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I would like to know if anyone has information concerning Karsten artwork? I have "Speedway to Sunshine", "Georgia Speedway" and "Florida Bound", and would like to know if there are other prints available on the market? I know of two others...the Central of Georgia print and the ACL print on the cover of the ACL diesel years book, are there others?

-- Scott Lofreddo (, November 11, 1998


Bob Karstens was commissioned by Withers Publishing and did two covers for Pau lWither's Norfolk & Western Vol 1 & 2. Prints were availabe for these, check with Withers Publishing. He was also commissioned to paint several covers for Jack Hahn's PRR diesel book series prior to his death. He also painted the Seaboard Painting used on my SAL Diesel Book for Trainmaster of Montgomary. In addition, Bob painted a series of railroad scenes featured in Raifan and Rrailroad about Lousiana and Mississippi railroads including the Arkansas and Louisiana Missouri, Lousiana and Northwest, North Louisana and Gulf, Rock Island at Winfirld, LA and a MOPAC carfloat painting. .

-- Warren Calloway (, December 16, 1998.


Robert Karsten, who's now deceased, was commissioned by TrainMaster of Montgomery to produce two different CofG prints. The first, Alcos on the Central, is out of print and is considered a collector's item. The other, Georgia Thoroughbreds, is still available. Contact Charles Britton at TrainMaster of Montgomery, 3641 Debby Drive, Montgomery, AL (334)288-5545. He may also have information on other Karsten prints.

-- Allen Tuten (, November 13, 1998.

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