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I thought we should address the issues of playback and standard settings for games.

Generally, the standard setting for games is fairly straight forward, a 3-man start is usually the rule in most cases for most games. There have been some INPs that I've seen lately that seem to exceed this standard, essentially voiding any validity to the players' final score. We have been using the default MAME settings for the most part here. If all else fails, use the TG settings from Twin Galaxies for your settings. Trust me, nobody will ever have much of an argument against your score if you use these settings.

Also, on the subject of playback, please make sure that your INPs are indeed playable on the MAME version that you state that you recorded it on. While most submissions work just fine, there have been some that just won't playback or because of an imperfect MAME, doesn't record in the first place (Frogs, Gorf, and a lot of the Invinco\Deep Scan\Head On, etc. type games are examples of this). In this case, we can only resort to an F12 snapshot as proof for these games as well as the INP.


-- JoustGod (, November 22, 1998

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