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I would like you to answer the following questions..

1. What is client registry database? 2. Can you help me with the URL addresses for getting insight knowledge of the SQL Srvr database management for production environment?



-- Anonymous, November 17, 1998


Re: Client Registry database, MS Knowledge Base


1. The Client Registry database is a data warehouse type database of summary information about services received by clients of the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services. I worked on this database from April 1994 through April 1998. You may read more about it in my online resume at

If you have further questions about the Client Registry database, you may send me email at

2. A couple of important online SQL Server resources are the Microsoft Knowledge Base: (When you use this URL you will be asked to register.) and DejaNews Power Search: (I typically enter microsoft.public.sql* in the Forum box.)


-- Anonymous, November 17, 1998

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