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wow do i feel old.. i haven't seen a lot of the new movies (sorry billy) hehe.. i first started following billy after 'dream a little dream' where i absolutely thought he was a terrific actor (granted, it was somewhat of a comedy)

i then sorta moved on to other things and was stunned to find him in copy cat.. i mean what a shock!

then just a few days ago im watching television (brimstone) and who should be on it? billy! im telling you, this is a sign.. hehehe :)

billy, if you ever see these messages, you are a terrific actor. im not going to go on and on about how great looking you are, mostly because it gets old, but i have been so impressed with your acting, and plan on seeing more of your movies now that i have the filmography printed out. :) (video store here i come!)

thanks for the terrific site!

-- diane (, November 16, 1998

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