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I am wondering if the M-60 fires from the open-bolt or closed-bolt. I have seen both versions available for civilian sale and would like to know what the original/current US military uses.

Thank you,

Raja K. Karim

-- Raja K. Karim (rkarim98@yahoo.com), November 08, 1998


Ours (Australian Army) fired from the open-bolt position

-- Jason Logue (logues@dynamite.com.au), December 10, 1998.

This has nothing to do with photography or digital journalism. Perhaps you should go away. (Quietly, without getting your rocks of on a gun..>)

-- Adam Welz (adamwelz@hotmail.com), April 02, 1999.

In my opinion, Adam Welz got it right ! A big leap indeed, from an M-60 to an EOS-1N...............

-- Eddie Klaeger (ktrompler@netexas.net), July 16, 1999.

Well folks this may seem like question out of place, but as a photojournalist who considering going into a war zone, it's accually a very good question, as I think it's best to know as much as possible about the weapons of war that you may come across. And what to be weary of.

-- Michael Maltese (Maltfoto@aol.com), January 16, 2000.

Although somwhat unorthodox a valid question. If your going to shoot a football game you need to know how to play the game right. I made sure i learnt how to shoot a rifle before i went overseas, get used to the noise, cant look like a patsy in front of the lads...

-- Jason (dorday@pohutukawa.com), February 07, 2000.

Yea Adam, id say you look like an idiot now heh?

-- Joe Shmo (smz@cbs.com), October 24, 2000.

The M-60 machine gun fires from an open bolt. There is a semi-auto version made by Rock Island called the SA-1 (I think). It fires from a closed bolt design.



-- JP (jep3@swbell.net), January 01, 2002.

are all open bolt weapons full auto?

-- dominic bender (gratefuldarkstr@aol.com), December 27, 2002.

i came to this site off of a M60 web sreach, Adam you look like a jerk. Peace yall. I am also in to photo jouralism. i thought that was funny too.

-- Jeff DuVall (chromium52@hotmail.com), July 18, 2004.

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