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how many people died on titanic?

-- joe (, November 19, 1998


Response to smith

1523 or a little bit less, 1517, maybe, depending on who made the statistic.

-- Dan Draghici (, November 19, 1998.

Response to smith

I have the paper from the actual day of the disaster, The English Daily Mail, they say that the exact numbers were:

Passengers: 2208
Number Drowned: 1503

Hope I helped, thanks Buy

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-- Ian Rafferty (, November 20, 1998.

I think it should be no less than 1522.(Cos' I read it in a book!:D)

-- Timothy Thong (, July 10, 2001.

I found out that there were 3500 people on board (passengers and crew members) 2780 died and 720 survived. I have heard so many different statistics that i dont know which ones are right but I think that these ones are the closest to it.

-- Emily Agostino (, November 04, 2002.

i was reading a ballad and it said there were about 1523 people dead at the end of the disaster i don't have a clue how many survived.

-- Richard fisher (, December 09, 2002.

1,503 people died in the titanic

-- michelle castro (, March 19, 2003.

This may be a good subject to study in more detail, but what I'd like to know is: “Why is there such a discrepancy in the answers?” —r PS: The number of people on the ship should have been recorded in some kind of company (land bound) manifest; probably a copy exists on both coasts. As for how many died: Is there no way to find out the accurate number of survivers?

-- Rob W. Edwards (, May 01, 2003.

This is pointless! All the information you people have is way of acurate. Have you even noticed that all the numbers are completley different. If you rely on this information for your projects, ect. yours screwed!

-- Lorrie Phelps (, October 22, 2003.

this is so stupid all of your answers are totally different and when you are trying to do a 20 page essay on the titanic you need accurate info i think u shud get this sorted

-- voctoria moore (, November 06, 2003.

76 died - 54 survived - 7585 total

-- Susie Donner (, December 15, 2003.

The exact number of passengers on the Titanic at the time of the accident is unclear. It is known that the "official" passenger list contains inaccuracies, omissions and printing errors. The list includes names of people that were never on the ship and is missing names of people that were definitely aboard the ship. Various sources give different numbers, but their numbers only differ by about 30 people. The British Inquiry report lists the total passengers and crew as 2201. The exact number is not as important as the story they tell about the magnitude of this great maritime disaster.

Here are some statistics you may find interesting:

Percent Rescued and Lost
1st Class Passengers: 325 Total, 62.46% Rescued, 37.54% Lost
2nd Class Passengers: 285 Total, 41.40% Rescued, 58.60% Lost
3rd Class Passengers: 706 Total, 25.21% Rescued, 74.79% Lost
Total Passengers: 1316 Total, 37.92% Rescued, 62.08% Lost
Total Crew: 885 Total, 23.95% Rescued, 76.05% Lost
Total Passengers and Crew: 2201 Total, 32.30% Rescued, 67.70% Lost

-- Dave (, December 21, 2003.

i think ther was over five thousanad i think there was 5,789

-- cherelle alexandria priestley (, February 24, 2004.

can anybody answer this question, what has happend to mr smith did any body find his body, and also the children who went into the water, is the ship haunted. it was a horrible tragedy i falt so sorry for everyone who went down with the titanic, all these reaserchers should leave titanic alone and let the spirits of titanic rest in peace,

-- karen fowler (, October 16, 2004.

Number of Passengers Aboard = 2,228 1523 died & 705 survived. Check the discovery channel online :)

-- Cindy (, November 04, 2004.

you guys are a bunch of meanies!!!!!plus i cant rely on you for information for my project!!!!!why dont you just give up and let the experts "dave" for example!

-- elizabeth shay (, November 09, 2004.

1,503 people died on the Titanic. :3

-- Tobi. (, December 03, 2004.

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