BUY FROM COMPUSA YOU R A RETARD anchorage Compusa sucks ballz. Kathy Morrissey sucks donkey dick. ALL COMPUSA is gay. never ever buy gay shit from there. go to best buy.

-- KATHY MORRISSEY (anchorageisworse@kathymorrisseysucksdonkeydick.ORG), January 01, 2003.

-- daf (, January 01, 2003.

I see a few intelligent and serious postings within the last month, and then a burst of true ignorance and pix. If this is an actual employee posting this lame display of lack of intelligence, then no wonder you are disgruntled and unhappy. God cheated you out of a brain. But, I can understand his reasoning. You were a wast of chromosone and DNA that should have been aborted.

-- You retarded low life idiots (, January 02, 2003.


-- DO ME GOOD (KISSMYASS@HOTMAIL.COM), January 04, 2003.

Everyone should calm down and see the bigger picture. The reason CompUSA sux is because the majority of the employees are robbing the stores blind so they are not interested in taking care of actual customers. If you want to fuck CompUSA, get a job at any of their stores (especially NC)in the tech department, steal merchandise and Ebay the items to make some real money.

-- johhny smith (, January 05, 2003.

The RMA cage is the best place to steal.

-- Anthony Dibble (, January 07, 2003.

Good answer! The RTV Cage is the best place to steal things, especially if you're good buddies with the Warehouse Manager!

-- RTVC (, January 08, 2003.

that was some funny shit tukwilaemployee, lets hear somemore story's

-- five on hard (, January 09, 2003.

Does this perhaps shed any light? CompUSA is managed about as professionally as a Tijuana brothel, after all (fuck the customer for all you can get). It's from
-- NWJ (, January 11, 2003.

Hmmm, my first attempt to post got garbled. Here's the rest of it which was supposed to go along with the first post:


Company History: CompUSA, founded as Soft Warehouse in Dallas, Texas, in October 1984, originally sold "direct" to business customers. The company then opened its first retail store in April 1985; opened its first Computer Superstore in April 1988; changed its name to CompUSA in March 1991 and, in September 1998, CompUSA completed its acquisition of the Computer City chain from Tandy Corporation. In March 2000 CompUSA became a privately held company, under the new leadership of Mexican retail company, Grupo Sanborns.

-- NWY (, January 11, 2003.

Clarification: The above is what I think about Steve Burton, the smug contemptible jerkoff motherfucking cocksucking piece of human garbage Sales Manager at the Long Beach CompUSA at the Los Altos shopping center.

-- NWJ (, January 11, 2003.

It's me again. Just had to tell you about something that happend a couple weeks ago. The previously mentioned cashier (sheri) left something and I thought you should know what! At the pda counter...they found a digital camera on demo with a memory card in it. They went to view it and there were pictures of FAT ASS topless chicks. We started laughing and found HER TOPLESS!!! LMAO. So I brought it to Tech and showed everyone there...including Sean Earp. Didn't say a word. Just called everyone from the store into the techshop and showed them! Eventually the mgr's found it and have done nothing yet. She is problably blowing Frank, Josh and Doug. LMAO. If I had a pic now...I would post it. If i get one...I will post it. PEACE OUT!

-- Guess! (, January 15, 2003.

Simply Amazing, people whining about 20 dollar mice, the wrong type of ram and everything thing else. My comment to that is as follows; People get off the welfare checks and aquire a real career so that you can afford qaulity products, which by the way Compusa does sell. Next Learn and and research the product(s) that you may need and don't rely on someone else who has no idea what type of product be it the mobo the ram is going to be used with or the difference between a PCI slot or an AGP slot. Computers, mice, DVD players all come with something called a users manuel. For those of you that are saying, "but it is in a foriegn language," you are right, now either flip to the english section or shot yourself in the head (be sure to read the manual. That would save the people at Compusa and the rest of us one hell of a headache to deal with. I am not an employee, but I have built numerous computers with there products. Compusa as well as every other retail store will have products that are lemons. It is the way the world works. Just like products I have read alot of stories from people on here that seem to be lemons themselves. So lets go threaten to kick Gods ass and see where it gets us. Respect is the goal of any store of there employees and customers alike. When a person comes kicking and screaming like a kid in my opinun I would like nothing better then to watch them get eaten alive by angry rats or set on fire would work too. That would be a good reason to kick and scream. J Halpin probaly isnt tossing and turning too much because his secratary got a letter of "Just letting you know...." Thanks for the information now go crawl back in your hole and read a manuel, you learn learn a thing or two or how the world works. Especially for the trash.

-- AK (, February 05, 2003.

My name is Ruben Hernandez and I am pursuing suing compusa in small claims court and after reading your letter on cyberpagans website got very interested in touching base with you. Feel free to email at your leisure. I am enclosing a copy of the recent letter I am sending them apprising them of my actions against the company followed by a list of grievances. My laptop was stolen from the company fraudulantly and they did crap to compensate and treated me like crap--so I am pursuing every legal action I can. I would appreciate your advice and support! Cheers!

Mr. Hal Compton and To Whom It May Concern:

After repeated unsuccessful attempts to get in touch with Mr. Les Marshall and resolve the problem of your company's failure to follow- through on our service agreement, I am forced to pursue the legal avenue of small claims court. CompUSA did not fix my computer and therefore did not follow through with that end of the contract. After the situation developed, CompUSA failed to do an investigation in regards to the matter and its source. CompUSA has a heightened duty of care, especially when dealing with merchandise that can be valued in the thousands of dollars and the gross negligence that led to this situation are central to the issue at hand. Secondly is your avoidance of my repeated attempts at communicating with your office. Because of this 'slap in the face', I am further compelled to pursue this case and have discussed the matter at length with legal aide. This very important piece of equipment was stolen from me and with it very important aspects of my work. Your firm has already admitted liability and all I have been asking is to be made whole, Mr. Marshall, and I do not believe that to be too much to ask. On the rear of the invoice, which includes all of the fine print associated with the service agreement, there is no specific mention of 'programs.' While the data and information CompUSA claims not to have liability for, it is then still liable for the programs on the computer and those amount to a total of $1000.00. There was software on my laptop that I cannot recover including (but not limited to) those that can only be re-installed from a recovery CD (that can only be ran on that laptop) and a word processing/graphic design suite which was installed and registered for business purposes from a former employer. Furthermore, I was employed to create a website, which after the theft of my laptop I had to redo and that totals to $500.00 in labor. If you would like to view the list of grievances that include the total of $1500.00 feel free to contact me at any of the methods you have on file. Your payment of these damages and an investigation as to the source of the problem is, again, what I am asking. I look forward to your response.


Ruben Hernandez, Jr.

Les, Marshall, VP of Loss Prevention has failed to respond to me and my mothers (8) attempts at continuing a phone dialogue after his one call to our residence; A compensation totaling $1000, which covers the depreciated value of the laptop but does not cover the value of materials involved and lost; The compensation was divisible by the warranty cost; CompUSA failed to allow me to view the surveillance tape of the individual who fraudulently stole the laptop; CompUSA never did an investigation; CompUSA did not fix computer and therefore did not follow through with its service agreement; Admitted liability in giving a store credit (versus money) for the laptop and yet will not compensate the full amount of damages; Store Manager yelled at me and hung up on me during phone conversation when I brought up that it may have been an internal culprit; Store Manager failed to call me back;

-- Ruben Hernandez (, February 09, 2003.

Vladimir the Russian. As I told you that day in the bathroom, you can shit on your own time, or punch out. It wouldn't be so bad but the odor from your spice-laden diet was making the customers in classroom 2 sick. This is the third time I told you to go to the Amoco station to shit, I'm tired of cleaning up the student's puke. Either that or change your fucking diet! And please, get your facts straight. I never hit you with the WIT board, it was the EEO poster!

As for all you whining, pathetic, momma's boy customers, do us all a favor - buy online! Like I enjoy listening to your pathetic little pimpled faces spewing bullshit all day! I get enough of that from the "Team Members".

A warranty is a warranty, get over it! Fourteen days is fourteen days - that's two weeks for those of you who can't count past 5. If you have a problem after that, call the manufacturer - it's their problem. If I have to deal with one more "I spend thousands-of- dollars-a-month" propeller-heads who can't get it through their fucking thick skulls that the in-store exchange is 14 fucking days, not 25, not 30, not 50, I'm gonna jump over the counter and shove their crummy free-after-rebate product so far up their ass they'll have to blow their nose to get it back.

Let's talk about software. Listen, we aren't stupid. We know you are returning software that you've already loaded on your Jim-Bob, built- in-an-outhouse computers. The only reason we ever return it is because we are sick of listening to you piss and moan about ten fucking bucks!

Our tech shop does what it can with the shit you call computers. And don't bother telling us about your "computer buddy" who knows everything about everything. If he was so fucking smart why didn't he fix your piece of shit generic box? Take your online gaming asses back to your pathetic spooge-soaked bedrooms and log back onto the Sims Online site where you can have simulated sex with other female wannabes. That's about as close as you're gonna get to the real thing!

If you have a problem with our policies, do us a favor and go to Best Buy, or Circuit City, or Office Max. I'm sure they need your nickels more than we do! We're a business, and just like other businesses we have a right to make a profit. That's tough to do when you little bitches "shop" for bargains and never buy anything that isn't free after rebate. Or shoplift the latest version of your favorite first person shooter. Or stand at the demo machines and scare those few decent customers who are still willing to walk through your acne- medication plume of malodor to make an honest purchase.

So to the 95% of you post pubescent losers who waste perfectly good internet bandwidth posting on here, do us all a favor - get a job and give your money to mom and dad for a nice addition to your double- wide. Who knows, you might even be able to save enough to get the starter fixed in dad's pick-em-up so you can finally finish sixth grade. And always look forward, I'm sure highschool will be the best 6 years of your life!

-- pss doff (, February 11, 2003.


-- Guess! (, February 11, 2003.

Hello all you retail enthusiasts out there. I am 28 years and I live In America. Home to the Super Store. Now read this very carefully……... About 10 years ago there was a choice we were given; Buy your product from mom and pop who new the product, cared about you, and was there to help, BUT, there prices were a bit higher than Super waltargetcompBestbuycircuitpetcobedbatholdnavydicksbordersstarbucks America. So, with the freedom to choose we chose that good ol’ Super heaven of wonderful prices. Now we have no more mom & pop, no more caring, no more help, no more …..Good Prices! (LMFAO) This was a decision we made, now live with it. If you are a customer of Super Store USA, buy your shit and get out, because no one cares about you! I should Know because I work at Super Store America, and we make fun of you all day when you need ink for the printer you can’t remember the name of, or you need help finding the right shower gel, or you wonder why there aren’t more lines open so you can pay for your pile of shit, and go home to you miserable life. Ladies and Gentlemen…………Welcome to Super Store USA…………………………….

-- Uncle Sam (TheAmericanDream@SuperStoreUSA.Com), February 12, 2003.

"The mind is a world unto can make a hell out of heaven or a heaven out of hell." Free AOL signup for anyone who knows who's quote that is. Like the afforementioned post written by the mysterious 28 year old from the United States??? I would also like to shed some light on the mindset of both the customer, the Comp USA employee, and the general nature that surrounds our self constructed capitalist economy...The customer is the still the focal point of any mass retail store in America believe it or not. The vast majority of customers I deal with are very resonable people, the immediate problem involved is that people treat a store like Comp USA the same way they might treat their local grocery store. They expect quick, easy and know- how service, they expect these things even when faced with the realization that the average sale at our store hovers somewhere around the $400 mark, and when in a technology based environment unlike food, the customers themselves are constantly out of touch. Not that we blame you of course. It's is a daunted task to attempt in keeping up with the rapidly churning technology market and it seems like once you buy a computer product and walk out the front doors with it, there is already something bigger, better, and probably cheaper. This however is one clear example of the customer/employee relationship that has to be taken into consideration. Many customers come into Comp USA with no more knowledge than the fact that they indeed own a computer and are now in a computer store. After dealing with dozens of confused citizens everyday it's obvious that certain employees simply become too fatigued to press on that fake plastic smile and solid demeanor. Can you blame them? Customers who are making large investments in this writers opinion should probably know about what they're looking for before they are angered by a salesperson who is unable to read their collective minds, and seem almost devious when attempting to convince a customer to invest their money otherwise. In other words, if you were buying a car, would you go to a dealership blind? Wouldn't you like to know a little bit about what you are planning on purchasing before the guy in the shirt and tie goes to work on your credit? Why should computer shopping be any different?...Now for some inside little tips for the customer...First tip: We hate rebates just as much as you, make sure you know what your getting yourself into before you purchase rebate products. Don't buy anything that you were not willing to purchase before the discounted price. Rebate companies care as little about Comp USA as they care about you so have a little patience, use some reason and understand that if you people actually were dilligent enough to turn in all of your rebates or do them the right way, THERE WOULD BE NO SUCH THING AS MAIL IN REBATES! Did you know that the success ratio for rebates is only about 35%. That means that 65% of people who purchase rebated products either never bother to mail out the coupon or make a mistake in processing it. So please do not look baffled when the customer service employee behind the counter ponders over whether or not to accomodate you for some rebate you forget to pick up or simply didn't get from the respective company some three months ago. That's money out of our pocket were giving you and most of my managers bend over backwards to keep the customer quiet anyway. In a society where people are losing their jobs left and right, can you imagine how much it enrages an employee like myself to see one of my managers accomodate some irrational customer for a rebate that they probably just failed to send in or process the right way, while I'm stuck making a low hourly wage. I see this company hemoraging cash, sometimes up to $100 just to shut a customer up. That's about 10 hours worth of pay for me, AND FOR WHAT! Because our customers expect instant and perfect service? Give me a break. Like the other guy was saying THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED PEOPLE, YOU'RE GETTING WHAT YOU ASKED FOR out of retail giants like Comp USA. Yes, you didn't want to associate with the little corner mom and pop stores, where the employers cared about you, your families, knew your names, felt your concerns, saw you at the local bar or maybe even came to your place of business when they had needs. NO NONE OF THAT! Were ugly selfish, self endulgent American's who thirty some years ago decided to start trends where those precious pieces of Americana would be replaced by greedy corporate giants who only want your money, only tell you what they think can sell and basically could care less whether you live or die. Face it people, I know it's a tired line but after all "I just work here", you people are just as responsible for the flaws of Comp USA or any other retail giant as me or any of my superiors. Yet you still all have the audacity to say stuff like "this isn't right, this isn't how a company should work."...People come on, you go through this world with rose colored glasses on. Should the customer be respected, absolutely, it is their money being spent after all. But were all human here, when somebody is poking around in the cable isle at 9:30 PM (30 minutes after close) when it's snowing outside, how happy does that make the average employee? When the customer comes in on September 11, 2001, demands to know why their printer isn't working and then wonder's why employees are completely alert and responsive to their needs, how much respect should we give? When the customer comes into Comp USA (yeah that's right, the comp is short for computer) and asks if we sell toaster ovens, then get a manager after us because we might have snickered slightly when we said "sorry sir we don't carry any of that kinda stuff." GIMME A BREAK!...In summation, the best way to approach a store like Comp USA is come in knowing that you're not going to be fooled, and come in using reason not anger. When your leaving the store, please don't get appaled if the guy at the door asks to check you receipt. If it's anger you need to vent then maybe should tell your fellow customers to stop stuffing products down their shirt, using fake credit cards or stolen credit cards (we have had all three in the last week alone). Don't get too pissed off when we can't raincheck products in an add. Quanties limited is posted on most parts of the add now and don't you dare think that a private company like Comp USA has to automatically give you a raincheck, or face being hunted down by the retail police! Were not trying to jip you here, but it's virtually impossible to guarantee that products will come in, not to mention when, which makes rainchecks a horrible and faulty system at best. NOTHING MAKES ME MORE PERPLEXED than to hear a customer bitch rant about a product that we can't order for them that was in the add on Sunday and now they come in Friday and it's no longer in-stock. "This isn't right" they plead. My apathetic response is simply: "Sir if you were trying to get Rolling Stones tickets six days after they were released would you yell at ticketmaster or the arena for not opening up more seats when the show sold out? This is a hot product sir, try to understand that."...One more helpful reminder tip for the customer is knowing that although we value the money and time that you spend in out store, there's no sense in expecting special service simply because you've spent hundreds or thousands of dollars here recently. REMEMBER (part of the whole economy sucks thing here) we are a margin based business. Our salespeople do not get paid on what they sell you, they only get paid on how much margin (AKA PROFIT!) they make the store. So when you buy a Toshiba S103 Laptop for $1,050, with no warranty or accesories other than a $100 printer maybe, don't think it strange if we don't jump to accomodate you for your next sale or on your return. Basically by you buying that laptop without any warranty or accesories, in a way you lost our store money. I t would be better (from strictly a business standpoint) if you hadn't shown up at all and we could have kept that notebook and sold it to the next customer possibly with some extra goodies! Just a reminder, as was this whole rant here, we aren't working against you here, we are simply a product of our time, our economy and our social system. Keep a smile on your face people and remember that little afforementioned quote at the top of the page. Most of what's good or bad whether it's in Comp USA or in life, depends on YOU!

-- Voice Of Reason (, February 13, 2003.


-- none of business (, February 15, 2003.

Arguing over the internet is like the Special Olympics: even if you win, you're still a retard.

-- Quitcherbitchin (, February 15, 2003.

I Work at CompUSA and here my response to the ignorant people on this page. Returns at CompUSA is different than at a store like Walmart. First Most computer manufacuters will not take a return on something if it still works. If the store sends something back to manufacuter that still works they send it back to the store and make the store pay for the shipment both ways. The store is then forced to sell the item at a reduced price because nobody in there right mind would pay for an open item at full price. And as for the return policy of 14 days, Computers change so quickly if there was a 30 day return policy and older the longer it takes for a customer to return something the more likely it is "old" and the price has dropped in value and if the store took a return on an item the store would also take a lost, even if it is unopened it would have to returned at purchased price.

-- I Don't want Harassing emails (, February 16, 2003.

I don't understand why the CompUSA flyer, on 2/16/2002, in my local Sunday paper, offers a Compaq Presario Notebook (Model 2100US #299577) for $649.97 when the CompUSA website lists it for $749.97

And I don't understand why my local CompUSA store only had 10 available that sold out within the first hour the store was opened, and not honor any rain-checks for more.

This sounds like false advertising to me. It's a sad note for America when a company that has the word "USA" as part of its name may be resorting to false and misleading advertising on President's Day! George Washington, America's first President and its best known patriot, would be rolling in his grave if he knew about this! He probably would have had his troops burn the building down. What should a USA patriot do today?

-- ---ZA (, February 16, 2003.

-- ---ZA (, February 16, the statement made by our uncle sam on this page from feb 12th. this should help you figure out what is going on.

-- Tyler Durden (Tyler, February 17, 2003.

How does someone post pictures on this site? I'd like to post some CompUSA advertisements that clearly show price differences for the same product on the same day. In case CompUSA doesn't know, this is a violation of U.S. Anti-trust Laws. However, it doesn't violate any laws in Mexico, as far as I know. But this isn't Mexico! There isn't a Mexican in my state, as far as I know, except probably the largest shareholder of CompUSA, or members of his family, who might go downhill skiing here occasionally.

Here's some info on "troubled" CompUSA from Hoover's Financial website:

Grupo Carso, S.A. de C.V. (OTC: GPOVY) Grupo Sanborns, S.A. de C.V. "Slim equals fat assets for Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helú. His sprawling conglomerate, Grupo Carso, owns 79% of Grupo Sanborns, which includes the Sanborns department store chain and an 85% stake in Sears Roebuck de México. Grupo Carso has interests in cigarette maker Cigatam and railway operator Ferrosur, as well as in other retail, industrial, and construction activities. Grupo Sanborns and Grupo Carso have spun off their 51% stake in troubled US computer retailer CompUSA. (América Móvil, the wireless telecom unit controlled by Slim, owns the rest of CompUSA). Slim has handed control of Grupo Carso's operations to his sons." -- Hoover's Online

Let's see what else I can find before I file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, my State Attorney General's Office, and other consumer groups, ..... unless I can get some satisfaction.

-- (, February 18, 2003.

I work at a CompUSA. And to all you pissing and moaning people that have no idea what it's like listening to people whine like children over a 15 dollar mouse, I say go eat a dick. And then top it off with a shit sandwhich and a carbonated bottle of urine. I hope you all find yourselves laid off from your jobs and stuck listening to people like yourselves who would sacrifice one of their children to be relieved from a restocking fee. Also, the next time you buy an extended warranty and get trashed and piss on your monitor, don't sue CompUSA when you thought your warranty covered your medical expenses from electrocution. Finally, when your wife finds your gay porn stash on your computer, we do not remove that for free, in fact, we may even force you kids to look at what a sick fuck you really are.

-- Workin at 294 (, February 19, 2003. , We would all be more satisfied if you moved to Mexico. Don't hide behind a Lawyer like most weak Americans do. Go fight a real cause, like hunger you selfish American!

-- Marla Singer (Marla_Singer@EmailORG.Net), February 24, 2003.

OMG...maybe everyone would realize, with all of these responses that COMPUSA SUCKS towards EVERYONE! Customers and Employees. WE HAVE SOME WETBACK OWNER who has to compensate for the fact that the peso is nowhere near worth the value as the American Dollar. The only reason I stay here is because I can deal with the $10/hr wage and I make a killing STEALING FROM THEM. EBAY IS MY BEST FRIEND. SO STFU and shop at a mom/pop computer shop and save 10%-40%. MY GOD.

-- Guess! (, February 27, 2003.

Hi everyone, I have a CompUSA horror story in the process. On the 16th of Feb 03 I bought the Imation RipGO! MP3 Player/Mini-CD Burner from the website. At the time I was told it would "usually" ship within 48 hours. On the 18th I received an email that notified my that my order was approved. It is now the 27th and my product is still in "processing." I have emailed the CompUSA support team to inquire about the delay, I was emailed back the same "order approval" email. I find this very frusterating as a customer. I have tried to contact CompUSA e-commerece support by phone for the past 3 days. The first two, the line was closed due to "inclimate weather," which is understandable. Today I called and waited in the automated line for a representative starting at about 2:25 PM PST The line closes at 5:00 PM CST or 3:00 PM PST. At 3:00 PM PST instead of still holding for an available representative, I was sent back to the main phone message informing me to call back at normal business hours if I would like to speak with a representative. This is extremely annoying. To make matters worse, I have a $58 rebate for this $90 product that must be postmarked by the 8th of March. My product has not yet shipped, and will ship standard ground--which CompUSA estimates on their site takes 7-9 business days! Also, they now have 1 penny shippping on all products to be FedExed, I paid around $6 and my product has still not left the warehouse. I am very disappointed with and the CompUSA support staff. I have visted their stores, which I also find dirty and confusing. Staff in the stores do not appear to take any pride in themeselves or practice standard personal grooming. When you ask questions you get an awful responce.--For example when asking where a rebate slip can be found you are told "It's on the wall." Ok...what wall and where? When you find the wall and you've got to look at hundreds of other form and a confusing numbering system and cannot still find you form. You are told to visit the website. This is terrible. The only reason in my opinion that CompUSA is still open is because it sells Apple/Mac products. This will be my last experience with and any retail store. I have bought all of my computer products from BestBuy in the past, which has a very knowledgeable and helpful support and sales staff. The rebate forms even print when you get your reciept--just like Circuit City and countless other stores. I would not recommend purchasing anything at or any CompUSA retail store. In the end I will probably get screwed out of my $58 rebate on my MP3 Player/Burner and will be told that it is not their fault that it wasn't taken care of in time. If you are on the CompUSA support team or work at one of the stores feel free to email me or post why I should still shop at your website or stores. I can't think of anything that would ever make me go back.

-- Confused?! (, February 27, 2003.

in reply to the person inquiring about the presidents day ad. there is a reason that we place a limit on each store. we will guarentee at least ten per store. unlike many times when there is a great deal and either us or another company can't get any in casue the manufacture doesnt ship them. how can we be to blaim? now to answer the question of a raincheck. do you know how one works? we must know we are getting one in from the manufacture not OUR company for us to give a rain check. in fact several of our stores that do larger volume do give rain checks, but the fact remains that the manufacture issues those great deals casue they are moving toward a new computer line and with to move them out. i dont like that either, but you must understand the least we can do is to make sure we can get our hands on as many as we can. oh, how can it be false advertising if you even say that we have ten per store. every company did that. why arent u pissed for best buy only having 5 of there 499.99 deal during christmass? oh and buy the way for the person iquiring about a rebate they are waiting for as well as the product. the compusa e-comerce website has nothing to do with its retail stores. furthermore, you were the perosn that waited to the last minute to order the product, so there are less on hand and have to get the product from the manufacture. do you really think we have thousands of products waiting for your pimple faced orders on line cause moma wouldnt let you drive today. get a life, in fact my store still has them instock and we never sold out. so inconclusion most of you have had a bad experience and i am sorry for that. but compusa doest have rebates, they are all from manufacture, we dont make the product, and we take a 28% restocking fee from vendors. so i think when we do make you pay it just pay it. feel good that we still lose even more money. oh and as far as service, i would rather talk to an adult about my computer than some snot nose wana be salesperson.

-- gdub (, February 28, 2003.



This is in response to "Confused". The rebate wall is confusing?? Oh my god, no wonder you are confused, you are a freaking idiot!! How much simpler can we make it for you? The add is posted on the wall with every item that has a rebate numbered 1 to howerver many there are. Below that, there are the rebates in thier slots numbered 1 to however many there are matching the numbers on the add. We even mark the rebate on the add if it is in the box or at the register. If you could count you would be able to find your rebate. Now there is even a site to print your own freaking rebate.

Since I am here I will post my own experience with a customer. I had a customer last week come up to me and ask if there was something I could do to accommodate him. I said "sure" and asked what the problem was. With a straight face and no kidding he said, and I quote " The Twix are blocking the Skittles in the vending machine and I need you to get the Skittles for me". After telling him there was nothing I could do for him he actually left angry and walked away. Enough said.

-- Sick Of You (, March 04, 2003.

This is in response to the disgrunted CompUSA employee "Sick Of You." You are a prime example of the crummy support and service or your company. No wonder it is so bad, they hire too many people just like you. You are suppose to help you customers, not act like an jerk to them.

-- Confused?! (, March 08, 2003.

Well, some employees do care about their job... and the customer...

CompUSA has a policy to provide many quality products at a reasonable price to you, the customer... but, as with any company a lot of the "help" is just physical labors, if you really want to know the meaning of a Customer Service please try and find a sales associate who looks like the Lead Sales Rep., or a Technician... Asking the guy placing jewel cases in upstock for help, who gets a puzzled look on his face when you ask his name would not be advisable...

Anyone who has worked in a retail environment knows exactly how it is.

CompUSA® is a registered service mark of CompUSA Management Company...

-- Jason at CompUSA (, March 08, 2003.

To all fellow workers. I work am a cashier working in a CompUSA in Florida. We were just told but our GM that hours would now be reduce to 32 hours. And keep in mind that we still have to take our lunch break and clock out for 30 mins. So in actuality we are working only 28 hours and 30 mins. a week. Multiply that by our crummy hourly wage and it sucks big time. I was just wondering how is business doing at your other locations. We are getting hammered over here. Low AOL's TAP is alittle bit under 5%, but were getting nobody in the door. They either are fed up with us, or have discovered the internet such as ebay and no longer want to get screwed buying a USB for 30 dollars when they can get for less than 8 (including shpping) Well let me know hows its going in your stores.

-- (, March 09, 2003.

OK's how it is. First, rebates are a hassle, everyone knows it and no one likes it except the manufacturers that promote them. The fact of the matter is that most people don't send in their rebates. Manufacturers love this because they then get to keep the money. It takes so long to get rebates because the money you spent is deposited in a bank and the company gets to keep the interest they earn on it. This is a fact of life and if you are unhappy, do not shop for or buy merchandise with rebates. On a personal note, rebates are generally offered on low end and/or discontinued or overstocked product. This is generally not very good quality merchandise. We would dearly LOVE to avoid carrying this kind of merchandise, but there are those customers who only care about price and not quality. We stock this stuff to appease them. No serious computer user has any interest in most of this sort of merchandise. Second, people are people. No one, ESPECIALLY CompUSA, wants you to leave the store unhappy for any reason, especially if your complaint involves a particular employee's attitude. Everybody has bad days and no one is perfect. Remember that cashiers and customer service people basically get yelled at and insulted all day. No one can take that 40 hours a week and still be able to keep a smile on their face. Third, stop talking about stock. CompUSA is a privately held company. That means that there is no stock to buy. And last but not least. Retail is a very difficult environment to work in. We're sorry for your inconveniences. What we do is difficult and we're doing the best we can. ALL retailers, including ALL of our competetors receive thousands of complaints every year and they are no different from the complaints posted here. In the words of Abraham Lincold, "You can not please all the people all the time"

-- Prefers not to tell (, March 09, 2003.

I have a great way to get satisfaction at Compusa. I am owed $70.00 on a refund and until I get my money. I go to the local store and open thousands of dollars in software. I leave it on the shelf open and of course unsalable. How much this will in the end cost Compusa who knows they are already losing money, could this be the nail in the coffin? Maybe the employees need to save their own assses and start treating customers right, it's their job on the line.

-- Carlos Slim (, March 09, 2003.

In response to the person that opens software. Well most likely as long as the product is current we are able to send it back to the manufacture no problem. In the case when the manufature refuses to take it or the limit for returns has reached it peak, its called RESEAL.

You'll be surprise how many open box software we sell that were return and customers dont even notice that the box they have purchase was already open. Untill they get home notice the manual has been used, they install the software it works fine, and they keep it. And if the CD doesnt work they bring it back, we send it back to the manufacture and most likely credit us back. So now I ask you, what is really the point of opening up the software?

CompUSA has nothing to do with the rebates when it is time for you to receive it. So keep on wasting your time opening up the software, I hope the LP guy catches you and MAKES YOU PAY FOR IT ALL!!!!!!!! (oh and if you try to open the software that are either clamp shelled or spidered we will kick you ASS.)

-- (, March 10, 2003.

This is in response to the "Software Opener." First of all, I can't stand CompUSA, I think it is the crappiest store to ever be allowed to operate and even bear the "USA" name in it! But opening the software and creating a havoc in the store, you are mainly hurting the customers. You make the store look even more trasy (if thats possilbe) and end users like you end up buying the software that you've opened. Would you like to be that person? Get a life man-- quit destroying their crap, wait for you rebate and move on with life. You can fuck around and make it worse or just express your digust and then go home and jerk off to the hot cashier!

-- WTF (, March 10, 2003.

Compusa Store of Complaint: West Hungtington DR Monrovia, CA 91016

Compusa Employee of Complaint: Bryan Diel

PART1: On 10/6/02, I saw an online AD regarding a Western Digital 80 GB harddrive (HD) for $80 if a customer brought in the AD.

I rushed to the local Compusa (CUSA) store. When I checked out the drive at the cashier, I was told that the price was $120+tax. I showed them the AD and they asked around and finally told me that it was a rebate promotion (even though the AD said nothing about a rebate, not even in the fine print).

So, I asked them to give me a rebate and they printed one out for me. When I read it, I found out that they gave me a wrong rebate that the one they gave me had expired. I asked for the correct rebate and then the waiting began.

PART2: I waited for 30 minutes and finally asked a sales lady. She replied that the manager is on it. 20 minutes later, an employee came out and said that there was a problem and that I should go home and print it out. I asked when does the rebate expire, and he says “in 2 weeks.” I was frustrated that I waited almost 1 hour for them to tell me to go home with a drive purchased for $40 more than the advertised price.

I asked if he could honor the AD and let me have the HD for $80 as stated in the AD. He said “NO.” I asked “can you get me a rebate then as I didn’t want to risk going home with a full priced $120 HD that should have been priced at $80.” He then played around with a computer and then walked to different computers around the store. I followed him as I didn’t want him to waste my time by having him doing nothing (earlier I had seen this guy looking at housing Ads in the newspaper instead of working). After 20 minutes he said “I will mail you one when we get it.”

PART3: I indicated that that was unacceptable because the rebate had to be mailed within 2 weeks to be valid … that I couldn’t afford to risk not receiving it in time. I asked again if they could honor their advertised price of $80 (instead of $120+tax). He said angrily and vocally, “THERE IS NO WAY I’M GONNA GIVE IT TO YOU FOR THAT PRICE.”

I was shocked. He wasted nearly 90 minutes of my Sunday afternoon, refused to honor the AD, and was rude all the way through. I asked quietly if I could speak to his manager and he awkwardly indicated that he was the manager. But I could tell he was lying due to his name tag not indicating manager.

I reasoned can you give me a signed statement stating that if I do not receive the rebate form within 2 weeks, that he will guarantee me $40. He vehemently replied “NO!” I reasoned again if I could leave my UPC with him and have him give me $40 while he cashed in the rebate and he hollers out “NO! THAT’S NOT THE WAY IT WORKS!”

PART4: I wasted nearly 2 hours of my time in the store. I was tired and understandably angry that I’ve been lied to and treated like poorly. So, I told him, “how can I trust you in mailing me the rebate form in time if you can’t even give me a written guarantee.” He kept replying “I will never give you a written contract.” I finally told him how badly I was being treated and how he lied to me.

After a standstill, he gave in and wrote a signed guarantee on the back of a blank CUSA name card. He also promised to send me a rebate and took down my address. I also found out his name was Bryan Diel, Assistant Sales Manager. He had lied to me, claiming to be a full fledged manager.

So, I waited 1 week and no rebate arrived in the mail from Bryan. But, I was able to get one online and sent my rebate in.

According to the rebate form, I was to receive my rebate within 8 weeks (2 months). I had sent my rebate in the middle of October 2002. Today, it’s March 11, 2003! Still nothing!

PART5: 5 months after I had sent in my rebate and I still have not received it. I’ve checked on and found out that my rebate should have been mailed in February (last month). Today, I found out it’s been pushed back. Now, it’s supposed to be sent out March 6, 2003. Today is March 11, 2003!

As of today, I never received any rebate form from the deceitful CUSA employee, Bryan Diel. More importantly, I have yet to receive my $40 rebate.

I tried to contract but the website doesn’t reveal any contact info (when I click “Contact Us” it goes to a broken link— it’s been this way for months).

It seems that CompUSA Ads/Rebates/Best Price/Great Customer Service is all a scam. I’ve since heard a lot of people with miserable experiences with CompUSA rebates, waiting more than 8 months and sometimes never receiving their rebates.

I plan to file complaints with the BBB and FTC and organize a class action suit against CompUSA’s fraudulent sales tactics.

-- LC (, March 11, 2003.

I've done business with CompUSA for years but I've noticed things going down hill over time. The return policy has gotten worse over the years. The extended warentys aren't worth anything anymore. Just an observation but I don't believe CompUSA will be in business much longer.

-- (um@yeah.right), March 13, 2003.

There is nothing I could say that hasn't alraday been said via this web site. I just wanted to say I agree, and strongly feel CompUSA has no business being in business with the dredful customer policies they have in place! They will never see me again!

-- (, March 15, 2003.




In response to 'Confused";

the line was closed due to "inclimate weather". What the FUCK is inclimate weather? You stupid fuck, ever hear of spell check? I think you may mean INCLEMENT, but since you are obviously confused by a simple numbered rebate system, I guess I should not expect you to know how to spell. Employees spend a hell of a lot of time on those damn rebate boards, but you fucking morons will just not be satisfied until someone stands there and finds it for your stupid ass. I don't work at Comp anymore and have never been happier, but it is about 90% the dumb ass, uninformed customer that makes that place hell. You think that just because you made a purchase (many times 6 years ago and still have your old ass packard bell 133 mhz) that we should kiss your ass and walk you through how to use your crap ass machine??? Get real, ***SOFTWARE ISSUES**** are NOT covered by any warranty, extended or manufactures. Rebates are from the MANUFACTURER and ANY retailer is an authorized RESELLER, not the manufacturer. What does that mean you ask? It means that CompUSA did not BUILD your machine, therefore the employees are not going to know all the details of the software programs. They are a RESELLER. Just like Giant, Albertsons or Safeway does not package the Doritos or Oreos they sell!!!!! All of you peons who have ever said "I spend hundreds of dollars in here and this is how you treat me", GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. The little to no profit that is made from your cheap ass is not worth the hassle.

-- Chris Biscardi (, March 16, 2003.

I'm a comp-usa GM and what can i say that you people dont know I'm a hardcore fag..........................Favio Silva Store#611

-- Favio Silva (, March 17, 2003.

Yes Fabio even knowing that your a fatass mexican i have to back you up since im the sales manager and also a hardcore fag(gay to the bones)..................................Sincerely Bill Galliger

-- Bill Galligar (, March 17, 2003.

Confessions of a traumatised employee.... This is to let people know that yes comp usa resells return stuff to their customers without checking to see if it works just ask any comp usa salesman(Certified product specialist) A question you have better chance of asking a donkey Whos going to probably know more about computers i had seen their tech installed the wrong memory module on a customer computer and frying the board at the same time just to blame the customer for it without a refound or anything they will hire anybody to be a tech with or without experince all thanks to their GM Favio Silva......(AKA the Wetback) Just remenber not to visit your local compusa store #611 Sincerily The Software Lady.

-- Erica C (, March 17, 2003.

To TSSman.. Hey tssman how does it feels to be a compusa fag? Go sell some aol's and tap or get your ass fucked you fag

-- mike huck (, March 17, 2003.

Hey jason at Compusa why dont you shut the fuck up Comp usa is always stealing from the customers selling them usb cables for 30 dollar when an employee can buy it for 6 dollars what about a scsi cable 60 dollars to the customers and 15 dollars to the employees What can i say Jason i quess your mom was a cock sucker and now your following her foot steps and doing a good job at it Go jason Go compusa keep sucking dick..................:)

-- Jon Buttwhisker (jason', March 17, 2003.

Just tried to buy a laptop at San Rafael's CompUSA. Ronny Sono (Sales Manager) initially told me he would give me $100 off their last open box model. Then, I was told they had to do some checking to make sure the open box model was work. Then, as I waited, I was visited 2 or 3 times by a salesperson who kept asking me to consider their TAP (extended warranty) service. When I didn't agree, they weren't sure if the open box model would be available. When I agreed, I was told the open box model was not available, but the floor model would be made available. Then I was told it was available but I'd be getting a $100 gift card - instead of $100 off as I had been told earlier. I didn't appreciate that (after waiting about 30 minutes). I also began to wonder if the model they were going to give really would be the floor model (which seemed to be working) or some open box model (which might be broken and then TOTALLY REQUIRE the extended warranty). Anyway, Haitham Amereh insisted that he could not give me $100 off. I asked to speak to the Ronny or the manager and he said that he was the manager and the answer would be the same. I refused to purchase the computer (after looking at this site I think I made the best decision). I also asked for his business card. It said he was only an Assistant Manager (not the Manager as he had said earlier). I also asked for Ronny's card, it said he was "Sales Manager". So it sounds like he had more authority, but everyone else claimed he was gone for the day. There were also 2 salespersons involved in this whole event but both of them were ready to say anything Haitham wanted / said.

This whole situation would have ended on a much more positive note if 1) Haitham had offered to contact, Ronny, the manager who had stated the reduction term (instead of a gift card) 2) I had not been constantly pushed to buy TAP (extended warranty) 3) This whole thing had not wasted 30 minutes or more of my time.

Oh well. I contacted the general manager, Brad Scardino, then Jim Smith the Regional Manager (because I didn't hear back from Brad that day and the sale on the item is ending tomorrow).

If I hear anything positive, I'll try to post it. For now, I can say, it seems like CompUSA is going downhill (I've been a customer of theirs since 1993). This website sure helps explain why and it points out some of the difficulties CompUSA customers have with employees. It's too bad really; the company carries good deals on some products, but I'll admit, I'm not sure that it's sales prices make up for it's lack of customer service and inconsistent treatment of customers who buy / want TAP versus those who don't. Also, ironically, once you buy TAP you may end up losing any savings you might have gained via a sale price.

-- Almost A Customer (, March 19, 2003.

Ofcourse they wanna sell tap thats how they make cash to the point that i seen tss(salesmen)leave customer hanging the minute they said they didnt wanna get tap so thats just to prove you that if you dont get tap your as good as shit to them no tap no money for the tss and no bonuses for the managers their the ones who actually tell the tss sell tap or look for another anyways think about it before buying at comp usa..........Sincerely Friendly compusa Employee:)

-- Jeff E. (, March 20, 2003.

I like CompUSA. They have a killer Mac department, game department, carry ALIENWARE boxes, and they are a Bawls distributor. CompUSA is also a major supporter of professional LAN gaming.

-- Just a geek (, March 25, 2003.

"Want-a-be"...learn some slang. Anyway, I can hardly see how "Cat and 9 tails" response relates to the topic of this forum. You are so interested in the personal lives of your co-workers that it is obvious that YOU are the one who needs to "GET A LIFE." Of all the stories and incidents I've read about on this forum, yours drops my faith in humanity the most. Everyone has problems, yours seems to be low self confidence. Does it make you feel good to put down other people behind the shameful shield of internet anonymity? Do us all a favor and take your imature gossip someplace else.

-Michael Kane

-- Michael Kane (, March 25, 2003.

"Does it make you feel good to put down other people behind the shameful shield of internet anonymity?"

Maybe you could answer that best seeing as you are putting someone else down while hiding "behind the shameful shield of internet anonymity".

-- Stimpson J Cat (, March 26, 2003.

Michael Kane = Gay. What a Fucktard... Try working at a compusa and you will know what we deal with EVERY FUCKING DAY. OH...and BTW...corporate people from Region 12 have seen this site...and they are on my trail! HEHE...too bad they will never know who I am! Every time I see you's a smile and "Hey Dick!" or "Hey Jeff!"... you know the saying, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer". OH and Cat and 9 Tails....thanks for getting to this board first...been busy lately! Talk to you tomorrow!

-- Guess! (, March 26, 2003.

Arguing on the internet is like running a race in the Special Olympics. Even if you win you are still retarded.

-- Just a geek (, March 26, 2003.

In answer to Stimpson J Cat:

Notice that I am not using an alias (I realize that I cannot prove this to you, but read on anyway). My name is Michael Kane, and the e-mail address listed is indeed a valid one. You can contact me there if you wish. On the internet, everything is somewhat anonymous, but it is very much a cop-out to give a fake e-mail address and an alias such as "Cat and 9 tails." (Should that be "Cat O' 9 tails....) I would also like to note that I am not just putting down random people behind their backs, I am critisizing someone directly for specific actions that involve me (namely, annoying me with their gossip. I came to this website to hear opinions on why CompUSA "sucks," 9 tails response did not help with this. Critisizing individuals for being "queer," does not reflect the policies or practices of the company, and thus should not be brought up in this forum.). I'm not critisizing people for their own personal feelings unrelated to me.

In response to Guess!:

Its nice that you think I'm a "Fucktard," but you did not provide any backup for that statement, nor did you refute anything I said against "Cat and 9 tails." Not only that, but I have worked at CompUSA, you shouldn't make assumptions like that. If you hate CompUSA so much, then quit, its not that hard of a concept. I did.

Oh, and by the way, it doesn't seem very rational to me to belive that they will "never catch" you ,when you've already let it out that you work in the tech shop in store #457. Plus your name implies that you want to be caught....does someone need some attention =(

and to Just a Geek: arguing over the internet is an intellectual exercise, just as debating in person is. I happen to enjoy debating, and thus it serves a purpose. =)

-- Michael Kane (, March 26, 2003.

This is actually funny; the post was put in as a joke to show the shallow little hell everyone here at #457 lives in. The gossip of the store is incredible and the cases that I brought up are true. It doesn’t take new people long to see what is being played out in the lame Soap Opera that is abound. Queer boy may have been harsh, so let’s just say Girlie boy then, maybe to say fem-boy or something more along those lines would be more accurate. For the Judy and Tom story, just watch the act yourself and make your own determination on that. Maybe it is not true, but the acts lead to those perceptions… Internet anonymity is the great thing about the World we live in, to say what needs to be said without retribution is awesome. And this is a good place to trash CompUSA in this way, CompUSA Complaint goes beyond the petty TSS scam, the Tap Hell, and the Big Brother AOL who watches over us. Customers come here to read what people think about CompUSA and I think the employees are the joke at this point. Playing their little Mack Daddy routines instead of doing their jobs, and that is my beef here. To top it off, the three dorks in question, Lloyd, Gerick, and Carlos are very despised by most the people in the store. Looked down on and talked about behind their backs all the time, by managers and employees all. The funny thing is, I think they are friends outside of work, I do not understand that situation yet, but once I do, I’ll let you all know. So the point being, keep your “LUST” outside of work and be professional if this is where you are planning to spend your life job at. And Carlos, try spending more time with your wife and grow up a little in the adult area. So to all, if you like to work here at CompUSA, be more professional, if you do not like it, then just quit. What is keeping you here, not the pay, is it the “LUST” of your fellow worker, or do you have low self esteem to find better… Tag Boy… What a future… Cashiers reject… What a future… And poor Carlos, sorry, not been in this store long enough to know what you do accept seeing you surf the net. You have a good easy job there, so stay and enjoy… For Michael Kane, I do not know who you are and do not care… And yes, that has been my email for couple years now…

-- Cat and 9 tails (, March 27, 2003.

Yo fucktard Get a life u sit here and talk about other employees like that unless u are management shut yer fuckin mouth retard i work at CompUSA Store 457 u have said nothing about me but u have said shit about my friends and coworkers that is incorrect and u have no right to do so 2 things are gonna happen to u u are gonna get fired and or get yer ass beat down by gerick lloyd and hell shawna her self would fuckin beat u down hopfully both will happen to u, u dont know who i am i dont know who u are but i do know u are 1 of 3 people i have in mind that would say this shit about lloyd carlos gerick shawna and Judy u are going down and everyone in the back is doin all in there power to find out who u are u need to watch what u say and shut yer fuckin mouth cuz u dont know lloyd u dont know gerick u dont know carlos or shawna and u SURE the hell dont know judy or what they do on there spare time u call lloyd a stalker yet u are watchin them all like a hawk and u are posting what they do online where everyone can read it all the shit u say isnt even true why would carlos a Whitness cheat on his wife or wanna cheat on her when he is raised by the bible and and with morals not to go off and cheat on his wife dude u have no idea what u are talkin about lloyd stalkin janice haha all he does is talk to her and go to lunch with her obviously they go to lunch together there for there friends WTF? is wrong with that so what if he likes her just cuz he talks to her and likes her dont mean he stalkin her u are stalkin them by followin them around sniffin there asses watchin where they go and what they do on the clock or on lucnh seems u ar followin them outside when they go to lunch to, judy cheatin on her hubby u going to far when u move to the back and up the chain of command gerick dude if u work at compusa and u talked to gerick more then 2 or 3 min have a convo with him u know well that even him being a whitness if he finds out who u are haha nothing stoping him from beatin u down and if shawna finds out shes gonna land the first hit on u and no one is gonna pull her off u better just quit Cusa now and get it over with and save yer self the host bill yo this is my real email email me if any comments anyone as for u fucktard haha i be seein u oh and Michael Kane i did some reserch today on u i know u worked at cusa and TY for the hint he works in the tech shop

-- PoloJunky (, March 27, 2003.

You know, Cat "and" 9 tales and Guess! I am almost speechless. To have to balls and the audacity to talk shit about your own Co-workers and their "personal lives" is totally and utterly appalling to me. To tell "Tag Boy" to get a life? I mean, come on now. "tag boy" isn't the one taking time out of his day to observe everyone in the store and spend time at night stretching truths, twisting situations, making accusations and totally getting off on it in the process. You say people should keep their personal lives out of work. Keep it professional. How professional is it of you to show the entire store some topless photo of a co-worker to every OTHER co-worker? Is THAT professional? Is stating to everyone you can that the Merchandising manager is "gay" professional? Does he ever talk about it or bring it to work? No…then who cares? Are you jealous of the "relationships" going on at CompUSA 457? Why do you feel such a need to attack these people on such a personal level? And if you think this place is such bullshit, why don't you practice what you preach and QUIT if you don't like it? Are you trying to get caught so they fire you? Bit of advice, spare yourself the embarrassment and just quit. Everything you were saying are assumptions. What gives you the right unless you have concrete facts? Have you walked in on Tom and Judy? No? Then no proof. Have you seen Shauna screw everyone in the store? No? Then no proof. So Carlos has friends that are girls. Maybe he's in touch with his feminine side. Maybe those girls are tomboys? Did Carlos tell you he was gay? No? Then no proof. I guess my point is, you could be hurting some people with comments and accusations and name-calling that is totally fictional because you have no proof to back this up. I honestly think that if people shouldn't bring their personal lives to work, then they shouldn't bring their work back home to their personal lives. You two might want to think about that.

-- Feeling Sorry for you (, March 27, 2003.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAh fuck you all who cares if carlos is gay he probably is a mexicam fag so who cares you people talk shit about cat and 9 tales that his posting shit online and all that, guess what you people are even more stupid for reading it get a life by the way fuck that girl shes probably sucking cock for real and carlos you wet back motherfucker die in hell you fag. and to comp usa a big FUCK YOU from me once again good bless you all

-- Rev.Mike Buttwhiskers (, March 27, 2003.

9 tails:

you still don't seem to understand that the only way that your complaints relate to CompUSA as a company, are their hiring process. I challange you to find any place of employment who has methods of preventing hiring people who are victims of "LUST." Regardless of whether these employees should be doing their job instead of what you claim they do (you by the way are obviosly spending work time observing co-workers), critisizing them does not critisize COMPUSA!!!

Read the title of this forum:

"A forum for complaints about CompUSA."

NOT a forum for complaints about CompUSA employees. If you don't like that these people are wasting company time, critisize managemnet or Compusa's lack of internal structure/discipline. Bad employees WILL get hired, regardless of the company. YOU are a prime example. That is society for you, look at the scandals that have happened at Enron or Microsoft. Thievery and dishonesty are definately more base traits than "LUST."

I think you are an incredibly unintelligent and imature person, but I do not reflect this upon CompUSA. You should learn to separate these two things, and listen to "feeling sorry," it will help you in overcoming your own problems.

-- Michael Kane (, March 27, 2003.

HAHA Michael Kane is a good man and knows what hes talkin about Woot WOOt Cat yer an idiot

-- PoloJunky (, March 27, 2003.

Just found out about this place from a coworker. At first it was interesting, then a bit disturbing. I can’t believe that these people are having all these problems. It looks like everyone has psychological issues, those who start the problem and those that reply.

“Cat ‘and’ 9 tales”, this was wrong and make peace. I’m not friends with all of these people, but I do have respect for them. I’ve known them for a time and they’ve never inadvertently caused any problems for myself or anyone I know; so what is the underlying problem you have?

I will back those involved out of respect; for this shouldn’t be the place to vent these issues. I will not say who I am at this place, but will talk to those who are upset by these results if I find they need help. I have no problem letting people know who I am at work; but this forum is to public for its good. It’s sad to see the results of all I’ve read.

“How you say something is as important as what you say, Silence is sometimes the best answer”

“Everyone’s views of things and people around them are most likely different from yours”

“Spend your time and energy creating, not criticizing”

**Please think about it before you write next time**

PS. I’m also sad to see that someone has admitted to being a thief while they worked for CompUSA. Realize, you may not work for the company now, but it can follow you in the future.


-- Concerned (, March 27, 2003.

I also found this site from hearing what people were talking about in the store. I do work at the Tukwila store… and those of you who know me will know who this is based on my posting name, a nickname I’ve had for quite sometime.

I have nothing to hide, but it seems like “Cat and 9 tails” (supposed to be “Cat O’ Nine tails” – dork!) does. I may not be friends with all these people either, but I work with them and this seems to have hurt a lot of people, and pissed off just as many. Maybe you should have taken that into account before you posted, or maybe you just don’t care. Joking around is one thing, SLANDER is another. If you can avoid the HR issues that you have created, you will be lucky! Quitting now might be a good idea, seeing as you don’t like working here anyway. Every company/store has drama of some sort, this is nothing new; but to air it out in public like this is just senseless! Get over yourself! :-P

To “Guess!”: Retail is retail. If you are who I think you are, you should know this. Every retailer is going to have policies and procedures that we may not agree with; but we live with it, we deal with it. Talking about the management staff like you did didn’t solve anything. Frank is an upright guy; I really can’t see him doing to you what you say he did. Besides, if you were stealing from the company then maybe you deserved whatever he did to you.

I know how 90% of all internal theft is rationalized; it starts out that you feel that the company owes you something or that you are being overlooked for pay raises or promotions (or even a demotion) and ends up that you start taking a little here to compensate. Then (after not being caught) it moves to either more frequent thefts or thefts of bigger merchandise (or both). And it’s all rationalized from the mindset that, “They owe me this.” or “They had it coming.” Whatever man; I just think it’s shitty that if you did steal from us you were the cause of at least some of our shrinkage. That means others didn’t get the raise they might have deserved and/or their hours were cut to compensate for the large hit to our store’s profitability. You might have thought that you were taking money from the company, but you should know by now that the company always finds a way to recover lost revenue; and the easiest way is to cut employees, cut hours, and deny pay increases. So really, you only hurt those that you worked with and those you were/are friends with.

As for Doug, I think he gives the people that work for him an honest shake. He’s not there to hold your hand and cry with you; he’s there to manage a business that is supposed to be profitable. He answers to others above him that call for results, just like EVERY other retail store with a GM. Sometimes that puts him in the role of a babysitter, though it shouldn’t. People should know what their job is and what is expected of them (unless they’re new). I hardly think it is any manager’s job to act as a parent to their employees, but hey, it happens. As for his mentioned ‘lack of action’, maybe if he didn’t have to act as a babysitter he wouldn’t need to spend as much time in his office. I see him on the floor quite a bit though. He checks up on all the departments periodically throughout the day, answers the main phone often, and helps customers on the floor as well.

As for Josh, no matter what you might think of the guy he at least admits when he has screwed up. He doesn’t hide behind someone else or try to make up excuses; from what I’ve seen he admits his mistakes and seldom (if ever) repeats them. People take advantage of him because he’s easy-going. This is a shame because he’s a nice guy (from the talks I’ve had with him), and he can take a joke about himself better than he used to. People try to get away with shit from him that they wouldn’t try with Frank or Doug or any of the other managers.

As for Rick, MY GOD MAN! He’s a cool guy! And YOU are the LAST person to be making comments about people who play EQ!! :-P

Out of all that I have read so far I have to say I agree with the above post from “tech agent for compusa” – everyone that comes into any CompUSA should read that post first.

That’s it… all I have to say.

-- Da_RaT (, March 27, 2003.

I have to say, this makes me sick. I'm using my real name and real eMail, so contact me if you see fit. I've worked for Store 457 (Tukwila) for about 2.5 yrs now. I've been up and down with this store. I've disagreed with certain people, and made it clearly known. What I have learned is that as you go over time, you get to know the people better and they really aren't as bad as you think. Doug, Kristie, Frank and Josh and I have all had major differences over time. I hold nothing against them now. Mostly, this is to account for my talking out loud, and not online at a forum such as this. Make your feelings known out loud. Have some balls, buck up and say it. The people who are involved will then at least have the oppurtunity to work with you and try to make your stay here better. By the way, while I hardly know these people out of work but, Lloyd, Shawna, Garrick and any others mentioned here don't deserve what you are giving them. You are putting it in writting. That hurts. Think about what you write because it sticks a lot worse. If you aren't happy at Comp, then you have the option to leave or talk it out. If Guess! and Cat tails want to talk to me in confidence, you have that option. I'm not gonna stab you behind your back by revealing your identity. If nothing else, stop the messages. Its really not right. Most people are resonably good inside, but this isn't helping your case.


-- Mark Dunford (, March 27, 2003.

A few helpful hints to keep the calls down to our tech shop:

- First off, your computer does not have a virus. Yeah, I don't care what you think. You are running Windows. Windows sucks. YOU DON'T HAVE A VIRUS!

- Open CD drive by inserting finger onto little button that says "Open." The designers were really intuitive and forward thinking when they designed this button.

- The computer case "aka tower" and all of its contents ARE NOT THE HARD DRIVE! The hard drive is a component of the system. Calling your tower the hard drive is like calling your Honda the engine. ( though some of you may be confused with this too)

- There are several interfaces that your computer has. Of these, are USB, FireWire, etc. There is no such thing as a UBS port. Don't try to sound out PCMCIA. List the letters. The "Pick-me-ah" translation is pathetic!

- The internet doesn't crash. You simply have AOL. No need to alert the media. ( Don't worry Doug, I love AOL. honest)

- If you get a message that says you are low on memory, don't be shocked when you have 3GB's left on your hard drive. Take a step back, and think about it. RAM folks, RAM.

- Getting new software won't turn your DVD-Rom into a DVD Burner. Nope. Ya ain't gonna do it.

- If I (not that I've ever done this I swear...heh) tell you the tech number is 867- 5309, look back into your 80s collection. Don't dial it! By the way...Tommy Tutone was cool. Oh yeah!

- If your best friend told you that you have an ID-10-T error. Think about it. ID10T. (Idiot, idiot)

ooh...should we go into politics:

Freedom Toast is not cool. It makes me really sad that Congress spends month upon month trying to pass bills, but stupid ones like this flew through. Umm....good job folks. I know who I'm voting for next November.

-- Mark Dunford (, March 27, 2003.

Wow people, Wow. First, I'd like to apologize to everyone who have come to this website to read about complaints and just been bothered from the people of store 457, if you don't want to hear anymore about it don't read the rest of this. I work at 457 and I'm pretty sure most people who have posted from that store know who I am. I'm sadden by fact that I know those 2 people who posted about the coworkers. It's sad that I've been working with childish morons this whole time and haven't realized it in person. I don't know who these 2 people are but posting shit about your fellow employee is useless to this forum. I feel no need to defend the people who Cat and guess were talking about because none of it is true, it's apparent that Cat is a moron anyways, proven by his previous posts and his childish name calling. Well sorry to take up anyone's time. Thx for reading this useless post. And yes I know who you are Da RAT. Stop posting cat and guess. Grow up and stop crying.

-- Sovichar Taing (, March 28, 2003.

This is only in answer to the Reverend Buttwhiskers. I'll stay silent on the rest of these matters.

Rev Buttwhiskers I honestly don't take kindly to narrow minded, hate group, Idaho militia, rednecked banter such as yours. Of course you'd be narrow minded enough to assume I was Mexican, people who inbreed usually have very little to work with in the "brain power" area.

So why don't you do what comes naturally Reverend. Go screw some 6 year old boys. I'm sure it's all the tail you'll ever get.... oh but there is your sister and cousins. They'd put out pretty easily for a redneck like you huh?

Oh and if you happen to read this, do e-mail me if you wish. That REALLY is my e-mail address. Unlike the people who posted on here ealier.

Good things come to those who wait...

-- the queer wetback (, March 28, 2003.

It was the saddest day of her life, when she realized that indeed all that was good and pure in the world hadn't really died, it had never really existed at all. She had no tears to shed they had been driven from her by mass produced tear jerker movies that had long since tempered her emotions into the dull rusted armour that now threatened not to pull her down, but to rust tight and leave her immoble. Alone she sat, her face ghostly, and indeed ghastly in the combined light of her new revelation and synthetic glow of her computer monitor. "such pettiness." was all that she could mentally intone as page ofter mind-boggling page of textual human effluent bombarded her senses. She gasped slightly, sick to her stomach at the realization not that she was not revolted by what she saw and what it suggested about her fellow humans, but by the fact that she was not appalled into silence or blaspemous prayers to pagan gods. How far down had her fellow humans fallen? Were they really this focused on the insignificant aspects of living? Pride and predjudice has run amok she thought to herself. She started at the realization that her eyes had not moved from harsh glow of the computer monitor. She blinked rapidly, eyes watering, and mind absently wondering about the permanence of the after image burned, yet now ebbing on her retinas. It read: "" It was already starting to fade like a bad dream, the one where the world in inside out and nobody sees it but you, and you scream yourself into a coffin or mad-house, and still you remain a non- entity. Do people really feel this? she wondered. Or is it that they feel so little anymore that they must resort to this vindictiveness to simply to feel the giddly pleasure of the annonymous cut-purse, not because they want to but because it's the last remaining bastion of feeling that remains for them. "Truely," she thought to herself, "If that is the way the world is and perhaps always has been is it a world worth living in?" So much melo-drama, the cheap thrill because the expensive ones are too hard to pay for. It was a cruel moment of divine, or sublimely evil revelation that one so young, such as her, should have the all too personal burden of seeing the broader picture of the true nature of life and its intricacies, while those with years beyond hers should be damned to narrow-minded short sightedness. "How can this be? Is this page a true reflection of what humanity is based on, the shallow and empty pursuit of money and the miserly wish to cling to it like the dying rich man who has truely not seen the folly of his existance but instead clings to his posessions as if he could squeeze an ounce or a second more life from it by virtue of will alone?" Her mind spun mental loops, her subconcious chanting the sing-song mantra "let it go, let it go, let it go..." A sigh escaped her lips and it was an anti climactic epiphany, she was just like them, no better or worse, their faults were of petty greed, hers of damnable hubris. The world was how it was, she was indeed foolish to think that she could divine its inner working from the contents of a single webpage that was haven to the disgruntled and downtrodden. In movement born of new resolve and powered by divine inspiration she slid lightly to the carpet from her daddy's computer chair. Her toes squeezed the carpet lightly and involuntarily. Down the stairs she trundled, on legs not yet used to doing much more than a awkward walk or scamper. The darkness hid her entrance to the frontroom where her daddy kept his pistol in the towering dull grey obelisk that was the gun cabinet. She knew the combination, her birthday, or so it looked when she could glimpse her father keying in the digits on the numeric key pad. He mother had always said she was good at figuring things out. Her daddy slept soundly so she was not worried as she poked out her Virgo birthday on the black keypad with fingers still chubby with baby fat. The safe slid open like a toothless maw, inky, unreadable, and patient. The gun was heavy in her small hands, and the rough wood was cool to the touch. She did not sweat. She had been here before but when she couldn't remember. Had she been old enough to know, she might have thought, "deja-vu" and chuckled inwardly. She did neither as she strained to lift the machine and stare down the barrel into void.

-- Steve Gutenburg (, March 29, 2003.

Mr Moloko sorry for what i said about you being a mexican what was i thinking carlos? how did i mistake you when your really A WET BACK GUATEMALAN.......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH take care and send my regards to your moma the guat aka (mrs wet back) once again may god help you all even the guat................

-- Rev Buttwhiskers (carlosdad@guatemala.hell), March 30, 2003.

Hi my name is carlos and im writing to ask for help from you all i know your good people and i was wondering if you could help me you see i need to renew my green card and i dont have any money to do so even that i work comp usa said that they were gonna give me a raise but im still waiting i cant even take the girls at work out even that i told them i was gay....:) anyways if you could help plese send me some money in return i will show you my website for free enjoy and i will be waiting for your help............thank you

-- Carlos Pancho (, March 30, 2003. I was told the other day that everyone thinks it was me. much as I agree with some of the stuff previous posts list, it wasn't. My stay at CompUSA was just short of 2 years. When I started there, one of the big reasons was the management crew. I was hired on as the Assistant Sales Manager. Some stuff went down and we restructured most of the managers (new GM, new ops, new wharehouse, etc). I was happy with who we got. I honestly can say that I enjoyed working with 99.5% of the people I did. I had some problems with management (store and regional), but I stayed. I even stepped down to TSS because of some problems that I was having. I have some really good friends that still work there, and I can't imagine how well people knew me there that you all would think that I posted those things. I'm not going to get into the semantics of those previous posts, because some of them are true, and some aren't. I consider some of the management there my friends, although I only see them a couple times here and there, when I go into the store to buy something. I don't hold any grudges towards anyone in that store, only because I am happier now at my new job (even though I tell you it's boring as hell...but M-F 8-5 who in thier right mind would give that up?)

When it all comes down to it, you are going to believe what you are going to believe. I don't really care. Those that are my true friends will stick by me regardless. What I am trying to understand is how is coming on here and flaming Guess and Cat any better? Things happen in the store, and consequences come from them. (How many people did we watch get fired, police called on them, or just stopped showing up because of the problems of a retail store? I can name 5-10.) If people want to disassociate the things that some listed from being fact or fiction, so be it. But to blame me for your issues is incomprehensible and irrational. I know a lot of what happened in that store, and I probably won't tell anyone, because how will it help anyone? I thought I knew some of you better than this, but apparently not.

So if you think or don't think it's me...then just email me and I will answer. I am so sick of the fact that even though I haven't worked there for 4+ months, the childness is still afecting me. Mark, Sovi and Da_rat (yeah...i know who you are darat.. =P), I knew you all really well, and was always pretty cool with all 3 of you, so If you feel like this was me, then I am sorry that you did not know me better. I may have had some ill-feelings towards certain people in 457, but it's nothing that I am not already over. I accepted a long time ago that CompUSA is a guys frat...and if you are not in the frat circle, then you really mean nothing to them.

-- MDH162455 (, March 31, 2003.

call for a hack here is a list of compusa corprate management email addresses to spam and crush,,,,,

lets set this off and bring this fucker down whos with me hack the evil company

-- fired today (, April 02, 2003.

Annoy, you fucking tard. Do yourself a favor, Try sending an email to thoes names, just as you stated, And your fucktard ass will realize it will bounce right back to ya.

Go ahead, give it a shot. I see why they fired your dumbass.

-- Mike hunt (, April 03, 2003.

I wanted to buy a simple flat screen monitor and a printer. No big deal, right? It wouldn't have been if I had went anywhere but CompUSA. The items I wanted were out of my price range, so I was going to leave the store. The salesman stopped me and told me there was 18 months with no interest if I applied for a credit card, and his manager agreed. YEAH! This was perfect. I applied and got a card, so I bought the stuff, left, went home. A couple days later I went back to buy a computer. This time things were not so great and from here they just got worse. I asked a salesman to tell me a little about the one I was looking at. He told me, but I thought the price was a bit high. I told him I would need to talk it over with my boyfriend, so he walked away. Then, he came back and tried to listen in on us from a few feet away, acting like he was doing something else. Rob and I moved away from him, and he left. A few minutes later, his manager comes back and tells us we've made the perfect choice and it's being boxed up! I said I hadn't made any choice, got pissed off and walked toward the exit. The weasel of a salesman got between me and the door and tried to talk me into buying the damn thing, and he wouldn't get out of my way until Rob threatened him with bodily harm!!!! I was mad as hell, but it still got worse. I waited and waited for the plastic card to come in to replace the paper one they gave me as a temp, and I waited for the bill. Nothing ever came. I waited about 4 months and finally decided to call the company. I went to their website and let me promise you, there is no number there to call the ACTUAL company. Finally, I called the bank who issued my CompUSA card, and they had to give me the company number for CompUSA! I called that number, only to stay on hold for over an hour. When I got to talk to someone, they told me everything they sent me was being returned. That's bullshit. I've lived here forever and nothing was ever returned before or since. Then she told me that the interest would start in April, only 6 months from the purchase date! I was shocked! I was so upset I couldn't even call the local store to get an explanation. Rob had to do it for me. They kept him on hold for 45 minutes, and then told him there was nothing they could do, even though he and I both were told by a salesman and a manager that there would be 18 months with no interest!!!! Rob finally got the manager on the phone to agree to giving me a deal where I would come in, buy something that had 18 months with no interest, put it on my CompUSA card (which to this day hasn't come in the mail, as have no bills), return it right there in the store, and keep the no interest plan for my earlier purchases. Convuluted as it was, I agreed to it. So, I would TRY to call periodically and find out if any of those deals were going on so I could come in, and let me tell you, they avoided me. They disconnected my calls, transfered them to the wrong people, I would push menu items just to get a real human being on the line and I would get people working at factories all over the US. There is no number on their phone menu to get a direct line into the store! I called one day and for hours got no answer, so I drove over there. I walked in and waited 10 minutes before the girl at the desk even looked up from her computer and asked me, "What do you want?" I asked to speak with Tracy the manager. I told Tracy how no one had answered the phone all day, and she just shrugged!!! I asked her if any deals were going on now, and she said one would start the next day. Unfortunately, that night we had a huge ice storm and the electric was out for 6 days. After it was all over, I called Tracy again. SHE was pissed at ME for not coming that next day, even though I had no electricity and was trying to keep me and my little family from freezing to death!!!! Finally, she took my name and number down and said she would call me when a deal started again. That was a week ago and the interest begins in about 3 weeks. So, basically they screwed me over and I hate the bastards. Story to be continued....

-- Jennifer Napier (, April 04, 2003.

I suggest you contact the General Manager of the store regarding your credit purchase. If he doesn't help, ask for the regional manager. They WILL take care of you. It sounds like you are dealing with the department managers instead of the General Manager. Good luck. Bob.

-- Bob (, April 04, 2003.

Anoy@compusa, Fired Today...

I thought you weren't upset that you lost your job? I thought you were looking for another job anyway?

By the way, Jose showed me your little email you sent him. He was pissed you mentioned me, and frankly, so am I. Email me your real email.

-- JJ (, April 07, 2003.

This is in response to Mark Dunford's post. As much as I hate CompUSA, I have to admit he's right to a degree. Most folks just don't know what the hell they're doing when it comes to anything that deals with technology. To this degree I will have to agree with him.

However, as a former employee of CUSA I will admit that I have seen some very underhanded business practices. I was reprimanded by managers for actually trying to help customers. One day a man came into our store and asked for a printing solution for his office. He needed laser quality printing. I suggested he network his office and buy one laser printer. When management found out I was selling him several wireless cards and one printer (instead of 5 laser printers) I was berrated in front of the entire store for this.

Simply put, the dynamic of stupid customer and CUSA morals do not mesh very well. CUSA knows that Joe User is not going to research an ATI chipset vs an Nvidia chipset and compare benchmarks before he/she purchases a new top of the line video card or any other peripheral for that matter. CUSA knows who their customer is and they exploit it.

In CUSA training they said when you look at a customer's forehead imagine $100,000 written accross it, because that's how much money they will spend with you in a lifetime. CUSA isin't interested in helping folks get the technology they need! They only care about how they can convince you to part with your money. I feel sorry for anyone who has had to work stupid customers, but without the stupid customer CUSA wouldn't be in business.

-- Boycott CUSA (, April 07, 2003.

I'm updating what I wrote a few days ago. Since then, Tracy called me back and told me a deal was starting. She helped me set it all up, and I went into the store. A nice guy named Paul helped me, and it was all worked out perfectly. So, even though I was frustrated as hell getting it done, it did get resolved to my satisfaction.

-- Jennifer Napier (, April 07, 2003.

I purchased a compaq desktop Presario in Pleasant Hill/Concord at the end of January. There were several rebates that went along with the purchase. Only one employee seemed to be able to figure out their cryptic rebate system with was basically a bunch of rebates stuck to the wall. Now, it's April, I still haven't received my rebate from CompUSA or Compaq but the HP printer rebate came a month ago? hmmm. I tried to call the rebate number that CompUSA lists on it's receipt. It directs you to their website and hangs up on you. The website has no record of this rebate I sent in. Funny that all rebates were mailed on the same day and only one has arrived. Anyone know who to call?

-- becky (, April 07, 2003.

Well, I would call the people whom you mailed it to.

Seeing as you are a customer, and customers never make mistakes, I am sure you made a copy of the rebate form's you sent in.

Simply call the numbers that say 'IF YOU HAVENT RECEIVED YOUR REBATE AFTER 8-10 WEEKS, PLEASE CALL 555-5555"

That would probally be my first fucking guess.

-- Rebate (, April 07, 2003.

-- (, April 08, 2003.

Former CompUSA sales guy reporting in. This was a fun read. Some of you make valid points, some of you act like children. I'm all for the consumer having a right to bitch and complain (I do it all the time and I usually get what I want). As a retail survivor, I know how bitchy humans can be. Personally, I had the most fun with bitchy customers. I've physically thrown customers out for trying to grab one of my very pretty female co-workers because he was angry. I pushed the asshole out the store the fucker tripped on the curb and fell on his chin. He shouted something about suing and ran off. He came back 5 minutes later with a bat and the security guard took him down and called the cops.

Another time, in a different store (Mom and Pop) I had to protect the owner from an irrate customer while he called the cops. I pushed the guy away several times and his wife was yelling at ME. I sold some software to one of the cops who came in that day.

So how is this summed up... It isn't... I never really had a point to begin with. I found this site by doing some research on hatesites. I work as a webmonkey now and I was hired to get all the hatesites off the search for the compay I work for. I'll check back into this growing saga later. If anyone has any questions of a former employee who won't defend the company because he works there, let me know. I'll give you the truth. The email listed is functional, although not my real name.

- Jeff K.

-- Jeff K. (, April 10, 2003.

OK, although I do not agree with CompUSA's 14 day return policy.... I do have to speak my mind on who is REALLY at fault here.

You see, the company I work for provides return services and technical support for companies like CompUSA. The trend we see is that most of the support and repair is going overseas..... to China for repair and to places like India for technical support. WHY? Because companies can no longer afford to support their products. WHY CAN'T THEY AFFORD IT?

Because of YOU. YOU, THE CONSUMER. You, the conosumer has demanded low low low low lower and lower prices.... and in order for companies to complete, they have to slaugter their service.... and then YOU Bitch , moan and complain about poor service.

Ever heard the saying that you get what you pay for? If you want high quality service, go to a local dealer a.k.a. 'mom and pop shop' that will charge you MUCH more than retailers like CompUSA and also have a liberal return policy. If you want quality service, then pay for it ya bastards!

Cheers, JT

-- Jeffrey (, April 11, 2003.

I am not Bill Lawton but I did work for him as a manager. The system is broken. Customers do not need AOL, even for free. Employees were getting $7.00 for each signup and then the compensation was dropped to $4.00. People are always looking for a deal. The markup on computers is like 8%. There are no deals even for employees. As a salesman you are required to sell at 14% Gross Profit. If not then you get pais 7.73 / hour. It works out great when there are 4 salesman working on a dead day and they would all bitch to me how they werent getting paid. I did not care becasue all i cared about was the comp for the store. Most salesman are college students, out of work dot commers or failures of other sorts. the reason it is hard to get good help is becasue who the hell do you think we get applying. unfortunately anyone with GOOD tech skills does not know how to sell and anyone with great sales skills is not going to work in a mall. enough said. i bought some stuff at a compusa one time while emplyed at my store. it was not fun. it took over an hour to get myself a laptop and accessories

-- Willaim Lawton (, April 11, 2003.

you guys are a bunch of winers ,.....just because you didn't recieve a $10.00 REBATE OR could not hack it as comp teammeber dosn't no one should shop at our stores...... BOC.....

-- sales pimp (, April 13, 2003.


compt usa is the shitiest shitstain that has ever been shitted on this shitball called earth. i work for wall-mart. i thought they had problems. compared to the 7th circle of hell called comp usa.....wal- mart is golden. i bought software (game drive) from them that the salesman promised would work for me. It does not support the game i bought it for and a patch has been promised to come out but hasn't in the 6 weeks that i bought it. The crappy company (Farstone) will not refund my money cause i bought it from a retailer and not over their online store.they said "our product was bought from us and is now the property of comp usa". I was very polite to comp usa and asked for their help in the situation. Uh, yeah, um, ok, uh-hu, so? The putrid piece of shit fucking bastards! Their fucking salesman lied to me and that's that! Farstone gave me a code to give to comp usa so i could get my refund. after driveing to compusa i find out (after contacting Farstone again) that that system only works with all other retailers exsept comp usa. i was told by farstone that if i had purchased their software from best buy, i wouldn't have a problem. i eventually made a formal complaint to comp usa and was told i may or may not recieve a response. They may have screwed me, but i meet, know, and inform alot of people about computer needs....i'm sure i will screw comp usa out of more money than they could ever screw me....i advise everyone who has ever had the displeasure of doing buisness with these thieves to do the same. lesson learned, buy from any place els but comp usa. To be fair, the only actual rude person i came in contact with was the blond headed bitch behind the service desk. I can belive the stuff i have read about this nasty company on this webpage, i hate the company and have spent over 1000 at other retailers(ha, ha, ha, WE THE CONSUMER HAVE MORE THAN ONE OR TWO CHOICES, COMP USA HAS TWO......PLAY BALL OR GO BANKRUPT) SPREAD THE WORD, COMP USA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

-- yeah right (, April 15, 2003.

I have opened up a new set of forums for CompUSA employees around the country. Please visit

No scam, just check it out.

-- Jeremy (, April 17, 2003.

Keep it clean and non-work related. THAT IS BULL SHIT.DON'T GO THERE AND DO NOT LISTEN TO JEREMY..................

-- john (, April 19, 2003.

[QUOTE] To all fellow workers. I work am a cashier working in a CompUSA in Florida. We were just told but our GM that hours would now be reduce to 32 hours. And keep in mind that we still have to take our lunch break and clock out for 30 mins. So in actuality we are working only 28 hours and 30 mins. a week. Multiply that by our crummy hourly wage and it sucks big time. I was just wondering how is business doing at your other locations. We are getting hammered over here. Low AOL's TAP is alittle bit under 5%, but were getting nobody in the door. They either are fed up with us, or have discovered the internet such as ebay and no longer want to get screwed buying a USB for 30 dollars when they can get for less than 8 (including shpping) Well let me know hows its going in your stores. [/QUOTE]

My hours have been cut to 33 a week, and I am full time. I think consumers will be returning to the sotres soon since not everyone is glued to the war coverage anymore. I have just read most of the submissions to the forum, and some have valid points. I do see the sales people sell consumers things they may not need or they have no idea about a product and give them the wrong one. BUT, I also see people returning open laptops because "It is too heavy and too thick." TOO HEAVY!? COULD YOU NOT TELL HOW HEAVY IT WAS WHEN YOU LEFT THE STORE?! Charging the battery does not make it heavier! I wave the 15% on most things returned if they are within 14 days, broken, and a few other things. But my god, as mentioned before, this is not a rental store. And do some research and budgeting before you hop on over and buy a computer system. Nothing frustrates me more than returning a whole computer system because someone did not bother to look into making a major purchase like this. Lastly, do not buy a product with a rebate deal if you need the rebate money right away, or have problems filling out simple forms. I have never been declined for a rebates, and all I do is follow the instructions, crazy huh? And ya, some do take a while to recieve. I have waited over 7 months for a nokia rebate. It happens. Thanks for reading this, and I am not trying to be rude in this, I just think people need to slow down before trying to find someone to blame and to be informed consumers. There are TONS of free resources out there to get you in the know before you step foot into a store. One hour of research can save you days of headaches. Have a fine day. :D

-- Dyslexic_Cashier (, April 20, 2003.

COMPUSA has been a great place to work. I make a good living and enjoy asking people what I can do for them.

A \T.S.S.

-- (, April 20, 2003.

call for a hack here is a list of compusa corprate management email addresses to spam and crush,,,,, lets set this off and bring this fucker down whos with me hack the evil company

-- fired today (, April 02, 2003.

posted this well i was wrong just put a _ in between the first and last names on that list and it will work, sorry if i got a bunch of email errors emailed to your mail boxes but if you just add that _ in the middle it will work. I have a much better job now and even though i havent forgiven compusa im not as mad now. im at a place now that has some morals and cares about more than just money, we really need to start some kind of a compusa union for these kids that are being taken advantage of and brain washed to think its the right way to run a store. but its a great thing i got fired i get 10 bucks a hour now with good hours i really get 40 now wow. and people that are willing to take on work in the right way. these compusa employees are being treated wrong and if they speek up like me they get fired we need to help them and maybe a good computer store will come out of it. I talked to the corprate office and after hearing my storie they did beleive me and offered my job back. yeah right like im going back after i was treated like that. NO WAY. so i settled for a good refrence and got a real job. They were hopeing offering me the job back and giving a good refrence would shut me up, well they were wrong. i know others at compusa who get paid alot more that most just because they threatened to leak compusa's secrets of mistreatment and slavery, i dont want to be one of them. this can be done the right way. but i do suggest emailing those addresses to get this situation under control. And spam the heck out of he is the ring leader , but little do people know he is a pedifile and drug dealer on the side, not just kidding. i just cant believe what he did to me after i thought he was one of the good guys. Traci and melonie are pretty kool and so are most of the cashiers. but this storie still needs to be heard. I know some employees their are mad at me for this and im sorry but you all know something has to be done and im doing this for you just like i was trying to back in the day as a employee. thats why i was fired. And trust me i wont rest untill i achieve these goals. im a very patiant man. and dont flame i know i cant spell worth a crap

-- Jose is a great man, not (, April 21, 2003.

Hey about the store in lexington , most the cashiers are kool and stuff but basicly pupets of the evil ken/jose dictatorship. just wanted to say the best cashiers their are Paul and Nathan , even though nathans a little lazy. They both try not to be controlled by the man and fix things the best they can without getting fired especially paul that guy is kool as shit. If you need help and dont want to be lied to and treated like a bag of money talk to one of these guys wendy or derik

-- PS: dont go to the TSS John he is a b afoon that doesnt know shit and isnt willing to learn, but he is a great person (, April 21, 2003.

God you guys never grow up do you? It has been all down hill since the last time I posted... HACK TEH PLANET OMGOMGOMG... Shut the fuck up... You sorry fucks couldn't hack your way out of your own computers let alone a corporation network system monitored 24/7 by people with actual education under their belts and not cornfed hillbilly logic like you folks are demonstrating. If you want to do something about CompUSA, write to the local Better Business Buerau and complain there. Join a class action lawsuit. Register your complaint at or a similar website. Send in comment cards. CC all communicates from said CompUSA employees to the atorney general. The list goes on...

So basically... whining in here either means you are lying, you are really in the wrong and don't want to believe it, or you just want to flame for any reason you can think of (which is completely ok when it comes to forums like this one).

Step off newbs... Let the people who can actually think outside their hick hometowns for once...

- Jeff K.

-- Jeff K. (, April 21, 2003.

Hey i hear their are programs out there are windows progs out their for sending email addresses to spam lists well do what ever you want but here are some to use concernining the root of all evil stor 349 lexington ky/ the whole region.,,,,, lets set this off and bring this fucker down whos with me

-- Gerald (, April 22, 2003.



How many of you have worked in retail? Many rebate question can be solve by TCA Rebates: Some of you make a good point, keep in mind that you cannot stereotype everyone off of a few stores. Compusa has also improved since 1998 (or even 1984 when it first came to be) and granted, it has a long way to go. It is easy to criticize...

-- Abu Nakbar (this is a false, April 25, 2003.



Sup Nubian brotha... Hows it all hangin? Africa treatin ya well? I haven't been back home in forever. Be on the look out for a package from the states. I'm sendin you some chocolate from a store here called See's... I don't know what they indend for me to "see" but these things sure "taste" good. Say hi to our sister for me. Did you guys get married yet? God I'm jelous... Sorry she ain't a virgin. I took that away a long time ago. So I owe ya one.

- Mike

-- Mike Shadger (, April 28, 2003.

COMPUSA: Great customer services

I have been a good customer for CompUSA for quite some time and I probably bough from them around 50% of my electronics and software. Two days ago I had a bad experience purchasing a digital camera in the Manhattan Store, so I sent them an email to customer services complaining and explaining my problem. 48 hours later the store manager called me and arranged a meeting with me. They listened to me and gave me a a compensation for my bad experience. I was attended promptly, professionally, and politely to my full satisfaction. They have kept a customer. My advice if you have a problem is to contact them through email or talking to the store manager, they read their emails and answer their calls but complaining here may be a waste of time.

-- J.M.A.G. (, May 05, 2003.

Question? I was in a CompUSA store. They offered to give me 3 months of AOL even though I was a current AOL subscriber. They salesperson said that those 3 months could be used with current AOL subsription. Well AOL did not agree with that and had never heard of such a thing. What could they possibly being doing good for AOL by giving away 3 free months to current subsribers? Do the salespeople receive commissions for each new account they sign up? Thanks for any answers.

-- Giovanni (, May 05, 2003.


-- NUBIANS (, May 06, 2003.

Hey if anyone at store 349 is reading in lexington ky, i wanted to say dont worry. The crap ypur managment is pulling will come to a end. I can and will help you b/c most of you were very great people. Ive filed a complaint with the BBB about comp USA's treatment of employees and customers, and a rejihm change( i spelled it wrong). but the palma wood dictatorship shall fall and we will settle for nothing less. You guys are great employees and need to be treated like it, and your customers need to be treated right too. Dont beleive what they told you about me i was fired but after talking to corprate i was offered my job back and settled for a good refrence. I make alot more money now doing technical support for EDS. You all are afraid and some of you who have been their a while are totally brain washed. You need to know overall in a good buisness the employee is number 1 other wise the customers are going to see it in you and not trust your buisness, the customer is semi number 1 or number 2. then money. comp usa puts money and power first and thats why they have so little of it. now that ive been out for a while i realize no other good legit busness treats there employees anything like your store does. You need to stand up in some sort of organized movement or union, they wont fire you if you come in numbers, i was alone and they found a way to remove me but you have the power, and i am helping from the outside like i was trying to help from within. Just because they pay you doesnt mean they run you lifes and minds. ThE AHroNZombI

-- AhronZombi (no@spam.please), May 06, 2003.

I work at Compusa, all of you customers can go fuck yourselves..i hate you all, may you all eat my ass....the return policy is fair you dumb fucks.....Grow up and settle it...stop going on bullletin boards to complain you gay fucks grow up

-- Reggie (, May 08, 2003.


-- Reggie (, May 11, 2003.

CompUSA does not honor its discount coupons. Even when you send them certified mail, and keep copies, and follow up repeatedly... assume that all discounts are lies, until you get the check, if you ever get the check- I bought a computer in January, 1998, and they have yet to honor their discount coupons, despite repeated attempts.

-- Mick Patterson (, May 12, 2003.

About 7 years ago, i bought a aptiva ibm computer in which the processor burnt up 3 times in three years. In dealing with this whole ordeal i found that compusa's tech support and service was the absolute worst of any that i have ever encountered. Soon after the world war it took to get my processor replaced for the third time compusa announced that there had been a bad batch of motherboards sold and mine was one of them. Soon after that the pensacola branch of compusa went out of business. This past experience was the reason i had not shopped at compusa in almost seven years until today. Now today, i bought a sound card, speaker system, and a new dvd/cd rom. I was asked if i wanted compusa to install it. I said no due to the fact that i have many important things that run on my computer and i couldn't afford for it to be down for that long. I came home and everything went fine as far as installing things until i installed my sound card. Once i loaded the sound card drivers and restarted, i got about halfway through the boot process and i got a blue screen. I wanted to reboot into safe mode however i had a usb keyboard that was not working also due to the sound card drivers. Well, thinking that service at compusa had improved in the last 7 years or so, i took it all up to compusa here in tallahassee and told them everything and how i had followed the manual exactly and had problems. The first response i recieved was that "I have been working on computers for 20 years and never seen windows go to a blue screen just from a driver conflict, you must of done something wrong" This was a direct quote from Keith Gieman, the master technician of the tallahassee branch. Then they refused to look at it because i had opened the package to the sound card. I then pleaded for them to connect a ps2 keyboard to my computer so that i could just get it to boot into safe mode and delete the driver. I was told i could purchase a ps2 keyboard for 15 dollars on aisle whatever. I then was forced to purchase the keyboard, drive home, and uninstall the driver myself (took almost 2 minutes total to do and about 15 just to drive home). I then promptly took out the dvd/cd rom, boxed up the speakers and sound card and returned all of it for which i paid a 15% restocking fee. I found that the sales staff at compusa was more than helpful at your store, however, once again your uncourteous technical staff (tech support manager Keith Hall) has ruined my compusa experience. I would like compusa to know that the 15% restocking fee will be the last dollars that they will ever recieve from my company or myself personally and i would like them to know that for a second time it is directly related to your technical support being unwilling to help their customers. Thankyou, James Wells Systems Specialists Inc.

-- J Wells (, May 13, 2003.

Grow up! I think it is time that you take responsibility for the things that happen to you and stop blaming everyone else. You said yourself that CompUSA offered to install it FOR YOU. They do this for free because of people like you that think they know what they are doing or inevitably have a friend or family member who works at Microsoft and that makes you all experts. They when you totally screw it up you take it back and what CompUSA to fix it for you for FREE! Are you out of your mind man? Did your mama drop you on your head. That is exactly why they offer Free installation, because after you screw it up it is not just an easy install anymore and then they have to charge you. Then you have the audacity to get mad and take it all back like a spoiled little brat and are totally offended when they charge you a restocking fee. I will explain it to you since you are in your own little victim world and it may not have occurred to you. They must charge a restocking fee because there was nothing wrong with it (except that you do not know how to install it correctly) and they can not send it back to the vendor. You see vendors require the returned product be defective or they charge and penalty fee from 15% - 20%.

So you see mister smart, angry guy who blames everyone else for your short comings, there is a rhyme and reason for all these things and they are not just some conspiracy to do you in. Now maybe on your two bad experiences you did get employees who need to brush up on their customer service skills, I will give you that, but it is not CompUSA's fault that you rejected the offered Free install and messed it all up yourself.

As far as bad experiences go and poor customer service is concerned, I have had plenty of those kind of experiences at all kinds of retailer. I have had bad experiences at Circuit City, Best Buy, Magnolia, Old Navy, The Bon, etc. You name it we have probably all had some kind of negative experience at some place or another. But I bet we have had just as many good ones too.

You see not everyone is evil. They are just a bunch of innocent people, trying to get by in this world just like you and me. Cut them a break man. And get some peace. Once you start taking responsibility for your life and all the stuff that happens to you, you will start to be a much happier (and nicer) person.

-- own your actions! (, May 14, 2003.


-- NUBIANS (, May 06, 2003.[/QUOTE]

I wish you would get my name right fellow nubian... ITS SHADGER, NOT SHADGAR... I didn't make up a perfectly good fake name just for you to fuck it up...

And yes, I do have sex with boys... Our brother was the latest... Oh and your brother's son of course...

- Mike "NUBIAN" Shadger

-- Mike "NUBIAN" Shadger (, May 15, 2003.

Sell Tap or leave Sell AOL or leave Sell Tech or leave Sell Training or leave Sell Networking or leave Reduce returns or leave Hustle or leave Energy Energy more intensity Since you are not hourly work 45 plus hours or leave. When the regional managers are here shut-up and look busy. With all the crap that COMPUSA has piled onto their sales team it is no wonder that they treat the customers like shit. If you had to hustle all day long for a few sales then of course you would have no time for simple people who cannot open a cd rom, plug in a mouse, turn on a computer. What the hell.

-- Edward Nigma (, May 21, 2003.

I have been working for CompUSA for 3 years now. Yes there is some secret things that go on. Like the shrinkrap machine, huge markups on belkin products and more. I am not going to complain about our business. Instead I am going to give everyone some advice:

1) Rebates are through the manufacturer only! Don't whine to me about how long it took. And don't tell me you won't do our rebates anymore. If you don't like mail-in rebates, don't do them.

2) Don't expect someone from the Hardware department to know all about Norton Antivirus or some damn Pop-Up blocker. And don't expect the Software people to know about PDA's. That is like going to a Grocery store and asking the Produce people where the magazines are located.

3) Don't come in 5 days into the ad and expect us to have everything in stock. Remember many of the items are sold at or under cost during advertisements. Why in the hell would we order 400 of the same laptop to lose $5-100 each?

4) We don't like bothering you by asking for all of our services. That is what we are told to do.

5) Shoplifting is a Crime. CompUSA prosecutes to the fullest extent of the law. I have seen people hauled off in police cars for $50 worth of stuff. Don't be stupid kids.

I like my job somewhat. I don't like everything about it but who likes their job 100% ? We are not going out of business anytime soon. So if you don't like the way we conduct ourselves, DON'T SHOP THERE!

-- employee (, May 23, 2003.




Yep, Comp blows... No doubt about it... Then again, what corporate assholes dont...

-- see email (, May 27, 2003.

YOU PEOPLE ARE SO FUNNY! You really think your little postings on this website really matter. You really think that by venting in this manner you may in some strange way have some kind of effect on this retail giant. You will not. I am sure people at corporate CompUSA are raking in the cash from doing what they do best - good business. CompUSA is obviously out there for one reason: to make money! this is something that they do very well, just look at how they have grown over the last 10 to 20 years. They open around 6 to 10 new CompUSA stores every quarter and dozens of their affiliates as well. if you choose not to shop at CompUSA, that is your right - good for you... but their loss of your business is a very, veRY, VERY small price to pay in their quest to become the largest retailer of consumer PCs in the world, and I do hope they achieve that goal. Happy shopping-wherever you fools choose to go.

-- Your Stinkin Fat Mom Says (, May 28, 2003.

i agree with the last posting compusa is a great place to work and they do treat their emplooyees well. everyone have a nice summer.

-- nope (, May 28, 2003.

The answer to the AOL question is, yes, the employees do receive money for each AOL sign up. Also, if a customer stays beyond the free trial, the store gets money (something like $40 or $50 I THINK- not entirely sure). AOL paid for a lot of CUSA stores to be remodeled and in turn, CUSA has to get customers to sign up for AOL. AOL banks on people forgetting to cancel, but if you never sign on to the new account, then it is never activated. I think you have to call from the phone number you gave at registration. BTW- store 354 sucks ass except Blake and Nancy.

-- screw u (, May 29, 2003.

This is to anyone who has a problem with CompUSA. Shut the FUCK up. You're real tough guys, taking your frusteration out on cashiers who are only doing there job so they don't get fired. I'm just awaiting the day one customer gives me shit and I drop his ass right on our shiny tiled floor. Then, for shits and giggles, i'll offer you our TAP replacement plan with a smile. You fucking redneck bastards, get a life and take a shower. PEACE. I'm outta here!

-- Service With A Smile (, June 01, 2003.



I can't say much about this forum. Every retailer has some type of forum about how bad service is. I work for CompUSA. Overall, it's a descent company to work for. For all of you who go off the deep end about the little things, here's a fact: NOTHINGS PERFECT!!! A hundred years ago, when you bought something, guess what, it's yours forever, working or non-working. As Americans, we are atleast lucky enough we can buy what we want, when we want. But sometimes it isn't perfect, and you go right off the deep end. Atleast most companies are trying to get better. CompUSA is better now then five years ago. Anyways, you forget about all the people who are happy shopping in this retailer. They are happy with the service, selection, and pricing of the goods offered. Most of you are just the 1 rotten egg out of a 100. Not bad. If you have a problem with shopping at our company, guess what, there's many more companies out there to shop at, like Fry's, Best Buy, or Circuit City, not to mention the internet.

-- BLOCKED (, June 02, 2003.

[quote]It's true that there is not a lot of profit in the products we sell and payroll hurts because of this[/quote]

I heard someone else mentioning some BS about not making 80% profit on items like bookstores do... I gotta say, that is absolute bull! I walked into a CompUSA store the other day and saw a freakin XP2000 processor for $200! That same processor, not OEM, sells on NewEgg for around $80. If by selling an $80 processor for $200 you aren't making profit, then there is something wrong in your sales system.

Another example, a TNT M64 32MB video card was selling at CompUSA for $60. I can't even find another comparable card for as high as $30. That video card is over 4 years old and sells on Newegg for around $15. Don't come on here preaching about not making a profit when I see prices like that on hardware. It is the same all throughout the store. 50-200% higher prices than online prices.

Basically, what I'm saying is, reguardless of CompUSA's policies, their pricing is outrageous, and is the reason I never [i]buy[/i] anything from there. I mainly look at "new" items to see what is out there, although even then, they are usually about 2-3 months behind what is really out there when it comes to hardware.

-- bubba hyde (, June 02, 2003.

oh no! compusa has just lost another customer. on behalf of the company, i would like to say, "we do not care." we cannot please everyone so if you take your business elsewhere, big friggin deal. you are doing us a favor by eliminating your unwelcomed business because you sound a bit like a jerk. so thank you.

-- A.L.E.R.T.!.!.! (, June 03, 2003.

CompUSA prints rebate forms on location, making "typos" in the rebate addresses. They consistently give several rebate forms for one purchase, knowing full well that the rebate center (the notorious TCA Fulfullment Services) does not accept multiple rebates per purchase. CompUSA's relationship with TCA Fulfullment Services is criminal. The real tragedy is, even CompUSA's store personnel don't seem to be profiting from this scam. At least the employees who get bitched at every day by scammed customers should get a dividend. Thank God I only lost $90. But sorry to say, CompUSA peeps, I won't be supporting you anymore.

-- I feel sorry for the owners CompUSA. Karma is a bitch. (thissiterocks!, June 13, 2003.

-- Bill Lawton (, June 16, 2003.

the funny thing is that all the people who had a 'bad' time at compusa always return when an ad is run. retail isn't like a good restaraunt or bar. if you have a bad time at a bar you usually wont go back, unless of course the bar is having an all night 10 cents-a- beer sale. from reading the previous posts it seems a vast majority of the problems come from people not knowing a god damn thing about the product they are interested in. technical type environments such as compusa or best buy are very different from say a store like k- mart. people are intimidated by technology, its just the way it is. i think that if your spending more that a hundred dollars on something, you should atleast make sure its what you need and compare other products. i guess what im trying to say is that most of the problems are your own damn fault for being an idiot. but what makes me laugh is that as soon as compusa has a good ad you'll all be rite there in line for the deals.

-- fkjdlkj (, June 16, 2003.

Indeed. I fully agree. You can't bitch about a return policy if you are too damned stupid to a.) read it and b.) research before you buy something you can't use, afford, figure out, etc. Rebates are easy, people. All you have to do is read. I am only as good as my customers and you are bad customers. Don't yell at customer service people; we are less likely to help you. Yes, you have to have the packaging. How else are we going to take it back? Don't assume I am stupid because I work in customer service; I probably know more about computers than you.

-- Joe Schmoe (, June 16, 2003.

I have worked for this company for a year now now I know everything doesn't go as well as everyone would like but nothing in life ever does. But I have seen people get excatly what they want when they want, and we have bent over backwords for stupid people that buy software and then burn it and try to return it. Its not like we go to work thinking how can I piss this customer off today. ITS POLICY that is posted all over the store. Maybe I have a freaking brain but if I'm goint to be spending 2,000 + dollars I would inquire about the return pollicy. We don't rent things out, you can't buy software movies or games play them and return them if you computer breaks 5 days after you buy it you can't return it. Thats just the way it is and its like that ANYWHERE you go. Now I know the 15% thing is stupid on little items like printers keybords and such but for thousand dollar items that people take home and do what they need and they return them its an acceptable pollicy. If you don't like that DON'T SHOP THERE! Its that easy. Its not like they are out to get you its just the way it is and if you don't agree then don't come in and think they WON't charge me because I'm special your wrong. If you don't like us don't shop here. Its so simple. But I know you people with no life have to have something to bitch about so keep bitching, your doing a great job of embarising yourself.

-- (, June 20, 2003.

well, i can sit back and relax now that my headache with comp has been done for over a year now. ahhhh it feels so good. thank you comp for stealing my ram, thank you comp for fudging the dates on my repair orders, thank you for not being able to fix my puter 7 times, thank you for not wanting me in your store because i sued you (AND WON). thank you thank you thank you. ahhhhhhhh enjoying my new puter from gateway....problem free.............

-- free of comp usa (, June 22, 2003.

Good job with the effort. I too have little appreciation of CompUSA, and I am glad others are doing the same as me, boycott CompUSA. My story deals with a mail-in rebate when I purchased a set of Nextel phones. The whole deal was to get two phones with a $100 mail-in rebate. Without the rebate there was no point in getting those phones as I could have gotten pretty much any phone for free. I send the UPCs, original receipt, etc.; I wait for 3 months, and no mail-in rebate. I called them up, and I am told to go to the web and go to "" or something like that, where I am told nothing, just that they have not received my rebate. I went to the store, and they say they cannot do anything since they need the receipt. I call the main office they say they can’t do anything cause they need the UPCs. I call the main office again and they say, "sorry but you should have made copies of everything cause we can't process anything without those". So why in the hell do they ask for the originals in the first place? After that I decided I was not going to waste more time dealing with them, it would probably cost me more in time and aggravation than the $100. So since then I have never bought from them again, plus I have persuaded many of going elsewhere to buy their electronics (same goes to BestBuy, but that’s another story). Now, I am about 18 months CompUSA free.

-- Robert (, June 25, 2003.

Hal Compton, Chief Executive Officer CompUSA 14951 North Dallas Parkway Dallas, TX 75254

Dear Mr. Compton:

I am tired of being ripped off by big business.

On May 28, 2003, I purchased the SanDisk ImageMate 6-in-1 Reader/Writer, Model Number SDDR-86, from CompUSA in downtown San Francisco. Store #254 located at 750 Market Street, The Phelan Building, San Francisco, CA 94102. The purchase price was $29.99 plus sales tax for a total of $32.41. The same purchase included a 128MB CompactFlash made by Memorex.

Upon returning home, I connected the SanDisk ImageMate 6-in-1 Reader/Writer to my computer with Microsoft ME Operating System. The unit was able to read my SanDisk CompactFlash as well as a SanDisk Secure Digital Card and my PNY 128MB CompactFlash. However, when attempting to read the Memorex 128MB CompactFlash, it failed. I researched this problem on the SanDisk website and called their corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. I spoke with a Supervisor named Kimberly in their Technical Support Department who advised me that SanDisk Corporation is aware of the problem of the SanDisk 6-in-1 Reader not being able to read/write to certain competitors CompactFlash cards and that she did not have a specific "fix date". I advised Kimberly that I wanted to return the defective product and a full refund. She advised me that SanDisk does not provide refunds and I should contact my place of purchase being CompUSA.

On 6/4/2003, I went to the San Francisco CompUSA store and explained this entire nightmare to the Customer Service Department. The representative said I would have to pay a 15% Open Box Charge. I was utterly astonished that CompUSA wanted to penalize me 15% for an admittedly defective product which would not operate and provide the functionality it was designed to provide. I asked to speak to a manager. When I explained the situation to the CompUSA manager, he became extremely defiant and reiterated the CompUSA Store Policy on charging 15% open box charge. He then told me I could exchange it for the same product. It seems he doesn't understand English as I had explained that SanDisk admitted that this product line was defective. He then told me I could exchange it for a Dazzle multi card reader. When I brought the Dazzle multi card reader back to the customer service department, they advised me that I would have to pay an additional $10 and change. I then explained that I purchased the SanDisk unit due to the lower price and I had no desire to spend $39 on this alternate product. So I told them I wanted a full refund of the $29.99 plus tax for the defective SanDisk product. They outright refused. I then asked to speak to the 'store manager' on duty. I had to explain the entire situation for the 4th or 5th time to him. I explained that I have been shopping at the San Francisco CompUSA store for years and have spent thousands of dollars there. This did not matter to the store manager at all. He said he would not give me the Dazzle unit as a replacement for the defective SanDisk unit for the same price and that if I wanted a refund, I would be charged the 15% open box charge.

In this time of corporate greed, misgiving and corruption, I found this astonishing that CompUSA would be willing to lose a longtime, good customer who has purchased and would have continued to purchase products at their store, for a paltry sum of $4.50 (15% of the $29.99). This makes absolutely no logical sense to me. I question CompUSA's consumer service practices, honesty and integrity in the business world and CompUSA has proven to me that they have utterly no conscience or appreciation in regards to honest and loyal customers.

I have therefore taken it upon myself to notify each and every consumer advocate association I can find, the better business bureau and I will advise each and every person I am friends with, business associates, family and friends to NEVER shop at any CompUSA store due to the blatant and overwhelming disrespect, lack of decency, ethics and dishonesty I experienced at CompUSA.

For $4.50, it seems that CompUSA will be losing thousands of dollars in revenue. Great business sense CompUSA!

-- Ed Halvey (, June 26, 2003.

For every 1 customer that hates us, there is 20 that love us.

-- Bob Goatse (, June 26, 2003.


-- Ed Halvey (, June 28, 2003.

Some drunk asshole came into the Woodland Hills store today and got an attitude when we informed him that we do not carry windows98. He claimed to work for techtv (the screen savers particularly), and boasted how much money he has, yet he was riding around in a dirty cab and bitching about how windows xp wont work in his 500Mhz pc. Needless to say we laughed our asses off at this foolish drunkard and went about our business.

-- Bob Goatse (, June 29, 2003.

I work in a woodland hills store. Store 301.I found my self sorrounding with some low life mean minded managers & their cock sucking TSS. There is a managers name JESSY she is a cock suking ediot. She things she is a smart bitch!But she is piece of Shit! The managment is sucks.... they always hiring stupid fools.If you want to work in Compusa dont go to woodland hills store.All of the employees are cock sukker and low end creature.

-- unhappy employee (, June 30, 2003.

i hire niggers and jews. i think the niggers are better workers. the jews just talk to all the fucking heebs that come into my store and dont buy anything. the niggers do steal but at least they even have a desire for the stuff. i take it in the ass.

-- Bill Lawton (, July 01, 2003. does not work in the 301 store. Judging by his typing I have a good idea who he is. He was fired a few months ago (for obvious reasons) and is currently working at the neighboring Circuit City as a door greeter.

Keep up the good work, lowlife.

-- Bob Goatse (, July 03, 2003.

Okay to all of you who do rebates...when will you learn that rebates arn't worth the paper they are printed on...of course its always the companys fault when you don't get your rebate or the printing is wrong. Don't you people realize that the mfr wants you to mess up so they don't have to pay you? My advice to you is DON"T DO REBATES!!!!

-- nunya! (COMPUSA@COMPUSA.COM), July 04, 2003.

I think I have said enought I am not going to get my rebate any way.

-- Louie Tessandori (, July 06, 2003.

The more and more i read this page ... The more i have to laugh. I have been with the company for 5 years, and maybe once have i seen an incident like any of these mentioned. Since this is a public page not sponsered by CompUSA i can pretty much tell all of you what i think. GROW A BRAIN!!! christ i have never met such ignorant people in all my life. When i buy something ie. a computer , i read about it, I keep the manuals. I dont expect people to have friggin ESP and know what type of model i have. I mean i love helping people, its what i do but to have someone come to you and say " Yea i need RAM for my computer" then you say ": Sure what type of RAM do you need or what is the model of your machine " Then you get the respone " Oh i dunno your the expert." Or i thought your supposed to know " .. Come on people. I would have a heart towards your complaints if you werent such horses asses. Think before you speak. RTFM and grow up.

-- Matt (, July 08, 2003.

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-- Matt Magbee (, July 09, 2003.

Yea ... very original. Clearly the person who wrote that is too much of a pussy to state his own opinion and has to forge someone elses name and email. Grow up loser. Your probabaly one of the mindless people i deal with on a day to day basis. Be a man, state your name and email and quit hiding behind someone who is obviously more intelligent. Me.

-- Matt Magbee (, July 09, 2003.

Im such a stupid nigger. Any of you niggers come into my store and I will personally sell your black asses back into slavery. Also, if any of you out there have any young chinese boys you are willing to sell to me for use as a sexual slave/math aide, please email me at

-- Matt Magbee (, July 09, 2003.

Heh, this nigger came into the Woodland Hills store #301 today and asked if we had any fried chicken. I told that nigger to go back to Africa before I unleashed the fury of my secret army of mutant ninjas on him. He then threatened to steal my mountain bike. After that occured, I whipped out my throbbing hard cock and stuck it deep inside his ebony ass and proceeded to fuck him in the ass until my delicious yogurt cream splattered all over his face then I said "YOU NEED TO DIVERSIFY YOUR BONDS NIGGA!"

-- Bob Goatse (, July 09, 2003.

That wasn't me that posted the racist, homosexual comments.

-- Bob Goatse (, July 10, 2003.

Just like that wasn't me who was licking my dog's asshole after he took a big crap on my face. Boy...beastiality is so nice...especially when you have a 2 inch cock like me.

-- Bob Goatse (, July 17, 2003.

I have just recently been terminated from my job at Comp USA. I worked for them for a year and a half. They crowned me as the best salesman in the region on selling their stupid service plans. I did my job to the best of my ability even when I was short-shifted for the Asst. Sales Mgr. position. The reason I was terminated was due to lack of sales....HUH?!?!? I busted my ass for this company and this is how I am repaid. Actually it came as a blessing. I have just acquired a much better job that has no quotas or goals for AOL sales. Now I am a customer that understands the grief on this page. The service was shitty there and it was next to impossible to find a manager when you needed one. The statements that you hear on this webpage are mostly true. If the employees at Comp do not sell AOL, they can be terminated or written up. The sales goals are set too high and the quotas are almost unreachable on a GOOD day. And you better believe in favoritism. It happens like mad here.

Anyway, enough ranting. I have a new job to tend to.



-- Undisclosed (, July 19, 2003.


-- Undisclosed (, July 19, 2003.

It's funny that someone used my "" thinking it was my actual email address lol. That just goes to show how dumb some people are. I'm guessing this guy was fired for being a dumb fuck. You can reply with "i lick my dogs asshole" comments but you know its true. It's so easy to hold a job at compusa, yet you managed to get terminated. How fucking stupid are you? Think about it.

By the way, here is the real goatse Good luck in your future, what little future that may be.

-- Bob Goatse (, July 20, 2003.

I lick my dogs asshole

-- Bob Goatse (, July 20, 2003.

i personally think bob at the end of all this talk is right, I lick my dogs asshole, is the right awnswer to this page.

-- night (, July 21, 2003.

I do not work for CompUSA but I do understand their situation. I myself own a small computer store and am aware of the type of industry it is. Let me tell you a few things that are right and wrong on these posts.

I recall one of the posts listing that CompUSA and stores alike must have terribly high margins because when compared to NewEgg (a very good online retailer I might note) their prices are 100%-200% higher. Lets think here. NewEgg does not have 300 or so stores with 25,000 employees to pay. You also (most areas) cannot walk into Newegg and touch and feel what you desire. You also cannot take things from NewEgg with you. These are all conveinces of a storefront. Which NewEgg does not operate. Lets stop and think here. Average rent by a mall in my area for a building of CompUSA's size is about $20,000. I live in Ohio by the way so I'm sure it is much higher elsewhere. What I am getting at?? CompUSA HAS OVERHEAD. As do most big retailers. For this reason they must have higher costs thus thinner margin on even higher parts. Trust me. I know my average markup on a Computer is % 8.00!! Most our money is made on cabling, accessories and our custom built machines(which by the way are only about %15-20%). There are VERY few items left in these stores with more then $250.00 in profit,and something with those kind of dollars is probably in excess of $2000.00. Stop and think people CompUSA has rent, utilitities and people that help you to pay. Stop and think people. CompUSA in your town is part of your local economy. Sure it is part of big business but sending your money to California (where most online retailers are) is not helping your local economy.

Second, I hear that HOW CAN COMPUSA CHARGE 15% RESTOCK?! Newsflash people, you opened it. You returned it. Are you buying it again? I doubt it, the average consumer won't even buy a dented box, let alone opened. CompUSA has exteremly thin margins already they cannot afford to sell many items for much less then exactly as they are marked. THIS IS AN EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE INDUSTRY. The industry is so competitive because of these online retailers(which I am not calling bad) but these guys who work in small buildings with low everhead gouge down pricing which kills CompUSA's margins. Which equates to restock fees. These stores have to be budgeted very carefully to even profit 1% after they pay their employees. I would also like to note that when I return to vendors product that is not defective I get charged 15%. Hmm, now I wonder where they're getting that number?? Not bad considering that CompUSA probably doesn't make you make up their freight cost to get it back to the vendor. When I RTV items I MUST show proof of damage or my account is hit for 15% of that item. It's called passing the buck people.

The one place I do agree with you guys is that the return policy shoul dbe longer. It should be for 30 days as I myself only know one vendor that only allows 14. The moral of this story? Do your research when you buy. Make sure it works upfront. If it is defective prove it and I am sure CompUSA won't be asking for your 15%. It might also be a good idea to note who your salesperson is when you purchase. This could help you out of those "But the salesperson said it would work" situations.

On a final note, I didn't see this mentioned but CompUSA's repair dept is horrible. I've seen them work and its a paperwork hell. It needs structure. Their loss though. My oppurtunity. Otherwise It seems to be a solid business outside that AOL crap they ask me all the time....So next time your pissed off at a major retailer try to look at it from their perspective..

After all if cost keeps dropping like it has been.. None of these places will be open in 10 years. Then you'll all be pissed off that you don't get to play with your items before buying them. You'll have to "Trust" you like it before you buy it from

And if anyone comes back and says vendors don't charge for RTV. Thats bullshit. Only WALMART gets away with that shit because they have so much buying power that they can virtually flatten vendors. If a vendor refuses to return at 0% Walmart refuses to let them stay in business. Now thats a company to boycott.

-- Eric (think@withyourhead.people), July 21, 2003.


-- Eric (think@withyourhead.people), July 22, 2003.

I get all soapy, with soap suds all over the place and then my Grandfather would go like this with me, and take out his hose and squirt all over me, and we would play! Yeah, my grandfather and I did alot of playing together.

-- Mister Rogers (, July 23, 2003.

Okay. I've worked for CompUSA for approximately 3 years. I will say, first off, that the 15% restocking fee is legit. If you purchased an item, you should have known damn well what you were buying. If you didn't, you shouldn't have bought it. I try my best to feed answers to you idiots.

However, despite your ignorance, CompUSA does, indeed, "suck". The lackey employees are excellent. That is, everyone all of the 'red shirts'. The company has tried to turn every employee into a dirty salesman, but we still stay honest to you. We are, for the most part, paid hourly and could care less what it is that you are purchasing.

We've had to deal with so much corporate bullshit, as far as "pay plans", and other fantastic ideas put forth by the company. If you talk to us and we seem to be a little sour, understand why.

- Ben

And please, THINK BEFORE YOU BUY, jackasses.

-- Ben Something Something (, July 30, 2003.


-- Ben Something Something (, July 31, 2003.





ok i have soo much to write. First of all im a current employee over there and i HATE the company. out of no where they decided to change our pay rate from commission to hourly which now i will be making half what i used to. they really dont give a fuck about their employeees and customers just wanna dig some money out of everyones poket so they can keep the doors open. restocking fee on some items are bullshit. they have a shrink wrap machine charge their customers 15% and put it back up on the floor. how fucked up can that get now?? and then there are these customers aka MORONS that they think that we should know every single merchandise in the store. get a life people. The other day this customer was literaly taking notes and researching over a 20$ mouse. DUDE JUST FUCKIN BUY THAT SHIT ughhh wats the difference between this mouse and this one why is it 5$ more??? faq off. next we have these people who wanna come in play with the computers dig as much information as they can out of our head and then go buy it from the internet. i tell em str8 out ur not gonna buy it come back and ask me the questions when ur ready. u people need to be understand full. I have more to say but i dont feel like it n e more.

-- compusaemployee (, August 01, 2003.















-- BOB SMITH (CUSA666@YAHOO.COM), August 01, 2003.


-- BOB SMITH (CUSA666@YAHOO.COM), August 01, 2003.

today is my last day with CompUSA. the new pay scale is complete bullshit and they can shove it. Upper management says "you'll make more money" and that’s a huge crock of shit. I am gone, I am the number 4 salesman in my Region, and have been offered a position with the chance of promotion. I know computers and I will sell them well wherever I go and I have a list of my customers that will follow me.

the majority of CompUSA customers are fat, smelly grotesque slobs that look like they never see the light of day or soap and water. spending their entire existence jerking off at porn websites, playing everquest, eating little debbie snack cakes, guzzling mountain dew all night long and then showing up at my store with a blank look on their stupid faces, stinking like rotting ham, and asking 20000 stupid questions.

see ya later CompUSA and all the fat morons that shop there

-- Mr. Knowitall (, August 02, 2003.

oh yea, and thanks for the insight mr, compusa manager. no one gives a shit. one large expence that compusa has ARE RETARDED MANAGERS. not managers in general, but the stupid asses that compusa seems to attract, and it seems you sir are no exception.

a lot of good people work in my store, and i wish them the best

-- Mr. Knowitall (, August 02, 2003.

Looks like you guys are shopping at the wrong CompUSA store. I have never had any problems at the Richmond, Virginia store. No 15% restocking fee ever charged on anything that I have purchased(most of the people at customer service dont even care they just ask if the item was defective or not and just return it). When I didnt get my rebates I came back to the store and complained and the Asian manager they have there refunded me in full. Also, I even purchased two copies of Macromedia Studio a $999x2 software package and later returned them with no problems, the manager was very nice and said no problem when I explained my situation of how my computer would not run the software that well eventhough I had installed it and used it. Nevertheless, the same manager took the software back for me and my wife that gave us our rebate money as well. I dont know his name but he always tells me what I want to hear when I go into the store to return something. So for now on if your live near the Richmond, Virginia store stop by there to return anything that another Compusa wont return for you. Them guys in Richmond seem to know a little about customer service every visit there has been a pleasant one. By the way from what I was told by someone that works with me and works at CompUSA as well, the company is in bad shape. From what he was telling me is that they are loosing money like crazy and that they are dicking over their employees in process by giving every associate a new job title and with that they also get a pay cut. What a mess!!!! In my honest opinion CompUSA will be out of business in about 5-10 years maybe sooner.

-- Arthur Sandston (, August 02, 2003.


-- Arthur Sandston (, August 02, 2003.

An interesting website.

1. Apple Store- Galleria Houston- Dont buy our overpriced Bose Noise Cancellation Headphones. Just go to the Brookstone Brothers across the way and save yourself 150$.

2. Micro Center- Houston-- You could use the new SMC router insteaad of an apple base station. The apple has these advantages but is more expensive. The Tech support at SMC is quick and free and I have one. Etc.

3. Best Buy- Houston-- All you need to do to hook up a wireless router is this " Quick Explanation"

4. CompUSA- Houston- Your computer cant use this Bluetooth device ( it could)--the linksys router is too complicated for you to install yourself and if you mess it up you cant ever make it work. Our tech dept, for 149 dollars, will come to your house and make it right. Here is my card, just show them my card at the register when you buy the Linksys router and the 149 install package.

Well. What to say. These quotes are true and very recent and really tell the difference between a company in trouble and some that aren't. I have frequently mentioned " That store is going out of business" and am usually right 6-12 months down the road. However long it takes, compusa is moving in that direction I am sorry to say. Its quite obvious. I like having stores to see things in and there are still multiple choices for every available product so service becomes a major determinant. Right now, CompUSA is in the Slash/sell/ early panic mode. Different businesses react diffrently to financial stress and compUSA has chosen one path. I am sure there will be a lot of frustration as time goes on. I will just wait for the warehouses to be cleared and the real sales to start, as they will over time, particularly if and when it is a court-ordered process after bankruptcy. One to Two years perhaps. BTW-- no matter what happens on the floor. It is rarely an employees fault. It is a problem with management and corporate decision making. Where ducks walk, ducklings waddle.

-- Jonathan E. (wheris@firstnet.hou), August 02, 2003.


-- Jonathan E. (wheris@firstnet.hou), August 03, 2003.

The new pay system sucks ass. Is there a forum to discuss this somewhere?

-- Bob Goatse (, August 03, 2003.

Jonathan steals cell phones from work, then activates them like the dumb fuck he is.

-- FuckYOU (, August 03, 2003.

This company is a joke, i got fucked since the moment I started here. They treat their employees like complete crap and dont care how long you have been with them. I saw a manager today who was with the company forever and had some of the best clientele and customer service I’ve seen. He lost his job and they only offered to make him a lead TSS. So basically he has to deal with managerial and sell his ass off to make less then he was originally making. The funny part is the GM got upset when he didn’t take the position.

Now onto this new pay structure... its great! I now sell an unfathomable amount of goods and make half as much! IM going to stay here until this place goes down. Which should be about 1 year. Usually the corporate ass fuck to the employees is the first step towards bankruptcy.

Half the employees quit as a result of it and whom in their right mind would come to work here for $7.77 an hour. I can get a job shinning shoes at Penn station and make more. The bum i walked past yesterday in the city had more in his hat then i make in 2 weeks, and it was all change.

This company is going down in flames and ill gladly piss in the fire.

-- A Few Disgruntled Employees (BILL@COMPUSA.COM), August 03, 2003.

any of you bitches whining about compusa, go work for best buy. you'll be back within a week, whining about how you were treated. CUSA treats employees right. is everything perfect? no. does the pay plan suck? it remains to be seen. but any of you worthless whores want to know what REAL retail hell is, go work for best buy. CUSA is a cakewalk. you're a sorry, whinining ass mother fucker if you complain about CUSA. just go get that best buy job. there's a real fucking reason why there is and this shitty excuse for a website that rails itself against CUSA.

will compusa die? i think we are looking at it. the new pay plan, the dark ad that is going on, my managers strange behaviour...

i plan on just collecting unemployment and smoking myself to paradise. so be it.

retail as we know it is changing. it's all going to be in the hands of wal-mart and best buy. two companies who FUCK over any living person in order to make a buck.

you fuckers asked for it, you got it. save your goddamn pennies to support meglomaniacal corporations who rape their employees and as many innocents they can on a daily basis.

go to hell, you fuckin' consumer.

-- retail llama (, August 04, 2003.

oh CUSA, out of business? yeah, i don't think there's much imagination there. it's definately going to happen, as is apple finally folding under the weight of windoze. i thought i had a few years, but this is definately going to happen soon, prolly feb. 1, 2004. CUSA employees have no union, there's no one looking out for us. my GM has already made freudian slips, despite the fact he says the company's in the black.

any of you other CUSA employees heard anything?

it's going to fucking hilarious if CUSA does go under. microcenter won't hold it down. there will be ripples across the country.

ah, fuck everyone.

-- retail llama (, August 04, 2003.

I have worked for compusa for 3 years now. It is a fucking joke. The new pay plan is to jew the employees. Compusa comporate is a bunch of damn gypsies. I fucking hate compusa so damn much. Everyone at our store got a fucking pay cut. And you have to sell $80000 worth of product to make any kind of money. I hope compusa goes out of business because when I quit I will shop online. I fucking hate the new pay plan. It is the most jewish thing they have ever done. I would rather lick carpet for a living than to sell one more replacement plan.

-- I_Fucking_hate_AOL (, August 04, 2003.

The commision is the next thing to go. I havn't heard a deffinite answer as to when. They are basicly going the same route as circuit city.

-- Compusa (, August 04, 2003.

I just set up a forum to discuss the bs that is going on at compusa, so we don't have to load this huge page each time we wanna see what other employees (or ex employees because of this) have on their mind.

CompUSA Employee Forums

The link will open a new window.

-- Lex Luthor (, August 04, 2003.


The link is ... CompUSA Employee Forums

This link will not open in a new window.

-- Lex Luthor (, August 04, 2003.

Why in god’s name do all CompUSA customers stink so fucking bad? You fat turds should take a bath in something other than Kentucky Fried Chicken grease.

You fat stupid drooling bastards

-- fatty McFattypants (, August 04, 2003.

That smell is from all the bullshit we have to put up with from some of the dumbest customers on the planet. You are no exception.

-- Bob Goatse (, August 05, 2003.


-- Bob Goatse (, August 06, 2003.

Yes, i work at CompUSA. Yes, their policies and their computer system suck. And yes, you are all gay for whining so much on this webpage. If any of you went to a store, talked to a manger, and whined this much, you would get whatever you want. Also, CompUSA is not going out of business anytime soon, idiots.

Thanks for shopping at CompUSA, where America (except for you faggots) buys technology.

-- Deez Nuts (, August 06, 2003.

I would just like to take this oppurtunity to make a couple of observations...

1. The Mesa, Arizona store recently lost a bunch of its better employees, including the general manager and the RTV dood. I've heard all kinds of rumors about why, including the theft of a plasma television by the field service team and/or the consistant appearance of masses of CompUSA games at the used bookstore nearby. Whatever. All I can say about this is that the retards brought in to replace them are way the hell worse.

Maybe the only reason people work for CompUSA these days is either to goof off all day (my reason) or to rip them off, or because they are too stupid to find a job elsewhere.

I was perplexed why all these retards were being brought in until the new pay plan and company strategy was unveiled. Basically, the company has gotten such a bad rap for having retards on the payroll, its accepted its reputation and decided to pay everyone Retard Pay, and just pack the place so full of droolers that hopefully one of them will stumble over the answer to complicated questions like "Where are the USB cables?"

Just a month ago there was a guy everyone laughed at because he is too stupid to really be a cashier. He screws everything up, he's the champ of rerings. I heard this weekend that he's going to be the new Apple specialist! I guess this might inspire confidence in some people, who will think "Wow, if this fucking idiot can use an Apple, so can I!" but its pretty discouraging to the rest of us.

To the guy who mentioned the absurd prices on CPUs: We're with you! We go across the street and buy them at PC Club, where they are cheaper than CompUSA's alledged "cost". Either corporate is ripping off the individual stores on CPUs, or theres some serious accounting fraud going on here. Considering the SEC has looked into CompUSA's accounting on at least one occasion in the past, I'd chance guess number two!

Oh, and by the way, it hasn't really been "CompUSA: Where America buys technology" since the year 2000.

Now its "Viva la Compusa (com poosa), coja a trabajadores y gringos"

-- Brian Warner (, August 06, 2003.

Oh, and by the way, YES, it is true.

CompUSA *does* have a shrink wrap machine in the back.

Among a few employees, this machine has achieved nearly legendary status for its miraculous ability to both defraud the company and other local retailers alike. But who can you report such a thing to, when the company is totally corrupt from the bottom (salesfolk scamming for a piece of commission) all thru middle management, clear to the very tippy top, where our fearless Mexican leader doubtless bribes mexican government officials on "the bite"...

-- Brian Warner (, August 06, 2003. is full of shit. He cannot speak for every compusa store. I have worked in 2, and neither had a "shrink wrap" machine anywhere. I'm guessing he was a POS TSS that got demoted and is now working for pocket change.

-- Bob Goatse (, August 06, 2003.

I'm not sure if this has been stated previously on this web page, but regarding the CPU pricing.... Notice that all CPU's and many other upgrade items come from "NowMicro"? NEWSFLASH PEOPLE! NowMicro is managed by no other than... Hal Compton Jr! Yes, CompUSA's CEO's son. The fucking jewish bastard won't even take defective parts back, so what do we do? We put a "no return unless installed by CompUSA" sticker on the box, and bundle a replacement plan into the price so we have some means of taking the product back without taking it in the ass from NowMicro. What a fucking jew. Oh, and our store does have a shrink wrap machine in the warehouse. I would think that most other stores would have one as well. This new pay scale is the biggest load of shit I've ever heard of. We lost our assistant sales manager because the position was eliminated (he refused a commission job, as should be expected). Sad thing is he was the only one that was worth a shit. I am going to lose so much money on this new pay scale, it isn't even funny. Been with the company for almost 5 years, and this is how you repay me? WHAT A BUNCH OF HORSESHIT! I can honestly say, for the most part, that my co-workers are decent, intelligent, likeable people... But this company seriously blows cock-n-balls. I had a hard enough time making ends meet before, I'm really fucked now. Suck my nut CompUSA

-- Shiz (, August 07, 2003.

Compusa Employee Forums

-- New Pay Rates SUCK (, August 07, 2003.

A few things to know.... If you really dislike the new commision plan,why dont you just quit? NO ONE IS HOLDING YOU BACK,IS YUR CHOICE TO BE THERE.If you really dont like it, leave.

If half of you actually look at the plan and change your technique of selling, you WILL make money. Basically, only the strong sales reps will survived and the weak ones will leave. Remember, we are in the business to MAKE money, not LOSE it. You all hate the new changes but if you were the owner the compusa, what would you do? I bet you will be upset. Look at the way you guys are complaning now about getting a pay cut. Imagine if you only made 1 million dollars in the past 6 months. He can sell the company and put the money in the bank and received a lot more from interest than 1 million dollars.

-- Team Member (Ifyoudont likeit, August 07, 2003.

One million dollars? Our store alone grossed over 2 million last month, unless the other stores are doing shitty as hell I find it hard to believe the company only brought in a million out of all 250+ stores.

-- Bob Goatse (, August 07, 2003.



What I really hate is the customers that come in asking a salesman for "tech support". You don't go to a car salesman and ask him how to change your oil, so why in the hell would you go to a computer salesman and ask him why that one thingy keepy popping up error messages about your thingamajig??

-- Bob Goatse (, August 07, 2003.

What I really hate is black people.


Well since 1999 the complaints have been growing and growing. There will be a time where CompUSA will lose the ability to stay open. Instead of working to get market share and customers, they are losing market share and customers. If those trends continue they will have no choice but to do pay cuts. If that doesn’t work they will close stores that are least profitable and then my friend The End. This might not happen over night maybe 10 years from now. Who knows? But it will happen. The bad customer’s reputation is growing. Don’t put your heart in a company that won't work in achieving repeat customer. After all the customer is the one that makes it possible for you to get a paycheck. Food for thought...

-- Business Finance (, August 08, 2003.



Thats funny.

> If half of you actually look at the plan and change your technique > of selling, you WILL make money.

Well yeah, slavery was made illegal over 100 years ago. The OTHER HALF must be all the people who took massive pay cuts or lost commission (TSS) status. Joy.

> Basically, only the strong sales reps will survived and the weak > ones will leave. Remember, we are in the business to MAKE money, > not LOSE it. You all hate the new changes but if you were the owner

Basically, what ACTUALLY happened was the STRONG sales reps MOVED ON. I'm sure they have nice commissioned jobs somewhere else. Whats left of the TSSes are the ones who couldn't make draw to start with. If these are the "strong" TSSes, and the weak ones were the ones who couldn't "stomache out" the changes and decided to opt for greener pastures, well, I think you are mistaking MASOCHISM for strength!


If I had invested money in CompUSA, I would be upset. I made an even worse mistake. I invested TIME in CompUSA, and yeah, I'm upset.

Your right tho. Slim should just sell the assets and fold the doors. Any business that fucks over its SALES STAFF so deeply company wide is not a business that can be expected to survive for long. Doing that makes about as much sense as cutting off your head to lose weight.

CompUSA is not price competitive in the slightest. Im not talking about MSRP either, everyone knows thats the same everywhere - Compare their extended warranty prices to anyone else. Ultimate Electronics has warranties for HALF the cost of CompUSA's comparable warranty. If you want extended protection and you'd like to avoid the hassle of kissing the managers ass for a "special discount", just go where the value-ads are priced to sell to start with.

Its not like CompUSA is honoring their "walk in replacement" anymore anyways, they havent in almost a year: Now you walk in, check your item into the tech department, lose it for two days, then maybe they'll give you a gift card or pick a replacement for you. With no chance for genuine "walk in replacement", theres absolutely no reason for the dramatically higher prices.

-- Brian Warner (, August 09, 2003.

if you ever go to the woodland hills compusa dont talk to an employee named parvez. parvez will rip your wallet through your ass. he is a liar. ive seen him with other cusotmers and he will do "whatever it takes" to get you to buy something. so if you go there ask for someone else when he approaches you.

if you arent sure who this fucking retard is hes the indian guy that can hardly speak english. GOD what a shmuck he is.

-- regular joe (, August 09, 2003.

CompUSA Forums

-- Bob Goatse (, August 10, 2003.

fuck all you guys this place is the coolest

-- I work at compusa (I luv, August 10, 2003.

New Forums Here!

-- Bob Goatse (, August 11, 2003.

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