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You may not have known about this. I have been able to get S-Mart working great on my site. I have it working with Cybercash and Smartrack and even have a couple of other things working with cookies. The only problem I have and everyone should check if there cart does it this way is this. When you buy and item, and say you live in Colorado, you use the pull down menu and use the CO + 7.55, because the site has your state listed. The email will only show the taxes if you entered in the form, in the state text box, your state in Uppercase not lowercase. It also will put in the email your taxes if you put your state in the state text box in Uppercase but do not use the pull down menu. Please check your cart and let the forum know if you have a fix for this.

-- Joe Bifano (Joe@woodease.com), November 07, 1998


I used a brute force method to get around this one. In my ORDER.HTML, I changed the input type=text to a SELECT box with all 50 states, plus DC. I made an OPTION VALUE= for each one with the value in all upper case - the default SELECTED option has a value of "" and I made 'state' a required input field so people are forced to put something there. If you accept non-US orders, you could put something like OPTION VALUE="ZZ" and the text next to it could be 'Non-US'. Then add another input field where they can enter their country. That makes California (where I am) upper case 'CA' and it taxes people who enter a CA address, as it should - no one else is taxed.

-- Ken Sukimoto (sysop@dwntwn.com), February 08, 1999.

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