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Hello all,

I don't usually do mass e-mail forwards, but for this I'll make an exception. For those who don't live anywhere near where tropical storms can impact lives, their effect is devastating and deadly. I got this e-mail, and I've donated a bit more than $5.00 to the Red Cross disaster fund. We got whacked pretty hard by Georges and Mitch here in the Florida Keys, but we were very lucky in comparison to the victims in Central America. Please read (and forward) this e-mail. Together, each of us doing a small part, we can do some real good.

Thank you, John Bartus Radio Active Productions 1-888-93-RADIO (305) 743-4248

<< PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO READ - THOUSANDS OF LIVES CAN BE SAVED Dear Friends, I have just finished watching Ted Koppel's first NIGHTLINE broadcast from Honduras. The situation there is beyond horrific. Tipper Gore called it "a catastrophe of Biblical proportion". At last count over 11,000 people have been confirmed dead. It is possible that the final death toll could even double this number. Catastrophic winds and flooding have left over one million people without homes. There is little food and almost no water to drink. The president of Honduras described the region as a "panorama of death, desolation, and ruin." The sick and injured have overwhelmed the region's already struggling hospitals. Hundreds of thousands have no electricity, no telephones, and are completely cut off from the outside world. The region's cash crops were almost entirely devastated. Government officials say it will be decades before the region recovers from the storm. WE ALL LOVE THE INTERNET - NOW LETS SHOW ITS TRUE POWER BY CREATING THE LARGEST NETWORK OF GIVING IN HISTORY. PLEASE SHOW YOU CARE AND SEND $5 (LESS THAN THE PRICE OF A MOVIE TICKET) TO THE RED CROSS AT THE ADDRESS BELOW. THEN FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO 5 FRIENDS. IF THEY EACH DONATE $5 AND FORWARD TO 5 MORE FRIENDS AND SO ON - AND THIS CONTINUES JUST 7 TIMES WE WILL CREATE A HISTORIC ONLINE RELIEF NETWORK WHICH WILL EXCEED OVER 390,000 PEOPLE RAISING $2,000,000 DOLLARS IN RELIEF AID! THIS IS POSSIBLY THE WORST STORM AND DISASTER TO EVER AFFECT THE CARIBBEAN AND CENTRAL AMERICA. WE CAN RESPOND WITH THE LARGEST RELIEF CAMPAIGN DRIVE IN HISTORY - THANKS TO THE INTERNET. PLEASE HELP THE DISASTER VICTIMS TODAY. HELP CAN'T WAIT! SEND $5 TO THE RED CROSS' ADDRESS BELOW AND FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO 5 FRIENDS. Ninety-two cents of every dollar spent by the American Red Cross goes directly to programs and services that help people in need! The American Red Cross is not a government agency and all Red Cross disaster assistance is free thanks to the generosity of people like you. AMERICAN RED CROSS DISASTER RELIEF FUND P.O. Box 37243 Washington, D.C. 20013 BE SURE TO REFERENCE THIS EMAIL AND THE ONLINE RELIEF NETWORK, SO WE CAN MEASURE OUR TOTAL CONTRIBUTION! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND FOR CARING (PS - you can also donate online by credit card at the Am Red Cross website.) >>

-- John Bartus (, November 22, 1998

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