I still want to see Bill play Rick Nelson

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It's been a few weeks, and I haven't heard anything new about the Rick Nelson movie, but I sure would love to see Billy get the part. He is a fine and versatile young actor, not to mention the handsomest man in ages. Let's all write to the Nelson twins and Carsey Werner, after all we are the audience they aim to please. Rave On.

-- pjr (spookygirl_1@yahoo.com), November 20, 1998


How can we move this along?

I think everyone agrees that Billy should play Rick. As of a week ago Carsey-Werner was still working fervently on trying to finsih the script so they could move on to everything else. Does anyone know how to contact them or Tracy Nelson so we can express our opinion about who should get the part?

-- Julie Jones (jonesjr@mail.auburn.edu), December 02, 1998.

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