Okay, the big question: Would you watch a Titanic sequel if they made a movie?

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Okay people, moment of truth :-)

I've been having great fun reading all these fan fiction sequels and alternate endings. My question is: If they actually made a sequel for Titanic, would you watch it? And who would you choose to play Charles Calvert. My vote goes to Matthew McConaughey, how could Rose resist his southern charm? I also read somewhere once that he was supposed to play Jack but then they got Leonardo in because MM didn't look "Bohemian" enough.

-- Emma (dilemma76@hotmail.com), November 18, 1998


Fine with me.

-- Dan Draghici (ddraghic@sprint.ca), November 18, 1998.

Sure, if it was decent and Kate was in it

-- Ian Rafferty (IRaff@compuserve.com), November 19, 1998.

So who would you two have playing Charles Calvert?

Note: If they ever actually did make a sequel and they DID have Matthew McConaughey playing Mr Calvert, I'd be so upset with the first ending when she gets reunited with Jack because I'll have a face for Mr Calvert then and I'll be saying she belongs with him.

-- Emma (dilemma76@hotmail.com), November 19, 1998.

I would watch it with the hope that it would be as good as Titanic, but knowing it probably wouldn't be. Then I would want to criticize it, and wish they never made it!

-- Misty (HiRver@concentric.net), November 19, 1998.

Hmmm. Would I see a sequel, obviously needing to be a romance, in which the female lead has already lost her true love at the BEGINNING of the film and marries a man whom the audience already KNOWS means little to her near the end? Perhaps I should read one of those fan fiction sequels to see how this story, particularly the ending, might have some resonance missing from the original "Titanic". Perhaps I should wait until one of these writers actually finishes it. I'm not saying it's impossible to do well, but...

-- I'm skeptical. (foo@bar.com), November 20, 1998.

I heard some movie producers are in the works of a hush hush secret Titanic sequal. I do know that they won't have Kate Winslet as Rose - they say she's too "fat". I have to say that I DO NOT agree! They are thinknig of using Gweneth Paltrow, Winona Ryder or Claire Danes. And Gweneth Paltrow? Spare me. You guys might recall about our coversation about Paltrow that she couldn't survive even if she were only in a lifeboat. And she doesn't even remotely resemble Kate! Neither one of them. The idea behind the sequal is this:

Were are supposed to think that Jack doesn't actually die. But keep in mind he realy DID. Throughout the sequal we are supposed to think that Rose left Jack for dead, letting him go under the water, thinking he was gone. But while she is blowing the whistle, he comes back up, hardly conscious. He is picked up later, where he reamains in a coma. He remembers nothing of Rose untill World War I comes around. He is called to fight in the war. Rose hears that he is alive, so when they finally meet it is supposed to be the most touching reunion of any movie ever made. They are running across the battlefield when Rose is hit by a canon, only it hits at her feet, leaving her unconsious. Jack is caught in the crossfire and thinks Rose is dead. He is taken prisoner, where he thougt he loses the only love of his life. He escapes and is shot and killed on the battlefield - that explains why his age was the same at the end of the first movie. When this happens, it is almost the end of the movie. Then we go back to the freezing water, where we see Jack slipping under the water, and we see Rose blowing her whistle. The whole movie was supposed to have been dreamed up by Jack as he lay between dead and barely alive. And we were supposed to think during the whole thing that Jack really didn't die, yet he did. So when old Rose says that was the last time she saw him, it WAS the last time she saw him. And in the sequal, we come somewhere in the point where old Rose is wrting in a journal about how she never told them about the War incident. But remember, this was all dreamed by Jack. So the first Titanic wouls still make sense. Then the audience learns that Jack really did die, but as in the first movie, are reunited.

I know, pretty confusing. I'd say it needs some work. But I just don't think any movie would work without the original cast, especially Kate. Well, tell me what you think of this.

-- Kelly (foo@bar.com), November 21, 1998.

I agree. In fact, even when I read the Absolution Sequel, I still "see" the same actors in it, as in "Titanic." When I read Rose, I see Kate, when it says Jack I see Leo, or Kathy Bates for Molly etc. And BTW, if Jack is supposed to become prisoner in WWI (in the planned sequel), they'd better use Leo, because he is fluent in German. It might help him while being among the Germans, ha-ha!

-- Dan Draghici (ddraghic@sprint.ca), November 21, 1998.

Oh My God! How in the Hell could they cast someone besides Kate Winslet for the role of Rose. Winslet developed the character...she IS Rose!! I dislike all of the other actresses that they would consider for the role. And by the way, I dont think Kate is fat in any sense of the word. To tell you the truth, she is NORMAL. Not everyone is Kate Moss. I think Kate is a great model for a womans body. And in the 20's that was the ideal body shape(curvy).

-- Laura (Roxygirli@alloymail.com), November 21, 1998.

Exactly! I'm so sick of hearing about stick thin actresses that scream "Feed me". Kate is exacty what this society needs. And if those idiot Hollywood executives think they are about to make a sequal without Kate, then I think us fans will all start a rebellion. Why do people insist on looking like models in magazines? Don't they know that most are airbrushed? ( the pictures are slimmed down with a computer airbrush ) Kate is the perfect role model. She feels good about herself, and she is not, I repeat is NOT fat, not even remotely. And for those of you who want to know, "heroin chick" Kate Moss has checked into rehab. Maybe this will knock some sense into some people, I hope. Who in thier right mind would cast Winona Ryder or Gweneth Paltrow? Kate is the only one I could imagine for Rose. As Laura said, she is Rose - it's her character, not some food-deprived actress. And in my opinion, I think Gweneth Paltrow looks like a fish, with her cheeks sucked into an already boney face. Kate looks healthy - what any normal person would look like. And I think most people would agree!

-- Kelly (foo@bar.com), November 21, 1998.

It's refreshing to hear your views on image as a thirteen year old, Kelly. It's obvious you have a strong sense of self-worth and a mind of your own. Don't ever lose that! :)

-- Gilded Age Junkie (gildedagejunkie@yahoo.com), November 22, 1998.

Wow, I never thought a sequel question would turn into another "Kate Weight Debate" :-) Just for the record though, I probably still would watch a sequel if they made it without Kate, but only to bag the new actresses performance because everyone will be remembering the "first and best Rose".

-- Emma (dilemma76@hotmail.com), November 22, 1998.

I admit, I would go and see it. But I would not enjoy it. I would spend my entire time in the theatre thinking "What would Kate look like in that dress"?. Also, the pictures in the end of the movie were Kate. It would be stupid to have another actress be flying the plane or riding the horse.

-- Laura (Roxygirli@alloymail.com), November 22, 1998.

Personally, I just don't see how it would work, If they think their going to be able to pull off that silly excuse for a plot that was mentioned above they have to be NUTS! As for just picking up her life and going on....I'm not sure that would work either unless it was about Rose realizing that it was okay to love again. Still, it wouldn't be the same and I doubt I'd go see it in the theater. There is such a thing as to much of a good thing. If you get to much it ruiens the effect or impact of the first taste.

-- Miranda Swearingen (Kylen1@hotmail.com), November 23, 1998.

i thought the titanic was in 1912 and world war i in 1914-1918. the plot is entirely incoherent

-- Naomi (nyk49@aol.com), April 19, 2001.

I proboly would c it,just to c how bad it is.I think Kate has gained some weight,but she's not fat,she's beutiful!!

-- Carrie (npbrown@enteract.com), July 30, 2001.

I'll watch it! I loved the first movie the best! I hope Kate is in this movie as well.

-- Simon Simmons (simonsims_4@hotmail.com), July 29, 2003.


-- guadalupe (lgupita@aol.com), March 07, 2004.

Omg, I share agreeance with the above remarks. My box set of Titanic lain dorment in my video shelf, until, just the other day it came on tv. Accordingly, I wasn't able to watch the better half of it, because it was on at Prime time for over 3 hours, so i popped in the video and first watched the second tape then the first. That kills the anger that i tend to have at the last "I'll never let go. Hey dude where's my boat." scene.

I've been searching for fanfics lately (not finding a decent "jack lives" one out there, but some very good "rose's life after tianic" ones.) to feed my hunger to know that jack survived.

OMG if this comes out. I am SO going to see it or buying it one.

Are you seriously serious about this sequal? Seeing as the quote describing this sequal was made in 1998, I wonder if the rumor was true.. if it was a rumor? o.0

Well, in the meantime I'll keep checking back to this page. :)

Thanks for the info, whether it be true or false

I now have a positive outlook on the life as I watch the last scene from this point on :O

Thanks for everything, Ashley

-- Ashley Neal (antimyopia@hotmail.com), September 30, 2004.

Thats what i thought. It was most probably a rumor, cos i haven't seen anything else about it. Even so, a sequel would be really cool. Also, Kate is most certainly not "fat". How could people say that??

Anyway, hope to hear news soon.


-- Clare Alden-Farrow (clare@dhosts.co.uk), November 14, 2004.

2005 and still no sequel!!! Yes anyways, I feel that if they are going to make a sequel, which I highly doubt, that it should be with the original cast of Titanic. Also, Kate Winslet is HOT. She's not fat, I don't see why people call her fat, she's just...amazingly beautiful.

-- TO (ttnk1912@sbcglobal.net), January 15, 2005.

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