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Maybe somebody can help me. I have a store set up with S-Mart that was originally working. My server was moved to another company (as a result of a buy out) and since the move it works still but it appears to not know how to get the information for the items placed in the cart. Let me explain...I have tracked the creation of the shopping cart. When you first add an item it creates the temporary file for the cart as some name based on the user of course (i.e. In this file is the information about the product and the quantity that the individual selected. Then when you go into the "review cart" section it shows no products, as if you had yet to select anything. Now I look in the temporary cart directory and not only does the original cart exist but the IP address for the cart also exists, another words there is and for the same user. The new cart is empty of course. I have determined that it is creating and looking at the new cart, but what I haven't determined is why. In addition the "checkout" section just prints the header file and stops there, it wont show anything not even an empty cart, the form for ordering, or footer for that matter. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I have looked at the code and don't see anything different. Is there anything that could be different about the provider I am on. My web space is provided by Mindspring. I tried changing the location of the temporary shopping carts, that didn't help, it just does it in the new location. Is this a program problem or a server problem?


William Deniston

-- William Deniston (, November 24, 1998


I came back to respond to this post, thinking we had the same problem, but alas only our symptoms were similar. I had the same 'sometimes there - sometimes not' syndrome with my shopping cart items after switching from one server to another. I'll post this anyway, just in case someone is as myopic as myself. Turns out my problem was that I had simply neglected to update the header/ footer files for my dynamically generated pages. It was a frustratingly invisible problem due to the fact that the footer files were being loaded off of my old server and their links accessed the old S-Mart database.. however since everything was configured the same on both servers I had no way of telling visually.. I just assumed the script was some how mucking itself up.



-- v e o v i x (, January 12, 2000.

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