Locating MS SQL Server Database on Network Drive

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Does anyone know how to locate a MS SQL Server database on a network drive? I know that you can't by default do this in SQL Server, but I heard that there was a third-party application that allowed you to do this. I am interested so that I may use a network-attached storage product like Network Appliance to store database. Any responses please email me. Thank you very much.

-- Anonymous, November 12, 1998


Re: Locating MS SQL Server Database on Network Drive


Officially, SQL 6.5 documents clearly state that a device cannot be built on a network drive. Therefore I would assume that this is not supported by Microsoft. One would also suppose that the SQL Server caching would be compromised and that you would end up having to access the Network Appliance rather than finding data in RAM cache.

However... searching on the Network Appliance web site I found the results (very positive, by the way) of doing just what you suggest. I would look at this URL and then contact the Network Appliance folks and tell them that I will be considering their product when they explain how to implement SQL Server devices on their product while still receiving Microsoft support on SQL Server. The URL is http://www.netapp.com/technology/level3/3044.html.

Good luck,


-- Anonymous, November 12, 1998

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