WTB: Looking for good espresso machine for office or a special screw driver!

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My DeLonghi pump machine at work has taken a turn for the worse. It turns on and looks like it is working, but won't heat up. The machine is quite old and I don't think it is worth sending it out for repair. I need something cheap that I can bring to work that will give me a decent espresso fix.

Either that, or I need to find someone that has one of those special Torx-drivers that has a dimple in the middle in order to take the machine apart. Does anyone even know what this kind of driver is called?

Thanks, Dan

-- Daniel Ho (hod@gurus.net), November 14, 1998


Thanks for the tip Gonzo. I started out with a "moka" maker, and indeed it makes a nice cup of joe. However, the machine is for work and I need something electric run (without a stove!)

Regards, Dan

-- Daniel Ho (hod@gurus.net), November 19, 1998.

I may have a replacement machine. Bob Maswick has offered me a Gaggia Espesso for $50...how can I go wrong?

Thanks to everyone that responded!


-- Daniel Ho (hod@gurus.net), November 24, 1998.

Dan, Have you thought of using a stove-top moka pot? Like the ones used in homes all throughout Italy? I realise it's not espresso like from your pump machine, but, when made correctly (and it's not difficult)... wow! What brew! Rich, thick with body, deep and complex. It makes alot of coffees taste really good. And it's simple too, man.

-- Gonzo (cschaefer@westbend.com), November 19, 1998.

Dan, The "special Torx" you are referring to is called a Security Torx Bit. It is available at most auto part stores, or speciality stores that carry tools! Just thought maybe you would like to know for future reference! Have a fabulous day!

-- Suzie-Q (seckzysuzie@yahoo.com), April 06, 2003.

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