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I've set the configuration for adding taxes to

$tax = "1";

$taxamt = "0";

if ($tax eq '1') { %taxes = ('CA','.0825') }

However the tax is not added when I recalculate, after selecting the PA option from the tax select field (PA +6%).

Is there some other configuration I need to set?

Please reply to me at a forum I set up for s-mart where I am collecting mods and complete overhauls

the files are at

-- scott bakalor (, November 07, 1998


on this part of the code if ($tax eq '1') { %taxes = ('CA','.0825') } eliminate the '' arround the CA and I think it will work. Also see the post above yours for more info on tax problems

-- Joe Bifano (, November 07, 1998.

still does not work without the ' '

-- (, November 07, 1998.

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