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Until now, I have had my photos put on photo CD's in addition to getting prints or slides. Haven't yet done anything with the photo CD's, but I have ambitions of making electronic photo albums, perhaps with audio. (I assume this would best be done by creating local webb pages--am I right?) I want to be flexible to accomodate future technology in displays (higher resolution) etc. Is there any advantage to having my photos stored in flashpix format instead? Which format stores the most potentially usable infomation? Can I convert my photo CD's to flashpix and have same information as I would have had if I stored in flashpix originally? Thanks.

-- Randall P. Mariger (, November 19, 1998


Flashpix stores all kinds of extra information in property sets, probably anything you would want to know about the image (including camera description groups, icc-profiles and all kinds of other digital imaging features). Although I don't know how often a writer would take advantage of all these different property sets. Most Flashpix image writers I have encountered write out a baseline Flashpix image and ignore most of the additional property sets.

-- Adam Freeman (, December 10, 1998.

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