Hamlet Roundhouse

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I was in Hamlet today visiting the museum again and I decided to look for the foundations of the old roundhouse. I knew from the pictures at the museum that it was accross from the freight station. I was amazed to find that the Freight station was a burned out shell and really no clue about the roundhouse. Was I in the right location? Is there an easier way to find the foundations of the roundhouse? Am I tresspassing on CSX property?

-- David Lovette (David77505@msn.com), November 15, 1998


My understanding from pictures I've seen and people I've talked to is that the Hamlet Roundhouse was across the tracks from the freight house. You won't be able to go there without trespassing, I imagine...however, I've been told that in the wintertime, when the foliage is mostly bare, you can see the turntable.

-- Craig Dooley (morgul@att.net), November 15, 1998.

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