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"The GartnerGroup is known more for its consulting work with private clients than missionary work with average citizens. But the company recently released a public report intended to help just plain folks cope with the stress of a digitally dysfunctional world." - ITAA's review, ITAA's Year 2000 Outlook, November 6, 1998 Volume 3, No. 41

Strategic Analysis Report
28 October 1998

Year 2000 Risk Assessment and Planning for Individuals

Few topics are creating as much interest, or are as widely misunderstood, as the rapidly approaching year 2000 date-change problem confronting the IT industry and, more importantly, the world economy. The United States is among several countries (e.g., Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom) leading the world with a fairly high level of awareness of, and preparation for, the year 2000 problem in governments and industries. A handful of other countries are only a few months back in terms of preparing and planning for the date change. However, many more countries have a lot of realization and catching up to do concerning the scope and severity of the year 2000 problem.

GartnerGroup has written extensively on the looming impact that the year 2000 problem will have on enterprises and economies, but much less so on the impact it will have on the individual level; this Strategic Analysis Report addresses that topic. Many of the strategies, models and advice that GartnerGroup has presented to enterprises and governments are equally applicable to individual use to expose and address the year 2000 problem. In this report, GartnerGroup also provides some unique advice for individuals that should lower their risk of being seriously affected and disrupted by the year 2000 problem.


1.0 Introduction

2.0 The Final Scenario: A Global View

2.1 COMPARE Ratings

3.0 Personal Year 2000 Planning

3.1 Banking Issues

3.2 Stock Market Issues

4.0 Contingency Planning

4.1 Consumer Goods and Year 2000

4.2 Community Planning

5.0 Summary


-- Bill (, November 08, 1998

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