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From Web Page: Server Error

From Command Line: # perl S-Mart.cgi Can't locate in @INC at S-Mart.cgi line 32. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at S-Mart.cgi line 32.

Any Ideas????

Line 32: use vars qw($conver $debug $tmpdir $storename %shipping2 %shipping3 $trackurl $useverify $usertime $orderdir $usercurr $trackdb $numtolist);

-- Jerry (, November 16, 1998


@INC error will occur when you try to load in a file that cound not be found in any of the libraries. Another word, the Perl has not been configured properly. Are you running the S-Mart program in Personal Web Server? If so, you might need to consider using other web servers that would work better.

God bless!

-- Patrick Chan (, February 24, 2000.

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