Jack, Nasty

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Dont you think that when the man was praying when they were running to the top of the ship and Jack told her to go to his 'valley' quicker. I thought that was rather nasty. I am not religious or anything but that was not nice because he was very scared and praying Ian

-- Ian Rafferty (IRaff@compuserve.com), November 27, 1998


He could have shown a little more remorse, but at that point I really don't think anyone worried about hurting anyone's feelings. Their main concern was to get the h** of the ship. ( ah, the language. Sorry about that, but it's probably what they were thinking ) . :-) PLus, Cameron probably wanted to add a little funny in that moment for little kids, I guess.

-- Kelly (foo@bar.com), November 27, 1998.

Yes, Jack and Rose were funny, they loved life in all different aspects, and were always ready to joke about life. That's why some people can make jokes just a few seconds before their death. In addition, Jack was "notorious" for his "making time count," now measured in seconds and minutes. He must have remembered how he struggled for life when he was a child and "fell through thin ice." When you belieeve you can still rescue yourself from a dangerous situation, you have to try it first yourself, before asking for God's help. Jack felt that salvation was to be found in "staying as long as posssible on the ship" at the stern. You only pray (in such situations) when you realize there's nothing else to do but ask for God's divine intervention.

-- Dan Draghici (ddraghic@sprint.ca), November 28, 1998.

I think what he said was "could you walk through that valley a bit faster." not "get to the valley faster" big difference as the second implies hurry up and die. Jack was fighting for his life at the time, he needed to get as high up on the boat as possible to give himself more time before going under. The comment was just a bit of light relief and black humour though I see your point.

-- Lisa Gardiner (gardinerlisa@hotmail.com), December 04, 1998.

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